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doubleu casino

United States

Consumer reviews about doubleu casino

Feb 1, 2013


Avoid doubleu casino at all costs! They are thieves! I had an account on their website and I put money on it for playing. While money were transferred to the chips almost 50% from the whole amount disappeared and this company refused me in a refund! Beware and be careful, I just wasted my money for nothing! Don' allow them to fool you!

dan j popp
Feb 18, 2013

rip off

what a freekin rip off. you buy chips and takes no time to loose. BAIT AND SWITCH. keep your game. last time i will buy chips. also will make this know to my face book friends.

nick dandalos
Feb 28, 2013

Doulbe U Fraud

Double U casino...bought 80.00 worth of chips. gone with in 20 mins..not a single bonus spin in over 100 spins. normally there are excessive bonus spins for the lower amounts. As soon as you buy chips? The bonus rounds stop and your out of luck...The game is rigged. It lags, its a scam...you have been warned. Planning on class action law suit to stop these crooks!

May 26, 2014

Double U Casino Scam site

Well I have been a fool like many others. Do not ever deposit any real money at this casino. After paying for Vip with several small deposits. Every chip was taken time and time again All my collects on posts all my gifts everything. I began complaining I was so sick of never being able to retain a reasonable account balance even after winning decent jackpots. Finally I woke up and stopped depositing and told them I would not deposit again. Also that I would tell my large friend base if they asked to never deposit any real money. From that day on till now I cannot win any sizeable amount on any machine . Big or small bets different machines .For 12 days straight now every chip is taken that I collect every day if I keep playing. The collects with gifts, posts and wheel spins are all taken back by the casino.. They only have all the bonuses to entice players to play and spend. Once you deposit in most cases you lose your chips faster, as they want you to develop a depositing pattern. You can play at most casinos online in fun mode and keep getting more chips for nothing when you run out. Do not let Double U rip you off and suck you in with all the bonuses and gifts. My account now plays completely different the same overall losing pattern everyday. WHY? because I dared to complain too often and stopped giving them money

Sep 6, 2015

scam and thieves

double U casino and all of the facebook casino's should be investigated by the FBI and the IRS as scam sites. They take your money and sell you chips they do not tell you the odds, nor does anyone seem to win anything. It seems if you buy chips they then rig the games to take your chips faster. this is not entertainment, this is simply a gambling site. They have no disclaimers, nor do they have information on Gamblers anonomous. They in fact take money, and people do and get addicted to it much like gambling. These thieves are cashing in big time and facebook is supporting it. Someone needs to start a class action lawsuit against all of them and recover money which is technically stolen.

George Klooneey
Jan 26, 2016

Rip off Thieves

STAY AWAY FROM DOUBLE-U CASINO! This site is so rigged, will eat up your chips immediately with no decent pay-outs. Yet, the BOTS they have on all the games continuously win BIG WINS & JP's. Major complaint was made for an answer as to how can Kevin - an employee of DUC - can get BIG WINS and have a large bank? Absolutely NO RESPONSE from their 'so-called' help center. They cannot read English, and all the computer-generated responses (if they deem it necessary) DO NOT, in any way, have anything to do with the original complaint....whether it be pertaining to reimbursement, being hacked by a DUC employee, being RESTRICTED as to the benefits of a paid VIP package, etc. Blame is always put on FB, or my connection, or browser....NEVER THEIR DAILY REPEATED GLITCHES. This site should be removed due to FALSE ADVERTISING CLAIMS, and UNETHICAL PRACTICES.

Feb 21, 2016


Yes, it is a ripoff! I am on a fixed income and elderly.I just wanted to play for free which is what they advertise.You play for awhile and can win then suddenly that stops and they begin to pressure you to buy chips.I did buy 4 times but went straight down within minutes.Suddenly they want you to buy a bigger package?Let's see,jhmmm,I can go without food,my dogs food,medication or pay to play a losing game with double u.All those trillion dollar winners that drop down while I play don't exist.One person with an oriental name wins millions over and over again.My husband sits beside me and plays and he always wins.He has millions and I have nothing.Do they simply prefer men?

