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captain Ds

United States, Tennessee

Consumer reviews about captain Ds

Apr 2, 2012

cold food and worse customer service

That sounds like a bad night. Did the little ones get enough to eat?

Apr 2, 2012

cold food and worse customer service

All of that over one potato?

barb harbison
Oct 28, 2012

macaroni dry & brown

After church every Sunday we eat with my family, usually 7-12 in our group, food always hot and fresh. I have a neighbor who is 85 yrs old and does not get out much,so I go to Capt Ds and order Shrimp and more with slaw and mac and cheese. Took it to her house and set it before her and was ashamed of her meal, mac and cheese was crusty and brown, did not ever look like what it was supposed to be. I went inside to get my order so they did not have to hurry. If this is how carry out is treated I will think twice about eating there. Give us the bottom of the barrel.I was there 10-287-12, order 0083, guess # 033 PTY01, total 5.38, Restaurant 2706512871, area director Bob Burgess 615-670-8699------captain D s3578

John Kelly
Jun 3, 2013


Restaurant was not crowded and drive through was not backed up. But service was VERY slow. I ordered the White Fish Special "as shown." But it came (eventually) fried. Only one person was taking orders at the counter. He was obviously new. I was asked "for here or to go?" three times! When my order arrived, it was only lukewarm. Where had it been sitting and why? I had to ask for salad dressing twice.

This restaurant was remodeled only a little while ago. But it is not customer friendly. Drink fountains, condiments and plastic-ware are all located in a very confined space so that only one person can get any one item conveniently and politely at a time. A family gathered there trying to indulge the children's requests cause a traffic jam and a waste of time. Add to this the fact that the entrance to the restrooms is adjacent to this and the public is set up for unwanted bumps, spills, slips and falls.

Perhaps the worst problem is that you do not seem to be able to keep employees to work there. Or maybe you just use as few as you can possibly get away with. This was not my first bad experience at this restaurant. I have seldom had a good one. But it was my last. I do not want any coupons; I do not want to go back. But this time, I am angry enough to want you to know about it.

Jul 20, 2013

Bad quality food.

Ate at the Captains D's on Lebanon Road, Hermitage, Tennesse... 3543 number on the ticket. I ordered 1- 2pc fish dinr, 2 catfish dnrs and fried pickles. The fish wasn't crisp, the fries were greasy and tasted like they had been cooked in the same stale grease as the fish. The fried pickles tasted awful....they were cooked in the same grease as the fish and fries. Overall experience was very low quality food. I have always enjoyed Captain D's but not anymore. The regular fish didn't have the extra crispy golden coating like it use to have. Another customer was in there complaining about her fish being so bad. Captain D's use to have great food, but not anymore.

Feb 1, 2014

Capt D

We waited 30 minutes for our food and I had to ask for it Someone who came in afterwards got six dinners before we did which was two dinners and it was not complete then.They have young teens working there who is very enmature they need to get that Capt D straighten out

Dorla Tiller
Mar 1, 2014


I visited Captain D's yesterday and didn't realize til I got home they had charged me $6.19 for a two piece dinner. It was advertised for $4.99 as one of the specials/

Mar 25, 2014


Stoppong at Captain D, the sign outside says $4.99 for complete dinner, so we order a 2 2 piece fish dinner with two sides one with mac & cheese and cole slaw the other with mac & cheese ad corn ( which was dried up) plus 1 order of hushpuppies when I got home I looked at the sales slip no one told us the fish dinner didn't count for this dinner price and to make it even worse we were charged $.29 twice for the mac& cheese and $.29 for the corn. how come we were not told that some of the sides are more money. But I guess thats how you make your money by stealing it from customers. I believe my bill should have been $11.67 plus tax not $15.56. (1 2 piece fish dinner & 1 2 piece fish dinner & 1 order of hushpuppies).

May 22, 2014

Horrible customer service

Horrible customer service! I placed a large order at the drive thru. I realized that 2 large slaw, more that $7.00 was left out of my order and the large green beans that were in the bag was not full. I drive back to the West Main Lebanon TN. location where the cashier proceeds to tell me that she gave me the large slaw, I tell her that the slaw is not in the bag, and tell her I would like a green bean that is full. She takes the green beans and hands them to someone in the back and tells them she needs them filled up. She gives me the greens beans sideways in a bag and the 2 large slaw that were left out and makes no attempt to apologize. This was rude and unacceptable customer service! My total was more than $31.00 this is more than 1/2 a days pay, and I do expect more in customer service when choosing to spend a 1/2 days pay somewhere! I will never go back to this location!

