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Consumer reviews about Bureau of Immigration Philippines

Jan 7, 2012

inorganized processing

I have been coming to the Philippines for a few years with my wife and child who are filipino born, Clark for one has a bad reputation for rude arrogant foreigners that bar hop, That is just fact ! Sleezy old drunk men that couldn't get a girl in their own country so they come to the philippines and buy one for the price of a light meal in their own country!
So if your a filipino and you work at the one place where you can hold a power trip over one of these bar hoppers, Wouldn't you?? for other places I don't know, but for clark I know it's the case !

Jan 29, 2012

inorganized processing

Going in soon to pay the yearly fee's on time I guess within the first 60 days of the calendar year, if not you get hit with fee's and they run about 4, 000 peso's for being late and if you leave the country your wife is supposed to go in every year and pay the fee otherwise it's 4, 000 peso's for every year missed, found all of this out the hard way, good luck in asking questions there it's a total mad house of up and down go here go there and pay 3 places last time and they already had my information on file, I just got a newer card. I only hope that this year I only pay 310 peso's for my yearly due's because to rent a Van out is anywhere from 3000-4000 peso's depending on how many stops, no satellite office's even remotely close to my area and many foreigners live here it's a tourist trap, go figure and don't take expose yourself to robbery taking the bus and then multiple taxi's or jeepeny's that end up costing you half what a van will cost you to get around and you're pulling your hair out getting squashed in every ride.

I want to believe the words of "Changes are on the way" the new director in charge of the Philippine Bureau of Immigration so will see how it goes this time, I do know that it may take some time to carry out them, I do applaud the new Bureau Chief in removing and transferring 3 high level employee's late last year, my wife told me not to hold my breath. Last note, last year there were people inside trying to sell what I call coffin condo's, "What are they doing inside there? don't fall for these kinds of sales, you will need a can opener just to fit into the living room, no thanks, take the brochure but look on your own if you are really interested in this kind of thing, make sure the area is where you want to live and fixer's on the outside with signs.

And to all fellow expats please don't say hi and act like you don't see another fellow traveler so your women don't get angry, man I get tired of that crap, these women use us for our money and like to put you on a mantel and keep you there so nothing happens to you, might as well hang yourself then.

rosita amores
Feb 8, 2012

inorganized processing

im rosita amores, i just want to know were i can file a complaint against my husdand a sea fearer amormio amores because for 4 years now i did not recieved any help form him.. now he has a new mistress. thank

Feb 19, 2012

inorganized processing

i am a filipina and last night i was booked and had checked-in on a flight from clark to bangkok. i had all papers (retourn ticket, hotel booking, notarized affidafit of support by philippine embassy in bangkok, creditcard from my supporter, proof of relationship, picture of relationship of my sponsor).
But i was refused to board the plane. the immigration officer said, i need paper from Commission of Filipino Overseas.
15.000 Peso spend is lost! i am devastated. Can somebody help me and give me advise how to get the names of the immigration officers on Duty in Clark last night (february 18 around 7 pm)?
if somebody cn help me, pls help me (my email: [email protected])

Annah Leah
Feb 25, 2012

inorganized processing

I am a filipino citizen; and i married to a US citizen; my husband trying to apply a permanent resident card; took so long to get approved; and I keep calling to our Atty. in- charge whose name De ray. His horrible, never arrived on time for hearing; and by the time my husband got a letter for approval ; the window 1 personnel said to my husband, his getting go through the whole process and get approved if her gonna pay the entire process fees ; so? my husband follow the rules; and said he will need to come back by next 2 days to get his visa, and gues what? freaking assholes person told him that he will need to see his Atty. again because his gone for almost 2months out for the country? for God sake ; my husband is a seaman of course he will be gone. and I am a military active duty at United states. so its very complicated. after all the fees they ask? and try to rip us off for all fees, of all the sudden got a decission that he wont get approved because his out for the country for 2 months. so rediculous? they are full of SHIT>>>>>> their not doing their job, i hate to say that my country is the most corrupt on this entire planet. Specially immigration is the most freaking bastard personnel to deal with . after they ask all the fees and stuff after a day they try to tell you oh? you wont get approved..why?they just tell you frankly ?that sorry you gone too long. rather than give you hopes that you will get it?> i hate the philippines now?i was thinking retired over there?now i change my mind? because of this whole bulll--- shit immigration.not doing thier job at same time, they are just chit chat? They are very un -organized.Please Mr. President make it right? too damn ashame? i am a natural born filipino and before I join in United states military I use to served and protect Philippines as a Police Officer. And now? they just treat me and my husband like crap? that is why? Philippines never been in progress because of the corruption and stuff going on .

