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coors light

United States, Florida

Consumer reviews about coors light

Jan 13, 2012

same clerk again and again

Why should you get creamers for buying gum? Go to the store and buy creamer if you need it.

Jan 16, 2012

poor product

I'm am a college student and Coors light is my beer of choice, but when i bought a 24 of it last weekend (Jan 13) 3/4 of the beers in that 24 were flat and did not taste good at all. my name is Tim Kropman and i have been drinking Coors light for a few years now and i have never had a problem with it until now. I don't mean to say something bad about this beer but i am in college like i said and money is tight at this point in my life.

Thank you for listening.


Tim Kropman
[email protected]

Ted Makowich
Jun 29, 2012

Found Broken bottles in case

I was into the Brantford Plaza beer store today to purchase 2x15 pk cases of Coors Light that were on special and return my 2 cases of empties (2x15pk).I told the cashier I found 2 broken bottles in one of the cases I had previously purchased-showing her the 2 unopened broken bottles.She said I could go online and report this to the manufacturer.She also said to note these numbers in my email that she took from the case and possibly they would reinburse me with a coupon towards my next purchase. The numbers are : F082 460206b. I thanked the lady cashier for being so helpful and advising what I could do.

Please advise if this is part of your customer service policy.
My name is:Ted Makowich and I can be reached at [email protected]

Thankyou for your cooperation
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ted Makowich

Oct 20, 2012

Piece of metal IN can

I was drinking a can of Coors Light after work at home. I found a piece of metal in my mouth and almost swallowed. It has shook me up and I do not trust that the content of cans are to be trusted. The can was labeled C10051543....Dec 1712..was a 16 oz. If you are a consumer ..BE CAREFUL....and if you are the COORS company....please investigate to save someone that may drink a piece of metal and be terribly harmed.

Feb 10, 2013


My husband was drinking a coors light can 8oz beer and a shard of metal was in his mouth,looked like a stapple he almost swallowed it....21101b1r1 is the number on the can...We however enjoy our beer,but something needs to be done to correct this problem..If in fact he did swallow the metal obbject our attorneys would have notified

Mar 23, 2013

Broken Beer Bottles

I bought two a case of beer yesterday and when I arrived home with them there were 4 broken bottles in the case. They were only handled by me and went from my car to my kitchen. Who do I talk to about getting a refund. What numbers do you need from me?

[email protected]

Apr 4, 2013

coors bottles

We are long time Coors fans.We just went through a case of beer that most of the bottle were bad.It was purchased at the Acton not. beer store.Can we return the case when this happens?

Apr 6, 2013

unknown swallowed while drinking out of coors light bottle

Mid swallow at the bottom of a coors light bottle I noticed something slimy sliding down my throat.. it was mostly soft but the size of my thumb in size... I am not sure what it was but I'm nauseous at the thought of it being a fetus or something to that degree.. my stomach is unsettled but I can't seem to vomit..

Anyone else experience something like this?


Apr 29, 2013

Broken Bottles in case

Purchased Case of Coors Light (Bottle) Two bottles broken at bottom of the bottle. Cap still sealed at top.
Would like to receive a coupon to conpensate my loss. E-mail address [email protected]

Katrena wines
May 11, 2013


Six or seven bottles out of a box of fifteen were fousty am really turned off the larger and loved it before

Jun 14, 2013

Broken/Empty bottles in 24/pk

Surprised to see this happen however just bought a case of Coors Light 24/pk (Stamped on Case: D243 4520119A). Never expected to see an empty bottle and another empty but broken into pieces... BTW realized it - there was some slivers of the glass ended up on the floor and ended up in our cats paws...Grrrrr.... Buyer beware of these potential things especially if you have not only pets running around but your little toddlers crawling about.

Molson - I hope you read these places and sincerely hope you review the QA process for your plant

jeanguyduguay at_gmail

Lillian Lynch
Sep 16, 2013

drink out of date

i bought a tray of Coors in Tesco over a week ago i got a awl-full taste of the drink so i brought it back to Tesco but when i got there i checked the date on the cans and they were out of dated over a year i was very sick for nearly a week and would like someone to contact me my contact number is 0872922079.

