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Consumer reviews about ESPchat

Dec 18, 2011

my credit was accepted but i cannot get a response from gwendolyn

i have been getting emails from qwendolyn also and i always research anything online that would want my credit card info. i am so glad i do this. i really would have like to have taken this offer but like it is today, never trust anything that feels to good to be true. in the emails they never say you are having limited access. it sounds like she wanted to be a personal advisor. and that my freinds is what we all want. and when you get in there you find out that is not so true. i would have loved to had personal guidance from one psychic. but if you look on other sites this also cost you a lot of money. i wont say this is a scam it may not be but the emails they send out are misleading. life can be a scam in itself. we read but do not see. i would have like to have had someone to guide me with my own abilitlies and gain a personal friendship with her the way the email is written you would have beleived it to be so. happy holidays merry christmas and a more than joyous new year to all.

Dec 21, 2011

my credit was accepted but i cannot get a response from gwendolyn

Dear 7106va,

We read your recently posted concern about the authenticity of our website, ESPchat.com, and the validity of its services.

We would like to assure you that our website, featuring a team of professional gifted psychics is absolutely legitimate and the services we are offering are of the highest standard.

We pride ourselves on intensely screening our psychics before signing them on to the sight in order to guarantee their professional ability as genuine psychics who will be able to give valuable help and guidance to our customers.

When you sign up to use the unlimited access to our public chat room between the hours of 9:00AM to Midnight, we feel it is best to go on the sight often and try different psychics in order to determine which one you feel most comfortable with. You can always check the schedule in order to guarantee you go on the website when the psychic you prefer to work with is on site at that time.

Once you have found the psychic who you feel serves you the best, if you desire a more personal one-on-one psychic experience, we can offer that through our “Inner Circle” membership. As an “Inner Circle” member, you get a refund of your initial fee to gain access to our public chat room, and then pay the “Inner Circle” nominal monthly fee in order to continue to have access to our public chat room but also gain access to a personal one-on-one psychic experience with the psychic of your choice.

Again, we’d like to assure you that our website is absolutely legitimate and the professional psychic services we offer are of the highest standards.

Best Regards,
Customer Service at ESPchat.com

Feb 13, 2012

didnt work

Dear Dorothy,

We just want to confirm that you spoke to a customer service representative on February 9, 2012. She did cancel your account for you and issue a refund as you requested.

ESPChat.com Customer Care

Feb 27, 2012

my credit was accepted but i cannot get a response from gwendolyn

same problem here, i was also charged for services and have yet to receive an email. but this whole thing is a joke and im mad at myself for falling for it, and yeah you pay $24 but they are going to charge you up the ass for anything additional except for one thing and thats the group chat...which is a rip off also cause when i did that all the lady did was shuffle her cards.. and read them to me and that was it. did not even relate it to any questions i asked, or nothing. so i tried another one and she couldnt answer either.. so tell me how are people satisfied with this site? and for the daily readings? havent received one.. this is a JOKE and i dont recommend it to anyone!!! sounds to good to be true, that means it is.. the only thing thats going to make me happy with this site is getting my money back, like i was told i would, so i guess we will see if that happens or not!

Feb 29, 2012


Dear Julie,

Our records indiciate that you registered for ESPChat.com on February 8, 2012. You joined our yearly membership for $24.00 and then upgraded to our Inner Circle for an additional $15.99. The gift that you received in the mail is your Sacred Angel Charm that was promised to you when you made your purchase. Enclosed with your free gift was a detailed letter explaining what the gift was and listing our contact information so that you could contact our customer service department if you had any questions whatsoever. We are concerned, because we do not see any attempts by you to contact our customer service department. Please contact us so that we may assist you. Our phone number is: 1-877-668-0781. Someone from our office will be contacting you if we do not hear from you.

ESPChat.com Customer Care

Apr 4, 2012


Hi . i want to cancel my membership .i subscribed today to this service , i waited online for a reading for about 1 hour and when i was in number 4 place the video went off . it was really a waste of time , i tried to have a tarot reading and i got an ad saying " try later we are having difficulties at this time " this service is not what i expected , every time i try to sign in , it says i havent subscibed to this service, i sent 3 email cancellin my subscription they never replied to me, i asked for a refund and never got my money back this is a BIG BIG BIG SCAM .............

Apr 18, 2012


My name is Tashanika Jones and I recently enrolled in the espchat services today. This email is to request my refund for the espchat year trial. I've came to the conclusion that I will rather let nature and God lead my life to it's destined path. Thank you for all your helpful insight and have a blessed day

esther chavez
Jul 25, 2012


My name is Esther Chavez, on June 2012 I cancel my membership and on July I was charged again please stop charging my credit card for this membership and I would like to have a refund for the month of July Thanks.

Sep 5, 2012

What did I really pay for?

