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Derma Juvenate

United States

Consumer reviews about Derma Juvenate

Dec 18, 2012

How do I go about this?

I need help to get back my money since they have taken it without my permission! I did not allow them to take $180.00 for shipping costs, which were suppose to be only $5.00, because the product itself was for free! They used my cc info and ripped me off!

lisa mackie
Jan 2, 2013

derma juevenate

paid for the trail and have had £89.91 taken out of my account on the 3/12/12

Jan 7, 2013

unauthorised debit!

i have paid for the trial, in total this company have taken £180 without my permission, this is theft and i want my money back

julia brannan
Jan 9, 2013

derma Derma Juevenate & Dead Sea Beauty Kit unauthorised payment taken

I also applied for the Derma Juvenate trial, at £4.99 shipping costs, on the 26 Nov 12. Then on the 10.Dec12 a further £89.91 was taken from my account without authorisation.Then again on the 9.Jan another £94.90 has been withdrawn..... This is fraudulent as I did not authorise these payments!!! Not only have they done this, the product itself does not live up to its claims.
I would like to know how i go about claiming a full refund on the 2nd two payments.
The same thing has happened with the Dead Sea Beauty kit, which is advertised alongside the Deramajuvenate product.
any help please?

Feb 11, 2013

Derma juvenate (unauthorised pmt)

I accepted a free trial for which payment included £4.99 post and packaging. They have since taken 3 amounts of £89.91, and £94.90 and £94.90. These payments were taken without my authorisation and I have not agreed or signed any DDM,s or Standing Orders. I do not understand how they can be allowed to debit money from an account without my authorisation. This surely must be a fraudulent transaction. I am desperate for this money back as a single working parent of 2 boys. Can you please advise me what steps I can take as I do not intend to let this drop.

[email protected]
Feb 11, 2013

Unauthorised payment

Absolutely disgusted that Dead Sea Beauty Kit and Collagenta have taken nearly £180.00 from my account. This was free trial - no one in their right minds would agree to pay this sort of money - product very poor with cheap packaging, only worth as free trail.

I have e-mail them but no reply - how do I get my money back, this is theft!


Mar 26, 2013

Derma Juvenate

Exactly the same with me. I paid £4.99 for the free sample and was then charged £89.91 two weeks later. I contacted them and they agreed if I returned the cream they would refund the £89.91.
Now they are saying they never charged me the £89.91 and will not refund, even though it is on my bank statement.
Do not get involved with them.

C Walker

May 7, 2013


taken £89.91 from my account without permission i paid postage for a risk free trial sample l need to get this refunded