Annah Leah
Feb 25, 2012

inorganized processing

Immigration, is the most corrupt people in the Philippines Specially if you dealing with fees/ they act like foreigners got lots money?for God sake, I am a natural born filipino, im married to a US citizen, and my husband they wont get approved his permanent resident bec. they said his gone for 2 months/.after they asking all fees and entire process again.?how idiot this window1 telling my husband that his getting approved and come back friday for final paperworks, and all of the sudden they tell my husband?oh u ned to talk to you freaking atty. de ray? because his the only one can approved? you and gues what? freaking atty? not even talk to you face to face? fucking coward? only sending his little secretary? you know what? thats why philippines never been get in progress becuase all of this bull shit personnel work in the installation? all they worry is to corrupt and kick back some money? for God sake? I used to served and protect this country? and too shame how they treat me like that?as well as my husband? they think foreigners have lots money? we work our ass off?to get what we want? and too bad the way they treat us? anyway hopefully, Mr, . president you gonna do something about it? so many incident happen already like this. Hopefully one day? freaking immigration got what they ask for?and thinking hard? how stupid they are to deal with?> because they think?oh?we work at immigration facility?and we got a power to denied?bullshit? make it right? immigration personnel? you guys are awful ??????? hope so one day? it willl back to you and excuse my language for those who did thier job right? but for those?freaking person ? who does lots of money talk?and kick back/dont worry it will turn back around to you...mark my word.

bella chau
Mar 19, 2012

inorganized processing

The Immigration officers are obviously depriving the rights of the filipino citizens to travel, specially those who are not really rich.They are undeniably discriminating people, if your physical appearance doesn't look well, they're gonna criticized you. I have witnessed how the interview is being done, they interrogate the passengers who look so weak.
But in my case, they really messed up my flight! they have asked bullshits personal questions, they have also asked for some requirements and when i was able to provide it, they'd asked again for more! til i finally missed the flight!..nakakgago mga pingagagawa nila s mga tao!
lahat n lang pingadududahan pinaghihinalaan e bkit hndi kaya nila tignan mga sarili nila kung d b sila mga kaduda duda s mga pingagagwa nila!
They are even inconsistent! There were passengers that I chatted before checking in, they were 3 including a 1 year old baby, but they dont have a copy of their hotel reservations, But since they have a child with them they allowed them to go. meanwhile, according to the rules a passenger must have RETURNED TICKET ND A HOTEL RESERVATION.
asan ang consistency?
Nakakabuwisit isipin n kapwa mo filipino at taga gobyerno ang mismong tumatrantado s mga tao dto s pinas. No wonder why the other nationalities look down us, coz we ourselves, don't even know how to respect each other's rights. Pati b nman freedom to travel n magliwaliw ppakialaman nila, ano nman prueba nila n ang lahat ng pashero n hharangin nila e gagawa ng iligal doon?alam ntin lahat n may ganyan bgay n nagyayari, pero sana nman ayusin nyo mga tamang hinala nyo!dahil s gngawa nyo PERWISYO N DULOT NYO S TAO!

