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May 26, 2013

Offloading of Passengers at Manila Airport By Immigration Oggicers

Dear Sir/Madam.
I am Mohammad Ismail , a retired senior police officer holding the last position as Deputy Director 11 of Internal Security and Public Order with the Royal Malaysia Police, Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Currently I am the chairman of my own security company which is known as Microtech Security .
I have a very close filipino family friend by the name of Ruby Mendoza Lopera, holder of Passport No : XX 5002955, living at No :12 Road 13 Daang Hari, Taguig City, Philippines 1631, Mobile No : +639466333155, now having and running her own store business. She intended to visit Malaysia from 8th May 2013 to 12th May 2013 as a tourist. She had 2-way Phil Air Express tickets, confirmed original room reservation voucher for the duration of her stay and also financial capacity of 15000 pesos for her visiting daily expenses. However, she was offloaded after being interviewed by the Agents and Immigration Officer upon check-in. According to Ruby, she was offloaded for reason that she could not satisfy the requirements to travel as a tourist.She was advised to obtain more additional proof such as her business permit, financial capacity and etc
On advice of the Immigration Officer, she was able to fulfill all the requirements to travel. On the 24th May 2013 with 2-way Phil Air Express tickets, confirmed original room reservation voucher and her bank account she then came to Manila Airport to travel and visit Malaysia from 24th May to 29th May 2013 . She checked-in at Terminal 2 but was offloaded again without any specific reason despite the fact that she had fulfilled all the requirements as advised by the Agents and Immigration Officer at the first offloading on the 8th May 2013. I was so surprised and regretted as to why she was denied of her right to travel as she had already spent so much money for the preparation of her travel. By offloading her twice, she has lost so much money of her long hard earned saving from her business.
On behalf of her , I beg to appeal for your kind consideration and good office that with the genuine and good reasons above i hope she would be allowed to travel and visit Malaysia as a tourist without any hassle again at the Airport Immigration Passengers’ Check Point . I assure you and you trust me that she will abide by the rules and regulations of the law of both countries when she is visiting Malaysia
I would be much appreciated and grateful if my humble request could be considered for your kind approval. I am looking forward to your early and kind reply, please.
Thank you.

Mohammad Ismail
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Mobile No : +60123092112

Jun 19, 2013

Violation Of Human Rights Of Filipino Citizens To Travel Abroad

Dear Sir/Madam

I would like to refer to the general and specific functions of the Bureau of Immigration of the Philippines (BI) and observed that the offloading of international bound passengers at airport was not mentioned as one of the functions. Does the BI have the power to offload bona-fide Filipino passengers who have the right to travel abroad as provided in the Constitution of the Philippines ?


• Valid passport – at least 6 months;

• Valid Original visa for port of entry( when required); and

• For tourists, a return ticket. (Memorandum Order No. MCL – 07 -019 issued on October 24, 2007).

It has become a trend nowadays and in the past that many bona-fide Filipino passengers who wish to travel abroad have been offloaded at Ninoy Aquino International Airport at the mercy of the Immigration Officers and Agents on duty even though they have fulfilled and satisfied all the requirements as stipulated in your Guidelines On Departure Formalities For International Bound Passengers In All Airports And Seaports In The Country. I consider this is an abuse of power and violation of human rights of Filipino citizens to travel abroad.

I intend to take up the matter to the Philippines Cabinet, Commission Of Human Rights of the Philippine and the United Nations with a view to reviewing and having a proper procedure of preventing human trafficking and system of controlling international bound passengers so as the bona-fide Filipino passenger will not fall victim of circumstances of offloading at the whim and fancy of the Immigration Officers at the airport and enjoy their right to travel abroad. If ever they breach the relevant laws they could be dealt with accordingly.

