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Biddeford Blankets

United States

Consumer reviews about Biddeford Blankets

Aug 18, 2015

Control Reading "E" and Customer Service

I spoke to someone in your customer service this morning (8-18-15) at 9:00 a.m. Eastern time and she was amazing. I told her that I was shocked she answered the phone and could not believe the incredible customer service I received from her. I wish I had taken her name down?

I told her I read the reviews on line about returns and warranties on the queen size dual control heating mattress pad and they were all terrible. Well, they were all wrong. I rec’d instant assistance and replacement. She asked me for the TC number and I told her I was at work, I called my son he read med the number 12BO-D as she read to me also, and is sending me a new controller for that one side of the bed as it keeps reading “E” and does not heat anymore and we have only had it 14 months.

Again, thank you for a great customer service representative for Biddeford and I also plan on putting this on your review website. I love our dual control blanket and was dreading having to buy another one and from a different company but I won’t be doing that now.

Biddeford definitely stands behind their Warranty and their name. I will buy from you again.

Oct 16, 2015

the dreaded "E"


Reset controller by pressing and holding in ON OFF button for 60 seconds (not sure if this is the official amt of time, but 30 sec. Didn't work, 60 did). Turn on , and everything should be good to go.

I just bought my 2nd biddeford blanket and just got it home today and plugged it in and there it was! The dreaded "E". I immediately thought it was broken. Tried it 3-4 times, but it kept changing to E after a minute or so. Then I vaguely remembered having the same problem and the last blanket had a manual w/trouble shooting info. I think the worst thing they did as a company was to save a little $ and stopped incl. The booklet. All I got was a tiny piece of paper with only the mandatory safety info.
BIDDEFORD TAKE NOTE!! What you thought would save you a little $, is costing you so much more, not to mention $$$$$$$!
And a lot of pissed off people who are now proud owners of Sunbeam electric blankets!!

Nov 13, 2015

Biddeford heated mattress pad

Didn't make it through the first winter before giving me an"E" indicator on the controls. No longer heats and after reading the other reviews I guess I'm hooped.

Nov 23, 2015

Biddeford heated mattress pad

My 1st heated mattress pad of 3 years is wonderful, heavy "felt" type material; dial goes to 1 - 5, but each year a number stops working (down to 3 now), so received a new one for my birthday last summer. New one is paper thin, material of sides crinkle like paper. The plug is on underneath side of the pad so the bottom can't be tucked in. To make matters worse the plug is located on the flat part of the pad, not on the side panel, so had to offset the pad. Top corners of pad can't lay flat. The buttons on the controls are located on the side face. In the middle of the night if I am too hot/cold, I go to push a button & end up pushing it off the nightstand. NOW I am wide awake retrieving the control. Made in China. Bought at JC Penney. Both cost $120. You certainly cut costs, but are losing a customer. Was it worth it?

Jan 12, 2016

Best Gift, at first

My husband got me a Biddeford Heated Throw as a gift this past Christmas, mind you that's barely 2 weeks ago, almost 3. It stopped working. I left a message with customer service, they called back. Basically, we're playing phone tag now. I just want a replacement, if that's even possible as it was a gift. My hopes are not high, judging from what I've read here.

Johnny Lai
Jan 15, 2016

Class action lawsuit should be file

Why hasn't any lawyer come forward for a class action this has the potential to be upwards of millions of dollars since there blankets is sold across Canada and USA in all target stores. There controller will bet extremely hot and will melt the plastic on the middle back side of the controller.

Suzi Costello
Feb 3, 2016

One side only works

I purchased a king size dual switch heating blanket one
Side of it went out with no warning only used this for 3 months. I paid over $150.00. And now the other side puts out to much heat. we are scared that it will catch on fire..
I tried to call them for two days couldn't get though then finally one day they answered but now I'm still waiting on a phone call from them. Don't buy from them

sandra shaffer
Feb 7, 2016

BOUGHT 5 damn heating blankets and 4 throws.

I BOUGHT 5 damn blankets, 2 damn heating mattress pads and 5 damn throws. Being of winter of 2014. I only opened up one mattress pad, 2 damn blankets and 1 throw for the house. Put rest away for when my kids come visit or company. The ones I opened up we used 6 months out of the damn year. One sparked and crackled. Very dangerous, fire hazardous. WTF? The package says warranty, no one said anything when I bought those I had to fill out crap, nor does it say on any part of products when I purchased them. I want them replaced or my money back. Their are so many complaints. If the company isn't gonna do shit. We all need to call on this matter. News 17, the media something. I want my money back or blankets replaced on their expense. I'm calling . Nothing obviously is going to be done complaining and not doing something.

