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United States, Florida

Consumer reviews about dcf

Jan 14, 2012

Short 80.00 one day after my initial Foodstamp day

And you work where?

Apr 12, 2012

food stamps

I, too, am having a terrible time getting assistance from them. I have been diganosed with PVD and Aortic aneurysm, I need medication and two surgeries. No doctors will see or treat me without insurance. I am about to lose two toes to gangrene. I have already been hospitalized once for this condition. I have a lawyer working with me to get my social security/disability. I uploaded all my documents to the my access web site for the medicaid people to see. I even wrote up a letter stating this is an emergency situation to that site. I emailed CNN.com, all the online newpapers in my area, the Dept. of Health, and President Obama himself. I did all this yesterday. Today they are telling me I will have my medicaid activated in two days, which is a Satruday. I find that hard to believe.

Grigory Leps
Jan 21, 2013


Joined: Dec 18, 10 Threads: 9 Posts: 1,222
PLease mind that should you consider giving us yet another chance
this from the scumbags who invented a "" that steals the papers it's supposed to be "scanning." they are not here to help you. customers and writers: if you see myzoom, plagiarismdetect.com, B associated with anything, take note: these people are gangsters, and they will take your money.
cybermediaboy Oct 16, 12, 07:34AM | #5
Joined: Jun 23, 08 Threads: 2 Posts: 201 PlagiarismDetect.com does not have anything to do with us last 3 years already. Originally it was our plagiarism detection engine, but later the guy who developed it left the company and settled his own business apart from us.
cybermediaboy Oct 16, 12, 07:36AM | #6
Joined: Jun 23, 08 Threads: 2 Posts: 201 And I doubt it steals any papers. As far as I know they don't have any database of prewritten papers, so no point in stealing anything. Do you have any evidence?
cybermediaboy Oct 16, 12, 07:42AM | #7
Joined: Jun 23, 08 Threads: 2 Posts: 201 Pointless discussion again. Sorry. I completely forgot that figting windmills is a waste of time. People just tend to judge things they have no idea about. I better get back to work.
editor75 Edited by: editor75 Oct 16, 12, 03:41PM | #8
Joined: Dec 18, 10 Threads: 9 Posts: 1,222 it's always good to see a scumbag thief get angry and start throwing out red herrings. tilting at windmills is one thing, but karma is truly a *****. cheers.
cybermediaboy Edited by: cybermediaboy Oct 17, 12, 03:58AM | #9
Joined: Jun 23, 08 Threads: 2 Posts: 201 I'm not a thief and I know that, neither we are scammers, and I am perfectly aware of that too, editor75, I think you have some problem with me which I can't understand, can you explain, what is it?Have you been fired from mycorp or what? Just interesting, what makes people mad of us...

Mar 13, 2013


ScamIsLikeSpam Oct 10, 07, 10:05AM | #17
Joined: Oct 10, 07
Posts: 2

I paid $252 for their scam writing service. Their site promised that a native English speaker or someone with a mastery of the English language. However, when I previewed the written paper, there were several instances of incoherency and grammatical mistakes. Worse was the usage of parentheses and BOLD, or capital, letters, when the format I had requested, Turabian, made those anathema to utilize. Also, I had given specific quotes I wished to have used. Only one of these were given creedance. Secondly, I purchased their services with the "guarantee" of having a Junior or Senior college level work. For the reasons mentioned above, I would not have used this paper even in a Middle School context! It was that bad. Furthermore, the writer quoted, without citation, an article from Wikipedia, in which plagiarism is very suspect. Even if they had included the article in their citation, the Turabian style does not allow for the use of Encyclopedias as a proper source in such a paper. When I brought all of these things up to the writer and the administration, they were not concerned in the least. They told me that even if the quotes were plagiarized, they could not refund my whole amount. Yet, they claim that their service will stand up against plagiarizing software and that they do not tolerate plagiarism. I could have written the same thing for free. They also said, flippantly, that I should have re-worked their paper. However, I paid top dollar for a finished, polished paper, not a source to glean from.

By the way, Affordablepapers.com and are run by the same scammers. Beware!!!
ScamIsLikeSpam Oct 10, 07, 10:23AM | #18
Joined: Oct 10, 07
Posts: 2

Also, it's interesting how they want you to send them YOUR paper to prove that theirs was inferior. I suspect that by doing so, either 1) your paper will turn up as being plagiarized by turnitin.com or they keep it on file for one of their "expert writers" to finagle with later.