Jun 5, 2016

There's always the DELETE button!😁

ALL of these game apps are in business to make money!They do so by coin/chip sales!I'm sure nobody is holding a gun to ur head(hope not!?) when u choose to buy "chips"!When we buy chips it should ONLY be w/$$ u can afford to lose!Certainly should no game chips EVER take precedence over ur life needs such as meds,food,bills,etc!If u find it is,than I suggest u DELETE the app&don't look back!Or u can just collect ur bonuses for a couple days,bet small then play those.ALSO w/so many grievances w/this game..why do u advertise for them FREE??I don't think ppl realize FB advertising is VERY expensive,so when u play ur games THRU FB..ur giving them a freebie..a BIG freebie!Thats why I play NONE of my games thru FB!(&security reasons)Now,if whatev app I play wishes to pay me for advertising for them,then I shall happily play their game thru MY FB.
Now as far as decreased winnings than used to be...again this happens w/EVERY game app&totally agree!!The ripoff/rig here is under the guise of an UPDATE!They add a new game or levels that can't be played until u "UPDATE" is the rig here! I notice every time I have to update, my wins drastically drop&no more BIG winning spins!We all know they can add a new game or levels WITHOUT having to update but they can't reprogram the "random generator" w/out an UPDATE! That thing that makes ur coins go faster in hopes that Ull buy more when they're gone!?😁Thats what 1 of a games support dude told me on a slot FAR worse than this(House of fun)but ironically best cust svc ever had!So this game isn't really that bad or diff than the rest..but cust svc kinda bites.
Lastly, those winners that drop down really DO exist!(@least SOME of them)I found it hard to believe too until I became 1!I won a 1.2BILLION JP during a tourney bout 4weeks ago! I almost fainted!😱(am a female)So there's hope!But don't worry..starting June 1st my winnings started DROPPING significantly!Wasnt getting anymore big win spins&loss ratio was higher than wins on spins so guess they figured I had too much left&lost it all 2days ago! 😭Could definitely tell by my profile history when they started the rob!ha Anyone ever look@that?Mine changed greatly from May31 to June1!Oh well was grateful to win it&have had"chips" for a while!Sure it won't happen again!
Peace out fellow gamblers!Good luck&have fun!When it becomes unfun...QUIT!Lifes too short..its just a stupid game!
Oh&Gamblers Anonymous # is 888-830-2271 ;)

Jul 14, 2016

Beware of Double U Casino Ripp offs!!

Beware of doubleucasino promo offers. It wasn't the first time I didn't get the amount of chips I was buying so I made a screen copy of the offer. It said 270 mil chips for 99.99, they gave me 220 mil. I sent in 7 requests for a correction or reimbursement. Only got one response, obviously computer generated said they reviewed transaction and it went thru! Hah! I was ripped off. When I sent yet another complaint about the problem, they took 1.4billion chips that I had earned over several days!!!! Again I really complained and I doubt they will give anything back. They made two attempts before they got my money. Beware!! While playing a game my amount I was betting suddenly changed to 450million per bet. You can imagine what a shock this was and the anger and dismay I feel! I was really confused but as I noticed this change during a spin that won the money back I didn't think any more about it. Especially if you have plenty of money. Then this afternoon I started playing the same game and I was truly shocked to look down and see my bet had been changed and the 1.4 billion chips gone! This is a terrible thing to do to a person. Bait and switch for sure!!! I am certainly not buying anything from them again!!! Don't do it, from reading other complaints on many different complaint websites it seems they target players that have made a certain number of purchases. I am going to complain to iTunes and my visa company to reverse my last purchase they ripped me off. Have fun in lots of ways online, just not this game. You will eventually be very unhappy!!

