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Country Club

United Arab Emirates

Consumer reviews about Country Club

J. Sudheer
Oct 28, 2014

Country Club

050 4228246
United Arab Emirates

Legal case against country club dubai

I am going with Dubai courts against Country Club on the cheating of AED 7000/- with me offering a wrong membership and delivering wrong that too calling me at their office for a free holiday voucher.
Met the advocate today and they are ready to take up the case. Any body interested to Join pls mail me or call me before Thursday to join with the case.

Jacob Sudheer
050 4228246 / 052 7775819
[email protected]

Country Club Dubai have collected my personal contacts from a Super Market thru a sales boy and few months after I have received a Phone call from Country club Sales office at Karama, from one Ms. Remya saying that I have been selected for a free Holiday accommodation offered by country club for 4 days stay in India, Sree Lanka or Thailand. Since I was busy with office work ignored the offer and the sales people keep on calling and provided an ultimatum to receive the free offer that my free offer will expire on 24/04/2014- Thursday.

I had step down to Country club sales office at KARAMA on 24/04/2014 to receive my free offer soon after they took me to an isolated office and one Mr. Majish attended me and started explaining about the holiday packages offered by country club worldwide for members with other facilities like clubbing, Gym, entertainment etc., for an 30 yrs membership for holidaying worldwide with a payment of AED 28,000/- . Since the amount is too big to accept for holidaying for a middle class employee like me working in Dubai
I had refused to accept the offer, soon after that the sales guy started with alternative offers like I have to pay AED 14,000/- for a 15 years membership for enjoying all benefits stated for 30 yrs membership. Since again AED 14,000/- was too big amount for me they had offered a part payment option of AED 7000/- during 1st year and enjoy 6 nights and 7 days hotel accommodation anywhere in the world in 7 years paying an annual membership maintenance fee of AED 1200/- yearly. Since I was not willing for this membership the sales person insisted to accept the membership and advised me that I can make payment by credit card and they will arrange 0% installment option too with the Bank etc., . They also advised that I can sell the hotel rooms of mine if I am not utilizing it in each year and country club will help to sell it and paid back me. The Sales person swiped my credit card and took my signature on the blank form. He refused to pay me the receipt for the payment and told me that the form cannot be filled in my presence since I didn’t carry my passport copy. He promised me that the receipt and filled form copy form will be given to me as per the agreed terms and conditions, once he receive my passport copies. If you can verify the form copy they had added the amount and other details with their own handwriting and not with mine which you can see on first page of the form.

I send mine and my family passport copies to the email address provided by him on 29/4/2014. Since there was no response after 24/4/2014 from country club after collecting payment I had send email to the gmail address of the sales person and received free offer membership by email and advised me over phone that the membership card and receipt will be send by Country Club Head office in Hyderabad. By June 1st week I received a FED EX courier from India at my home residence address in Discovery Gardens, Dubai and soon after checking the membership form I was surprised to see the membership details, that I am liable to pay balance AED 21,000/- in 45 days, surprised to see the amount to be paid them I send an email on June 18th to Majish the sales person who was in contact with me and no reply received and he was not attending the phone calls as well. I had send reminders that I will contact the Legal department with my grievances and complaints about the cheating. Few days after that I had received phone call from one Mr. Prashanth asking for an appointment. Prashanth had met with me in Oasis mall introducing me a Dy. Sales Manager of country club Dubai office, and assured that my membership will be valid for 7 years and I can renew if I need it to be renewed and no annual maintenance fee to be paid. I had asked Mr. Prashanth that I need an assurance from him by email from country club authorized email and not from personal mail agreeing what we had agreed orally, and he confirmed he will do it.

All my attempt to get an assurance from Prashanth who was Dy. Sales Manager of country club was failed and he too was not attending the phone call after. Since I have no other option I send a final reminder to country club copying the sales team email that I will move legally with the cheating case, soon after another Sales person named Douglas contacted me and asked to visit their office for settlement of my membership as agreed with him over phone I visited country club Karama office on 2/9/14 and none of the sales people spoke with me were present and the customer service team of country club attended the case and offered again an alternative membership in compensation which I am not ready to accept as the confidence with the establishment has no long exists with a consumer like me and they keep on changing the terms and conditions each now and then according to their requirements.