Grigory Leps
May 7, 2013


anky Jan 6, 10, 01:02PM | #25
Joined: Dec 30, 09 Threads: 4 Posts: 35
From their homepage: "All writers must be able to have access to public or private libraries and be writers by their heart." Gee, I don't know...I feel like a writer by my heart, but once my heart is put back into my chest cavity things feel different...
Lolz.. they accepted me as writer, dont know if they are genuine or not though.
WritersBeware Edited by: WritersBeware Jan 6, 10, 02:42PM | #26
they accepted me as writer
I'm not surprised.
dont know if they are genuine or not though
pheelyks Jan 6, 10, 09:07PM | #27
they accepted me as writer, dont know if they are genuine or not though.
The fact that they accepted you as a writer means that they are not genuine. You cannot write in English well enough to satisfy a fourth grade teacher.
anky Jan 7, 10, 05:50PM | #28
Joined: Dec 30, 09 Threads: 4 Posts: 35
The fact that they accepted you as a writer means that they are not genuine. You cannot write in English well enough to satisfy a fourth grade teacher.
WOW!! BINGO! yes they accepted me for third grade only :P Happy Now!! And what about you?? You have good command over english still you are speaking other's language. Stop cooperating wrong people here.
pheelyks Jan 7, 10, 07:56PM | #29
You have good command over english still you are speaking other's language.
I don't know what you're trying to say. Yes, I have a good command of English, but I don't speak any other languages. And I never claimed to.
Stop cooperating wrong people here.
Mariah May 26, 11, 04:25AM | #30
Joined: May 26, 11 Posts: 1 hi guys. has anyone worked 4 essaywriters.net with a Margie Lee as the support representative? is it legit or a scam?
MeoKhan Writer May 26, 11, 05:00AM | #31
Joined: Jan 9, 11 Threads: 5 Posts: 1,412
Please type in the search bar. You'll get more than the answer to your question.
vinkdoll Jun 11, 11, 06:42AM | #32
Joined: Jun 11, 11 Posts: 2 ok,,,,...wanted to join icorp but cant...(login in problems).no matter where i go or what i try it keeps on telling me that someone already signed in 30 days a go...and im now scared after readimngt this.....please anyone advbise
pheelyks Jun 11, 11, 09:59AM | #33
please anyone advbise
You and totally deserve each other.
hungerbitten Writer Aug 8, 11, 01:48PM | #34
Joined: Aug 1, 11 Posts: 2
oh, whatever.... I know that site.... LOL.... Yeah... I wanted to switch to something from , but looks like there's nothing to switch to... :(((
I need to let everyone know that the owner of , cybermediaboy, is such a kind man! I wish him [prosperity and continued success in his endeavors.
pheelyks Aug 9, 11, 10:18PM | #35
I need to let everyone know that the owner of , cybermediaboy, is such a kind man!
uh huh....exactly how far up his ass is your nose right now?
Mr Essay Integrity Writer Aug 10, 11, 01:06PM | #36
Joined: Aug 7, 11 Threads: 1 Posts: 67
uh huh....exactly how far up his ass is your nose right now?
There we go again with the stupid insults! If you want to insult a person, don't pretend you are still a toddler! That advice might work for you :)
LolaBlue Writer Feb 20, 12, 12:08PM | #37
Joined: Feb 19, 12 Threads: 1 Posts: 9 I am a writer for , and have always had issues with customers changing their minds mid stream, whether it is for deadlines, or paper content. Although the paper prices are high, trying to get paid is a different story. I would think twice before becoming a writer for them.

Similar topics to: beaware of

May 21, 2013

unauthourised payment

Jeez, sounds like we have all been had! I paid them 4.99 postage fee, they sent it and then recently just had another £89.91 taken from my account!

I have tried ringing America to get it back they gave me a cock and bull story about terms and conditions, which is a load of rubbish as there are no visible terms and conditions. Then they hung up on me 3 times!!! Rude ignorant what nots!

I have spoken to my bank and they agree that no more money will go to them but I am still 90 quid down!

anyone have any ideas how we can get it back?

May 27, 2013

money being removed from my account

im so cross that i fell for this like others i order free trail, tried the cream them rang them to return cream, was gaven a return address in clearwater & told to put an emb. number on front as they will not accept the item back without it.also told i had to return it within the 30 days. i paid for 1st class airsure at a cost of 12.50 & sent it back well within the 30 days. i looked up the tracking number on line & it was acepted at clearwater so i never gave it a 2nd thought, silly me im now 89.91 down. utter scrumbags,

Jul 7, 2013

Derma Juvenate & Collagena fraud

I had the same problem here in UK . I couldn't reach the both companies Dermajuvenate and Collagen and have been charged for the " free trial " £ 270. I did not get any expiation and responds on my emails or phone calls . Finally my bank Lloyd ( thanks God ) started fraud investigation on their on but I am still waiting for the outcome .
This is the one of the hardest lesson which :do not provide your bank details so easily.

Aug 9, 2013

money taken without knowledge


taken £89.91 from my account without permission i paid postage for a risk free trial sample l need to get this refunded

On ringing the bank I was told the company has set up a D/D as I hadn't cancelled as there was no form with the sample

as I bought this for a friend this is fraud what action can I take

Aug 12, 2013

Unauthorised payment by dermajuvenate.

As with many by the look of this page an unauthorised payment of £89.91 has been taken from my credit card on 6 July 2013, without my permission or knowledge. I had paid £3.49 for 2 small phials of this stuff and that was it. No further transaction was made or agreed to. I have since be notified by my card company that 1 payment was paid of £89.91 and another attempted to get in August, which my card company refused; they then alerted that my card had been compromised, since when I have told them not to pay any further payments to this

Is there any way of getting my money back please? Please reimburse me immediately. Thank you

The company, obviously bogus, is called Dermajuvenate

irene a.
Oct 18, 2013

Derma R ejuvenate

They sent me an order which. I did not ask for and now i am stuck with this bill.