Aug 18, 2016

DoubleuCasino Tips

Ok, most everyone on this site has something negative to say.. While I agree the machines are rigged to lose money..so are every other slot machine real or fake money anywhere. You should not have an issue with this..now with that said.Their winning rates on most machines are horrible however there are machines out there if betting right on them you can win tons of money..+ they have a very easy way to make daily money from friends and bonuses..which is much better then other sites I have been on with the same horrible winning odds. I have a utube site with many videos on tips how to gain a fortune..now they do check my site and many of the machines I have created betting methods on they updated and changed because to many people were getting *play rich* off my methods..so you can hit up my newest video or send me a message and I will be glad to help. I have never invested a penny into this site yet have over 375 billion coins currently and all done with smart betting..Search doubleucasino betting method you should find me..

Miguel Perez
Aug 26, 2016

Full Investigation

Full Investigation for Double u Casion

Sep 17, 2016

Scam scam scam

Double u casino offers very little or no value.there window periods for payouts are far and few and if you are compulsive player,it's easy to waste hard earned money.They advertise an 80% payout rate ,but it's more like ten percent.very frustrating.please complain to I tunes to stop facilitating payments for this scam site.

Sep 22, 2016

Double u thieves

Double u casino has the most complaints about its unfair practices and even has a petition against it dating back to 2013.
Please complaint to I tunes instead of double u because I tunes facilitates the robbery.if I tunes stop allowing the thieving double u download ,double u casino is no more in business.COMPLAIN TO I TUNES AND GET ALL YOUR FRINDS TO COMPLAIN TO I TUNES ABOUT DOUBLE U.

George Cameron Roberts
Oct 20, 2016

doubleu casino

Well i must be the latest Idiot to leave Double U after getting VIP restricted to 3 days, i seen the machines all were high roller so i stupidly bought 4 offers for their chips, i should have bought the top black Account for $999 it would have worked out cheaper to what i bought. ISSUES haha 1st long standing issue restricting paying members, they don't RESTRICT, what they do is force players to the last 3 levels of the machines as you know these can be 300+ million to spin but between spins or bonus rounds if i spin 300 million theirs no way in hell i want winning lines of 48,000, so you drop back to level 1 720k per spin but because of buying chips your profile is auto updated and your level along with VIP is restricted towards the 1st 5 reel levels forcing you to only win at the top end of the machines by win i mean maybe you get a good bonus round between 20 or 50 million spent on spins this is on every slot machine the restriction is a hidden on screen device that makes the machine think its a level 1 basic payout only its not. use Developer tools while on the slots and the restriction is there for all to see.
2nd issue i read they don't speak English that's very true but they do and very well, they just have set responses, payment issues pass to facebook, disconnection your browsers fault and on and on. the only way around the miss treating of members accounts with restrictions and so on, close the account by deleting the Facebook app, open a 2nd account on facebook just for games only you use, start fresh. i was brought into the restrictions and limited to what i could win due to payment pushing bye them and blocking everything i went on, was own to my loosing 8,000,000,000 chips because the site went into maintenance kicking myself off the machine along with my winnings i got as they were no chips in my account from that machine PERIOD. they totally used every single excuse to not rein-burst me them chips.

i know this is a little long but reading the dates from start to finish, this has gone on a long time.

Dec 11, 2016

Terrible DUC cheats

Well, everything bad that can be said about this site, has been said. Avoid, avoid, avoid. I purchased 277 millin chips yesterday and the games took it all within 10 minutes. Not going to buy any more - they are frauds

[email protected]
Feb 17, 2017

Double u casino

Had over 600,000,000. Chips this morning, a night I have barely over 200,000,000....so what happened to my extra chips this happens all the time, would like a refund......

