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CDI College

Canada, Ontario

Consumer reviews about CDI College

Jennifer Mazerolle
Feb 13, 2012

waste of time/money

I am currently attending the APA program at CDI Calgary North Campus. Everything was fine until we got to the accounting part. I was put with a teacher who cannot spell, does not read from any book and has such a strong accent myself and other students cannot make out what she says. I approached the person in charge and have been forced to change my program to BAT, I am going to have to pay back all the grant money and I got told by the school that I am racist and have caused physical and verbal altercations. When all I did was report a teacher. I have been told if I talk to any student or teacher except the ones I am supposed to that I will be kicked out of school. So if you do choose to attend CDI do not complain while you are there. There is barely any teacher instructing, it is mostly all self taught by reading books and using their computers. They payroll section of my course, I am being charged 5000$ and you can do it yourself online through CPA for under 2000. I am so disappointed with CDI. I will make sure to tell everyone my experience and that I would recommend any other REAL institution not this make shift pretend college!!!

x CDI Student
Mar 22, 2012

waste of time/money

I too had issues with CDI College the teachers are past CDI students that couldn't get jobs.So I had an English teacher who took Oil and Gas didn't get a job read out of the book chapter by chapter . I thought we were in college not preschool. I'm supposed to be on a practicum right now as they had promised but no help and no results. I had to fight to get them to call one of the practicums and even then there was no follow up on their end. I took the BAM program at he Calgary North Campus. I also had a teacher who was fasting for her faith. She stated that she was so hunger that she couldn't concentrate SHE IS OUR TEACHER we pay big bucks for our schooling.. This is what we pay for uneducated teachers.

Mimi Beh
Apr 5, 2012

waste of time/money

After hearing my daughter's story about attending CDI for only 2 months and the money she has to put out for loans to pay for this bs of a school with un-certified teachers and feels she has learned nothing from this. She has learned more from legal studies in high school! I am appalled that the government of Canada has NOT stepped in and investigated this "school". They are scamming poor, individuals as trying to make their life better with an education. THIS NEEDS TO BE LOOKED AT. It HAS to be STOPPED!

Apr 6, 2012


I do not agree with some of these comments as it is the students responsibility to learn and that also means reading and following instructions.

I am not a CDI student nor do I like the organization as it is fundamentally geared towards the Korean owner becoming even more wealthy then he already is. I suggest if you need to blame anyone for the broken system, perhaps start by looking at the regulators within the Private Career Branch of MTCU who are inept according the the Auditor General and Ombudsman.

May 6, 2012

CDI College

Many employers use resume screening software which will automatically reject any resumes containing the names of private career "colleges." Not only are these institutions a complete and utter waste of money, they can actually make it MORE difficult for you to get a job than if you had not gone their at all. Don't be duped by one of their commissioned quacks folks.

Jan 3, 2013

Out dated material and poor instructors

I have ran my own business assisting individuals in starting their own companies and training them to look after their accounting records. I have done this for over 25 years and currently have a client base of over 300 companies. I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!

Someone contacted me to asked my opionion on CDI's accounting course so I decided to look into it.

First of all they wouldn't give me ANY information until I "signed up" with all of my personal information. I tried to explain I just wanted some basic information but they wouldn't put my call through without all of it. (some day they are going to try and send out mail to Robin Hood at 123 Any Street SW, Calgary, AB)

So... They teach ACCPAC and Simply Accounting. ACCPAC hasn't been around for at least 10 years and yes I do know some companies still use it but I would challenge anyone to find one. Simply Accounting, well that has a market share of approx 20%. So what happened to QuickBooks which has a market share of 75%+.

As far as my conversations with the instructors they lacked general knowledge and I find it difficult to believe they have spent any time in the real world of business.

Look to other places for your education!

Jan 23, 2013


I attended the downtown CDI i was told when i graduate i would be making 30$ an hour to start. And that i would be working on becoming a paralegal. I was in the Microsoft program for 4 weeks... i learned this in grade 3. I also took a week long course on SSS where i worked on a project on the 10 weirdest animals in the world....i was taking the PLA course.... YEA! i finally moved into business communication where i spent 4 weeks working on how to use commas... and how to capitalize ...half the time my teacher was asking asking my class how to spell a word, or to look up the meaning. I was upset to see that i was learning from a book not from a teacher, yes they did lectures but they were reading chapters from the book where we later had to teach ourselves the information. And i was also upset to find that these Ipads we just HADD! to have because they told all of us that 80% of our school work was online, to find out that ACTUALLY! we were never going to use them. They charged us 1000$ for them so for each student they got to pocket 500$. Not to mention every certificate you get you need to pay for and i got one... its a blue printed piece of paper that says why you get your certificate IT EVEN HAS A PICTURE!! a cartoon picture in the corner, and oh it gets better its put inside one of those clear dividers that you put in your binder... ya 120$ for that. YOU ALSO have to pay for your tests on top of your tuition. When i finally got to start my " Legal" course.. all she talked about was bad students ... students who ruined their practicals and such. then she finally told us.... our program was making us PERSONAL ASSISTANCE!! we would be walking dogs, picking up mail, getting coffee, working long hours, FOR 12$ AN HOUR!!. I've been threatened to be kicked off campus for wearing tights my first week, which i was never informed there was a dress code, the bitch who told on me said i had holes all through my pants. I was almost permanently kicked out for recording my class because my computer wasn't working and the teacher said we wait for no one. I sent an email to the school because they asked me to... i get a message from some random worker at the school, who is telling me i will not be taken seriously and this is his thoughts on my email, he was telling me to grow up, and its an adult world get over it and stuff, i was professional i just stated how i was upset that i could trust a school to rip me off so much, and they come back with you owe us 13,000$ oh and add another 12,976$, and additional 1000$ for attending 55 days of school there... 2 months ....two months i was in school and I'm paying for the rest of my life.... if you want something to ruin your life and ruin your trust for trying to make your life better then my god go to this school! oh and the funny part the person who enrolled me told me 80% of their students drop out within 6 months.... he read my email and sent a reply back saying to get my facts straight , and how could i know that... well darrel YOUR THE ONE WHO TOLD ME!

