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Emirates NBD

United Arab Emirates

Consumer reviews about Emirates NBD

Jan 8, 2012

No Liability Letter

Agree 100%, Never do banking with Emirates NBD

May 1, 2012

Business account closed without notice

Our business had the account Number 10457887 with Emirates NBD for the last 15 years.We never had any inconveniency and business damage similar or same level as to the one we met last month.Our account was closed without any notice.Our incoming transactions estimated at $4million was held and kept somewhere in between our account and the overseas banks that transfered the money.Most of the funds are still kept from our working capital which resulted in great damages to our business.That mistreatment by the bank took place in April 2012 where our account started not being credited from 14th April.However,it was unfortunately that we recived a faxed letter from the bank on 24th April while the letter itself was dated on 5th April.That is the only message that showed that our account was closed on 5th April.One of the evidences is that we unfrozen AED2million from our investment account in Emirates Islamic Bank to cover some of the funds kept by the Emirates NBD.Even that money is still in the hands of Emirates NBD despite of their claim to have closed our account on 5th April 2012

Our contact person is M H Abdalle tel 0555586440

May 1, 2012

NBD Bank "authorized" collection agencies

I had a credit card with NBD that was issued in 2008, this card was used for travel expenses which was handled and paid my company then. When I decided to leave the company in 2009 part of my settlement agreement was that the company would handle the due amount on my card  which I went ahead and canceled then.

In Dec 2011, my parents back in my home country were surprised with a phone call from a person claiming to be authorized by the bank and claiming that they have been trying to contact me and that i have fled the UAE without paying my dues and if my parents don't pay him an amount of 14,200 AED ( supposedly the overdue amount on the cancelled credit card) that he is going to haunt me down and drag them to court! My father was extremely surprised of the person's accusations and threats furthermore as I am currently working in a government entity the UAE and that I was never aware of any issue with the bank.

My father then immediately agreed with that person that the amount will be settled on the same day with a condition that he gets an official non liability letter from the bank. Then That person retracted his statement and claimed that the actual amount due is 50,000 and that the bank has made a mixup between two accounts and is willing to settle for 28,400 if it's paid to him on the same day!! And that he will not be able to provide this letter on the same day or even give my father an official receipt as he has to wait for the bank to send it through, my father then told him that he would rather if we communicate and settle the issue directly with the bank, which that person didn't like and requested that we only communicate with a number he gave to my father, That's when my father decided to inform me of the situation where I spoke directly with the bank then I had to cut my business trip short and head back to the UAE to understand the situation where I was surprised with a totally different story.

the bank official confirmed that my card was cancelled and there is an amount overdue however he said that they never authorized anyone to collect any money and that the sole purpose of hiring that agency is to try to locate me so as they can contact me to settle the issue. And that that person was never authorized to share any financial information with any person other than myself and that since I approached them and acknowledged my liability they are ready to reduce the amount due which was not 50,000 as that person claimed to be. I settled the amount overdue and agreed that i would settle a pending 9,000 on monthly installments. Which I am doing and keeping track of my monthly statements to make sure that everything is in order.

For some strange reason that person decided to call my father again this month claiming that there is an over due payment that was not paid and that my father better pay or else he will drag him to court as my father is obligated to pay on my behalf!!

My father again informed me of the rude call where then I immediately checked my statements, called phone banking and customer care which all confirmed that there aren't any over due payments and that there is nothing logged about the above issue anywhere!

I just want to understand why would a respectable bank like NBD allow such behavior in their name and secondly if they had an issue with me why not call me directly, and why would that person claim that he is authorized by the bank to force my father to pay?? I am in the UAE and I have updated all my contact details with the bank where they could have called me if they wanted to, which i am sure they haven't tried to do as my landline is attended by my PA and my mobile is always forwarded to an active number.

Appreciate that the bank would address this issue and make sure that such thugs are made accountable for their harassment of innocent respectable people like us. I have submitted an official complaint online to the bank and communicated the issue with several people in the bank which was totally ignored, I hope that through this I might get some reply.

asok konda
May 7, 2012

Annual fee being charged for a cr card that is not activated/used

I am using an NBD credit card since the last 2 yrs and by gods grace was able to clear all the dues well within the due dates.

About 6 months back i have recieved a courier mentioning that ur been given a titaniam card for your use.I spoke to the consumer care division of NBD and expressed the problem who in term have asked me to take deliver of the card and not to get the same activated and i have followed their guidelines.

I have never opened the packed delivered to me or was the card activated or used by me, but to my surprise i find that last week they have debited to my account an amount of AED 400 an annual fee charges for a card that i have not even used/opened/activated.

This is quite apathy....now i am after the bankers to let me know as to what is happening and i hv recd no info in this regard.
I have put up a complaint with the customr care to cancel my card immdly and their response is also not that encouraging.