Jacob Sudheer

Jun 20, 2016

Cheaters country club

We have been cheated by country club Abu Dhabi.plz does some 1 know how to get the money back from them we cancelled membership during cool off period. But they r not refunding money back. Plz help

Sep 28, 2016

Cheaters are reaping the Sins

Hi Guys,

I am glad to inform you that Satish Unni, the Dubai representative - Customer Care has lost his eye due to some medical problem, Jayan Dass lost his job in both place , his subordinate Saifullah Bajwa lost his job and handling so much of personal issues and now its Nazia on the desk.

These guys have cheated so many people with the brand of country club making false promises and now its time for these cheaters to reap their sins

A guy who was professionally cheated by the above said

Oct 1, 2016

CANCELLATION OF Membership - Nonrefund of Membership Fee

CANCELLATION OF Membership - Nonrefund of Membership Fee
Hi All,

I am also victim for the same.I became the member of country club Dubai in March 2016 & paid AED 8,000/-which i paid by my credit cards (Still i am paying Installments) & that time they told me that if i am not happy with the membership i can cancel the same within 180 days of Starting the membership deduction is applicable for the same AED500/-. So i agreed for the same & later i had some financial, as well as family issues & also not happy with membership of Counrty club so i sent mail as well as visited thier Madina Mall office for the cancellation of My membership & refund of money. I sent many times Email & visited their office. I am still struggling to get my AED 80000 /- + interest of credit cards.....if anyone can help me...do contact me 0568732203.

please help me in this matter to get my hard earned money back.

Oct 7, 2016


Hi All,

I have received a call from country club Madina Mall to solve the issue. Please remove my complaint from the list.


Feb 24, 2017

"25th Anniversary" Scam Offer

Country Club (CC) Rep will get hold of your name and number and then the usual script follows:
Sir/Ma'am, you have been selected as a lucky winner of our complimentary vacation voucher + 2 movie tickets. Please visit XYZ location to collect.

OK - so yesterday (23/02/2017) I had a similar experience. A south Indian female, Soumya (055XXXX5274) calls up from a DXB landline number will the same script. I hesitantly accept knowing 'There is no such thing as a free lunch' and there will be a catch.

Get to meet Mr. Imran @ the scheduled time of 4pm who talks me through a 1 hour session of Ratnagiri Plot (ek pe ek free!) along with the CC Lifetime Membership for a total of only AED 90,000 (i.e. INR 16,2000) up front payment. Then Mr. Khaja Syed (055XXXX4973) takes over for the next hour as his manager explaining the math. The usual script as I said - "one day offer; need to swipe your card today to block unit; once in a lifetime opportunity; limited slots..." - they try and really make sure you DO NOT leave their office till the card is swiped for 50%.

Funny - I hardly had much limit on my card I said but that too they would like to block. Now, I made it clear that such decisions I do not take on my own (btw, am a single 30 year old chap from Mumbai, India and the primary bread winner). I tell you this because they call the entire family so that they can entice the "decision-maker" - well thought of marketing (mal)practice.

Now I take their leave, which they VERY reluctantly allow, assuring them I shall return the same day evening. Then do my brief research, ask a few good people and tell Mr. Khaja over the phone that I may not go through with this deal BUT I would like my movie tickets + voucher. He is not too happy I tell you :)

I go to their office at 11:30pm, they give their sales pitch one last try while taking !!15 minutes!! to prepare my voucher + tickets, then hand me over a simple paper printout (voucher) and an envelope (movie tickets). I quickly exit, not willing to stay any longer. I feel this was a good decision at the end of the day and no harm done. Meanwhile, between 7pm - 11:30pm, Ms. Soumya (Dubai caller) who had promptly sent me the Abu Dhabi office location on whatsapp is reading my messages but not responding - fishy. Now the final straw:

The paper voucher - well, it needs some INR 7000 admin fee for booking + hotel taxes.
I checked the envelope today since I really didn't bother much the other day in my haste to leave - they had taken 15 minutes remember!
It was EMPTY !

I'm having the last laugh though. This final discovery really got me thanking my stars! I did lose out on my time though which is precious to each one of us and so I take time out to write down this detailed review.