Danielle Duplain
Dec 18, 2013

Money tooked from my Visa

I have ordered only samples and the month after, I had been charged in my Visa two amounts : 89,31 & 87,91 and I did'nt received anything from you.

I want to be refound for these amounts because this is fraud .

The numbers of those products are : 44 8717119082 & 16465699095xx that appear on my Visa account of nov 04 & nov 07 2013

I don't want to receive those products .

Danielle Duplain
[email protected]

Feb 16, 2014

unauthorized debit on my account

un authorized charges on my card I did order only ones with the promo $2.99 usd then I was charged again $ 89.31 usd converted to $ 101.77 which I did not order I want this full amount to be refund asap.

Feb 28, 2014


I also ordered the trial samples in January and paid around $5.00 for I guess shipping and handling. I did not see any "terms and conditions" on the order form. Then in February I saw two debits on my VISA bill - one for $101.67 and the other for $99.92. I did not authorize these payments and have received no products from them except for my initial trial products. I want my money back. Also, the products did not work for me. Do you have a North American number where I can reach them.

Leslie Masterson
[email protected]

[email protected]
Mar 28, 2014

Dermajuvenate Rip Off

DERMAJUVANTE: This Company is a SCAM....they will rip you off every chance they get and then lie to you repeatedly. Lie: it's in the mail Lie: can't refund you just cause you didn't get the product Lie: No supervisors in company Lie: free is not free. Lie: Shipping & handling is not refundable LIARS, LIARS, LIARS. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY! They will charge hundreds of dollars on your credit card and will do nothing to credit you. They DO NOT CARE THAT THEY ARE RIPPING YOU OFF. Google search all the complaints they have.

Apr 16, 2014

Derma Juvenate

I ordered what I thought was a free trial of Garcinia Camboia!!!! All I had to pay was shipping....I would never sign up for a recurring shipment of something that was going to cost $89.00 plus tax shipping and exchange that is just outrageous!!!!
I called because I received a bottle with a shipping invoice with 0 on it so I assumed this was my free bottle but to my dismay it was not!! I caled to find out what was going on and they told me I was on a recurring shipment!!! This they said I had authorized which to my knowledge I did not!!!!! So I had them cancel it immediately, only to then receive another bottle this time with no invoice!!! but call my Visa and low and behold another charge....I called them right away but no results so I am going to have to take it further where I will get I do not know!!! This is disgusting and these people should be shut down!!!!! Beware do not order anything that looks like you are getting a free trial....I never fall for this stuff but somehow they got me this time!!!!!

[email protected]
Apr 21, 2014



Karen B.
May 12, 2014

No Invoice and unaware of the charge to my account.

When I applied for the free sample and waiting for an invoice to print out and/or a tracking number, the screen went blank. Also I was unaware of this charge to my visa account. I received the sample in a box with nothing else. I want to return this bottle but I cannot reach them. Help

May 21, 2014


DermaJuvenate is a scam. Their 'free' offer is not free at all. Yes, they sent me a free offer which I paid shipping and handling for, then next month, I receive another bottle and there is a charge of $100 CDN on my credit card. I did not agree to them sending me more. Of course, they are hard to reach. They make it very complicated to find them, reach them. I finally saw a phone number (1-888-447-6613) on the bottle packaging, just tried it, busy of course (even at 1:30 in the morning???) will try again tomorrow. Apparently, you CAN return the merchandise, but they say you can't just 'Return to sender', you need to get an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number for it, and you need to call these slime bags for it, IF you can get through, IF their number is legit.... If I can't get through, I will call my bank and see what they can do, if that doesn't work, I'll have to cancel my credit card. (Do not just get another card number, they will bill you anyway on your new card).
Moral of the story: DO NOT SIGN UP FOR 'FREE' TRIAL EVER AGAIN.....

Will try and keep you guys posted...

May 21, 2014

unauthorised payment

they took out fortyfive dollars when I had canceled the same day within minutes .. they still charged me 45 till I noticed and change my visa card completely

phone is always busy and the emails I mail has problem sending ,. in other word it don't work


May 22, 2014

Unable to contact them

I ordered the free trial and have been unable to contact them to cancel my recurring order. I have been billed over $100 on my credit card and can't contact them to stop this.
Their phone line is constantly busy and can't get through to anyone.


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