This is the plight of a customer who has never used a card!!!!!!!!!!

Now i need to run fm pillar to post to get this resolved...very say/uncompetable on the part of the NBD to act in this manner.


Feb 15, 2016


Am a very disappointed lady, am not an EmiratesNBD bank customer but a Dubai Islamic bank customer, on the 21st od December 2015 I happened to need money urgently and thus I went to the nearest ATM to make a withdrawal of 1300 dhs, this is the ATM in Dubai mall below the ice rink, the bank didn't have papers for receipts but anyway since they have the GO GREEN policy I decided to go ahead and make the withdrawal anyway. The ATM did not dispense the money but I got a message telling of the deduction, I immediately called my bank to inform them of the same and they said this wasn't the 1st time and they were going to file a complaint and my money would be refunded in 10 to 20 working days, after 16 days I got a text from my bank that the case had been resolved, however the money was not deposited in my account!, I contacted my bank again and they informed me that ENBD had done an investigation and that the transaction was successfully done and completed, I was shocked, I explained to my bank that I wouldn't lie or make up a story like that since I wouldn't risk going to jail for fraud just 1300dhs!, another complained was sent and again we received the same answer, how can this be, I was there for a whole 10 minutes even trying to wait, how can I complain about this kind of thing while I know very well the bank can sue me if they check the cameras on that day and see that i actually took the money, I swear the transaction was not complete , NO MONEY WAS DISPENCED BY THE MACHINE!!!!., so I need to know how am going to get this money back, DIB BANK said this issue will no longer be handled by them, if anyone has gone through this could they kindly contact me on what to do next, am determined to get back the money however little the banks think it is, it is my hard earned money, if I owed any bank money even 5 dhs they would be making my life hell now, so I think I deserve justice. I will keep following up, I will TWEET, FACEBOOK post in newspapers etc. until am sure I have had justice. SIMPLE, send one of your many employees to review the cameras on this ATM machine during the time I tried to withdraw the money. TRISH

May 10, 2016

Emirates NBD loosing credibility in the market


I am a Emirates NBD customer since last 8 years. I have been consistently facing harassment from the bank since this tenure. The bank has issued a cheque book to me which I would generally use to pay my rental cheques.But everytime my cheque is claimed it is rejected by the bank saying there is sign mismatch. I have repeatedly followed up on this, updated my signature in the bank several times but still they reject my cheques without even informing me. I got fed up with this and started paying cash to the landlord and collected my cheques back everytime since last 6 years. The bank still claims that my new signature is still not updated in the system.
I have following queries that the bank should answer.
1. Is it my mistake if the bank has not updated my new signature eventhough I have filled and submitted the signature change application several times. Also, when I used to collect cash from the teller the new signature is still valid whereas for the cheques it is not. Strange.
2. When there is money in the account, cheque is properly identified by owner, does not the bank have the courtesy of calling up the client before rejecting any cheque.
3. If the clients repeated complaints are not addressed dont you think there is a process lapse within the bank.
4. Why does the bank automate the system if it is still working in stone age with failed processes.

Aug 13, 2016

Non-Closure of Credit card

I started a debit card and credit card Emirates Bank in 2006 and credit card with limit of AED 2,500/- and close all account including my credit card on 2009, without any default. Because I want to leave the country and luckily I got Job in Agility Qatar instead of going to my home country Philippines, and then after working in Agility Qatar for about almost 3 year I came back in Dubai to be with my wife because I cannot afford the wife visa there in Qatar also being far with family is difficult so I decide to go back in Dubai then after a month of searching job in Dubai I got the job in Eurostar communication LLC and open an account again in Emirates Bank which is now called Emirates NBD and I ask if I can open also credit card they told not allowed because salary should be 5 thousand and my salary is only 4 thousand ok after 4 years working in Eurostar most of our departments are closing and they told that they need fresh people so they keep terminating people and unfortunate I am one of those person who lose the job, and at the end of my service I got message from the bank on 11-May2016 saying my AED 10,892.00/- has been deposited to your account xx03xxx-01 subject to being cleared through Cheque number and on May 18-May2016 a message come saying AED 10,918.01 has been debited from your account 101-xxx03xxx-01 CR card recovery 4920-xxx32xxx-17 and immediately I went to Bank I ask them where is my money they told me it is on hold once I got visa and emirates id you will get it back then after approximately two month I came back they told me there is no money then I went to clearing department in Nad Al Shiba al ain road branch they told me they will send mail and someone will call me from clearing department then I got a call from some branch telling me to tell the clearing department that they will resolve my issue so I told to clearing department that thank you I got call from bank they will solve my issue then on the next they call me again saying that I sorry they cannot do anything and I need to pay AED 2,000/- to clear balance of AED 124,000/- then I was shock and frustrated I ask how it happen I closed that account long back. so I ask and check some branch but the same answer no one can help and explain why it is not closed and amount ballooned to AED 124,000/-

May 31, 2017

Worst online banking experience


My account statement for ------01 is not showing online and also not received via email.