Many Thanks

brent carpentier
Dec 14, 2013

can tabs breaking and can not openning

I bought a case of 12oz cans yesterday 12/13/2013 and when opening the top the tab breaks and top will not open.On the can it say double vented wide mouth. Date code 31009B2BM Ball can.On the bottom of the can is mar0314 coto1002. Out of 12 cans 6 of them have not opened.

Missy K
Mar 23, 2014

unopened beers go flat

Why are my unopened beers going flat. Mostly canned. I've had to throw away way to many beers!!! It's the only beer I'll drink. Please help me enjoy my beer and save $?

Apr 8, 2014

empty cans

I have bought 24 packs of coors light for 5 years now the last 3 had empty cans. Don't seem to be getting my moneys worth any more if you know what I mean.

Apr 24, 2014

beer cans

sirs; my last 2 cases of coors light 12oz cans are very disturbing, i got 1 can not opened but 1/2 full and still leaking and about 12 that won't open,i have to use a screwdriver, on the 2nd case same thing,i was on the golf course yesterday and couldn't get the can opened had to use my key,and had jagged edges had to be real carful drinking it with jagged edges,it's very frustrating when you don't know what to expect next, i'm sorry i find it awful hard to keep buying these cans when i don't know what to expect next thank you for listening frank

May 7, 2014

Flat Beer

My wife and I have been drinking Coors light ever since Coors was available in Canada and even before. It was our beer of choice whenever we went to the States on holidays. We bought a 24 on May 05/14 and it was flat. The first time we have run into this problem. We will not stop drinking Coors Light and hope this is not going to be the norm.

The company should have some kind of replacement policy in place. Although I have no idea how to carry that out. They would just have to take the word of the customer. Being beer drinkers that would not be a problem as loyal beer drinkers would not give a false statement about their beer. They are just disappointed. The first time for Coors Light to be flat what a let down. In Alberta a 24 costs over $50.00. That is not cheap.

Afraid to open anymore beers from that 24 pack. Are we going to be disappointed again????????????????????

Jun 13, 2014

Flat Beer

bought a 30-pack and box broken up and cans bent and beer flat $25.00! Drink coor light always and the same liquor store. Need reimbursed because it is undrinkable and I won't go there anymore without a rebate!

Coors lover
Jun 27, 2014

Coors light

Coors Light is My favorite Beer. I always drink it because I love the taste

Life enjoyer
Jul 5, 2015

Coors Light Pint Twist Cap Problems

I have been enjoying Coors Light for a very long time. I have been purchasing the 16 oz Pint Twist-offs since you put them in circulation in 2010. Please either fix the seal of the aluminum bottle or the packaging of them. I almost always end up pouring 2-3 pints out because they are flat. Please fix, what I honestly believe you already know about this product. Many choices out there for me to consider.

Jul 14, 2015

promotional gifts

I purchased a 28 pack of coors light and it had a Bluetooth speaker inside.When I read instructions and tried to use it, it did nothing.. not impressed with the product that was a gift.Beer is good but.....................

Thank you

Aug 24, 2015

Tastes different

The last several 12- or 18-packs of Coors Light I bought have tasted different -- not good. I've drunk Coors Light for years, but it doesn't taste the same any more. Has something changed about how it is brewed?

Oct 25, 2015

blue tooth

Purchased a 24 of coors for the bluetooth speaker in the box. Damn thing won't charge. I feel ripped off

Nov 13, 2015

coors light 12 oz cans

i drank a 12 oz can of coors light on 11/12/15 and i noticed something went down my throat and it still feels to be lodged in my throat,guess its off to er and get an x-ray

Dec 28, 2015

Flat beer

I generally find the Coors to be off at Xmas time, perhaps this is me or my thinking being the amount that they are trying to produce at this time of year isn't getting as much ove as it normally would. But this year, the Coors us very much off, and I've had a full box of flat beers. I love my coors but it'd put me right off this time. Time to find a new beer 😪

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