Thank you,

Your respectfully,

Mohammad Ismail

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mobile No : +60123092112

Jul 25, 2013

blacklist because of a return ticket

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i am really upset with what they did to my fiancee, i am a filipina and i have an iranian bf. we suppose to get married on october 25, 2013. people from immigration put my bf name on black list just because of a return ticket.


my bf from malaysia came here last september 2012 with a one way ticket so philippines immigration/embassy deported him back to malaysia and aadvised him to get a return ticket and so he did. after a week he came back with a return ticket.. they gave him visa and stamped it. i personally processed his documents to the immigration to extend and get him a student visa .. they told us my bf needs to get a medical examination to get a student visa so we did.. and the school AMA computer college personally processed everything for my bf and got an ICARD.

last week we planned to go to malaysia for a short trip and before our trip we went to immigration to get an ECC or ecit clearance.. so all we know we have processed all the things my bf needs.. when we're in the airport and about to leave they held us and told my bf tht he is in black list and detained him.. till now his he is in dtention in cam bgong diwa taguig city..

if there is anyone here who can help us please let me know..

09159342224 is my number my name is mich.

also i personally saw how they almost killed one turkish guy to death becase they wanted more money from him and one person form intelligence department pushed his 6 months pregnant wife so he got angry.. when he fought back for his wife 21 people from intelligence department beated him to death and didnt take him to hospital.. omly the detainees inside helped and cured him .. keep the turkish guy alive till the next day someone or a doctor can come to tell the people or security tht he needs medical attention asap.. the turkish guys is a SGT in turkey and his father was a general in turkey. the good about it is that the filipina wife recorded everything while the people from immigration was beating hiim to death. so it will be uploaded on youtube and facebook,

Aug 2, 2013

Rude & Abusive Chinese Boss

I would like to file a formal complaint about a rude and abusive chinese boss in our company. I would like to know the process so that he can be deployed.

I am working for a Japanese company. My Japanese boss is just the best. However, there is a chinese manager/executive who was sent here by our head office in Japan. He yells at Filipinos all the time, making employees cry because of embarassment. He does not have any right to treat filipinos badly. He is an alien, after all.

He speaks ill of people so much that there is enough cause for filing a slander case against him. I'm thinking of doing that too. But I also would like to file a complaint with the bureau.

Please help.

Sep 4, 2013

Why so many trips to Immigration

They need to scrap the Philippine bureau of Immigration and turn it over to five year olds who might have a better Idea of how to increase foreign visitors who spend their hard earn money here. Once you acquire an ACRI card or at least the renewal of the card to stop with the ecc clearance and exit tickets that never get used. And stop having us leave the country ever 16 months. What a waste of time and money, not to mentioned most of us are senior citizens and the travel is hard on us. I had to tell my cousin to try Thailand or South America because trying to stay here legally is a part time job and the travel with the infrastructure isn`t save. A ferry to Cebu just sunk. The same ferry I traveled on months before to get my Ecc clearance because only the Cebu and Manila office can do it and I live in Roxas Capiz. If the system in place is older than 1 week their is corruption involved.

