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United States, Louisiana

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Feb 9, 2012

bad breeder

I'm in the process of filing complaints with AKC on Findore Pups and Lisa Findore. Fortunately, my Dachshund puppy is in excellent health and is a joy; however Lisa definitely has questionable business practices. She claims that her puppies are AKC registered, but that is not the case with my Dahcshund. She failed to provide the AKC paperwork when I purchased the puppy in October and her excuse was that she hadn't registered the litter yet but would do so that week. Well that was four months ago and after many emails and phone calls and listening to every excuse in the book she could give, she has yet to provide the AKC registration for my Dachshund. I called the AKC and she's not an AKC breeder, nor has she registered a litter since my puppy was born in July 2011. Not only that, in order for her to register my puppy and the litter, she would incur late fees b/c it's been over six months (about $95 a puppy), so now I really know that my puppy and the litter will never be AKC registered b/c is she wasn't willing to pay the approx. $25 to registered the litter then, she's definitely not going to do it now! Of course I emailed her and gave her one last chance to make it right and either register the puppy or refund me the AKC registration fee and she said she'd register it that week... well that's been almost a month ago.
It's just unfortunate that there are people in this world that take advantage of you. I don't question her care for her animals b/c my puppy is healthy and cannot speak for the care of her other animals, but I do know that you should be careful when doing business with her and should think twice about it.
None of the above is embellished or false and I can provide anyone with email documentation to back it up.

Feb 10, 2012

bad breeder

I have a follow-up post to my complaint above... FINALLY, after many attempts for Lisa Findore to register my the litter of my puppy, she did this morning after reading my final email to her and the above post. Please understand that I contacted her between 5-7 times via email and phone to follow-up with her regarding the registration and every time she said she would do it, but she never did. On Jan 18th, I sent her a final email stating that if she did not provide me with the AKC registeration within a week, that I would contact the AKC and file a complaint. She replied and said she would do it that day. Yesterday, was Feb., 9th - three weeks after I sent that email and STILL NO REGISTRATION. So, I contacted the AKC customer service department at 919-233-9767 and found that information at: http://www.akc.org/about/depts/customer_service.cfm. I didn't write down the name of the person that I spoke with but I told her that my complaint was that I bought a puppy from a breeder that said the puppy came with an AKC Ltd. registration and she has yet to register the litter and provide me with the paperwork. She asked for the breeder name, address, phone number and the date the litter was born and found the breeder in the system and said that she had no record of registering a litter on July 24, 2011 and that you were not an AKC breeder so her advice was to always be cautious when dealing with people you find online and suggested I contact the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Protection to file complaints...That is exactly what the AKC told me. Please feel free to call them at the number I provided above.
I emailed Lisa, the breeder, this information yesterday and when I woke up this morning I had three very distraught emails from her. She stated that she had been sick, she'd had an accident where she fell and much more personal matters that prevented her from completing the registration over a four month time frame.
I'm not one to get into personal issues because business is business, but four months went by and she was unable to provide the AKC registration that I paid for with the puppy. It boils down to I'm a paying customer and wanted a puppy with an AKC registration because whether I wanted to breed her or not (and I don't), I find value in the puppy being AKC registered, which is why I purchased the puppy from her. Also, again, I will reiterate, my puppy was and is very healthy and she is a quality Dachshund, so this is in no way shape or form a reflection on her care for the breed. I expect that she is a quality Dachshund breeder, and I checked her vet references before I purchased the puppy and they all said she takes very good care of her puppies. This complaint is a reflection of her ineptitude to follow through with her practice of business.
Finally, she did register the litter this morning, Feb. 9th after countless requests from me and finally after I posted about my experience when doing business with her (above). It's unfortunate that it had to come to this, just to provide me with the AKC Ltd. registration that was supposed to come with the puppy on day one.

Feb 13, 2012

bad breeder

I purchased a Dachshund from Findore Pups, Lisa Findore, and my puppy, Sookie, is wonderful. She is in excellent health and has been since the day she came to me. I checked Lisa's vet references before I purchased my puppy and they all said that she takes excellent care of her animals. I know that she holds the highest care for the breed. Not that I'm calling this complaint bogus, but I do not see Lisa letting a dog's health go unnoticed. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Dachshund.