Apr 21, 2012

Need To Know

Hi can anyone tell me if a Filipino man can make a complaint to the Immigration office requesting that an American be denied entry to the Philippines because he suspects his wife is having an affair with the American? My Filipina friend told me this today I told her that its impossible for her abusive husband to file a complaint because he has no proof. Can he really to that? If anyone can answer this question I would really appreciated it thanks.

liza singh
Jun 21, 2012

off loading

Can you tell me what is this off loading system you have in this airport? i'm a malaysian citizen now ws a pilipina married here. i invite my two nephews for a visit to us, as i cant travel to visit them as im sickly. and been advice buy my doctors not to travel . so , as of i'm already orphan with sisters and brothers, i instead invited my nephews to come and stay with us even a month or so, but been refused to fly twice with the same officer. why? may i ask , they dont diserve to fly as they look like stupid , look like ignorant, look like beggars or what? can you pls. tell us why they have been refused? this is the only country that i know having this off load.why the prostitutes can fly? and not the guys.everyday prostitutes come and go.who will refund us the waisted two tikets? now we have to buy another for them.i have to see them as they are the only relative i have now.can you pls. give me assurance that the next tiket wont go to waiste again.do they need bribe? we dont do bribebing, as im married to a high court judge son in singapore. we follow the lawfull way. so pls. look into this matter. hope to hear from you soon. thank you......

Aug 24, 2012

Foreigners blamed

YOu want to stop American from comming here because he may be flirting with someones wife? GET A FUCKIN LIFE. How many Pinoys have 2 or more mistresses and thats considered normal by your screwed up society. Yeah take it all out on the foreigners, if it werent for foreigners your country would still be in the stone age. As for all you others that complain that foreigners only come here to bar hop. I say this. Your law says prostitution is illegal, but you have more prostitution here than in countries where it is legal. MAKE IT ILLEGAL AND YOU WONT ATTRACT THOSE TYPES OF FOREIGNERS. Just dont blame them for your mistakes.

Sep 23, 2012

Korean Man without Passport

Good day Sir Commissioner,

I am a filipina Citizens and staying in manila I experience with this korean Man with Name CHOI IN SUN he is 56 to 57 years old ,staying at #26 Vegel st. Cabrera Pasay city staying at San Meguel Family without any passport, visa staying here our country almost 10 years, I experiences this man physical injury, violent ,very bad guy, he always involved any cases of Korean man , for now i make medical and complain to laspinas City hall because he threaten me that he will kill me because i already complain his friend making business without visa so he badly angry with me ,hoping for your immediate action for this matter.P.S according to his neighbor that this Korean asking to process for new passport because he cannot go back to his country due to this guy had criminal case at South Korea, his passport is expired for years.Thank you so much and hoping for immediate action.

Sep 23, 2012

Please Help me

Please help me what can i do this man is continue to intimidating me without real sorry he continue making bad rumor blackmail back fight etc.. so we are complain in due process to be legal way please help us who is control like this person cruel person without have no conscience.please understand my situation , so please be careful to this like person.

Sep 23, 2012

korean national

what is immigration do? for the Korean national here in Philippines too much staying without any papers they have business and they are using for Filipino name.what is immigration action on how to control this people i have boyfriend before a Korean national also he had bad attitude always beating me is that a Korean attitude , Please officer of Philippines Immigration action for illegal business.

Oct 14, 2012

My brother was uploaded for 2x

Mgandang araw po...bakit nmn po ganon ang ginawa nio sa kptid ko 2 times xa na upload... Kung nagkamali man ng sagot o fill up ang kapatid ko... Normal kase first time nia na mag totour... Legal ho lahat ng papeles nia...pinsan kong buo sa dubai nag sponsor sa knya...ilan taon dn hong pinaghandaan ng kptid ko yon....pero sa ngayon gumuguho na hi ang mga pangarap nia ng dahil lang sa wala basehan niong.... Rason... LEGAL lahat... Completo.... Ndi nmn xa sikat pangkaraniwang tao ... Lang...bat kayo ganon... Anu ba kulang.... Eh legal nmn lahat....desperado na kapatid ko... Yun inay kong may sakit na cancer pinag iisip nio pa....garry dela cueva ang kapatid ko flight nia ng oct 17 .... Tawagan nio nlng xa sa cp nia ng wag na xa tumuloy ng airport kung aabangan nio na para i upload...kase magsasaayang lng xa ng oras at pagod.... Bakit nio tinatanggalan ng karapatan ang kapatid ko kung legal nmn lahat ng papeles nia .... Lagay ba ang kulang... Tulad non sa mga pamngkin ko ... Ayaw i release ang visa... Naabutan lng ng 4k agad agad ... Binigay.... Kung alam lng nila maloloka na ang ina sa kakaisip grabe na talaga sistema natin.... Ganyanin nio kapatid ko kung hindi legal papeles nia kung nakapatay ng tao.... O lumustay ng pera ng bayan... .... Alam nio ba yong napaka helpless ng kalagayan ng kapatid ko...almost 3 yrs xa nag intay... Tapos ganon lng gagawen nio... GOD BLESS YOU.... Napaka istrukto nio pero natatakadan kayo ng mga criminal.... Yun nga lang mas mapepera....