I wonder what I got for my initial $24 fee with "Melody". I guess we, at the end of our hopes, will believe anything these scammers would say, only to find out it's more money they want, on a monthly basis. Basically, you get nothing for first $24 fee, they just keep asking you to join their "inner circle". Seriously, please tell me what did I get for my hard earned $24.00? When I signed up they said you would have a psychic "24/7" which is B.S. If you don't join their inner circle, for a monthly fee, and even if you do, by the complaints I read, you still get NOTHING!! Stop scamming people in financial need, that's just bad karma coming your way, and sooner or later, it will!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want a refund.

sheri rule
Dec 28, 2012

unable to cancel free services before 30 day

tried calling 877-688-0781 phone doesnt work unable to leave message or get live person I have been trying since Dec1 to cancel the free 30 trial before they charge my card. Im not interested in these services and would like to cancel all service

Mar 8, 2013

Having a hard time getting a hold of anyone to cancel.

I want to cancel and can not find a cancel area or even a phone number that works. This is bad service you want my money but you but no one likes to get back. And i really need you to cancel my subscription. Thank you. Patty

Dec 19, 2013

Unable to contact

Why is it so difficult for you to answer an e-mail? Iris was the one who said she had my best interest at heart, well now since I've spent $24.00 and can't get a hold of her, and the chat rooms are of no use what so ever because they cut you off at three minutes, you barely get your question asked before they move on. And why is it you need to put a credit card number in for a free chat, so we can be charged for a free chat? So now you have my money and I can't do nothing with your service, what a rip off. There is never a number to call and talk to a real person, why is this? Just get our money and run like hell with it, I do expect an answer or do I need to contact consumer protection on you?

Feb 19, 2014

Fraudulent charges

I never approve to be charged 39.99 a month or 2 or 3 times a month. This company has managed to rip me off and argue that I approved and refused to give me a refund. Do not use this company or you will be charged a lot fees that add up quick!

Apr 21, 2014

want to cancel trial

Having a hard time getting a hold of anyone to cancel.
I want to cancel and can not find a cancel area or even a phone number that works. This is bad service you want my money but you but no one likes to get back. And i really need you to cancel my subscription. Thank you. Kathy
tried calling 877-688-0781 phone doesnt work unable to leave message or get live person I have been trying since Arpil19 to cancel the free 30 trial before they charge my card. Im not interested in these services and would like to cancel all service

#ESP - 2010307918877-668-0781
Jun 7, 2014

Cancelling a Membership

If you cannot get some one on the phone or receive an answer from your emails requesting cancelling your memberships, try doing this: call your bank and tell them what is happening and request a new checking/savings account number and that will stop the charges to your account because this company does not have your new number or authorization to use it. I know it is a pain in the neck to do this but do you really want to keep on loosing money? And sometimes your bank will recover the money you've already lost and put it back into your account!

Jun 27, 2014

Paid but cannot access

Paid for services but it won't let me access. I believe that this is a scam. How can you take money from people and not provide a service. Shame on you!

Jun 27, 2014


Wow, this has to be the biggest scam! You took my money from my credit card, but I can't access the site. Would like my money back, if not received will contact the Federal Attorney General's Office!

Jul 7, 2014

cancel membership

I want to cancel my membership.

Jan 22, 2015


i always get the emails and today was tempted good thing i looked at the reviews who has 24 busk to throw away?

confirmed SCAM


Mar 4, 2015


I want a refund of the $24. I am not pleased with this site. Your promises are not legit. Please refund me now!

Mar 12, 2015

Adding fuel to the fire......

I have been receiving emails from Melody at ESP.chat for at least six months in which she sounds so sincere and concerned for my welfare. She has promised to help with relationship, money and health issues- all of which I am struggling with ( I imagine we all do at some point in life, right!) Up until tonight, I just didnt have the money to sign-up for this incredible service she describes, but, now I do and was heading to the website to habd over my credit card number! I am so thankful for these reviews. Had I not read about the many disappointed and angry customers, I too would have become another victim of this online scam. Thank you for sparing me from the pain and frustration of adding fuel to the fire of my broken life.

Mar 25, 2015

So Glad I read the reviews

I too have been receiving emails from ESP for several months...mine come from Mila.... I had been tempted a couple of times before... but tonight I actually had all the info filled out, including CC.....but I paused b4 hitting send....that's when I felt, Check the Reviews....So glad I did....I'll skip the disappointment of what you get for $24 and the hassle of canceling.....Being Thankful and grateful for Reviews....I too feel I have my own abilities, would love to develop them more :)

May 15, 2015

Thank you for your reviews!!!

I have been receiving emails from Melody for the last 6 months asking me to please contact her so that she could guide me to wealth, health and love and tonight I was going to pay the $24 to join. Something told me to check the reviews to see if this site was legit (I worked hard for this $24) and I am so glad I did. I'm sorry for everyone that lost money with this and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing these reviews!!! May God bless us all with all our of our wants, needs and desires!!!

May 28, 2015

cancel my subscribtion

I also want to cancel my membership. Cant seem to "login" to my account and phone number doesn't work.....very disappointed!!

Jun 8, 2015

please refund my money

I wish I had listen to myself, looked at reviews first. Please refund my money, as I have no entrust in chat rooms.
when I first went to your website, i saw a phone number to call you, so i could cancel and get my money back, but than i couldn't
find the phone number again. I hate to say your a scam, but it sure is looking like it. I'm pretty sure that i won't get a call back from your company,

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