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Bedford Forrest Management-John Schultz

United States, California

Consumer reviews about Bedford Forrest Management-John Schultz

Jul 19, 2013

waste of money!!!

NEVER DEAL WIRH JOGH SCHULTZ!!! This person is just a money hungry crook!!! He stole my money without a shame! This company must get rid of this person because while he is working for them, Bedford Forrest Management 11109 Otsego St. #202 North Hollywood, CA 91601 North Hollywood , California USA loses own money and customers!!!

Apr 13, 2016

Neurotic Control Freak

Every female actor should STAY CLEAR of this head case. He is bat shit nuts. He ONLY reps woman so he can control and mentally manipulate them. He is only interested making money off of you and doesn't care about your career. He will threaten to drop you if you don't do what he says. You have to go to his apartment to get your check and pay him his commission if you book a job.

I'm surprised hes still in business but I guess his women clients are to scared to leave and tell someone because they are desparate to work.
But everyone else you don't want this guy to be your manager, you'll regret it!!!!

Aug 23, 2016


He's scary and should not be a Talent Manager in Los Angeles. Young actresses beware! He is manipulative and will at some point belittle you and disrespect you. He will also curse and yell at you for anything. Do not fall into the trap of John Schultz. He's bad for artists. He's controlling. I'm surprised that he's still in business as I know of 6 actresses that have had major problems with him.

He only represents actresses. He knows he could never get away with being a controlling asshole to a male. Women, protect yourselves, your space, and your creative world. Do not work with John Schultz. He's a nightmare.


Dec 3, 2016

My Rebuttal

I am just reading these complaints about me and my company and I am shocked and appalled. I find it difficult to defend myself because these women don't give their real names (probably because they are afraid of a slander lawsuit) nor give specific examples of what I did to upset them. I have been a talent manager for almost 16 years and, yes, clients come and go and sometimes you don't leave on the best of terms; that's the business. I would say all of my current clients appreciate what I do and will rebut these claims. I would also say the majority of clients who have parted ways and nothing bad to say about it me. But you do get one or two who were possibly a nightmare to work with and I had to let them go. But instead of acting like a professional and moving on, they decide to go on sites like these and complain with fake names and broad accusations.

As a manager, my job is to give advice. Clients can't just do whatever they want; it hurts a manager's reputation with casting directors. So that claim of "He will threaten to drop you if you don't do what he says" is true of any manager. If a client doesn't go on auditions or take my advice, it is pointless to have them; actors like that shouldn't have reps then and they should just do it on their own. As to the claim, "He is only interested making money off of you and doesn't care about your career", the only reason I take on a client is to make money. It's a BUSINESS and a lot of actors do not understand that. If I am only interested in making money, as this person stated, of course I care about her career If I didn't care, I wouldn't make money; the statement contradicts itself. Also, regarding the claim, "You have to go to his apartment to get your check and pay him his commission if you book a job", I have a home office, as many managers do, so if a check comes to me, yes, a client will have to pick it up and pay me; that's just natural.

The reason I rep all women is because I am a feminist and if I had a dime for every time I heard a story about as female actor being sexual harassed, I could retire. I wanted to provide a safe umbrella for female actors and also protection if anyone tried to sexually harass them. However, I refuse to be taken advantage of by clients who steal agents, refuse to pay me, or do whatever they please. That is not professional and any manager would be upset and drop them. I will assume that the clients who wrote these complaints did exactly that and that's why I let them go, so they got upset and wrote about me. If either client is reading this, please feel free to contact me so we can clear the air and bury the hatchet and move forward; life is too short for anger.

I have been doing this job for over 15 years and my clients are continually booking (please feel free to visit my IMDB.pro page or my Facebook page to see all of the bookings.) I say about 99.9% of my current and former roster had nothing bad to say about me, but you get one or two bad apples who don't follow the rules and I cannot work with them so they decide to write negative things about you without citing specific examples or give their real names. If you have questions about any manager, please contact their current roster who are happy with them and not one or two former vengeful former clients. Any manager will have former clients who hate them; nobody is perfect. But question who they are and what was the circumstances surrounding that; these women give none of that here.