Oct 28, 2012

Swedish National.... Health Problem

I am asking for assistance "HELP" I have a boyfriend who is a swedish national married in their in their country and we are living together for almost 6 years already....6 years of sacrifice ...he got COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) he became so rude and no respect to me....he always threatened me.....of all my sacrifices in taking care of him he is still saying that, I don't deserve respect ...because of his health problem he is always running out money for medicine and food ii can not help him buy his medicine because i don't have work....his money is not even enough to buy his medicines. There are so many times he always hit me always got head burst...please help me to send him back to his country.....thank you

Nov 6, 2012

married filipina , marrying canadian without legal separation

this is in connection with the wife of my brother who are now based at alberta, canada working as domestic helper/caregiver..now im asking an information if my brother can possibly complain against his wife, as his wife have known to be married to a canadian..now i wish to know if your government allows any canadian citizen to marry a married filipina....without asking any document showing that this filipina is legally separated to my brother....now please kindly give me an information how to complain against this filipina wife of my brotther

Dec 16, 2012


i really like the filipino people, 98% hard working , honest, kind and sweet but the whole country is a basket case from top to bottom. dirty, dangerous, expensive, miserable and poor. why in the world would anyone want to visit this place more than once just to experience hell ? 2 million homeless children, more women working as hookers than there are manufacturing jobs in the philippines (shocking isnt it?) kids with copper coulored hair (protein defeciency) pawing at the windows of restaurants begging for food (so depressing) so much corruption and worthless government. 12% vat (sales tax) yet no social services or govt programs,
gasoline is 60% more expensive than USA yet roads in philippines terrible) malaysia is similar stock of people yet so much better
run. by the way american junk food is a step up from philippine food of cold spaghetti with banana ketchup but the fast food joints are 50% more expensive than USA (dont believe compare the price) here whopper jr 1.19 (50 pesos) in philippines 80 pesos ! why on earth would anyone pay 1200 for a ticket to visit that place ??!! and then to deal with immigration OMG they should be soooo happy that someone would want to visit and if they stay give them a free visa since they are going to spend money, paying so many taxes and get nothing in return ! i really feel bad for the filipinos (the good ones) who have to suffer living there, i guess thats why they are so religious they need faith in something to keep them going. thanks for reading my rant

Dec 16, 2012


as a suggestion, if you really want a nice vacation go to thailand ! its sooo much better than the philippines ! cleaner, cheaper, supermarkets much better quality of food and selection, so much culture and many things to so and do ! hotels about half the price of philippines. beer and cigarretes more expensive than philippines but i dont smoke or drink so could care less. (but i eat everyday which is more important ) ha ha the retirement visa is just 70 dollars a year versus 360 a year in the philippines. my impression is that thailand is safer since you dont see as many security guards, guns , police etc etc etc

Feb 19, 2013

mary grace jison/mr. deleon- immigration staff at Naia Terminal 3 internation departure ara