Apr 2, 2012

bad breeder

I bought an English bulldog puppy from Wonderbulldogs.com and our family could not be happier about our sweet little Annabelle. She arrived healthy, clean, and very comfy in her carrier--and she is absolutely beautiful! Our vet was very impressed with her health and excellent breed-standard conformation, which really impressed me due to my reticence in purchasing a puppy online. We fell in love with her as soon as we met her and have been spoiling her rotten ever since. Our own beloved English bulldog passed recently and the big hole in my heart has been softened by Annabelle's sweet disposition and unconditional love. I have her with me at all times (I've been working from home to get her acclimated) and she is an absolute joy. Thank you so much for your impressive attention to detail and constant communication regarding our newest family member. We will come back to www.wonderbulldogs.com for every future pet we bring home. ”"— Laura

Jun 13, 2013

AKC registration

I, too, purchased a pup from Lisa Findore. I was told she was AKC, and was promised her papers. At the time of the sale the pup's papers "we're not ready" but I have never received them. I contacted Mrs. Findore multiple times but never got a response. Abby is now 3 years old and a very happy, healthy puppy - I am VERY happy with her quality, but I do feel that I was misled about the AKC registration. Abby has been spay so I am not looking to breed her so the papers weren't worth the hassle, so I finally dropped it after months of unreturned phone calls and emails. Just sad to see that others had to fight for their papers as well. I will stress, however, that Abby is very healthy and wonderfully goofy dog who is wonderful with my children. I do just wish I had the registration papers as was promised with the price I paid for her.

animal lover
Dec 5, 2013

Findore Pups

I have gone to see dachshund puppies that Lisa Findore has had for sale in the past, however I did not purchase one. At the time she had way too many dogs, don't see how anyone can properly care for that many. There were many, many pregnant females with toenails that were way too long, and lots and lots of puppies for sale. Seems like a real money making business! It is not right for someone to be able to make a living from breeding and saleing dogs for years and years and years. The pounds are full of these poor babies, and they are euthinized by the thousands. There needs to be a limit on how many litters these breeders can have and sale.

Mar 13, 2015

Thompson's Wheaten and Whoodles

We purchased a whoodle (wheaten and poodle mix) October 14, 2013 for a 4th pick to be born summer of 2014 for a total price of $1395. We sent Tammi Thompson via PayPal a deposit of $208. During the summer of 2014 Tammi went on vacation and missed the heat cycle of the dog. We requested our deposit back and she agreed when the next litter arrived. She had 6 wheaten puppies and 11 whoodle puppies from our litter January 2015. We never were afforded our 4th pick of the January 2015 litter nor will she return our deposit. I have emails documenting all of the above. She took our money and won't provide the puppy or the money back.

Oct 2, 2015

Becky Perry and Pineywoods Veterinary

Purchased a English bulldog puppy from Pineywoods Veterinary Amanda Perry which her mom Becky Perry in Moultrie Georgia is the breeder . The puppy was about two months old ,and after we had him a month we noticed he started acting strange. he started walking slow and around the edges of the walls our house and bumping into walls. On a after hour visit ,we took him to Pineywoods vet and Amanda Perry told us that he had been electrocuted from a power cord and put him on IV . Couple days later we picked him up and took him to another Vet and discovered that he was not electrocuted and that he had two staples imbedded in his intestines and had to have emergency surgery, Based on the looks of the staples and how they had been there long enough to be imbedded ,he may have ate them before we purchased him. He was allowed to run freely in pineywoods office from time to time. Even after he has gotten over the surgery and healed , he still acts strange and doing the same thing. We took him back to our vet and had him rechecked and now has inlarge kidney and cherry eye in both eyes . Amanda Perry and her Mom Becky Perry refuse to give us any refund ,which I paid them $2500 for the puppy and they came up with every excuse they could not to give the money back . I should have listened to a lady that was at Pet Smart who warned me about this Breeder.