I need my bank statement starting from September 2011 for the above account immediately.
I am asked to pay for generating the statement request which i dont want to pay as this is a system issue that i am not able to get my statement online and also via email Screen shot for the same error was sent two days back to [email protected] but no solution
Also the staff told me it would be solved within 24 hours on my first call two days ago and it has not happened Since then i have made a total of 3 calls more than 15 minutes each and no solution I am extremely disappointed now.

Ahmad Nawaz cheema

Nov 4, 2017


i have been an ENBD customer 4 years now, and recently used their CC on a trip for cash advance, they did charge me extra ordinarily the fees and again the interest rates which were calculated until I don't pay and clear all of the cc amount( not cash advance though but total amount outstanding) to which I don't understand , why is the client not informed for the clearing ttotal amount and or the charges applicable????
when it come to the bank promotions, we get annoyed with the calls asking to buy or invest in their products, but when it comes to bank charging u as an individual , no mails, no phone calls to inform client......
is that how important the client is??????????????
, or rather ......u don't care for the client.??????
and FYI I had paid 90% of the CC outstanding as I have full payment on due date, so why would I not pay a measly amount and occur charges ?????
it has to be either of the two and both are a god way to go ahead....enbd

Mar 8, 2018

Direct Remit

I did direct remit through mobile banking and until 9 days it didn't reached to beneficiary account and atleast they return my money with a deduction off 333 dhs and when asked it's it's exchange charge.as per cust2 service team they were having technical issue in system.beiang a regular customer of more tahn 6 years emirates nnd is loosing it's credibility .As it's a cheating with customer.

samuel raj
Apr 30, 2018

very bad customer service

i have been an emirates NBD customer for the past 4 years, but really feel bad about the customer care service in the banking.

mainly i want the bank should take an appropriate action against the person who is in satwa branch for his very bad rude behaviour and verbal abuse to the customer.
i really wonder the famous bank in UAE like this how they are keeping this type of employees in the bank.
this is really annoying me and i felt really frustrated by his disrespectful behaving.

hope the bank will take an neccessary action.

Jul 9, 2018

Very very bad customer services

My fompany send money to my account on thu.05/07/2018 and today is monday still i didnt get my money on my account. When i called customer services she said u got complain no. And its takes 3 to 5 working days n i want to talk with manager she said same thing with manager or me she is not transfar call to manaver n very proudy voice. Still my problem not solve i m waiting my money from 5 days very poor services.

Jul 29, 2018

Extremely disappointing and not acceptable banking.

Extremely disappointing and not acceptable banking.

I have an account with ENBD since about 6 years, for last 3 years I am using it as account for my savings. Do not have any credit card or loan with them, and last Friday I tried to use my card and I found it blocked, after contacting the customer service i found out that my profile is blocked and i can not access my money, what the reason they gave me - the address was not updated. ADDRESS!!! and no one warn me from the bank on advance, and no notification was sent for anything and for the block as well. The department responsible for this is working Sunday to Thursday from 8 am to 4 pm, (I couldn't get the money since Friday already) When I called on Sunday at 8:30 am auto reply said that whey are unable to receive my call as the working hours Sunday to Thursday from 8 am to 4 pm!!!! I called again customer service and after going again with the same loop, and same answers and same story that they can not do anything!!!! and it will take 2 !!!!! working days to process the complaint!!!!! I need the money urgent, the answer is we are apologies but this is the only way!

Jul 30, 2018

WORST, Pathetic Bank Ever

WORST BANK i have ever seen there are multiple reasons why it's worst , I am cursing myself as why i selected this pathetic bank.
1. Customer service is really bad : I opened account in bank street branch and the account was opened within 2-3 days however they got my phone number wrong, which system allows to enter 9 digit number when the normal number is 10 digit in UAE apart from that they got my company name wrong, i guess people there are either uneducated or illiterate, As they got the number wrong so i was not getting message from Bank, i had to go there twice to get my number changed.
2. So once the number was changed, here comes the best part, the bank never sent primary and supplementary debit card to courier, as i didn't have debit card so i cannot use online nor mobile banking, So again if i had to withdraw money like old traditional way i had to go to the bank to withdraw money.
3. Finally they couriered the package to aramex, after a week aramex returned the package to emirated NBD saying that they haven't mentioned customers mobile number , REALLY!!
4. So after 2 months of opening Bank account i am still not having debit card, can you imagine we are in 21st century and banks like emirates NBD is incapable of providing debit card.
5. I had purchased a life insurance policy from emirated NBD for 185 AED per month after iterating the above suitation i decided not to go with emirated NBD any more , so i called them and they said it will be cancelled, it's been 8 days now and still they haven't cancelled the policy and now they have even debited next premium of 185 AED.

