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Consumer reviews about Best Buy Canada

angry at bestbuy
Dec 15, 2011

Customer service (or lack there of)

Do NOT get the Best Buy Product Exchange Plan. It is a scam. You end up paying the equivalent of a new iphone or product anyways over three years, then when you come to make a claim, they point to ANY physical damage (whether its related to the malfunction or not) and reject your claim. And you can't get out of it. It's disgraceful.

angry at bestbuy
Dec 15, 2011

Customer service (or lack there of)

The Best Buy Product Exchange Plan is a SCAM. You end up paying the equivalent of a new iphone anyways over three years, then when you come to make a claim, they point to ANY physical damage (whether its related to the malfunction or not) and reject your claim. And you can't get out of it. It's disgraceful.

doug las 849
Dec 16, 2011

Customer service (or lack there of)

Worst store to deal with Why is there both Best Buy and Future Shop only two city blocks from each other they are owned by the same head office . I will never deal with Best Buy again on anything . Go to Costco at least you can get a full refund without a bill on TV, s and DVD players just over one year mark and not get ripped off for almost $100.00 plus taxes without a huge fight !!!

Feb 2, 2012

Customer service (or lack there of)

On January 23, I went on to the Best Buy website looking for the collector edition of Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360) for a birthday gift for my son. My mother had asked for me to find him something that she could purchase online and have shipped to him, as I live in Canada and she lives in the US, and this is a game he wanted.

On January 23, I placed the order on your website for the game, $74.99 plus hst, for an order total of $84.74. I put my address, and her credit card information in the system, which I have used before to make purchases without issue. I understand the system requires the billing address to match the credit card, but the system finalized the order and sent me a confirmation, Order #880***23.

On January 31, more than a week after I made the purchase online, I received an email requiring further information. I was not too surprised at this request since the address did not match the billing address for the credit card. I forwarded the email to my mother, the holder of the credit card used for the purchase, and she tried to call, but was advised that they would not talk to her since the order was not in her name. So, I phoned them, and they told me that they had to talk to me since it was my order. I verified the credit card information and phone number and address on the credit card with the customer service agent. I was told that the system would update probably overnight and that my order would ship out the next day. Great.

I checked on the Best Buy website on Feb 1, to see what the status of my order was and it showed an incorrect shipping address, and the credit card information had been entered, but it said that the card had not been charged for the 84.74. I phoned customer service and spoke with an agent. His English was quite broken, he told me that the credit card was in the process of being verified, that I just had to wait. I hung up from him and phoned again to ask for clarification as I did not understand most of what the other agent had said to me. The girl said that everything was fine, that the credit card verification had been submitted, but she was going to escalate it for me so that it would be expedited since I explained that this was my son’s birthday gift. This video game is a special edition and had to be ordered before the release date to get the special edition and Best Buy had some sort of special book with the game which is why I ordered it from Best Buy and not Amazon or Future Shop. She told me that if I did not get a verification of shipment via email by the end of the day, that I should call back. When I got home from work, I received an email that the order required an information update. So, I called again and went through the whole story, and I was told that they needed the phone number off the back of the credit card. I phoned my mother and had her on the cell and the agent on the land line, and had my mother read off the credit card information and phone number to the agent. Once that was done, I asked if that was everything- and she said that it was. I asked if she could escalate it again since time was an issue. She said she could do that for me to hold, and she put me through to another agent. I went through the whole story AGAIN, verified the account, AGAIN, and explained to him that I had been transferred to him for him to expedite the verification process for my order. He told me he had no idea what I was talking about that there was no such thing an expediting an order, he was quite rude. He told me I just had to wait for it to go through. I asked him if he had everything required for the order, the address, phone number, they talked to mom, everything was good to go. He said it was, so I hung up satisfied that the order was going to finally go through.

After supper, I checked my email and found another email from Best Buy, requiring an information update. I phoned, again, now this is the fourth time I have called, and the fifth person I have had to verify my identity and order information. This time I asked for a supervisor. The agent said, “Why?” I advised her that I had been around the block and back with Best Buy all day over this order and I was not going to deal with another agent, I wanted someone who can do something. She asked for my order number and all the information, AGAIN, so I went ahead I apologized that I was mad, but I was really frustrated at this ongoing situation over this order. She kept “apologizing for the inconvenience”- I told her that I wanted to speak to a supervisor unless she could verify that my order was done and on the way. She said no, that she had to talk to my mother. I told her that we had already been down that road, been done, all verification information possible had been provided. She said that she could not discuss it with me. I told her I wanted a supervisor, again. She told me that she could not get a supervisor. I told her that I was not going to talk to her any more, I wanted a supervisor. She put me on a very long hold, and when she came back on the line she told me that there was not a supervisor available. She then said “it is not going to do you any good the supervisor is also going to want to talk to Mary Howard". I told her that I was not going to talk to her any more and I would only talk to a supervisor, I asked for her name and agent ID# (Annabelle, 62423 is what she told me) and asked again for a supervisor. She put me on another long hold, and when she came back she told me again that she could not locate a supervisor. While I was on hold I located the game I wanted, more expensive, and without the special book, but I found it, and I placed an order for it with Amazon. When Annabelle came back on the line, I told her to cancel the order. She told me that she could not cancel the order. I told her it was my order, and I wanted to cancel it. She told me that she would not do it without talking to *** *****. She told me if I really wanted to cancel it I could do it myself online. So, that is exactly what I did.

I have bought MANY electronics, my xbox kinect, my plasma tv, my laptop, loads of video games, cell phone cases, cell phone chargers, movies, and accessories from Best Buy. When I need something and I can not find it other places, I go to Best Buy. I have ordered online from you in the past without issue. I was a loyal customer. I am telling you now, after this incident, I NEVER EVER shop on the Best Buy website ever again. I will tell everyone who will listen about this incident, and encourage everyone I know to avoid Best Buy, especially for online purchases. I have never been given such a run around by untrained, ignorant, customer service representatives. These people who are in your employee have cost your company a good customer. Perhaps this will bring attention to a problem that you can do something to correct. As for me, I am done with Best Buy. Too bad, I really did like your company, until today. AND in the time it took me to compose this email, I received shipping conformation from Amazon for the order that I placed less than 30 minutes ago. THAT is good service.

Mar 9, 2020

Online Samsung Purchase

March 2, 2020 I placed an order online with Best Buy Canada for Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G 512GB w/ Galaxy Buds+, Wireless Charger & microSD - Cosmic Black – Unlocked package. Several emails & telephone calls back and forth to confirm my correct shipping & billing address and to verify my order would shipped.

This order was eventually cancelled because of the above issues. Best Buy online order system needs a drastic tweak and there certainly needs to be better communication between their call center & customers. I have previously made several Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and many other purchases with the same credit card with no issues whatsoever.

I spent a lot of time on hold speaking with three of their sales agents and even a supervisor trying to have my order shipped to no avail.

A real time consuming and very painful experience. Best Buy Canada you can absolutely do better than this!

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