taken advantage
Nov 9, 2013


My children were born here in US. I applied for dual citizenship in Phil Embassy in NY way back 2010 and told them that they will be going to school in the Philippines. They say that I only need late registration of birth certificate to NSO... nothing was told about passport. My children went to Phil using US passport and went to school there. Last Oct 22,2013, on their way to exit on the Ninoy airport to have a vacation here. They were bullied by the immigration officer and actually asking for cash in order for them to exit since the officer said they over stayed. Well my children has only $100, so obviously unable to give them the money. They were not allowed to leave and ask to report to Immigration office in Intramuros. There they paid more than $3,000 processing fees, penalties etc. etc etc. ( I have been sending thru money gram). They were processing visa for them. Actually since my children are claiming they are dual citizen.. all they need is passport ( w/c the NY Phil embassy didn't tell us we need on the first place). So, they give my daughter a visa till Nov 28,2013 meaning she need to exit. So my daughter came in US for one week ( Nov1-8) only since they were hold in Phils and school will start in a Nov.11. We went to NY and applied for her Phil passport but will take 6 weeks to get. Now she is on her way back to Phil and I am so worried that the immigration will bullied, intimidate and give her a hard time... that need to be seen since the plane will arrive later.
About my eldest son, since they claimed the he over stayed for 2 years, the visa they processed took forever. ( actually they don't need a visa)... they start to process Oct 23, the day after their supposed departure. On the extension application they only extended it till Nov 04,2013. Only 11 days given, with Holiday and election... so the processing is not even done and extension is already expired. In short, on the 31st, immigration ask him to re apply ( another payment). My daughter left on the 31st, travelled alone without her brother. My son was in immigration office everyday... day in and day out. that how he spend semestral break. Finally, on Nov 8 was given the extension ( last extension and can not be extended anymore) till Dec04, he has to exit the country before it expire otherwise he will be blacklisted. His classes will start Nov11 and he has duty on weekend. Well, he has to exit to Hong Kong and came back ( hoping they won't have any problem coming back).
DFA wants them to show certificate of citizenship. The late birth registration filed in NY w/c is already registered and sealed by NSO w/c my children has was not accepted. Accdg to the NY consulate, I spoke personally last week, the birth certificate from NSO is the certificate of their Filipino citizenship and nothing else. If they are looking for oath taking paper, the consulate said that " it is only for Filipino born came to US and became US citizen and decided to became dual citizen. But in my children case, they were born here and their birth is registered late in NSO and hence doesn't required to take an oath. The fact that both parents also is a Filipino citizen at the time of birth ( w/c has supporting paper already), they have their right to be a Filipino citizen.
I feel we are tossed around, being take advantage of, being abuse by DFA and Phil Immigration, they make things hard and complicated, they put us on the ver hard situation and denied our right.
Can they see, I am sending dollars to Phil for my children tuition, for their expenses and allowances. Why they are making it hard for children who want to study and pursue education.Why making it hard for students and good people... because they only people they can handle and bullied. Go after those who are really foreigners who deal drugs, smugglers, doing punky business ...they can't because they have money. They are after the wrong people.

taken advantage
Nov 9, 2013


After reading all these complaints.... the Phil immigration are really abusive, take advantage of people, think they can do whatever they want because they have power, thought they are god, very bad reputation... sorry to generalized.

Dec 25, 2013

the owner of serene nursing home confiscated the mobile phone of my wife

The owner of serene nursing home confiscated the mobile phone of my wife that is the only way for us to communicate with each other and the employee at there office is so very unpleasing attitude... will u help me can u call the nursing home and tell them that it is not right to confiscate the mobile phone of my wife named : MYRA CASTILLO

Jan 2, 2014

Shame! shame on this country

The immigration office in intramuros should really consider changing their employees. As a Filipino citizen i am ashamed that people like those are gong to be the first people anyone going to this country is going to talk to. I mean what is up with those people they are always irate. Henlin has better personnel than immigration. as a matter of fact i think they should start hiring people from Jolibee i bet they'll do a better job than those lousy pricks in intramuros.

Jan 20, 2014

first time tourist epic fail..

