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Consumer reviews about cyprexx

betty wanda
Dec 15, 2011

work performed on froclosed houses

I think some of the REO Real Estate listing agents are getting there family or friends in with Cyrexx, this is causing a conflict of interest. The real estate agents are reporting complaints on vendors that aren't related to them...They are giving their family and/friend good reports...I know 2 agents in Reno that have family working for Cyprexx, my job load has been reduced to nothing...The Realtors have all the power not to mention there family/friend is the first eyes to view the property, its easy to remove all PB and good appliances without the knowledge of Cyprexx or Fannie Mae...

tuff financial
Dec 31, 2011

work performed on froclosed houses

good for you i also work with cyprexx and there great with service and paying on tI'me
I'm a new vendor about five months in business and i already service 75 homes a month the Chicagoland area and still growing .

No Justice In REO
Feb 14, 2012

work performed on froclosed houses

I have been a vendor for Cyprexx for over 4 years. I have never had issues with payment and for some time things went very well. 2 years ago I was contacted by the preservation coordinator manager for our State and was asked to add crews and equipment because Cyprexx liked our work so much. In response to that call I trained 4 new crews and purchased $60K worth of new equipment. That said, I think many of you need to listen to what I am about to say because things at Cyprexx can turn from good to very bad in a heartbeat. After years of learning Cyprexx's ever changing guidelines and by handling a work load of 80 to a 100 new Fannie Mae properties a month my business has dropped to 0 properties in the last two months. We have gone through approximately 10 coordinators and 6 managers in the past 4 years. Aside from minor issues with one coordinator (which we worked out) we had great relationships with everyone. ( I believe, speaking to coordinators that were moved but still keep in touch, that Cyprexx intentionally moves it's coordinators around so that they don't get too friendly with the Vendor/Contractors. Let's face it it's hard to tell someone that you have become friendly with that you only want to pay them $380 for a $1200 job)

Enter our current coordinator. She doesn't like me because I had the nerve to tell her that I would only do work on handrailsand stairs if I did the work to local building codes. What surprised me was that this experienced, according to her, coordinator didn't know there were building codes that regulated the construction of stairs and handrails. I guess she was unaware that 47, 000 people a year get hurt because of improperly constructed stairs and handrails. She actually INSISTED that I go out and install handrails the cheap Cyprexx way or I wouldn't get any more work. Well here we are. I go out in the field and see initial services performed by new Vendors where the properties look horrible when they are done. At a property I visited recently, because it was assigned to us for maintenance, I found 159 nails/screws/hardware/hooks in the interior/exterior walls of the house. There were 11 tall Junipers and two trees that were touching the house or the roof. There were 5 ceiling fans in the house that were not cleaned. None of the windows or window tracks were cleaned. There were at least 60 cubic yards of debris/trash/personals left at the property including two dog house, two plastic swimming pools, 28 moldy bales of hay, wood, burn piles and much more. The house sits on a 1.09 acres of property and only the front third was worked on. There is dog feces in many locations and I am pretty sure the vendor who did this initial didn't own a rake. Cyprexx actually got a new vendor to do this job on a flat rate and then sent me there to do the maintenance. If I don't report the deficiencies I become responsible for all the work the initials vendor didn't do. So let's say Cyprexx or Fannie Mae inspectors come to town and look at this property. They will list all the deficiencies and Cyprexx will expect me to do the work for $35. So I report the deficiencies. My coordinator then sent emails to the original vendor and the Realtor saying that I was the person who was sending them back.

Two things that really bother me. One is unethical vendors who do %&#! work and mess things up for Vendors who try to do the work that they have been told is required. Second, Brokers who don't do though BSOs (Broker Service Opinion). As it turns out the only leverage Fannie Mae has over Cyprexx is the BSO. If the work is not done well note it on your BSO. Bad BSOs are priority assignments and are seen by the client. Any deficiencies must be corrected within 48 hours. Realtors, if you have any experienced Vendors in your circle you might ask them to do your BSOs for a while. After a short time the work will start getting done correctly and you will have a better shot of getting your price for the property. In my area the properties are getting worse ans worse.

A note for the broker above, Vendors are discouraged from communicating with Cyprexx so you may need to reach out to them get them to get in touch with you to report completions.

Feb 29, 2012

work performed on froclosed houses

I just got put on the "do not use" list because I refused to lower my already too-low flat rate. Cyprexx is not the company it once was. They were great 4 years ago, good 3 years ago and no better than the thieves at FAS and SafeGard now. Vendors beware.

Mar 29, 2012

work performed on froclosed houses

I have also had MANY MANY issues with Cyprexx, late payments, no payments, losing info, changing invoice numbers so its very hard to keep track of. Wanting additional items 4-5 weeks after the job is complete even claiming the yard is too tall weeks after inital serfvices were completed during mowing season, (grass grows!!!) Creating issues and wanting more items after the JCR has been sent. Renegotiong the price after a JCR is sent, Usually the more expensive the job the more "issues" the find. I waited 4 months on a $5000+ job with a approved JCR and finally recieved $4000 only because they straved me out on that one. They are a joke and one of my least favorite companies to work for. My company does hundreds of properties a year for various clients they are by far the worst of the larger companies!! Hopefully they will get us all paid and go out of business...

melissa wagner
Jul 11, 2015

L Wagner

I have always read the complaints listed as a 7 year vendor working with Cyprexx I have seen the decline of there business. In the beginning they were a very good company to work with I got along well with coordinators and upper management was told we were one of the top vendors had so much work I had to hire additional crews to completed the work load. Now comes this year of course I received in last year 4 new preservation coordinators, 5 new maintenance coordinators and new upper management team. In the last 6 months we have went from having a large amount of work to now being terminated from them. Now just 5 days have past and I'm starting to be back charged for issues that did not exist on cleans done over a month ago that has past BSO and QA issues, weekly Fannie Mae inspections and being back charged more money then the job actually paid out. When I was a vendor they would beat you down on all bids and tell you to bid it the realtors and now they are back charging me money on the bids that were given to them. Now I have tried calling, sending in my photos showing these issue were not warranted because I have proof but once they take the money you will never get it back and what really gets me is there is nothing you can do about it. Cyprexx will suck the life out of you, use you, expect you to work all weekends holidays from sunrise to sunset and always receive harsh emails and threats if you didn't. They have become one of the worst Preservation companies to work for. If anyone has knowledge on how to file a labor lean against them and also to Fannie Mae I would love to hear how to go about it . Out of the 13,000 owed to me I cant wait to see what I end up getting. email at [email protected] if anyone knows how we can fight against them and stop there crooked ways good look if you are owed money

Apr 29, 2021

Jeffery Deadlick

I worked for Cypexx for several projects, At first they seemed legitimate but after a few months I determined for them it was ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, They have paid off people in City and Counties through support of elections! They are taking advantage of the mass confusion of Federal Home loans guarantees agencies!

Don’t kid your self they are ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, THATS IT NOTHING MORE. I have filed a complaint with the U.S. Attorneys office in Hillsborough County as to there business practices and have also had meeting with the Criminal Investigator Division of The I.R.S.


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