[email protected]
Jul 8, 2014

never send coupons as promised after taking the survey

You never send the coupons as promised wfter taking the surveys, Sometimes the white fish taste earthly, skimpy on your orders

Jul 9, 2014


My wife and myself ate at this restaurant for the first time. I read some of your reviews before starting this note. It looks like we had a little better experience than most. The food was a little slow in coming, but it was hot and tasted good for a fast food restaurant.

Jan 21, 2015

Bad Rice (Too Salty)

When I first started eating to Captain D's, that was the best fish I had ever tasted. But the fish was cooked fresh at that time for every order. I also tried Long john Silvers, but they were cooking there fish in large batches and piling it up under a heat lamp. The top would be dried out, and the bottom would be oil soaked. Either way was nothing to brag about. I always chose Captain D's. Then something changed at Captain D's. Maybe it's the high volume of customers, or just trying to provide faster service. What ever it is, it's ruined the taste of the fish. Maybe that's why so many people are complaining about the bad food. Most people don't understand, they can't have their cake and eat it too. If they're gonna get good fish, it needs to be cooked fresh when they order it. If it's been cooked and laid back under a heat lamp for an hour before they order it, it's not going to be good. But they want to complain about how long it takes to get their order. I don't mind waiting for my order, I know I'm going to get good fish if it's cooked fresh. And, Captain D's used to have the best rice of any place. Now it's the worst I've ever tasted. Somebody decided the people needed more salt. Salt is unhealthy, if you use the normal amount. But if you overload food with it, it' extremely unhealthy. I won't ever order rice at Captain D's again. I'll give you some good advice, don't go to Captain D's between rush hours. The fish is cooked and piled up in some sort of heater. That dries out the top, and bottom is oil socked. That's why you're getting bad food at Captain D's. Think about it. Go there just before rush hour ends. You'll stand a better chance of getting fresh cooked fish.

Cathy E.
Feb 28, 2015

Good Food

We went to the Captain D's on hwy 98 in Fort Walton Beach. We waited a little longer than usual to get our food and our order was correct,our food was perfect. We will go back soon

Mar 26, 2015

Lousy service at Captain D's

On Monday March 23, 2015 The employees were acting like this was their first day there. One Cashier was hid in the back somewhere and the drive in window Cashier was attempting to do both jobs. Two cooks were coming up front and acting like they could care less about food orders. IF there was a Manager on premises she/he did not know how to run a business.
If this crew stays here this business will fold.
Food was not even warm. I will NOT go there again.

Anna Marie Lehr Ticer
Mar 31, 2015


I went to the Captain D's restaurant #354879 on March 27. It has been 4 years since my husband passed away that I had been there. I ordered the 2 piece fish dinner. The speaker person said "WHAT?" I repeated 2 piece dinner- 2 pieces of fish, hush puppies, cole slaw and french fries. He then said to drive around. When at the window the girl said I thought- $5.53. I gave her 6.00 and she stood there. I asked what she wanted. She repeated the order was $9.53. I was taken aback but paid it and got my order. After driving away I thought about it and parked and took my order and went inside and spoke with the manager. She told me there is no more 2 piece fish dinner. Everything I got was a la carte and that is why it was so expensive. I started to ask for my money back, but i knew they would throw it away and I didn't want to waste the food and I was hungry so I took it. I also told her I would not be back. That was outrageous and the french fries were soggy, the hush puppies were doughy in the center and not done, and the fish was over cooked and tough. I was appalled at the way i was treated and the way they snickered when I asked about the 2 piece fish dinner that was supposedly taken off the menu several years ago. I will not ever go back.

Apr 4, 2015

Captain D's food and service in Florida is excellent and has been for me for the last 20-some years

Perhaps Captain D needs to check those Tennessee franchises, all I see are negative reviews in Tennessee.

I am enjoying the Florida franchises for the past 20 years, especially in Jacksonville, FLORIDA,, foremost Store # 3372 and I never ever had a bad experience.
The food is always tasty, looks like on the pictures, never cold, service is excellent and always courteous, no overpaying and cheating going on, ever !!!!
My last visit was an GOOD FRIDAY and my wife and I enjoyed ourselves tremendously, food and service, from manager down to the cleanup person , jolly, friendly
and courteous and the change was correct to the penny.
We will go back twice a week for the fore-mentioned reasons. ... TENNESSEE needs to shape up ...