Aug 3, 2017

Double U Casino

Avoid being sucked into buying chips with real money from this initially cheery, generous faux casino. It's spins and wins until you pay to extend your experience. Oh sure, you will get a windfall or two but soon the spins and wins dwindle sooner and sooner the more that you pay. Oh, and beware of complaining because they have a nifty punishment in effect that turns down the "winning" volume to nil. Be ready for the usual message that they are sorry but they have no power to make anyone win or lose but they will be happy to help with any other problems you have with the game. Yeah, ...not so much that, either. They will get back with the speed of three days (if at all) with great claims of having "carefully reviewed your account" and cannot see the problem. Skimming chips when you transfer from one game to another when you are carrying a large balance is another cheap trick these sleazebags enjoy. Of course if you pay enough, they will toss you some free coins..but will inevitably claw the $$ back from you in one way or another. This facebook sanctioned app seems quite happily corrupt and thrilled to continue to take money from the many people that can become dangerously addicted to this so called "game." Oh...according to Double U, they are a "game" when it suits them and a "gambling risk" also when it suits them. Just stop you say? Sure...but know that gambling can be a serious addiction for many even in this "fun" form AND THESE THIEVES COUNT ON IT.

Oct 12, 2017

My pot jackpot

Early morning around 3 a.m I was playing the Dragon Soul slot and won the jackpot plus the $36,000,000. I have in my pot. All together the total was around $96,000,000 +.While playing in auto, I kept on hitting the jackpot 60 times and went up to $683,000,000. This morning the money is down to $59,010.450. What happened to the rest of my winning. If there was a glitch, the $36,000,000 (my money in the pot). should at least be given to me. I have not won the jackpot since I have been playing this for the past 4 to 5 years. My excitement doubled only to be disappointed when my winnings were taken away from me. This morning the money is down to $59,010.450. What happened to the rest of my winning. Even the $36,000,000. money on my pot was taken away. Please explain. Thank you. [email protected]

Dec 13, 2017

Double U casino

Complete Ripoff! Don't bother writing to company either because they could care less! Money hungry! Trust me games are fun but all they want is $$$$$$$ for their free coins ! I want to tell the world because ive complained several times and they do nothing about it to make it right. 20 bucks for 7 min play if your lucky! Not spending another dollar being ripped off!

Dec 14, 2017

### Double U

This is Bullshit. I won 6-25 million bonus rounds and the counter never moved. I went through the bullshit of charging chips and not receiving them and now I watch 125 million go down the crooked drain.
I'm going to flood the internet with warnings about the crooked bullshit these criminals are pulling off. My brother works for Foxwoods and he's spreading the word.......stick it
To many other casinos that do it fair and square

Rolf grimstad
Jun 24, 2018


The only way to find out where double u book casino. Is, is then they are nustfase book they know because they make money on what they swindle from us, I f fase book won't tell where the casino is then they are just as bad as the casino, s people push on fase book Intel they give up where the casino is. Thanks all of you. The veteran. 12

Jul 22, 2018



Aug 20, 2018

Double charging for every purchase

This probably won’t be published but here goes...every time I buy from DUC they double charge a few days later...at first I didn’t know cuz it was going thru iTunes to family credit card...what an ambarrassment when card owner got dinged...then we got that changed and I go through PayPal to my bank...I thought if I bought a 99.99 pkg they wouldn’t dare be so obviously robbing me but they are greedy pigs and today I see both aug 3 and aug 15 99.99 dings on my account, so here we go again...yes I would participate in A CLASS ACTION SUIT against these robbers...plus, my purchase said I qualified for 480 million for the 99, but only 220 million was put in my bank...oh, it’s my fault for being stupid, but THEY ARE CROOKS and I can’t find a phone number to call them...any help out there?

Nov 17, 2018

ripped off

I went to log on this morning and my account and all my money had disappeared now I cant find the game at all. With all the money I have spent buying chips I am very annoyed, I play this game everyday and I want to keep playing but how can you if you cant even get on the game. Fix the problems you get enough money out of people to pay for proper techs. Not a happy camper here.

Nov 17, 2018

ripped off

What happened to the game this morning, I tried to get into it and everything had been deleted no game no money, I am so annoyed I tried to start again but that disappeared as well.

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