My son-in-law was supposed to leave for singapore as tourist last monday (February 18) via cebu pacific at 1:15p.m. When he lined up for the immigration officer to check his papers. He showed his round trip ticket confirmed by cebu pacific, confirmed hotel reservation at Amrise Hotel located at Geylang, Singapore for 3nights and 4 days. This immigration officerreferred him to Mary Grace Jison whose ID was not displayed. Upon seeing his papers, he was askedhow much money he have with him. When he said, he has 100singapore dollars, Ms. Jison told him it is not enough since taxi fare costs 50 dollars. He was asked to produce a certificate of employment, ITR and the balance of the atm card, which incidentally is in the name of my daughter. We were able to produce the ITR, but she said that ITR 2012 is not current. It should be 2013, but should that be when the filing of withholding tax for FY 2012 is on or before April 2013. He showed Ms. Jison the P7,000.00 he has with him aside from the 100 singapore dollars and the atm card which has P6,000.00. Notwithstanding, Ms. Jison again asked for the official receipt from the hotel showing that his stay was already paid for. The management of Amrise Hotel said that they only issue an official receipt once my son-in-law has already checked in. Payment of his hotel accommodations is charged to my daughter's credit card. There was a checklist which Ms. Jison was holding, and she kept on saying that there is a memorandum about this. When Ms. Jison took a break, Mr. De Leon took over and said that he will follow what Ms. Jison has said. Since he has been delayed for quite sometime, and we sensed that he will not really be allowed to board the plane, and it is past the boarding time, my son-in-law voluntarily off loaded. We tried to talk to the Immigration Supervisor, but instead, we were referred to Ms. Jison whom we talked over the phone.

We learned from first timer tourists who are our friends who just came from Singapore that they were not subjected to this kind of interrogation. Because of this unjustified interrogation by Ms. Jison, we lost P15,000.00 for unused airfare and 1 night hotel accommodation, but most of all, the trauma that my son-in-law suffered. Some said that Ms. Jison and Mr. De Leon are just waiting for "under the table" payment as was the case of some immigration staff so that the travellers, even if their papers are in order, will be allowed to leave the philippines. I hope this is not true.

Kindly inform us what this memorandum Ms. Jison and Mr. De Leon are just implementing in case of filipino citizens who are travelling as tourists so that we would be able to understand their actions and that we will not be subjected to the same situation.

I would appreciate it very much if you will reply to me via e-mail at [email protected] I may also be reached at tel.no. 897-1856.

Mar 20, 2013

Deportation Bribery Scam

Deportation Bribery Scam - Manila Airport NAIA, Terminal 2
There is a very serious ring operating at Terminal 2 of the Manila airport. They improperly detain passengers who don't need a return ticket (claiming that they do) and if a bribe is not paid right away they send you to the transit lounge where the staff there act as jailers holding for days with one meal and one drink per day. Airline girl comes for the last chance to bribe, and if you don't cough it up, then you have to buy a ticket back. Outside of totalitarian dictatorships, this is the most abusive place to be.

Mar 27, 2013

dictatorship and abusive

i am a over seas national went to go to the immigration office in butuan city to renew my visa as it was stamped on a date but the office in question was the said i was in breach of stay that i had to pay a for the day i was out of the visa as it was there fault they did not open in a 24/7 like all the other immigration control i i was done over they said to me if i not pay up they will stop me from leaving this hell hole of a city as i was leaving to go back to my place. the officer in control told me why i did not come to his office 3 weeks before the date i told him not to dictate to me when i should or should not arrive at his hell hole of a place and on face book most of the time or watch basket ball on tv instead of doing a proper and worthwhile job they paid to do Be very carefull they do not inform over seas nationals that if you stay here more then 6 months you have to have a clearence certificate have you heard such idiatotic nonsense in your live you see here in the philippines you treat as tourist prisoners unless your prepaired to give more money into there pockets he said if i do not do a finger check i will not be allowed to board a flight out of this country not only are they very abusive to us they dam right aggressive it seem to me you have no right to movement or any rights in there hell hole all paper work done manually so i do think there is a scam going on also so ask to see the date base for the fees you pay i think they pocket the rest