last year nag plano ako na mag tour mag isa. destination malaysia Asian country tamaaa simple lang namn ang gusto ko eh ang mag travel sa ibang bansa at lahat pangarap yun at isa ako dun that time kasama ko ang asawa ng tita ko. excited ako kasi ang ginastos ko lang plain ticket balikan kasi nandun ang tita ko sa malaysia at anak niya in short may tutuluyan kame na condo para makatipid at ang perang dala ko eh magamit ko na lang sa pag tour.. dun sa malaysia nagbayad kame ng tax for travelling yung pypical na gastos before ka maka apak sa eroplano.. Nakaharap ko ang isang staff ng immigration yung nag stamp if your good to go unang tanung... first time.. sagot ko opo.. cge deretso ka sa loob intayin mo na tawagin ka... ako kinakabah sobra kung may sakit a ako sa puso baka hinimatay na ako.. pagka upo ko hinanap ko agad id's ko pera at optional na dinala ko company contract kung saan pumapasok ako...
tinawag ako ng immigration officer...ms evaluate kita,,
immig. officer- ms ano purpose mo sa pag travel
ako- po ang totoo mamasyal po at attend na rin sa binyag ng apo ng tita ko
immig. officer - eh baket ikaw wala ba ibang aattend dun sa binyag???
ako - po????
immig officer - ms ano trabaho ng trabaho ng anak ng tita mo???
ako- ahm i.t manager po sa isang company sa malaysia po anjan po yung photocopy ng passport ng kuya ko po..
immigration officer - bakeeet kamag anak mo ba cia.. atsaka ikaw ano course mo?????
ako- ahmmm I.T din po.. pero po nag work na po ako bali nag leave lang po ako at hindi i.t trabaho ko po clerk sa isang bangko po at opo kamag anak ko po cia sa mother side po... bakeeet po???
immigration officer - ms. una sa lahat masyado malayo ang surname ninyo dalawa hindi kau 3rd party relative atsaka maghahanap ka lang ng trabaho dun sa ganyang edad mo marami nagsasabe na mag tour daw pero mag hanap pala ng trabaho at isa pa paraeho pa kayuuu ng course di mo ako masisi na ganyan ang isipin sayo kasi unang una marami pinoy gumagawa ng ganyan... ATSAKA PEDE KA IPASOK NG KUYA MO DUN SA COMPANY
ako - ay hindi po ako maghahanap talaga ng work mamasyal lang po talaga ako (sa totoo lang takot na takot ako sa oras na yun kasi para akong ina akusahan na walang sapat na ebidensya at hindi ko alam kung pano patutunayan ang sarili ko sa kanya...) gusto nyo po makita na may dala po akong contract kung saan ako nag work pati id po
immigration officer--- at kung ako ang company di kita papayagan mag leave bago ka pa lang eh... atsaka patingin nga ng mga contrata na sinasabe mo....(tinignan ) o tignan mo akala ko ba sa bangko ka nagtrabaho ehh bakeet agency toh atsaka tignan mo walang pirma sa mga gilid isa lang ang pirma sa last page page pa anooo ba yan ang sasagutin lang ng company dito yung huli atsaka ms. sa bangko mo rin ako dati nagtrabaho sa legal documents kilala mo ba si ganito dun sa bangko.. at aminin ko sayo . kahit matagal na ako hindi nag work sa bangko na yun NASA AKIN pa ANG ID ko ng bangko na yun... tignan mo
ako-- (natataranta na) ahmm hindi ko po alam na kelangan marami silang pirmahan dun sa company contract , atsaka po na deploy lang po ako dun sa bangko na yun at isa pa po di ko kilala yung sinasabe nio po di po kasi ako naka assign dun (maluha luha na ako that time)

immigration officer - ms ganito dapat pag mag tour ka unang una sa lahat dapat may kamag anak ka dun...hindi pede yung ganyan invalid yun dun sa sinasabeh mo na kamag anak ikaw na lang evaluate ko as individual person MAGKANO BA ANG DALA MONG PERA kasi dun nga natin sukatin kung makapag travel ka ....
ako-( compute yung bigay ng nanay ko yung ipon ko ) ahmm ano po mga 30,000 po for one week vacation po...
immigration officer - (nag lagay ng malaking ekis sa evaluation sheet na fill up ko) sabay punit ng ticket ko at nilagyan ng stamp... ms... wag sana sumama ang loob mo pero HIND KA QUALIFIED MAG TRAVEL
AKO- pinipilit ngumiti at iniintindi cia hinayaan ko na pag hinalaan ako ng ng ganun AT UMUWI AKO NG LUHAAN hindi ko namn akalain na napaka hirap pla lumabas ng bansa ASIA lang naman ang pupuntahan ko at may return ticket ako lahat ng ginastos ko sa travel tax sa kung ano ano pa na binayaran ko sa NAIA 3 ayyy parang thank you ang nagyare...