Your call folks - Cheers.
[email protected]

[email protected]
Jan 11, 2018

Cheater hell

Country club is a big cheater.
I am a member
They are not even respond after getting the money.
If found anybody in the Malls from Everest Services please call Police immedietly.

Jan 15, 2018


The detailed issue was :
When I purchased the membership I have been told that you can change your payment plan into 24instalments and there will be zero percent interest but when i ask bank to change the payment into instalment then I came to know that its not zero percent. I called again to abudhabi country club office to check, so they told me that the club will pay interest amount by cash or cheque. Just submit your credit card statement then will process interest amount based on that.

I am asking why i have been misguided, why wrong information have been passed.

My concern is only that if i have been informed zero percent interest then why i am not getting it.
Why i need to follow up, why i need to call you guys?? Why should i wait for 2-3months for my own money?? This interest amount Money is not the favour i am asking for. This is the amount which your company has to give me back.

when I called up to abudhabi branch relationship manager MR GOPAL for follow up then he started shouting and talking rudely saying that why you are calling here again, its not bank, don't call me, talk to the person who sold you the plan (plan has been sold to me in your office by your sales agent), and now it will take 3-4 months??? I mean seriously?? Is it the way they should treating their customers????

Further when i said i will complaint about your rude and bad behaviour so he said that OK GO AHEAD, you are threatening us by publishing/defaming the company through Social media.

Now see, i was talking to him about his bad behaviour and he was trying to save him by changing the topic into the threat of defaming the company. I even didn't said anything about the country club.

After writing complaint on complaintsboard.com i called up country club very same day on 7th nov on the number which they updated in their reply and briefed them all the problem and forwarded them whole email conversation on [email protected] as per their request, she spoke to me very nicely and tried to help me out but after a week's wait when i called them again about follow up then they said they can't do anything as they want approval from abudhabi branch for interest part payment and they will call abudhabi office to call me back but i haven't received any call from anyone.

After that i called to abudhabi office by myself, giving them the reference of their dubai head office customer care and told them to at least send them email about the commitment of their sales team to me about interest part but they said dubai has nothing to do with this we will handle it at our end and we will call you whenever we will get the cheque and it may take 3-4 months.

Now i don't know what to do, its the stranded situation for me as i am struggling to get my own money. I paid 7000 in one time and now i am paying 1092 aed extra just for nothing. They committed me that they will pay me 1092 aed (interest part) and now they don't bother anything. Its like they just want to sell their membership at any cost whether it is wrong informations or fake promises, and as soon as you pay them you are trapped. You cant do anything and they will react like they don't even know you.

Now its been more than 3months and i am constantly following up with them but no use, even now they are saying it will take 3 months more as no cheque will be issue before march2018. I mean is there any sense??

I am writing all these not to defame the club, i don't have to do anything with that but yes its the matter or wrong commitments and bad/worst customer relationship managers like Mr. Gopal who don't bother to do anything for their customers. I just want my money back.

This is to warn all of you that please don't believe on their sale executives as there is nothing true into that, all lies.

Feb 24, 2018

Country Club

Everest Service LLC, United Arab Emirates

Fitness First Membership

Hi Team,

I have been promised for access of Fitness first by sales representative of Everest Service LLC along with membership of Country Club. I don't think that possible and they made false promise to me.
I have already sent email for cancellation of my membership to Everest Service in Dubai but they have not acknowledged my email and not responding.

Could you please help me get my hard earned money back.

Apr 6, 2021

COUNTRY CLUB a big scam!!!

I am surprised to see few comments on this portal.
I thought Country Club is closed and their license is canceled by DED. I was also cheated in Dec 21018, but thanks to DED, they play a vital role in getting our money back. We were around 15 people who approached DED together and the total amount was nearly half a million dirham. Country Club took a month time and trying to negotiate with the victims but they were forced to give our money back by DED due to the ample amount of complaints received against them.
I also heard that after canceling their license they started with other names like * Health Club and their employees like Akhtar Khan separated from the company and started his own company with some other name related to health. They are also doing the same thing in the same pattern and cheating people. One of my friends is still struggling to get the money back.

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