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Chumba Casino on Facebook & Chumbacasino.com

United States

Consumer reviews about Chumba Casino on Facebook & Chumbacasino.com

Jordy Forgy
Sep 23, 2016

Chumba Casino on Facebook & Chumbacasino.com

United States

Chumba Casino is a Scam

Chumba Casino emails people and bribes them to post a good review on their facebook page in order to receive a $50 bonus. Thats why you see positive posts in their visitor comments. They will let you win in the beginning so you get hooked then all of a sudden your luck is taken away and will never win again. They control what you win, when you win. You will see three pictures match up for the bonus and then all of a sudden the third image will skip to a different image.

Travis Walters
Oct 15, 2016

Chumba Casino Total Scam

Chumba Casino is a total scam.

Please check out this page for more information:

Dec 13, 2016

I spend money!!!!

I really do spend money on this site in hopes of winning I have been put into a holding pattern claiming that my account is still under review or verification look I am a 34 year old mother after starting my account with you guys and telling several people about the site I had the misfortune of allowing people to use my computer and e mail to play the game I really need you guys to check my info so that when I win if I want to cash out I can I am really only going to play it back because........I like the game I really cant remember what email I used and at one point due to not using one for so long I think I sent out it in wrong to you guys so I cant recover my pin however my main e mail is [email protected] I do have one more I use with Facebook and it is the account I don't really use since opening the Facebook page(that was the purpose for it) and it is [email protected] either way let me give you guys as much info as I can so you can I am who I am..........I perfer my yahoo email.

In the end of all this I kind of hate that I turned people on to this game but please try to help me with email and login problems and verification.

NAME ;Lakesha Nesah Brassfied
BIRTH DATE: March 20 1982
ADDRESS: 109 Peach Lane Leakesville, MS Greene County
LIC. NUM: 800650390
EMAIL: [email protected] or [email protected]
ALL BEBIT CARDS USED: Will either carry the name Clayton Lehto or Lakesha Brassfield

Jan 18, 2017

Fraud Alert on Chumba Casino

I have wanted to cash out. They requested information which I provided. My last email from them states, my cash out is denied due to lack of info. Wrong. I will get a hold of internet fraud in my area. Wow. how disappointing

Jan 26, 2017

I for got to put a letter in my email

I for got to put a letter in my email and now I can't reset my password I put [email protected] but I meant to put [email protected]

Jan 31, 2017

Chumba casino

I won some money and provided my info and cashed out and they gave it to me.. It was no scam... They were friendly and quick at getting me my money. I've won since then but I didn't cash out like a dummy I played it. It was over 100.00 both times. And I promise they are not paying me to write this... Wish they were lol I don't have any mo eye to play at the time ....

Feb 28, 2017

Ripped off

I played for almost a week everytime i got up to 60 to 70 dollrs the bet would change from .25 to .50 and they would take all my winnings after the first time it happened i watched it after every spin right in front of my eyes the screen would blink off and on and the bet would change without me even touching anything and they would take everything but 5 dollars its diffenitly a scam i spent 30 dollars BEWARE!

Ramona Garcia
Mar 19, 2017

My account

On march 17 I bought a package for 60 dollars they took it from my checking account and know PayPal said I own them 60 and I one you 60 that's 120 that's wrong I was sure I have the money to play it must be a mistake if you don't fix it I won't see pent no more money in you casino I love to play because I win all the time but I can write a bad comment also so fix the problem in my account

One and done
May 9, 2017


Save your money for a real land casino or online. They have one hell of a sham. By labelling it a sweepstakes they are not bound by fair gaming laws. Have played well over a year and Never won anything on any denomination. Not a dime. Will be glad when legal online games come here that are fair win or lose. There are no perks offered no matter how much you play. I'm sure CHUMBA makes big bucks preying on people who have no access to real online or land gaming!!

May 31, 2017

scam alert

i played chumba and i won 900 hundred they cashed out with in hours and after that i put almost 1700 i never won , in the start they let every one win to attract people and make their costmers addicted then they control whole site and winings , when you realize thet you have lost alot and cant afford to try your luck further they send you mails with "DOUBLE YOUR MONEY" offer and get 25% free when you play $100 and occasionally $10 to $50 free to play what your never win , bcz they control the whole website and reels and all set by them , they want you put money and loose , doubble your money and then loose and free play and loose but never win.
please new york lottery or your states lottery is better than these scams at least no body is controlling your play. and your get something back or your get satisfied bcz those tickets are already printed they cant change but the slots in computer by sites always controls your screen
somebody should law suit to them bcz this is not fair gambling
be aware

Jul 27, 2017

Scam doesn't pay winnings

Cashed out with chumbacasino.com and they denied it saying I had multiple accounts. That same day I know they paid someone who cashed out who HAD multiple accounts. They pick and chose who to pay winnings to. Don't waste you time or no way with them.

Aug 27, 2017

Complete Scam & rip off

This Chumba Casino is a complete scam, and rip off. I agree with most post. I've never won, and they also told me I had multiple accounts but didn't win anything no way. We emailed back and forth with them asking me the same questions. Which was "who's email address [email protected] belong to". I told them repeatedly it was mines, I'm the owner, and I don't understand why they keep emailing and asking. After I sent identification. I mean I never won. Their games stay stalling. Especially in your bonus spins. Then they won't pay nothing. Like a gentleman stated previously they takes more than what you're betting. If you play this game you have to be more careful, and pay attention because this is a scam. They only sucking you dry, and will actually pay some but most NOT. The good thing about this game is that you have the convenience of sitting at home playing, but I would most definitely advise all to go to an actual casino at least what you're betting won't change without you doing so. If you play it don't play your money. Just play the coins, and for fun because it's a slim chance to none you're going to win real money with them.

