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channel 7 mate

Australia, Victoria

Consumer reviews about channel 7 mate

Aug 4, 2018

No AFL Sat Arvo Northern Rivers - Just Seppo Crap


The purpose of this review is to protest in the strongest possible terms about the lack of AFL coverage on Sat arvo's in the Northern Rivers NSW.

Instead we have Seppo Crap. i.e. Gator Gals, Swamp Men, Ice Road Truckers, Storage Wars, Ultimate Factories,etc etc.
Utter low-brow garbage. Total tacky.
Surely there must be more AFL viewers than crap viewers. It must be more economic to show AFL - I assume you'd get more viewers, hence more advertising revenue.



PS - for those un-Australian 7Mate bozzo's who program this Seppo Crap, you probably don't know what the great Aussie rhyming slang of Seppo means. Look it up. (Hint - septic tv.)

Aug 8, 2018

Full custom garage

To whom it may concen 7mate I always look forward to my all time favorite show full custom garage and now being Tuesday night when the show is surpose to be on well guess what as u already know its not on its the 7-8-18 before it was counting cars one new one and after that a repeat and now no ful custom garage but high way patrol all repeats counting cars all repeats and still no full custom garage or weldomup either hate it when u don't put stuff u again it SUCKS big time not happy Jan put all new full custom garage back on again from an unhappy watcher all new car shows back on

Joe Bucci
Sep 11, 2018

Moe car shows please

I'm a bit of a nerd car guy and loved some of previous car shows in particular Ian Roussel's custom garage. 7mate has been nicknamed the bogan channel and I think you should live up to the reputation. At present there are a lot of fishing, road trucker, bogan hunting, I would love if you can dedicate a couple of evenings a week to some good quality car shows sich as Car SOS. Fifth gear, Jay Leno, Custom garage and other quality car restoration programs.
Quality been the operative word - shows like the new wheeler show how the work is done as does car SOS and Jay Leno.
Happy to discuss

Brady Richardson
Sep 23, 2018

7 mate

Any chance some new shows are coming sick of same old shit . The wanker with toothpick in his gob on ink masters any chance he can pissoff .channel 7 sucks hairy balls its tennis time to get your act together not happy .

Ex watcher
Oct 5, 2018

Time to switch off!

Thank God my new Foxtel box was installed today. Last night was the last time I will watch 7mate ever.
Thought I would sit back and watch Braveheart for the first time in a long time but what a monotonous troll through a mountain of mind-numbing commercials occasionally interrupted by the movie.
Poor placement of the ads added to the frustrations but I guess stretching the movie out over 4 hours would save someone from having to pro
gramme another show later.
Anyway..you've blown it. No more 7mate in my house ever!!

Rodney McMinge
Oct 8, 2018


I was writing in to give you guys a spray about that mind numbing crap that yanks call football. Hours of dross. I hate it. I'm sure you have viewers who love it. I wish them both well. Having been around the industry, i can understand what you're doing. I must say, your program manager must be saving you bucket loads...but...it's a bucket of shit. I won't go on as i can see you have many friends writing in here to give you comfort and support. ( snicker ).

Oct 25, 2018

### Your constant Repeats

Why the hell do you repeat crap non stop i now give up with your channel i swear i have seen the same shit fifty times are you all that useless ya can`t put something different on. I know this wont make you change the programs because ya don`t give a shit about the people. and god how many ads ya need i remember the days it used to be three ads now it`s like bloody ten there is thousands of tv programs to air but yous are that useless ya play the same shit a thousand times your like a info commercial that runs constantly for years that no one wants to watch after the first few times... EVERY ONE NEEDS TO REPEAT THIS A MILLION TIMES Till some one at 7 changes shit i for one refuse to even watch your channels

Dec 6, 2018

Sick of watching the same ### every day

Every day the same episodes of tv shows it friggin ### need to change it up for Christ sake before I shoot my tv

Jan 22, 2019

Replays & other crap.

Fair Dinkum Mate,
Who is running the show there? THE GREATEST CHANNEL IN THE WORLD EVER, huh!!! New seasons that are EXACTLY the SAME as last season. Way too many adds about CRAP that NO SELF RESPECTING BLOKE who watches this channel would have any interest in at all. T.V. shows that are YANK REJECTS & also some are way over a dozen years old that I saw when I way younger. If you guys need some hints then STOP HIRING the POLITICALLY CORRECT, GAY MEN , LESBIANS, WOOSES & GREENIES, & ALSO THE IMMIGRANTS. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE AN AUSSIE MAN'S CHANNEL FOR AUSSIE MEN & the people I have just listed OBVIOUSLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT REAL AUSSIE MEN WANT. You can also SACK your C.F.O. as the channel is NOT ALL ABOUT HOW MUCH ADVERTISING HE/SHE CAN FORCE UPON THE PUBLIC. So if you hired em then it's time to fire em. But the way it is going MEN will have to go to PAY T.V. just to watch something decent. (no stupid Home & away adds, not to mention there are more insurance adds than t.v. programmes) REAL MEN do not watch that crap.

I have watched MATE since the start but geez you people are making it harder & harder.