Bottomline is i am requesting anyone reading this not to open account nor take any business from emirates NBD, after an year i will close the account as this is the most pathetic bank i have ever seen.

Sep 7, 2018

Very painful bank to deal with

I had a cash on call on 2 credit cards.. One was for 3 years low interest and the other for 6 months one time fee no interest..

At one point 2 months ago the sms for both cards were slightly different. So to be sure and avoid paying any charges or fees
I called their helpline and spoke to a lady who happened to be on training and gave me wrong information.. she assured me
that the discrepancy between the 2 sms is because the loan on the second card was a loan with no interest and only one time
fee and told me that I only have to pay the minimum..

I paid slightly more than the minimum. When I got the statement I could see that around 350 AED were deducted from my
payment as my payment did not reflect the full amount I paid..

Now the problems started.. I had to call them at least 10 times and I had to speak to more than 7 different people telling the story
again and again.. Everytime people seem unaware of the issue..

I kept calling for 2 and a half months and issue was not resolved.. If you send an email they answer that this email is not secured
and to try their online chat with is inop most of the time and i have screen shots.. The inmail from Iphone and ipad App is not working as you have to type email address before sending and it doesn't allow you to do that..

I decided to cancel the card asap as i was at the end of it.. That proved easily said than done.. They send you an sms and
a reference number specifying 4 days but no one calls.. Very frustrating.. They wouldn't budge until I complained to the Central

During these 2 months I got only one call from Sofia to whom I had to explain the problem over and over agian and she told
me that she will refer this case to her manager.. Nothing was done .. Zero..

Now finally I have been informed that the card is closed and when I asked the operator for clearance letter and the cheque i gave the bank, she said that the clearance letter needs prior approval form the bank which is absurd.. Then the connection is suddenly
lost and the chat is interreptud..

Avoid this bank at all costs..

Thanh you

Sep 8, 2018

Emirate NBD Credit CARD

Dear sir,
I was requested Emirate NBD bank to close the Credit card ( Visa and Master card) around 1 year 6 months back and i have got an call from customer call center that request has been created and will update soon

Today i have received an email from Emirate NBD credit card payment for late charges around AED 800 /- and will revised extra money with effect of next month from Oct 2018

I really disappointed with Emirate NBD credit cards that way of collecting money from Customers


Rain S
Nov 4, 2019

Worst Bank! They don't care at all!

I had reported a fraudulent transactions charged to my Emirates nbd credit card after someone called me that they are from the bank and I received a reference number from Emirates NBD sms itself. I didn't disclose anything with that caller since I am going back for a meeting since I thought it was an important call that'swhy I answered it. Surprisingly they knew my credit card details, I told them I cannot confirm anything since I don't have my wallet with me and will just call directly the bank for further details. After that, I dropped the call and went back to my meeting. Only few minutes after, I saw sms that contains 2 double secure codes and 6 transactions! 1 is amounting to 2000USD used in Amman Jordan and the other 5 is amounting to 300aed charging every 2 to 3 mins. I immediately called the customer service call center to block my card, and the agent i spoke to even told me that even my card was blocked, there were multiple attempts to use my card ( which again a strong evidence that my card has been hacked and used fraudulently).
Eva, virtual assistant, also took time for me to reach and talked to the agent that's why while I was on the line waiting, the transactions kept on charging my credit card. After that I filled out the dispute request, kept on following up. Went to the police station, but I can just file a case if I had credit card statement with me already. So I waited for the account statement to be released and went back to the police. I received a call from Emirates NBD Fraud team that they cannot reverse the amount since double secure has been entered. They even told me that with a simple "Yes" or "No", hackers can be able to get my information. It came from them that anything is possible with hackers and yet they still charged 9000AED++ to me. They told me to go to the police and let them do their job to investigate. So i went back to the police and they told me bank is not coordinating with them. They gave me a letter also requesting the bank to provide the information they need so i went to the bank and gave them the letter but until now nothing. And the collection department kept on bugging me to pay for it and I'm telling them why do I need to pay for it i did everything but theyre not helping me at all! The case will not be resolved in any way as they don't help their cardholders. They will just tell you to do this and that but no solution! No wonder why Emirates NBD has so many complaints in social media as well. I've heard stories that employees turnover are very fast that's why probably inside job hacking is possible. It has been 3 months since it happened and no clarity at all. Until now I am still paying my monthly installment for my legitimate purchases as I am responsible for it but I will not settle the amount that the fraudster was the one who benifitted with it. I didn't also open and activate the new debit/credit cards they provided me. They are just concerned with the money, but they dont care with their cardholders at all! They kept on calling me now to settle the amount, but again, I will not do anything as they don't help their cardholders as well.

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