Apr 13, 2015

over charge for food

what a bad experience we had when we visited your store in Wetumpka, Al tonight store # 3717.....It had been awhile since we were there...and the menu had changed....I ordered the fish lovers meal and my wife ordered the crab bites and shrimp...she was asked what 2 sides she wanted she ordered corn on the cob(I knew that would be extra) and cole slaw....with 2 sweet teas we were charged 19.06....when I got to the table I realized I had been over charged...I showed your representative the sign offering the crab bites and shrimp for 3.49 and she refunded me 4.20....when the food arrived there were no sides included and back to the counter I went..was told that my order did not include sides though I had been asked what 2 sides I wanted....and if I wanted them it would be extra...I paid 4.00 more to get them even though I thought they were included because I was asked what 2 sides I wanted...even your good food cannot make up for the indifference and lack of professional service I am used to receiving from your store....It was awhile since I had been there and it will be a longer time before I return

[email protected]
May 18, 2015

Bad place to eat

We used to eat at Capton d's every Sunday and Wendsday after Church. Then you started changing the menu and food. First you took away the all you can eat menu. Well we got use to that. We only went once a week. Starting ordering the broiled fish and Chicken dinners. We went one time My wife ordered one of your appetizers they didn't have it anymore. So she order something else. I ordered my dinner with the mixed vegetables. They said they didn't have them anymore. So I settled for something else. That happened also every time we went. So we stopped going. Until today. My wife order the broiled Chicken and with no suprise they said " they didn't have that anymore" . So she ordered the shrimp. I ordered the battered fish. And low and behold you have change how it's prepared. Also it a lot smaller and has a different flavor. So we will not be eating there anymore. Left Hungry and dissatisfied with everything. Thanks for ruining a good place to eat over time. Oh! Almost forgot what's with the plate and siliverwair. If I wanted to clean my plate and put it in the sink I would just stay home and eat.

May 31, 2015

Sylvia Rogers

good fish

anna dorner
Jun 4, 2015

short changed and didn't get all of order

I was shorted $1.00. I was going to tell her but decided to let it go. Then when I got home, she didn't send the strawberries for the Cheesecake, which they charge for and didn't get the sauce for my shrimp. The food is pretty good about a 7 out of 10.

Jun 25, 2015


We have been eating here for years and in the last 3 months the restaurant has gone to pot! Floors always seem to have food on them. Bathrooms are smelly and disgusting. Food servers are slow and care more about going out to smoke then to make sure their customers are being taken care of. The food is not what is expected with a captain ds visit and the cashiers are either sniffing their noses or on their cell phones constantly. The food preparers are just as apt to give you cold food or fish that is hard and tough to eat. We have had several friends stop going there and looks like we will be joining them in finding another suitable restaurant to eat at. Shame on the managers at captain ds for letting this go on! Drug testing should be a requirement for all the employees!

Jun 28, 2015

This one never again

On 6/20/15 I visited Captain D's in Princeton, KY. My fish and shrimp were so overcooked they were hard and tough. The fish was tiny. I got a baked potato, and it was so cold the butter just sat there in a solid lump. I will continue to patronize CD's (the one in Murray, KY is always excellent), but I will never eat in Princeton again.

Donald Sheldon
Nov 13, 2015

The taste is different

The food was good, but not as good as it was a few months ago. I don't know why, but it's not as good as it was.

Mar 28, 2016

Don Myers

The Flounder was over cooked. The Taste was gone when yolu over cook fish. The Mgr gave us meal ticket for the next time we were in. blamed it on new help.don"t think i'll be back for the next time.

Apr 1, 2016

Tartar sauce bad

We ate at the restaurant on Wilma Rudolph Blvd on Tuesday the 29th of March, we had the flounder meal. We added some of the tartar sauce and later paid for it. Had stomach ache and cramps along with other episodes of things happening in which I want display. The okra was over cooked, and greasy with no coating on it hardly. Don't know if it was the fish or tartar sauce but we will never go back ever again. I got food poison from them 15 years ago and now it happened again, this will not be a repeat. I promise you. Also their fish taste artificial with no flavor, Captain D's should be a Captain F.
Upset in Clarksville Tn

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