Feb 7, 2014

Bureau of Immigration Philippines

Denied Bording
Yesterday a Lady from Philippines was denied to enter the Plane - she loose all: Philippine airline will not refund any Money!!! She had all the Dokuments / Return Ticket / Bank Acc. / ATM Card / Inviation from me / my Passport and 1Year Visa in Thailand / Cash Money… / Invitation for Holiday and live 2 Weeks in my Appartement - I explain that I will pickup at the Airport etc / Proof that I live in this Appartement / Cash 500 USD... and they think they can play God??? Do we have some rights too?? It is even better, if you need Visa, then everything is clear before you check in.. Philippine Airline will not refund anything, because she used the Cagayan de Oro to Manila Ticket already... just incredible!!!
I never see ‘Mafia’ like that – she want to come 2 Weeks for Holiday and she couldn’t come, because we didn’t see us in real – we know each other about 1 Year and speak for 2-3 Month everyday on Skype etc – are they crazy? Can they do what they like – or do I have some rights too??

Feb 28, 2014


Please monitor MR LUCITO MERCADO alyas CITO that after having been suspended from work at the immigration he still has contact inside the immigration to do illegal things in order to collect money from ignorant citizens. Also, you have failed to question many of his unexplainable wealth and properties he acquired since he works at the immigration.

Mar 4, 2014

Filipino married to a foreigner

I am a Filipino married to a foreigner. I met my husband years ago and we decided to marry. We want to process his TRV and immigration gave us a lot of recommendations which we followed in the thought that I can have him here with me since I had a miscarriage and am having treatments. My husband was told to leave me even if I'm having treatments and go somewhere else. This is the first time I really feel that I'm not protected as a woman and as a Filipino.

First was we were given wrong information by the bureau's people and then I am the one who's going to suffer the consequences of their shits.

No one can even tell me why my husband got denied even if his records here and anywhere are clean.

What happened to "protecting women" and "protecting your own countryman"?

Is anybody in the Beaureu even really working well? Does anybody even care for his own Citizen?

For the first time in my life, I can say that I am not proud to be a Filipino.

Mar 19, 2014



May 30, 2014

worst immigration ever

its so painful to know a third world country like Philippines have all this ridiculous act, its so painful they will deny their own citizen the privileged to travel and extort from foreigners , this is not a good sign at all as all this scares foreigners away. i am a professional footballer and also a student here in India , my girl friend of one year whom will planned to get married this December have been offloaded by the immigration twice, they did not consider the pain and stress , time and money been wasted ...whom will pay us all this back. This bureau of immigration is the worst i have ever heard off...

even when you get all the necessary document you need, they still give one stupid and unnecessary excuse for their own citizen not to fly....please who does that? i dont see this country progressing in the next 50 years.
i am pissed and tired of their crab and i dont wish to set my leg in the shitty country , i will continue to do everything in my power to get my woman out of there.


Mrs Emitter Scuttle
Jun 10, 2014


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Mrs Emitter Scuttle

Jun 12, 2014

Inorganized Processing

I was leaving for a holiday to Malaysia for 4 days (June 6) may roundtrip ticket at hotel reservation. All I need is a good vacation sponsor by my good friend, mga walang hiyang mga immigration officer n yan hnde ako pinaboard ng eroplano dahil kulang daw yung mga documents ko, kailangan ko daw pumunta sa POEA para iverify yung records ko aba, Sus, just for a holiday kung ano ano hinihingi, pera lang naman yata katapat nyo. Eh ano b ang akala nyo sa amin hnde namin pinaghirapan ang pera namin n pinangbili ng ticket. Hnde lahat ng umaalis ng bansa eh may masamang balak tulad ng kitid ng utak ng officer nakausap ko. Sana man lang kaunting considerasyon. Kayo kaya nyo kumita sa pagiging corrupt. Now, what I've read about Immigration Officer thru my experience, they are the most unhuman people in the Philippines, corrupt and no consideration. I wish you bad luck when we meet again soon.