Apr 14, 2013

Abandonment of uresponsible father

My name is Claire a nanny from Canada. Does anybody knows how can I put on hold of my ex husband so he is not able to travel abroad. He abandoned us 11 yrs ago and I heard he is working in Bahrain and just come back to the Philippines for a visit. I am not asking any financial support from him all I need from him is to sign the custody form saying that he is giving me the full rights for my daughter so I can bring her to Canada. The last time I talk to him he was asking for some money from me then he will sign what an IDIOT and selfish man. He doesn't give anything to my daughter since he left us. I hope somebody can help me in here so I can process my papers in Canada and get my daughter. You can email me and send a personal message to [email protected]

May 6, 2013

Travel Clearance for Minors

I am a mother of 2 ages 16 & 11. Im working abroad. My ex husband got married & they're living in UK. Is it possible for my children to travel without my consent? I came to know from my daughter that their father is processing their papers already? What is the best action for this? Need your advices, suggestions. Thank you! you can email me to [email protected]

May 16, 2013

offload kahit complete papeles

nakakaloko mga immigration lalo na sa clark napakahinala di ka pa nga papaliwanag nag sasabi na sila agad na magwowork ka sa sa abroad kahit pakitaan mo sila ng kumpleto requirements... magkamali lang sa sagot sa kanila offload agad? f isipin nyo naman hirap ng tao magtrabaho dito na nagkaron lang ng chance magbakasyon diba pede un???? para kaung tanga sana wag nyo na lang payagan mag tourist mga maliliit na tao sa pilipinas para di nasasayang effort at pera nila makapagbakasyon man lang sa ibang bansa.... lalo na pag muka kang di mayaman pero pag tinanong kung nakatapos ka ng college pag umoo ka magsasabi na sila work na agad sa abroad... masaklap pa don one week ka lang vacation hihingan ka pa ng poea certificate... kakaloko dba?? maging tama naman sana trato nyo di ung ganyan napaka unfair nyo maxado

May 26, 2013

Offloading of Passengers at Manila Airport By Immigration Oggicers

Dear Sir/Madam.
I am Mohammad Ismail , a retired senior police officer holding the last position as Deputy Director 11 of Internal Security and Public Order with the Royal Malaysia Police, Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Currently I am the chairman of my own security company which is known as Microtech Security .
I have a very close filipino family friend by the name of Ruby Mendoza Lopera, holder of Passport No : XX 5002955, living at No :12 Road 13 Daang Hari, Taguig City, Philippines 1631, Mobile No : +639466333155, now having and running her own store business. She intended to visit Malaysia from 8th May 2013 to 12th May 2013 as a tourist. She had 2-way Phil Air Express tickets, confirmed original room reservation voucher for the duration of her stay and also financial capacity of 15000 pesos for her visiting daily expenses. However, she was offloaded after being interviewed by the Agents and Immigration Officer upon check-in. According to Ruby, she was offloaded for reason that she could not satisfy the requirements to travel as a tourist.She was advised to obtain more additional proof such as her business permit, financial capacity and etc
On advice of the Immigration Officer, she was able to fulfill all the requirements to travel. On the 24th May 2013 with 2-way Phil Air Express tickets, confirmed original room reservation voucher and her bank account she then came to Manila Airport to travel and visit Malaysia from 24th May to 29th May 2013 . She checked-in at Terminal 2 but was offloaded again without any specific reason despite the fact that she had fulfilled all the requirements as advised by the Agents and Immigration Officer at the first offloading on the 8th May 2013. I was so surprised and regretted as to why she was denied of her right to travel as she had already spent so much money for the preparation of her travel. By offloading her twice, she has lost so much money of her long hard earned saving from her business.
On behalf of her , I beg to appeal for your kind consideration and good office that with the genuine and good reasons above i hope she would be allowed to travel and visit Malaysia as a tourist without any hassle again at the Airport Immigration Passengers’ Check Point . I assure you and you trust me that she will abide by the rules and regulations of the law of both countries when she is visiting Malaysia
I would be much appreciated and grateful if my humble request could be considered for your kind approval. I am looking forward to your early and kind reply, please.
Thank you.

Mohammad Ismail
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Mobile No : +60123092112

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