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Canada, Alberta

Consumer reviews about Enmax

Jody Baxmeyer
Dec 14, 2011

Unethical account closings

I would like to post exactly what is occurring to us here in Ponoka, Alberta.

First of all I understand that the responsibility of looking after oneself is the primary problem here in my case. That is to say, my parents should have taken steps to ensure that the information they were given was checked.

With that said, the vultures in this province deserve a moment in the spotlight.

Both of my parents have passed away, with my mother passing away in summer of 2010 she left my father behind who was in very very poor shape. Both had been living on assistance for many years.
Dad had purchased life insurance through the Royal Bank of Ponoka, or at least he thought he did.

It turned out he purchased accident insurance.

There was no money to bury mom and with dad not having any income this was bad situation. We buried mom with what we could borrow.

Dad died with the Town of Ponoka refusing to clear a block in the sewage lines at a location where they had replaced a sewer line years ago...that work essentially caused a problem where the old lines from the house didn't match the new lines. Dad died without any dignity at all having to store his ...

Then of course the Royal Bank insisted they did no wrong in providing dad an accident insurance policy that did no good for anyone except for the Royal Bank to take money.

With dad passing the debts are building. We had to borrow money to bury dad. Then I find out that Canada Mortgage and Housing had lent them money to have this house fixed, only to find that the work that was done was not to code and in some cases not done at all...at the time of writing this CMHC has told me that this debt is now on my shoulders. I've demanded to know who the subcontractors were that did this terrible work and as a result I'm not hearing anything from them.

I'm here in the house. I've borrowed thousands of dollars to keep going. I'm trying to fix this house just so it can go on the market and in the process of trying to do that both Enmax and Direct Energy have been threatening to cut off utilities. They've both been informed that my parents have passed away, neither my brother or I live here and we're doing a lot of hard work to try and make this situation work for everyone.

The lawyers here in Ponoka started proceedings for the probate portion of this horrible situation only to tell my brother and myself two months into this work that they wouldn't continue unless we came up with nearly 4000 dollars, leaving both of us to twist in the wind.

I just received a call from Enmax informing me that this account has just been approved for disconnection.

Mr. Fedun either you are a bold faced liar or you don't have a handle on what your employee's are doing, which in that case makes you incompetent...I'd like to ask which one of the above is correct?

I've given up my life in Manitoba to be here to try and fix this situation that has occurred and is mainly due to both my parents not looking after details. The income taxes are behind by years, dad never received his pension because he screwed up and sent photocopies without them being certified...

...and of course the Town of Ponoka Royal Bank who took his money and provided him with a useless insurance policy have all conspired together to make this an impossible situation in which my brother and I are being left with nothing but debt and the very distinct possibility that we are going to lose th family home because we can't afford to stay here and try to fix it up.

I don't know what to do.

But I had thought that I had the winter to make the fixes and do the work I needed to do so that I could fix this whole situation.

Direct Energy representatives have been calling threatening to cut off utilities and now Enmax. The Town of Ponoka has deferred their bills but neither of the above multi-million dollar operations seem to care enough in this situation to do anything but occurred and threaten.

Merry Christmas Kevin. I'll be here alone with no money (thanks to the local car shop who sucked every last dollar I had to fix dad's van just so I could sell it...believe it or not they had to replace two reflector lens covers and a transmission linkage cable to the tune of over 700 dollars just so the van could pass the insurance evaluation for the van to be sold).

I'm surrounded by vultures and con artists and you all better know that I'll remember this.

Jody Baxmeyer
Dec 14, 2011

Unethical account closings

I should also mention to Kevin Fedun that there is nothing 'alleged' about Enmax and unethical practices.

You see Mr. Fedun, your idiotic company actually left an automated message on the answering machine that your company is going to disconnect electrical service.