Jun 14, 2014

Threatened by Nude Pictures

i Have a a bf living there in US..now that i want to end up our relationship he is trying to threatened me with my nude pictures that he is going to upload it in the internet..he is now in the US now..where can i filea complain against him and to stop threatening me??is there a way for him to be punish?

Jun 16, 2015


Having read comments from a few well-traveled tourists about the frailties of some Bureau of Immigration (BI) officers, I thought it could be helpful to add comments of my own. In the course of my short stay in the Philippines I have used just three of their offices. I initially visited their HQ in Manila, then their Pampanga branch, and recently their field office in Olongapo.
The Manila office was incredibly busy with crowds of tourists seeking visa extensions and so the visa processing was inevitably slow. But the officers there coped and guided the bemused applicants through the visa requirements with studied efficiency. Table space for completing applications was inadequate and some tourists resorted to using their laps, which created few amusing problems. The principle concern was the time taken to process the visas but I was wise to this possibility and took a book to read during the waiting period. The officers were under constant pressure but managed with a calm efficiency.
This efficiency was also noticeable at the BI Pampanga office in the Marquee Mall. They operate using the Mall shopping times and so do not open until 09 30. You are initially greeted by two agreeable gentlemen, both with a ready smile and bags of patience.They assist you clearly with whatever form you require and then, after you have completed the form at the large tables provided, you briefly sit down and wait for your turn to have your application processed by one of the officers behind some glass booths. You are allocated a number and this greatly assists with your understanding of how long you need to wait. I was attended by three of these officers. The first had a genuine sense of humour and gently rapped my knuckles over an error I made. I felt myself warming to him and my reactions became increasingly positive.
After a wait of some two minutes I was called to the finance officer's booth where she spoke to me clearly and with a sense of interest in my well-being over a disability I have. Then another brief wait, and I received my passport from a third officer. The entire procedure must have taken less than 30 minutes and there were never more than 30 applicants waiting for attention.
Over the years I have found that the tone in such establishments is determined by the boss in charge. If he or she has charm and a genuine interest in assisting the applicants then this tone permeates though the staff who consequently maintain a positive relationship with their customers.I never got to meet the BI Pampanga boss but I award 5 stars to that person for running such a convivial establishment.
However, the same cannot be said about the BI officers in Olongapo. I was obliged to use their office three times and I will most certainly not be going there again. The office space is inadequate. The first time I visited I was made to queue outside in the sun with about 7 or 8 other applicants. When I did eventually get inside the air was stifling. I was greeted by a surly security guard who, in response to my question about where to start, answered with an upward movement of his chin in the direction of some glass booths. I struggled through the crowd and cheerfully spoke to two young ladies behind the glass and requested a visa extension form. They both stared at me and completely ignored me. I managed to repeat my request whereupon one of the ladies decided to toy with the computer in front of her and the second lady simply got up and walked away.
I eventually obtained the necessary form from another security guard, and then realized that none of the officers I had approached had actually spoken to me, and had most certainly not smiled.
Meanwhile the cashier was showing signs of agitation. He was struggling under pressure and was unable to cope with it. A Korean lady in front of me could not hear, or perhaps not understand, exactly how much she needed to pay. The cashier grabbed his calculator, jabbed some numbers into it, and then thrust it at the lady upside down. The poor lady was naturally bewildered, and all of this was done without him looking at the lady. He kept his head lowered and waited with exasperation.
Fortunately, I was able to read the numbers on the calculator and I helped the lady with her payment.
There were three more men on the other side of the glass partition. Two were working on their computers and the third, whom I took to be the boss, was reading newspaper. I paid my dues and received my passport and papers. It was a relief to get out of the place.
My second visit there was worse. Behind me was a man, Australian by his accent, who was querying some payment with the two unhelpful ladies. The cashier decided to intervene and snatched the Australian's passport and jabbed a finger on one of the pages.The Aussie calmly asked how much he had to pay and withdrew a wad of notes from his pocket.
The cashier went berserk and started screaming at him. He had, as some folks say, ''spat his dummy''. He accused the Aussie of being rude and claimed that it happens every time he comes to the BI office.
I had witnessed the entire event and was concerned at the reaction of the cashier. The Australian's conduct had been calm and agreeable, and most certainly not offensive in any way. The boss arrived at the scene and spoke to the Aussie who, most sensibly, opted to leave the office in order to prevent any more tantrums from the cashier.
My third, and last visit to the BI office in Olongapo again involved the cashier. Apparently he had called my name but I had not heard him. I approached him and asked him, with a smile, if he had completed my visa application. Initially he refused to look at me, but finally informed me that my application had gone to the bottom of the list because I had not answered when he called my name.
After an unpleasant three-and-a-half hour wait I left the office and vowed never to return.
If you are contemplating using the BI office at Olongapo my advise to you is DON'T.
There is a strong case here for the BI Head Office to close its Olongapo branch and open another at an alternative site that has more space. At the same time it would be sensible to replace all of the Olongapo officers with ladies and men who are capable of dealing with the public. People who have a low threshold of self-control should not be dealing with the public. What is required are officers who possess understanding, tolerance, patience and a genuine smile.
If the current Olongapo officers read the above comments it will be instructive to find how they spin the facts to justify their unpleasant behaviour.