Like I said, if these women gave their real names or gave the circumstances regarding their emotions, I could defend myself. if these women are reading this, please contact me so we can straighten things out and move forward and put the anger behind us. Thank you.

Jun 3, 2017


I have to agree with these other girls. I was approached by him and decided to hire him. During the 8 or so months I was with him he had me change my agency with one he got me. The only auditions he got me were non-union and nudity for $125 per day. I told him I didn't want those auditions anymore and he got very angry. When I decided to drop him, he told me that if he goes, so does my agent. Totally threatening. I called my agency and they said he had already contacted them about me wanting to leave and said they wouldn't drop me. I left him and he harrassed me with phone calls, emails, and texts. I had to contact the police and file a report. Him saying he is a feminist and that is the reason he only reps girls is BS. I agree with the other girls on here, he would be too afraid to pull this shit with guys and that is why he only reps girls. Also, on his FB page, he constantly barks at his clients about what to get him for his birthday, christmas, and anniversary of his "company" which is just him in his apartment. Its also true that he makes you come to his apartment in a seedy area of N. Hollywood to pick up your paycheck. Really creepy. Avoid at all costs.

Jun 5, 2017

My Rebuttal on JanetPlanet137

I am reading the complaint of JanetPlanet137 and I don't recall any of what she is saying.

Was this client non-union? Because I don't submit SAG clients on non-union projects.

Was the client comfortable with nudity? Because I also don't submit clients on nudity roles if they are uncomfortable. I asked them that in the interview: "Is there any roles or Breakdowns you would not want me to submit you on?". If the client says they don't want to be submitted for nudity roles, I do not submit them on nudity roles, because I want the clients to be comfortable. If a client turns down an audition because they are uncomfortable with the material, I never get angry with them because they probably will never book the job anyway, due to their comfort level.

What is this police report she said she filed? I never received any police report whatsoever. I don't recall harassing this client about her leaving me. I don't know who this client is because she refuses to give her real name, so I can't defend myself when I don't know who it is nor the specifics of her complaints.

What was the agency she left and what was the agency I "forced" her to go with? If I get a client with an agent and they leave me but keep the agent, I consider that unfair and, yes, most managers would be upset by it.

I do work out of my home office but so do many managers to keep our overhead low. My home office is located in the Noho Theatre District behind the corner of several theatre companies.

I have been a talent manager for 16 years and have over 60 clients, all very content with what I do. I also have a good relationship with many casting directors in L.A. and they see my clients consistently, so I consider all of this to be rather confusing.

If JanetPlanet137 is reading this and I have upset her in any way, I humbly apologize but, like I said, I do not know which former client this is nor any of what she is saying. If she would like to come forward and talk to me, I would welcome that.

(Btw, the other girls who registered a complaint with me on here is the same person. After some research, I discovered she opened up two different accounts to berate me on here.)

Jun 5, 2017


One more thing I would like to add:

I no longer have clients' checks sent to my home office and haven't for years. Either the agent gets the client's check and they send me a separate check or the client get paid directly and the clients either use Paypal or Venmo to pay my commission. I haven't had a check from production come to my home office in years. Knowing this, I can safely assume that I have not worked or spoken with these former clients (or perhaps just the one client posting three times with three different accounts, I can't be sure) in several years. I am sorry if she still holds a grudge with me several years later; I would think after many years, one would be able to move on. I have made several changes to my business over the last few years and have grown as a manager; if this person believes my behavior back then when I worked with them was objectionable, I truly apologize and hope that we both can bury the hatchet and move forward with our careers and our lives. Life is too short for such animosity; we all have to work together in this town.