Ed Campbell.

saffron waldon
Feb 4, 2019

12 hour bathurst

i am not normally a car race watcher ,but i thought the 12hour bathurst race was the most interesting car race i have ever seen from the saturday top ten to the last second on sundays main race was incredibly interesting and exciting ,it took me out of my aussie tv watching norm . i await follow up similar races around the world but i do not think they would be better than last weekends race....i am also a aussie soccer tv watcher and i enjoy watching surfing shows( all board styles) , i enjoy watching shows doing up old cars and shed picking and wierd fish fishing and prospecting .............with total respect ..saffron waldon .tassie ..weekend 2&3 of Feb 2019

Jul 21, 2019

Poor footy coverage

Channel 7s coverage of the local game in Alice Springs before the main AFL, was disgusting. During the second quarter, we only got to see half of the quarter, as Channel 7 decided to continually play commercial after commercial, even seeing the same two commercials constantly. Why is that?

Sep 14, 2019

Can't watch 7mate

I watch football whenever I get the chance too but pretty much all year I haven't been able to watch it because i can't see it.. 7 mate is pixelated its unwatchable.. Either fix it or put its on another channel...

Sep 19, 2019


WTF are you 7Mate programmers doing???
Australia is NOT USA and have our ''own' football code.

There is only a VERY SMALL following of USA Gridiron in our country yet you BOMBARD us with this CRAP every weekday morning for FOR HOURS ON END.

What a waste of TV viewing time.
Yeah! We know you are owned by the tanks and have to air what they tell ya to but you really have NO idea on what your viewing audience requires in Australia.

Start showing up to date and better viewing programmes that are relevant to Australia and us Aussies.
And programmes that are current and NOT years old.
Who wants to watch ALF football matches (Aussie Rules) that are 20 plus years old???
Not me!
You programmers are SO out of touch with us viewers.
If you don't start show better relevant programmes then your Ratings are going to get worse than they already are.

You are already losing me to OTHER TV channels and now rarely flick the channel to 7Mate.

Sep 27, 2019

Uneducated AFL Commentators

A things that has bugged me for a long time with one particular rude, unedicated and homophobic commentator who goes under the ititials BT, just so he can spell his own name I suspect, is the NON-word(s) Should of. It is SHOULD HAVE you idiot, just like would of should be WOULD HAVE. Basic English, and yet he keeps on with it, oblivious to the error.

No wonder our kids (If they follow AFL) have trouble with English.

This particular moron should never have been allowed to broadcast again after his disgusting comments about Harry Taylor, live on TV.

He can't wait to butt in when others are talking either, rarely listening to others before he stiks his unwanted bib in.

Oct 2, 2019

Where Is The Good Doctor?

Where is the 3rd season of The Good Doctor?
What a poor service. Many people I know who are interested in autism are asking and Channel 7 won't even bother to reply.
I will have to ask people in the USA to tell me what is going on in the 3rd season.

[email protected]
Oct 23, 2019

Reality shows

I would like to know why the Background Music has to.be so loud. It constantly blocks out the dialogue and makes it impossible to hear the content of the programme .This needs to be adressed. It is no good turning up the volume as this only makes it worse. Honestly have you sat and tried to listen to some of the programmes. To much loud background music.

Nov 14, 2019


At 12.15pm on Axmen you showed a live snake having it's head being bitten off. I was expecting this and i am quite upset by it.

Dec 14, 2019


I am watching one of my favorite comedies on 7Mate 'Naked Gun' and I couldn't believe it! They edited out two fo the funniest double entendres at the beginning of the film! It's innocent humor. I was surprised, considering the content bordering on pornography that you find on Australian TV.

May 7, 2020

7 TV advertising

sick and tired of seeing gambling ads on Channel 7 I'm sick and tired of it get rid of the gambling ads especially when you see five gambling ads in between the movie

Aug 19, 2020

Why show American Football

I do not understand why 7Mate programmers would think there are enough people in Australia interested in American Football to justify playing hours of NFL shows every day.
To most people I know, American Football is the most uninteresting form of Football ever invented and is a game Australians don't understand and are not interested in understanding.
Some mornings NFL is programmed for over 3 hours which simply makes no sense to me for an Australian audience.
Has there ever been a survey conducted to ascertain how many Australian viewers actually watch the NFL programs that are scheduled?
Maybe I am misinformed and NFL shows rate highly enough to justify having them in 7Mate's morning line up but I would be truly surprised if that is the case.
Personally, I switch over to 7Mate, if NFL is being shown I immediately turn to a different channel or switch off all together.
7Mate is the main channel I watch on a daily basis as I enjoy the vast majority of the content shown but the constant broadcasting of long winded & boring NFL over the past few months has had me changing channels a lot more frequently.

Thank you for your time and I hope my feedback is of some use to your programmers.

Nov 25, 2020

7 Mate

7 Mate WAS a great channel, Maybe the Best ??? -- But "Now" with Boring American Football, Boring Fishing shows And More and More Boring Sports Crap, It's Now something to watch Only if Desperate !!! -- I can handle Repeats of American Pickers, Full Custom Garage, Graveyard Cars, Storage Wars etc BUT Most of the rest of It is Just Rubbish !!! -- People can watch Sport on Other Channels -- Your Program Editor Really Sucks Big Time !!! -- Why Ruin a Good Thing ????

Sick of repeats
Jul 5, 2021



Sick of repeats
Jul 5, 2021

Sick of repeats

Repeat after repeat after repeat

[email protected]
Sep 21, 2021

Sexiest Tradie

The sexiest tradie adds and the show itself we find very offence and feel it should be taken off the air. A man prancing around almost naked and having to go to the toilet in a sink is very distasteful and disgusting. It is degrading of mankind. Please put some decent family programs on.

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