Man, if I had known that these people got so much money for such crapy work, I would have started my own freelance writing company! Anyone want to join me in such an endeavor? We'd be rich! And imagine if we actually produced quality work. Amazing!
Lavinia Oct 10, 07, 03:01PM | #19
Joined: Aug 7, 07
Threads: 4
Posts: 546

Quoting: ScamIsLikeSpam
Also, it's interesting how they want you to send them YOUR paper to prove that theirs was inferior. I suspect that by doing so, either 1) your paper will turn up as being plagiarized by turnitin.com or they keep it on file for one of their "expert writers" to finagle with later.

good point. i can't conceive of any legit reason a company would ask you to produce a paper to demonstrate the poor quality of theirs.
WritersBeware Oct 10, 07, 03:39PM | #20

I am no longer surprised by ANY of the new scams that these Ukrainian companies employ.
essayer Oct 10, 07, 07:37PM | #21
Joined: Dec 28, 06
Posts: 127

i don't think a 100% refund is really possible. i read somewhere here that for every order or transaction initiated, some fees are automtically paid to the credit card company or something.

one lesson for anyone planning to use academic assistance sites is to ensure that all terms of service are agreeable to him or her.
wooly Oct 26, 07, 10:18PM | #22
Joined: Oct 26, 07
Posts: 1

I can relate complety to Muhammad's situation with . I paid for a paper that I was to use in a speech and it was absolutely horrible quality. The grammer was attrocious and some of the sentences didn't even make sense...the writer used synonyms that just didn't fit. I could have probably fixed those problems (not that I should have to) but what was worse was that the paper didn't even stay on topic! I asked for a paper on a specific person in medicine and instead I got a paper that generalized about the medical field and then would stick in a few things about the real topic. It appeared as though they took a previously writen paper and added things in to make it fit my topic. It read like a 6th grader wrote it. I complained and asked for a refund and got the same response that Muhammad got..." either pass in the paper and show us the poor grade from your instructor or give us the paper you wrote in order to get a refund. We need evidence of poor quality of paper." I was livid. I told them it was the most rediculous thing I've ever heard. I asked why would I do such a thing? Give you a paper that I wrote so you can compare it with your writers' paper to see if it is poor quality? I asked why would you need such a thing? So you can have it in your records to pass off as written by one of your writers? I told them anyone can see that it is poor quality. I asked, shouldn't the burden of proof be on you? and asked them to point out the so called "professionally" written parts in the paper. I told them it was ludicrous to ask me to pass in a paper and get a crappy grade just so I can get a refund! I was blown away. At this point I don't want to contribute to giving them well writen papers. I'm going to tell them I'll take the loss in money and simply smear their name. I only wish I had seen this forum before I contacted them. Is there any way to actually blow this company out of the water so they can't scam anyone esle? Better business bureau wouldn't work because they are out of the country correct? Live and learn I guess.
WritersBeware Oct 26, 07, 10:57PM | #23

They are frauds from Africa.

The best thing you can do is get their SPAM links banned. That will satisfy your justifiable need for revenge, as well as prevent the scumbags from defrauding other people.

BuddhaKitty May 1, 08, 05:29PM | #24
Joined: May 1, 08
Posts: 1

i'm in the midst of a mess that caused me. i ordered my paper last sunday and paid $160 for it to be ready by tuesday. tuesday morning comes along and they send me an essay... on a completely wrong topic. i was outraged. i was very clear in my description of what the paper needed to be about! the paper ended up being about hamlet, when it was supposed to be about the dharma bums. furthermore, i specified that the paper required six outside sources, which they only had three.

i told them the paper was about the wrong topic. two hours later, they send through this piece of sh*t essay with incoherent sentences... i mean, sentences that literally lead to nowhere. but i had to accept it and turn it in that day as a rough draft, or else the final paper would have been docked an entire grade if there was no rough draft turned in.

i gave the writer until friday morning (tomorrow morning) to revise the paper and get it to me.

already aware of how unreliable this writer was, i called administration (and i tried calling them every five minutes for three hours until someone picked up the phone), and requested a different writer. they said they couldn't do that because i had already accepted the paper. i told them to read the paper and tell me if they thought it was worth $160, because really, it wasn't worth what i wipe my *** with. but they wouldn't budge.

so now the writer sends a message saying that an "emergency came up" and they would need more time to write the paper. i sent a message to them asking them if they could have it done by sunday, because it needs to be turned in by tuesday and i would like some time to read it and probably will end up doing some editing to it.

i called admin and asked them to follow up with the writer, which they said they would. i have yet to hear back from either of them. i'm not going to bother requesting a refund because i know they will fight tooth-and-nail to not give it to me. after i get my (what is probably going to be) crappy paper from them, if i get it at all, i just want to wish them good riddance and never deal with them again, ever.

i am so fed up with them. my question is, how are these people in business?! is there any way we could get them shut down?
WritersBeware May 1, 08, 05:53PM | #25