Feb 15, 2016

Defective dails



I ordered your BIDDEFORD Blanket from HEARTLAND of America on December 31st. 2015 and it arrived on January 9th 2016. And it was registered on January 10th. 2016. I ordered a Blue Blanket and when I opened the package it was beige color. That evening I turned on dials only to discover they’re next to impossible to turn, I have to use both hands and even then it’s difficult!
The blanket itself is fine and I guess I have no choice but to keep the blanket for the exception I need another set of dials. The problem is I threw the old electric blanket away and to return this one I would have a problem! In Santa Fe, NM the night temperatures is close to the single digits. Is there any way that you can send me a new set of dials and I’ll return the one that came with the blanket!
I’ve purchased several items from HEARTLAND and their products aren’t exactly all that good! The sales lady at Heartland I ordered from doesn’t exactly have a pleasant personally.
The Electric blanket must have been an old blanket stuffed away in some corner in storage for years and they didn’t bother to check the blanket for the color I asked for and if the dials were working properly!
Invoice Number: 033591092 – Customer Number: 008544595 – Order Number: 30963406 – Batch 362895 - Single WHSE#0100
The product No: 5674Q- Queen Comfort knit elect bla - $69.99

Julián Sánchez
4004 Rodeo Rd.
Santa Fe, NM 87507-4818
Phone: 505-4713128

Thank you,
Julián Sánchez

Oct 13, 2016


I purchased the Biddeford Electric Throw with high expectations. After I put it together and plugged it in the dissapointment
started. The blanket only got warm in about a 5" area of the center of the blanket!! I went through all the steps again and tried a different plug and it was a repeat lack of performance. These things need to be recalled. Yes indeed you get what you pay for. This company makes "less expensive" merchandise. IT SHOWS!! Sent this back and will never try this brand again.

Nov 16, 2016

Throw Only Worked 1 Day

I bought the Biddeford plush throw at Kohls after seeing that it was on sale. With the coupon and the sale price I paid 36.00, which was $35.50 more than it is worth. As advertised, the throw provided toasty warmth on the cold, rainy evening of the day I bought it. Next evening I was disappointed to discover that it would not work. The remote would not accept any temperature setting, and there was a constant blinking light where the temperature bars would normall be. The throw did not heat up at all. I went online hoping to find a way to troubleshoot this problem, but it seems I am not the only person who was misled into buying a Biddeford product. I am returning the throw to Kohls tomorrow. At least Kohls is a reputable company, and I can count on them to refund my money. I will not be buying anything else with the Biddeford brand.

Nov 22, 2016

Blanket worked on one side then both sides stopped

I bought this blanket at the end of the season on a seasonal sale hoping to have a warm bed this winter,,,,, plugged it in and one half worked for 3 nights now it won't come in at all. Control number is lot 240615-1B full size, light green color. I will never buy another one from this company no response to 1-800# 😢😡

Dec 2, 2016

biddeford blankets malfunction

yes I purchased 2 Biddeford Blankets both stop working within the year . I bought them in 2015 and it is a year later both not working. Don't know why use them in 2 different rooms. The controller on both stop working Just me assumin it says a 5 year warranty.i would like them replaced its very cold here Michigan. My email address is [email protected] please get in touch with me to let me know how they can be replaced

Dec 11, 2016

I'm Freezing my Butt Off

NOT OKAY! NOT OKAY! NOT OKAY! I got this blanket 15 days ago and I'm sitting in the office freezing my butt off because it just won't turn on. I brought it knowing it had been working and now, in a building with no heat on a below 32 degree day cold and tired. THIS IS NOT OKAY! The 5-year warranty is a scam. On the blanket packaging it said ten and on the website it says 5. The website is so unhelpful and I cant believe a product like this was sold at Kohls. GAHHHHH it's so cold....

Dec 31, 2016

Blanket is worthless

I received a bifford heating blanket worked great for 1 week then controller says E and won't work

Jan 13, 2017

Burnt Smell and Heat Control too hot, doesn't warm up

I have used this blanket for a few years. It doesn't get that cold here so I don't use it regularly. Since we experienced a cold snap recently, I dug it out to use it.

I plugged it in and it immediately started to smell like a burnt smell. I got the dreaded 'E' on the control and I couldn't get it to turn on. The blanket itself did not warm up.