Sep 9, 2017

Chumba Won't payafter cash out

Been waiting for my cash out for 17 days. Have repeatedly emailed and get the run around. Complete scam.

Oct 12, 2017

Chumba casino

Great i won 100$ cashed out n sent them all identitys to verify my identity and withing no less then a day i got my money on paypal , but what i dont like is i never win abouve 70$

Oct 17, 2017

Chimps casino

Chimps casino is a really Big scam. When you vin real money they won't pay.you keep getting a saying that you need to send prof of who you are. This people need to pay for there crime

Nov 3, 2017


To everyone who has had a experience with CHUMBA CASINO, please BEWARE. They have the worst response/ communication skills to a email ever. Since I have been playing and cashing out my winnings, they have been getting worse and taking longer each time. The first time I cashed out, I was verified and paid within 3 to 5 hours. Now with the last cash out a few weeks ago and the 2 I am waiting for now it is taking day's and they have not responded to any of my emails. It's been more than 2 business day's since I sent the first email and no response from them yet. I am now thinking they are not going to pay me this time. I will never play there again even if they do pay me. The customer service is the worst I have ever seen anywhere and they can only be reached by email and not by phone. Customer Service is a big deal for me with any company. They promote themselves as the fastest payouts for online Casino's, but that's not true. I am going to report them to the Federal Gaming Commission and any other agencies. They use to be good with me, but over time they have fallen to the bottom of my list of okay online businesses. On a scale of 1 to 10, they get a -0 for communication and response to customers and for not having a phone number for people to get in touch with them. It would even be good if they had live chat. I guess hiding behind a email address is the best they can do. BEWARE!!!!!! OF THIS ONLINE CASINO. IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT PLAYING HERE, DON'T EVEN START. THEY WILL DRAW YOU IN AT FIRST WITH GOOD INTENTIONS AND THEN EVENTUALLY LET YOU DOWN. I AM ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO USE TO DEFEND THEM, BUT NOT ANYMORE. COMMUNICATION IS KEY WITH ME. THAT IS SOMETHING THEY JUST DON'T HAVE. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 15, 2018


These people are crooks. I won 300 and they're doing there best to keep from giving me my money. They keep saying my documents says Marquesia which is the correct spelling of my name but my ID says Marqesia. I renew my ID online instead of going to the DMV and stand in that long line. They're the only have a problem with the "u" missing. Banks cash my checks with no problem but it's a issue with them. If you want to get your money without a hassel play Slots of Vegas. Real money and real customer service with a phone number to contact them not an email address that they never respond .

Mar 6, 2018

They cheated the player

Base what happend to me for few months I was doing good but after that it’s started to falling apart. I’ve noticed when I played the slot machine stumble and I end up losing money it’s few months now.and I feel like I am being rubbed from them I played hoping to win some cash.but no because you end up losing more and more

Mar 22, 2018


I have spent a lot of money at this place and when I finally win and request a cashout for $487 they immediately withdraw it from my sweeps CASH and then I was instructed to send my verifying documents. I did so but received an email stating they were unable to read the file of my utility bill that I uploaded. So I sent it again and made sure it was in PDF form and I have yet to get a response from them. It's now been 4 days with no response to my multiple emails and 9 days since I requested the payout. Boy they sure don't need all those docs to take your money but they do to issue your payout. It's BULLSHIT !!! Don't fall for this people. I am now going to dispute all of the payments made to them thru paypal totalling more than $1,600.00 which is way more than the ### measly $487 payout that they obviously aren't going to pay me. Now all I need to do is find out where to report these M-F's.

Mar 22, 2018

Report to bbb

I played the hot 7’s game. Every time I hit the bonus round in the last 2 days it froze up on me. I would need to reboot. It owes me at least 50 free spins which I will never get back. It got to the point where I started videotaping it. I have 2 videotapes proving this. Also, I cashed out 100$ twice but itnever showed up in my Paypal.

Jul 12, 2018

Totally Lost My Ass

I started playing on Chumba over 3 years ago. The first couple times I played, I won large sums ($1800 and above). This is where they get you. You get into a losing streak and you keep playing because you want to win back your losses. This is pretty much the definition of an addicted gambler. I have literally lost thousands over the last 3 years. Thousands. I lost so much that I could've paid off my student loans several times over. It makes me sick. I started to notice, too, as several others have mentioned that games would freeze on me. Pearl's Peril froze on me almost every time I received free spins. I chalked it up to a glitch in my computer, but I see others have had this problem as well. I am kicking myself for ever started online gambling. These companies aren't still around because people are winning money.

Sep 8, 2018


I have played at this casino for nearly 3 years maybe longer, have never had a problem until now trying to cash out $100. They wanted a copy of my bank statement, which after 3 years you would think I could be trusted and legit. Anyway I have sent them copy after copy of my statement but none of them seem to be good enough. They can’t read it, they can’t verify it, it’s not a bank statement etc. however they have no problem letting me make a deposit knowing that if I were to win again they are never going to have to pay me, I just don’t understand what is wrong with them. I am using the same card that I always have used, the irs has no problem loading my tax return on my card. Who are they to say it’s not a real statement. All this over $100!

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