Mar 30, 2015

Review, income and Share of cost

My FLDCF review was done on NOV, 2014. I receive payments that are tax exempt also considered an asset (Internal Revenue Code §104(a)(2) and §130(c), but FLDCF and CT have always considered it unearned income (I’ve argued this several time because considering this money as income deprives me from many benefit that others with earn and unearned income would otherwise get since I can’t report to IRS for tax and credits, FLDCF/CT still claim the asset as income). By the way the tax exempt money comes from a physical disability on my arm that family and children department has not taken into consideration when I have included it on my application with them. FLDCF and SS department tells me I have to get proof; I tell them the money they count as income; they say need updated doctor document which I have not been able to get because I have no insurance and share of cost won’t do, so I will have to pay out of pocket. I thought these departments where to help/assist people…
I’ve had many issues with the department of family and children such as them adding other income like me receiving social security when I’ve never received SS; FLDCF could not explain how and who added SS as my income (At this point I’m thinking maybe I should also get SS. I will state of my 3 latest issues which conflict with each other (sorry for making this long).
On my 11/14 review I reported self-employed income working from home for the first time in years (I have not been able to work much due to health issues). Medicaid send my info to Market place because what they count as income does not qualify me for insurance through them; Market place send my info back to Medicaid because the only money being reported at that time did not qualify as income and their for cannot report to IRS for Obama Care Credit. This went on for a while until finally they got the option to put if you were denied Medicaid (Florida being one of the states that did not Expand) which qualified me for an exemption from the Obama Care penalty. I went through the market place process again when asked for last year’s income, I had none so they said to estimate 2015 income which I believe I stated about $10000 to 12000 a year or about $500 to 800 month (I was doing less due to not being able to work from eye and vocal issues but know I will eventually do more), so I still did not qualify for Obama care credit and market place sent info back to Medicaid. Know Medicaid has the monthly estimate provided to the market place in their system. On my FLDCF renewal, 11/15, I reported self-employed. I verified several times as to what document to provide for self-employment since the money gets direct deposit but FLDCF does not except bank statement as proof of self-employ. FLDCF agent stated a written letter of time and pay or form from their web site (regardless both hand written by myself). I submitted an invoice from the work at home self-employed which at that time was no more than $130 for the month. I noticed that when they processed the renewal my share of cost also known as medical needy went up dramatically.
On 03/10/15 I finally decided to go to the emergency room and get my eye checked as I was losing my vision and swell around eyes plus… On about 3/16/15 I called Hospital to see if bill was submitted to FLDCF for share of cost and was told it was sent 3/14. On 3/16 I submitted income verification same document submitted for renewal also a prescription I paid for. On 3/18 I had an appointment at the community health center and was told they will summit bill. On 3/19 I believe CVS submitted a prescription to FLDCF which was denied stated share of cost has not been met. On I believe 3/25 I received bill from community health deprt to summit myself to FLDCF because it was fax to FLDCF and denied.
So, On 3/27 I called FLDCF and was told share of cost had a high amount because I reported income of over $600 self-employed; I said incorrect and that I also submitted income verification for march which shows amount less than $130 for the month Agent corrected it and guess what my share of cost went down about $450??? So I asked why was the $600 entered and he said the document I submitted did not qualify so they used the last amount that was on their system (is that legal I thought they were supposed to send me notice to summit proper document for that months’ income). I asked why has share of cost not opened Medicaid because bill surpass share of cost, agent said he did not see any hospital or community health dept. bill faxed in (interesting two different source and FLDCF had no fax). So I called hospital to verify that they faxed bill to FLDCF and rep stated it was faxed on 3/14 and she will resend again plus send me copy.
On 3/27 I contacted FLDCF again but called main head quarter in Tallahassee. I asked agent (Erson) if he saw the hospital and comm health dept. bill faxed in, agent said no. I asked agent I would like for someone to look into who entered the $600 on renewal and he said it’s been corrected (excuses not to answer and be it), so this is where agent attitude kicked in (I am so used to it), he said I’ve answer all your question and I said no you have not, you did not tell me where the extra income for self-employ come from. Then agent tells me It was myself that reported. I said I have document summited because I had applications be change on me before (that how dirty the system that claims to help). I said look diper because I know your system shows you the agent that summited renewal, where income came from and so on. FLDCF finally stated The Market place after I had mentioned it. So I said how can FLDCF except the market place as proof of income when that is an estimate from a third party not reported by me to FLDCF and market place has no verification such as pay stub. Agent with attitude,
“well I answered your entire question you have a day”.
With share of cost I learned that FLDCF will not summit bills until the end of the month which then they will send notice that Medicaid is open except the month is over (at least in my case twice that I noticed). I have a prescription of $270 that has not been filled unless I pay for it and I don’t even believe I will get my money back from FLDCF. I was told that the day it is submitted for service is the day received so if submitted April FLDCF will not cover because share of cost would had been opened for March. The system has people working acting as if they are there to help and in reality they are just trying to make sure one gets deprived as much as possible (not saying everyone in the system). If I had proper health care that could had taken care of my eye problem I could had been making enough money as to not have to use the system (health care should be free as it is in many other country and then maybe we would not have so many people impaired not able to work not saying that this is the only problem but it’s one of them. We need a system that works not one to defraud and makes it seem.

May 29, 2018

termination of rights

DCF of Hillsborough county is a mess. No help at all .They want to terminate rights because state says so but you have no right to say anything. The cpi lie and maneuver everything their way. The court appointed attorney ignores phone calls. They work not in the best interest of parent or child. They need to be investigated

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