Jul 17, 2015


No civillised country in 2015 should stand for these disgusting practices, this is not civillised behaviour, it's giving pigs in uniform powers with no accountability and no consequences.
If they do it to you take their foto and make sure you demand to see the manager on duty and get their details, then contact a lawyer and sue thewm, and create hell on social media, MAKE THEM PAY!!!!!.

Dec 4, 2015

bureau of immigration Tacloban City - incompetence

I'm really fed up with the incompetence and the arrogance of the people at the bureau of immigration in Tacloban City. Those people are really worthless: they have not the least respect for the people who come to their office. The only thing they are good at is asking money, but service? No, that's not part of their vocabulary. Following up a file is not part of their job, Communicating isn't either. You don't get any information from them and when you ask them by email-phone-directly, you get vague promises (by email and phone you don't get any reply at all) and that's about all you get, because the next time nothing has been done about your file and so everything keeps on being postponed, but each two months, you still need to pay 3000 pesos. Why are those fat people being paid for? Sitting and chatting? When you go there, they make you wait several hours, for no good reason. . :

Dec 10, 2015



What: Denied departure , Australia bound | NAIA Terminal 2, International | December 5th, 2015

Reason: My 3 year old daughter is native-born / Australian Passport holder / No Philippine Passport

Result: Php 10,274 Total Immigration Fees
Breakdown of fees:
Administrative Fee Php6200 (Php 200 pesos per month since my daughter was born. Sep 2012-Present)
Express Lane Fee (Certificate) ????? 3 days is EXPRESS?
Certificate of Exemption Php720 This is a cheap paper bearing our photos, with expensive stamps and signatures)
ACR I-Card $50
Express Lane Fee (ACR Card) ????? NOT AVAILABLE AFTER 3 DAYS is EXPRESS?

Transportation costs:
Bus Php 210x2 = Php440 x2 (back and forth) = Php 880
Cab ride: Php200 x 2 (back and forth) = Php 400

Airline Penalties:
$100 x 2 pax = $200 Rebooking fee
$75 x 2 pax = $150 No show fee
$280 x 2 pax = $560 Fare difference

50 euros x 2 pax= 100 euros Agency fee

FEES Php 10,274 + Php 1,200= Php11,474
AIRLINE Php 42,861
AGENCY 100 euros = Php 5,171.18

TOTAL: Php 59,506.18


While I acknowledge my lack of research and f*cking attention to your new rules, I suggest that you put up a kiosk where poor passengers like ourselves can pay our stupid dues at the airport and spare us of all the inconvenience of going to your overcrowded main office and depressing expenses in airline penalties!

