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Consumer reviews about ConnectMyDNA

Apr 12, 2012

their service is a lie

Me and my relatives have used these services and got really rediculous results like India, Pakistan etc which didn't even match each other! Their service is a scam, beware and stay away from it!

Apr 14, 2012


My father is German, my mother English with scottish and american indian. My results came back as Irish and Saudi Arabian.
My husband's father is all Irish, his mother is all German. His results came back as Spanish !

Aug 20, 2012


Anyone that is upset about Connectmydna has their own problems.If you already knew your genealogy why did you do a dna test,especially a dna test whose company straight up said is NOT an ancestry test.

Sep 8, 2012


I was originally pretty confused about my results. But I did some research and I found this site that really helped me understand the difference between ancestry tests and DNA tests like connectmydna: http://dna-connections.com/. Now I understand how they gather the information and why my countries were totally not what I expected - its really interesting how we are all intertwined!

Sep 12, 2012

connect my dna

The connectmydna dna test was a very interesting experience. Just as they explain, it didn’t necessarily tell me where I was from, but it did include some great insight on the countries I was most similar to genetics wise. The results were a great way to help understand where I may have inherited some of my traits. I am very glad I tried connect my dna.

Oct 7, 2012

connect my DNA

Total Lie, All my relatives and my parents from Europe, but some how I have Chinese origin, They "calculated what My son have Ethiopia origin
Where My wife's family from Europe as well. I will write about them in BBB

Oct 7, 2012

Connect my DNA

Total Lie, All my relatives and my parents from Europe, but some how I have Chinese origin, They "calculated what My son have Ethiopia origin
Where My wife's family from Europe as well. I will write about them in BBB

Oct 23, 2012


The website clearly states that this is not an ancestry test, it's merely to compare your current (and ever changing) genes with people around the world that share a similar structure to yours. It's more like a relatability test, it won't tell you anything about your heritage.

Mar 20, 2013


Total scam and waste of my money. I should have known better not to spend my money on this garbage. I am 100% Anglo-European and my results came back Egyptian, Libyan, and Ethiopian!

Jun 14, 2014


The service is a complete scam, absolutely without any value whatsoever. Do not waste your money.

Donna Washington
Aug 10, 2015


The connect my DNA is not an ancestor test! it tells you how your makeup compares to people all over the world today. The migration of all people has everyone mixed up and some DNA is stronger than others in your makeup. So don't get mad because you have been told you are German and you find out your German ancestors came to Germany by way of Croatia or Mongolia. Seems the people most upset are finding out that they are not all European like its impossible that they can be from Asia or Africa, or somewhere in the Middle East. You are what you are!

Jul 27, 2016

Entertainment purpose

It clearly states for entertainment purposes only. Just like calling a psychic. But I thought it would get a little closer to my heritage. I understand it just compares to others around the world who share like markers. Unless you have money to waste, don't use this test

Aug 7, 2016

Did I get someone else's results?

I just received my results from Connect my DNA. I honestly think that I got the wrong results. I am a redhead with very fair skin and blue eyes and it said I am predominantly Asian. It makes me very disappointed that I feel like these are random results or someone else's DNA.

Sep 19, 2016

Not easy to understand

The results are so difficult to understand that it is worthless information. They need to make it easier to interrupt.

I used a coupon so feel money wasted was minimal.

Caroline Hillen
Oct 7, 2016

Total Waste!

OK....so I get that this is not an ancestry dna test, but my results are still absolutely ridiculous. Although I am a fair-skinned, blue-eyed person, my greatest genetic correlation is with persons from Africa, followed by Central and South America, Middle East/North Africa, then Asia, and lastly (ie least in common with) Europe! I wrote to the company to ask if they might have mixed up my results or if the results are accidentally reversed, but I only received a canned reply. Online I found this interesting article: https://www.legalgenealogist.com/2012/04/01/a-dna-test-not-to-bother-with/ OK...so "live and learn" I guess, but a total waste of the money spent!

Nov 12, 2016

They dont even respond!

Ok i get the tests are BS... but i ordered 2 and did choose different regions on each and cant figure out which is which because they were both sent with my name. These people dont respond to ANY correspondence and now I want my flipping money back. I didnt see all theur horrible reviews until afterwards. People do your research first!

Karin Buehler Hamburg
Nov 23, 2016

Just silly

Weird. I know this isn't an ancestry DNA test, although it does advertise as "discover your ethnicity" but I was surprised and confused about my results. I am most likely 100% German (possibly a little of something else) but my Connect My DNA came back as Middle-Eastern, South American and Hungarian (the only one that makes some sense). Glad I used a groupon and didn't spend much. Don't bother.

Dec 25, 2016

Never got results

Gave this test to my Mother as a gift.

I emailed connectmydna numerous times, they never answered. They have no phone number listed on their site to call.


[email protected]
Jan 16, 2017

Connect My DNA

Connect My DNA is not worth the money, since it provides no ancestry information. Even the country with the greatest "connection" is very questionable. No member of our family has every lived there, and is not from there. The graphics are not very helpful, and not very interactive. I will go with an Ancestry kit next time.

Feb 2, 2017

Rip Off

This is as many others have said, a complete joke. I personally don't Think they test anything. It's just a scam.

[email protected]
Feb 23, 2017

wasted money

Absolutely fraud...I "ASSUME" it was DNA results- NO just compare with other people (you can't compare with other people-its just yours) Oh, its not Ancestry, its just to know how you compare..WHAT? I do not understand any of it. The RING is ridiculous--I sort of expected a PIE of %.. NO WAY TO KNOW when all countries on bar are equal lengths. ConnectMyDNA is a joke. Wish I had looked into these comments before I sent. It was a gift and I can't tell my daughter how bad her gift was. Now I see you don't even answer your emails. I am sure you have moved on to another SCAM, laughing all the way to the bank..

Mar 4, 2017

No response from them

I sent for 2 kits over 2 years ago and received a kit to collect DNA and return. I did as told but never got the results back. I have emailed them through their web form numerous times but they have never bothered to reply. I even called the lab that shares the same physical address as ConnectMyDNA but they referred me back to the web site. I want my money back but I can't seem to talk to a live human about this issue. My advice to those that are interested in DNA, get a test from Ancestry.com or somewhere else.

John App
Mar 8, 2017


It's a huge scam, a hilarious joke, and a total waste of money. All humans came from the fertile crescent in the middle east, so it could be really easy just to tell someone that's where they came from. If you want to know anything about your heritage, ask your grandparents, don't bother with this stupid place to get rid of good money.

Apr 28, 2017

Unable to get results

To get your results, we're told to login to our account to get our results, but as soon as I try to login, the screen goes blank. I've tried numerous times. After reading the reviews, I will quit trying. It sounds like a waste of time. They are successful because the price is lower than any other site. Everybody wants a bargain, but most people seem unhappy with the product. I'm going with another company next time.

Jul 10, 2017

I am from Nambia

I am supposedly from Namibia, Now, unless I am an albino an didn't know it, I really don't know how that could be possible. My least was Europe. Africa, South American, Middle Eastern Asian and then European. I kind of wish it were true because maybe then I could get a tan.

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