Mar 6, 2013

CDI College Mississauga

My cousin in Toronto took the Pharmacy Assistant program last year and she found a job right away. She was very happy about CDI. That convinced me to sign up. I'm a student in Mississauga now and I have no complaints so far. It is a lot of work. My teachers are helpful though. I really need a job so i'm putting a lot of effort into this. I'm satisfied so far.

Mar 12, 2013

CDI College is What You Make of It

I really think that like any college, CDI is what you make of it. i took the addictions program and i wouldn't be where i am today without it. College is more than just showing up to class and waiting for someone to hold your hand through it all. No college is like that. At CDI, I had real time to talk to my teachers and I made the effort outside of class to learn everything I could. I've found that employers recognize the training I have and I've only received praise from my boss about my training. You continue to learn on the job, but I felt confident in what I had learned at CDI as soon as I started.

May 26, 2014

good school

You know what, I looked at these reviews and almost decided not registering but I sat in the class to check it out. I liked what I saw and I got to talk with the teacher, he was good. I don't like reading some of the negative stories here on this site, this does not tell the full story. I am a graduate from the Business Management program and I am happy with my classes. For every person complaining here there are lots that are happy. If you are reading my writing I can say that you should check out any school or any company for reviews and you see negative stuff. Going to this school was good for me and I'm glad I did. Don't believe all the things you read go and see yourself.

Jan 14, 2016

What a joke

At my work I am told to shread all cdi applicants resumes. And I can see why. I went there. Big waste of money. I was laughed at by a temp agency. I decided to go to a real college. Bow valley. Got a great job. Ahs recognises the school. And was a third of the cost. Plus you have to try. Where at cdi you will never fail. They will tell you the answers

Mar 3, 2016

Refund Payment Please!

I finished a program in this school and it never was a help for me in finding a job. Most of the employers don't know anything about this school. Is there a way that i can refund my so expensive tuition fee payment from this school so i can pay back my OSAP???For those who are planning to go into this school, please don't waste your time and money.

Sep 22, 2016

Biggest mistake of my life

Absolute worst school.. First off, the first teacher that taught accounting was from India so her accent was so thick that it was hard to understand. So I failed. Now I have another teacher (white) I continuously ask questions and everytime she has to go look through her guide manual for directions. How can you be a teacher if you can't answer questions you should already know.. I am livid. Waste of money and time. I literally only have 3 people in my class because that's how unreputable this school is. How are even still running ?! SHUT IT DOWN .

Nov 15, 2016

Time For The Government To Act

With so many complaints about CDI, why is it still opened?
How come the Government are allowing this to continue?

I registered for a Program and found out that all the Certifications
exams, have been retired. Yet, the school is charging over $20,000
for a Program.

Time for someone to do something about this.

Jul 27, 2017

college cdi is a scam

Just the fact that there's enough correct answers already written on the "admission" test (a "test" that any crackhead with half a brain could pass) for you to be accepted is a clear proof that they are money greedy, why their diploma is worthless, why no employer is taking them seriously and why you also shouldn't.

There's so many horror stories all over internet; just google it. College CDI sucks, plain and simple. They are often followed by cheesy misinformation sent by CDI trolls. A clear proof it's a professional scam and not a real college.

How the **** did they end up on the news for being shady?!?

Jan 10, 2018

Even the instructors help you cheat

Even my instructors gave us all the answers to the tests, most of us would have failed. Then 3 instructors quit at the same time, WE WERE LEFT WITHOUT AN INSTRUCTOR FOR THE LAST 6 WEEKS. No practicum placement for Network Systems Administration, so you have to find your own. Career and professional strategies, one week course a total farce, did not know how to write a proper resume. I submitted 60 resumes and not 1 call, now i have to take a workshop on how to write a proper resume. Terrible school , stay the hell away, go anywhere else, you will thank me.