Please think of people who may not have spare money to meet all your stupid demands and deal with all the costs just because you DENIED them. Please have brief descriptions on your charge slips and let people know what they are paying for. A little decency,please.

Sep 24, 2016

Too long release of Dual Citizenship Application

I'd like to inquire what could be the reason(s) for the long overdue release of my Auntie's application for dual citizenship. Her name: Victoria Gochoco, 93 years old and resident of Maguikay, Mandaue City, Cebu. I was requested by her to file her documents which were prepared in BI, Mandaue City branch, mailed here in Manila for personal submission to the BI. And so, in June 17, 2016, I filed her application at the BI office in Intramuros, Manila. I was not given a claim stub or any proof that the documents were submitted. I was just told the approval is within 3-4 weeks. After more than a month, I made some follow up and I was told that the documents were in order but there are some investigations that has to be done to determine her citizenship. She was born in Cebu City on April 12, 1923 and therefore acquired Filipino citizenship. She went to to the USA as registered nurse sometime in the 60's, acquired American citizenship and retired in the early 90's. Now she is back to her hometown and would like to spend the rest of her days in that place. The question of her being an American citizenship posed problem because she repeatedly has to apply for extension of Philippine Visa or return to USA and come back again. And so she is asking for approval for her intension to gain dual citizenship. I was told also that upon her application, the requirement for extension is already taken cared of.

I understand that her documents are in the office of a certain Atty. Remulla

Kindly give necessary assistance to facilitate the release of the approval since for more than 90 days, there was no issue raised against that application.

Very truly yours,


Oct 19, 2016

Nightmare experience

Why we're all immigration staff not at there desks to interview passengers leaving Philippines on 19th October 2016
My Filapina girlfriend was asked to be interviewed by a member of staff at 19.45 hours
There were 4 tables only one was occupied by a member of staff who took it upon herself to go walkabout and leave the passengers sitting and waitin to be seen
My girlfriend was not seen to until 21.52 our flight had departed at 21.25 there was only 6passengers in front of her at 19.45
She was cleared to leave the Philippines
We had to stay at the airport all night and then book more flights at our expense
Maybe it was there was a Basketball game on tv that several members of staff were watching and cheering to in a back office
Instead of attending to passengers
I have video evidence to prove this and pictures .
If they were doing there jobs instead of amusing themselves watching tv maybe the 6passengers I know of would not have missed their flights and had to pay to get other flights
I was told by one member of staff that missing the flight was not a problem and we would be accommodated by the airline.
But that was not the case . They wanted 20.000 peso to book other flight
I booked with other flight companies instead
Not a very nice experience.absolute disgusting behaviour by members of your authority. I will be taking this matter further

Jul 22, 2017

Off Loading of a filipina friend

My friend was refused ir off loaded tbis psst 17 th July 2017,at Terminal 1 Manila. She had her new passport with a Tourist Visa to South Africa. Had the invitation letter amd many pics of her Sponsor and friends to visit. The Loko_Loko immigration officer told her,Maam your sponsor must be a relative. How stupid and foolish that pinay officer is,as she caused my friend to be traumatised. Its not possible to have a Relative as a sponsor as she has none there.
Its pathetic and totally irresponsible of those Loko_Loko immigration officers,as read that many are off loaded on a daily basis. The Philippines Consulate says its due to human trafficking of late. Thats absolute NONSENSE as this has been going on for many years. Its high time that they do their job,like are supposed to and STOP doing this off loading,unless person is smuggling etc
At one time I was looking to move to Cebu,Philippines. Now I even dont want to ever visit there again,as so many Loko_Loko person's there!

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