After a few minutes, the heat control started to heat up to the point where I couldn't hold my hand on it because it was so hot. If there was something on it, it's likely that it could start a fire!

I bought this blanket because of the Good Housekeeping seal on the packaging. What a joke that was.

Although I did get some use out of it, I'm really disappointed that it seems to have just quit.

Jan 17, 2017

Blinking red on Remote and wont work?

I had a Biddeford throw bought for me and has worked for about 3 months until now. I turn it on and the remote just blinks the top setting bar, red and refuses to heat. Was working fine 3 hours ago but ive tried unplugging and replugging but theres only 3 buttons on the remote which is on/off, temp. up, temp. down. So theres nothing else to try. Ive tried straightening it out, using different outlets, holding down the on/off button, but nothing works.

Jan 22, 2017

Electric Mattress Pad stopped working

I bought a queen sized Biddeford mattress pad at Target on Jan 17, 2017. It was fantastic...for 2 nights. By the third morning, the lights were dead on the controllers--they simply stopped working.
Thought it was a fluke so I went back to Target and exchanged it for another one. This time it only worked for one night! Now I have to drag myself back to Target, where I will return rather than exchange it. I will NOT purchase anything else from this brand.

Kristy Irwin
Jan 27, 2017

Same troubles as everyone else

I've had my Beddeford Electric Blanket just shy of one month. It's completely stopped working just like everyone else's. I've been unable to get ahold of any type of customer service just like everyone else as well. Unfortunately, I did not anticipate this ever happening so I no longer have the receipt to return the product to the store either. Such garbage and a waste of $40.

Miss Daisy
Jan 27, 2017

My new electric blanket

I finally bought a new mattress, as the one I had was 12 years old. At the time if purchasing the mattress set, I bought a new electric blanket, at the Audi grocery store, as they had several on sale for $69. The bedroom has very poor heat, and I thought a new electric blanket would be great. I put the electric blanket on about a month after setting up the new mattress, in November. Time to sleep nice and crispy. New Sealy mattress and new Biddleford kings size blanket. That first night the Biddleford worked great and has done so every winter since. It was purchased Oct. 2008. Been keeping me warm every (Ohio) winter since. It is Jan. 27, 2017 and it is on right now, pre-warming the bed as I write this. I get that "E" code sometimes, and I think it means an open circuit. I just check connections, shut off for 10 seconds, and turn back on. I think at this point I may have a broken wire going out of the control, to the blanket plug. Haven't checked it yet. I think some of these problems people have may be due to low house voltage. Run a check at the outlet. Biddleford has been a great blanket. I will probably buy another when, or if this one dies.

Feb 8, 2017

Shoddy merchandise

How does this company stay in business! I bought a blanket it quit working within 24 hours took it back (60 mile round trip) got replacement stopped working within 2 weeks! This company needs to be run out of business.

May 3, 2017

Faulty Electric Blanket

I purchased a Biddeford electric blanket a month ago. Within a week, the controller stopped working. It would not even turn on, much less provide warmth. We contacted the company and they sent a new controller. The new controller worked effectively, but this controller also broke within two weeks. The night I turned it on and realized the controller wasn't functioning (again) I heard a pop and smelled a burning smell. We contacted the company again. They confirmed they are having issues with faulty controllers. They are sending us a new controller (again) and we have to send the old controller back to them. A week has passed and we still have not received the new controller and packaging to return the faulty controller. I am extremely dissatisfied with this product. We are on our second controller in a month. Even more concerning is the episode where I heard a pop and smelled a burning smell when the controller malfunctioned. I have two children and a dog. I am no longer confident in using this product or brand.

Jul 11, 2017

Heated blanket controls

I have 5 electric Biddeford blankets and all 5 controllers have quite working

Jul 20, 2017

Just Say NO

Worked for a short while & then it went DEAD. Power was not reaching the LED control Panel of the Mattress Pad. End of story. Replacement....Well I am sure you have read the horror stories on this review site. Sorry to say they are true, just toss it in the trash and forget it to make your life a little easier!

Dorothy Hamann
Oct 25, 2017

Customer service

I bought the Sherpa electric mattress pad and didnt have instructions so was going to take it back after reading all the reviews. I called the 800 number and they answered, I asked them for instructions and she emailed them right away and gave me a ref number if I have problems with the mattress pad. I guess will see what happens, she did say the controllers do go out and she said with the 5 yr warranty just sent them back and they will replace them.

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