Mar 10, 2018

Practical Nursing

I have been attending CDI since 2016 in the Practical Nursing course. My Nursing coordinator by the name of Sue was very supportive. Many times I felt like I wanna give up but she was always there to encouraged me. Telling me that I will make it. Sue is very professional and firm towards learning goals. I think other colleges need people like Sue. Very kind hearted and show interest in the well being of others. She is a role model.

Mar 12, 2018

Money grabbing company

I was taking the pharmacy assistant course I ended up really sick and had a doctors note stating to take 2 days off as of the medication I was on and when I returned I was taken into a separate room by the director and was informed that my grades were not up to par and I had to many missed days. We don't have a actual teacher in the class to help us as they have more then one class they are teaching so of course peoples grades are not up to snuff. I was informed that without their education I would never become anything in my life. So now I gotta pay 15000.00 bucks back and I was only in that course for maybe 2 months. I was given 2 options the first one was I could voluntary resign from the school or get kicked out. I would never ever recommend that school for anyone

Jul 6, 2018

FRAUD by CDI College and Canadian Government

Clearly, the Government in Calgary is committing fraud by allowing a so-called College like CDI to remain open for business.
This is fraud because the Government makes a profit of the loans. They approve the 'COLLEGES' and don't care about the students.

In life, people can only take so much B.S before cracking up and I hope that someone does not 'lose it' before it gets too late.

How can someone get a lawyer in Calgary, to work PRO BONO?

It would be nice if someone knows a lawyer in Calgary.

Jul 28, 2018

Wasting money and time

I was planning to take admission to CDI college Calgary but now its a “Big No” to this college.When I went to orientation there were only 5 students for pharmacy assistant program and this is really shocking to me. The Financial advisor of this college is so rude bcz when my husband talk to her about loan facility she said u guys cannot get it bcz of ur high income of 2016 . She didn’t tell us this before at the time of admission.When my husband asked her to make appointment with you next week she replied u have to pay ur first installment on fist day of ur class. “Scammers”is one word for them.Lucky I didn’t pay anything to them.Dont want to waste my money.Will never ever go back to that college.

Oct 23, 2018

Worst College

The worst educational institution. First of all, if you will see the curriculum, you are expecting that whatever is written in the curriculum, it is readily available for them to teach or to provide. I studied in this college, hoping that I will get a good education and practicum. First, education wise..I do not approve how they are providing the education with those kinds of teachers always going for a smoke. Ok, we are college student no need to teach like a grade school but we need also assistance. How about practicum????? PRACTICUM is the worst. They cannot provide practicum on time. They are sending us to. the offices for which I do not know how we will do our practicum there. I do not know if they knew the meaning of practicum. I think so I have to tell them that PRACTICUM IS AN ON SITE TRAINING FOR THE STUDENT TO GET A GOOD EXPERIENCE. The worst college that I ever attended.

Feb 4, 2019

Supply Chain Management

I am a graduating student of CDI Mississauga for Supply Chain Management. I am on going to start my internship with the company I wanted to be in. I dreamed, and CDI Mississuaga made it happen. I looked for an internship but I am offered an employment contract.

I love Munaya Simon, she never gave up on me. I knew she worked so hard to deliver what is the best for the students. You have my respect Munaya. Thank you very much.

I have so much respect for my instructors Ray Thompson and Shezhad Patel, they are great teacher and very helpful. Thank you very much.

Thnak you CDI Mississauga, to all faculties and personnel.

Oct 8, 2019


I was a student in APA (Accounting and Payroll Admin) at the NE building in Calgary and right from the initial sign up it was a complete joke! The admissions staff are completely misinformed and confused! Then on the first day and every day thereafter, the "powerpoint reader" aka instructor was so disorganized that we wasted the first day trying to sign in to our emails and courses. The manager of students (Spencer) was a complete moron who sat in his office and hid from his responsibilities.

Throughout the entire 10 months, we were read to like children in kindergarten from a power point and probably wasted about 1000 trees from all the paper that was handed out. We didn't discuss anything as a class and only learned from eachother (students). The curriculum was a joke that I could have read and learned more from the internet.

Then, I am informed I have to pick up my certificate from the front desk. I am now $20,000 in debt for NOTHING and they can't even mail the certificate to my address!

I wouldn't recommend this college or this type of college to ANYONE! Go to SAIT or Grant MacEwan where there is actual instructors and people that have a brain in their head!

Aug 25, 2020

Bring Back Dr. Sobia as our instructor for PA

Hello all, I really love my instructor Dr. Sobia in City Campus of Calgary, She always explain all our courses in detailed specially for all medical term and pharmaceutical calculations as she is a dr.for surgeon., Not only for that she understand my personal situation and that is the most important in life.. she has a good communication and she can motivate you in so many ways. I am a student after a long time now and because of her she can teach me the way like I am a student of my back life.
Thank to her, I'm sure lots of student wants her to come back in the campus. I miss you Dr. Sobia.... I would love you to come back in our zoom class... In behalf of my 671 class, Am shift... was waiting for you to come back!
Kindly please hear us...

Thank you,
Jiji Delos Santos

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