So this interesting message will be forwarded off to the right people.

emmy pugliese
Mar 12, 2012

Unethical account closings

I am disgusted by Enmax for turning the power off at my sisters house she is disabled and on disability and left in the dark . I just wan't to know what kind of heartless people are running this tax payer owned company to do this to a helpless person I think turning someones power off should be illegal and not happening in this day and age this is not the dark ages here and I don't think tax payers should finance any on going projects for Enmax for the life of me I will make sure that does not happen leaving someone in the dark and disabled not being able to go find the washroom make a meal or find the tap for water should be imprisoned for cruelty to a human if we can do it for animals why not humans my point here is if you disabled and on disability that means you cannot work and the province issues a disability check that in it self is not a generous amount and Enmax is also owned by the province that know she is disabled. people in the government need to do their homework this is 2012 stop treating people who are sick like animals grow up you people who ever you are need to find your hearts but remember what go's around comes around.

Jun 19, 2012

Rude employees

We moved in to a home from having our utilities included in rent we had to set up utilities. The house that we moved into had some issues with not paying their bill. We moved into the place with a bar on the electric, so we were only allowed to run a few lights. Having three children we could not run the stove. We set up the utilities and I was wondering what was going on, it is passed the 1st and we can still only run so much electricity. I contacted Enmax and holy moly what rude people in this world. She told me that there is not new tenants at my new residence and that there is an investigation out on me, um okay, what is going on? So, getting no where with the rude people I took my lease down town Calgary and they had to set us up. There is a deposit of $425.00 okay that is a huge deposit when electricity is a must we have to make arrangements for three payments to pay this off. I received one bill in the mail owing 0 dollars. They other mail they sent was to the other tenants that use to live here and indicating that there is a disconnecting in effect. I just received a call from a Tarnia, another nice employee (shock) indicating a disconnection notice for me because the rest of the deposit was not paid. I have not received nothing in the mail - Three payment options that I requested for this payment. I really wish I new another place for electricity in Calgary, because these people are very rude. From having to deal with Enmax from when we moved into this place was a extreme nightmare. Receiving nothing in the mail but receiving a phone call to discconnect tonight - because she was :being nice" she will let me have a week to pay the desposit. Thank you for all the worry free connection Enmax - Awesome company you are running. :) Oh, and thank you to all your employees of call me a criminal - greatly appreciated that!!!! when trying to hook up our new electric bill within your company. Thanks Tarnia for being "nice"

Nov 7, 2012

Enmax Power

Don't give Enmax Power your credit card number for any reason. They will charge whatever they wish, without your consent or sending you an invoice or receipt.

Dec 4, 2012

enmax billing

Thanks Enmax for threatening to cut off our power . I will be sure to give you all of our Christmas money meant for our kids!
You invoices are so high that I can only pay 3/4 of the damn bill. I pay every month but I happened to post a late payment and POW you send a pending disconnection notice?
F You!!
I wish we had an alternative
FYI Enmax - Electricity is a necessity in this day and age.

Owned by the city of calgary ( note small letters).

Jan 30, 2013

Horrible company in general

Enmax cut off my power even though all bills were paid in full at the time. The only reason why previous bills were delayed is because they were sending bills to my old address (knowing i was at a new address). Each time i speak with a representative they tell me something completely false and different than the last rep. One person tells me one thing, the next person tells me something completely different. When asking to speak to a manager, conveniently there were none "around".



VERY poor customer service.


...overall worst company i've ever had to deal with.

Mandy Fenn
Oct 14, 2016

Power for All

Both Enmax and Atco are inconsistent with enforcement of bill payments. My father-in-law was cut off after a single NSF yet I have personally seen (don't ask) unpaid bills in the thousands of dollars that continue to enjoy service uninterrupted. So I ask - what the heck ???

Cussalong Hopaday
Nov 25, 2016

Roboticized Customer Care

Tried to call Enmax customer care number regarding the actual amount I owed them from the previous month. All I could reach was a machine voice, and that was simply not good enough. I want to be able to interact with a real human being on the other end of the telephone. A voice machine can only babble out the same stupidly basic information over and over again, when what a customer needs often goes far beyond "Chatty Cathy's" very limited capacity. Why should I have to seek out a site like this to vent my frustration, when it should be Enmax' job to actually think about how to best serve their customers, rather than just themselves? I'm sure a wealthy company like Enmax would barely put a dent in their precious bottom line by hiring people to answer the phone for customers. Enmax , the optics are very poor when you so obviously care that little about the folks you're supposed to be serving. Yeah, I'm cranky, and your poor customer policy made me a crank, about you. Naturally, I'll be spreading the word.

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