Apr 8, 2017

Divico White German shepherds

We have been looking for a white shepherd for about a month, so I decided to advertise that we were looking for a white shepherd pup for $600 in ohio. Deidre Holbrook Phillips then tagged me in her breeder page. Devicio white german shepherds. So we started a conversation.i asked typical questions how much, papers, health guarantee, she posted prices 200 deposit, 1300 due at pick up, for full akc. 200 deposit, and 800 due at pick up for limited akc. Then she sent that she was drawn to my post for whatever reason, Tiffin where I live because she knows people here, or if god wanted her to bless me. She then posted 200 deposit, 600 total when pick up. So I was under impression that I would owe 400 at pick up. I even asked next message 600 total if so interested, where do I send deposit. She gives me information and I do so that very next day. Lots of freindly chat in between then 5 days before pick up, she gives me my balance of $800. I wrote her confused of course, she said it was a typo, she responded while driving cab, and the typo was supposed to be 800 not 600. So after being upset I was going to pay twice as much, I agree to pay the 1000 for this pup. My kids, and hubby were so excited I wasn't going to tell them we were not going to get a puppy with 5 days to go, we have waited 8 weeks. So she accepts and says see u next week. This is after she says she would never sell her pups that cheap, she had 27 people offer her more $ for her females, but since we put a deposit down, she does her business fair... then the day of pick up, I emailed her to get address where to pick pup up. I get home from work and she has written I have a few questions, I know u have 2 kids and 2 cats, how long did your last dog live? Do u have experience with shepherds? I said we have never owned a dog this will be our first, I have been doing nothing but research about shepherds since deciding to get a puppy. She responds I am sorry I cannot sell u a puppy. I would never sell my pups to a first time dog owner. It is in my contract, which I never seen til after she denied to sell me a pup. I was very upset, had to break the news to hubby and kids, I told her to return the 200 deposit and would not get lawyer involved. She refused, how it is it that she can accept my 200 deposit, drag me along for 8 weeks to tell me the day of puck up that she isn't going to sell me a pup or give my deposit back. Her ad said deposit non refundable, but I am pretty sure what she did to us was just plain theft. She should be asking these questions before she accepts their deposit, makes me wonder how many others she has screwed over like this. I talked to another person who bought a pup from same litter and she said that Deidre asked her that multiple times, about owning dogs etc. Thru the process. I feel like she needs to return my 200 deposit beacuse she didn't do her job as a breeder and make sure that we were a fit family for her dog before accepting our deposit. Calling Lima police and filing a report, she will not hear the end of this she has blocked me from sending other messages. Anyone have any idea what else to do please advise. Thanks

Jul 30, 2020

English Bulldog Breeder

We are located in PA and had seen Sumo Bulldogs affiliated with another reputable breeder i had been following. Just so happened he had the coloring we wanted in his puppies. First conversation I said we just lost our other 2 in the past 2 years and we wanted a certain personality from the litter, the quiet laid back, not the headstrong wild one. Well he had a puppy that was beautiful and the look we had discussed and thinking he listened to us we agreed to the purchase and he was driven to our home. The day he came the driver who did not even have him crated safely for the drive said he was biting, barking and crazy! I called Chad immediately because I just knew he was not the one for me. He blew it off to all kinds of things - the ride, new home...... I also told the driver he looked like he had a cold. Which at the vet had to be put on antibiotics as well. After Chad stopped communication we hoped that as time went on he would be the great bulldog we hoped for. Not the case 6 mos. later and a trainer is involved in the situation now. He is now attacking me at various times during day and night randomly. I am extremely afraid of aggressive behavior and it is becoming a real problem. I feel if he would have cared about homing his puppy with the right fitting home this could have been avoided. He had our money and that is what he cared about. I would still have taken another puppy from him if it was the right personality/fit for us. Instead he chose to ignore us and leave us in this heartbreaking situation. Every breeder I have consulted with said they would have never left the puppy in a home that wasnt a right fit so I want everyone to beware of trusting his words. There is no question he is a beautiful puppy just absolutely not right for our home!

Jun 4, 2021

LoveCraft Keeshond does not honor verbal contract

Linda Neal (breeder) accepted me as a buyer after a questionnaire, phone interview and conversation with my Vet. I was number 6 on a list. The litter had 10 (she kept 2). We went in person to pick our pup at 6 weeks. We accepted her suggestion and was told the pups would be available in 2 weeks. At our visit, my husband was in a wheelchair (he can walk in the house but not on grass yet- had an amputation in February and will be independent soon everywhere soon).

20 minutes after we left, she texted that she had concerns and would call me to talk after Memorial Day. I was in shock! Does she have a problem with handicapped people? She would not return my calls or texts and 5 days later returned my deposit with no explanation. Still will not communicate. BUYERS, BEWARE OF LINDA NEAL, LOVECRAFT KEESHOND AND HER MISTY DAY KEESHOND- DOES NOT HONOR CONTRACT.

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