May 20, 2018

Don't Be Managed By John Schultz

Yup, everything you read is true ladies. This guy is a creep, manipulative, intense and weird. Reminds you of the kind of person who lives in his mom's basement collecting her social security checks. He feels like he's a powerful bigshot for the fact that he is a "Hollywood Manager". Not all Hollywood managers are good people. Some of them are scum. I was friends with many of the other beautiful and talented young actresses that he represented, and they ALL SAID THE SAME THING. He tries to pressure you to do projects you don't feel comfortable with, asks you for rides because he doesn't have a car, and tries to bully you into attending asinine events because he wants you to pick him up and take him there. He crosses the line between professional & personal. His energy is super creepy and lecherous. He threatens and attempts to manipulate you if you don't do what he asks of you. He is a sick man. Don't even consider dealing with him. It will be a waste of your time. And you don't need him as much as he needs you. Trust me, you will find new representation that works with you as a team and respects you. I did just that and was SOOOOOOOO much happier.

May 20, 2018

Another Rebuttal

Oh, brother. This is the third time this particular person has created another account blasting me, pretending to be a different person. (If you click on all three accounts, it reads 'Place of Origin: India'.) This is the same woman creating different accounts blasting me publicly.

Since this appeared today, I think I know who this is. I went to a TMFA luncheon yesterday and she was there, looking for representation. I told all of the other managers how she fired me after I got her a job several years ago and how she got a big ego and fired me. The agent I got her decided to let her go as well. After that, the managers did not want to rep her; we are all in solidarity. This actress wrote on the page how karma will get me and how God would take care of me. I told that to the head of the association and she was blocked. You cannot publicly threaten a manager like that. She probably figured it was me who told the head of the association and decided to continue her childish posts on walls like this. (By the way, she hasn't booked a job in several years.)

I have 60 clients currently. One is a series regular on "Legion", one is a recurring on "L.A. to Vegas", one is a recurring on a soap, one is a recurring on "We the People" for ABC. I am sorry, after seven years, this actor continues to feel upset and has trouble finding new representation, but she needs to stop attacking me on here. It is unprofessional and slanderous. I feel like I will need to get my attorney involved if this continues.

If prospective clients are reading this and want to ask me questions, I am an open book. But I am fed up with this untrue attacks on my character!

May 21, 2018


Ladies don't mess with this guy he is very rude, disrespectful and a pervert. We are adding him to the meetoo app because he uses his position to try and get sex. What manager has no car she ask his women clients to pick him up? What manager calls you at inappropriate times of night and it's not about work? Watch out for him

May 21, 2018


Once again, these attacks on my character needs to stop. This woman has been going on these troll sites for 5 years creating different profiles to attack me. I never use my position as a manager to get sex; I find that behavior deplorable and am an advocate against that. I am not interested in that. I am only interested in working hard for my clients and making them money. My Facebook postings show that and you can also ask any of my clients. I am a firm believer of the #metoo movement. I do not drive because I was hit by a car at 18 and broke both of my legs so I cannot drive.

For the last five years, this woman has attacked me saying all different things but has provided no proof and no details. This woman who is attacking me on these sites has not worked as an actress for years now has she had any representation for years after firing me. She claims she doesn't want to go into details. Why? Because there are no details to go into because I don't do anything she claims.

This woman has been cyberbullying me and has been trying to ruin my career and the careers of my clients for years and I truly don't understand why. I have not done anything to her and I have many colleagues in the business who will vouch for my character. To lump me into the #Me too movement is a disgrace and an insult to the movement that I and the rest of us believe in and work hard to maintain.

May 21, 2018

Rebuttal to Rude

This is the fourth time this woman has gone on this page, creating a new profile and has attacked me online. I know who this person is now and I have no idea why she has been attacking me on these sites for the last five years, saying all of these horrible things about me without providing any specific details or proof of her accusations. I have not talked to this woman in seven years, yet she has been attacking me, trying to ruin my career and the careers of my clients.

I find anybody in a position of power who uses their position for sexual purposes to be deplorable and I am an advert fighter for the #metoo and #timesup movement. I am outspoken in that regard and I have many colleagues in the industry who will attest to that. The only thing I am interested in is working hard and making money for my clients. Using the movement to lie and discredit someone with whom you have an axe to grind is repugnant and will set the movement back.

Yes, I don't have a car because I don't drive. When I was 18 years old, I was hit by a car and broke both my legs. It took me four months of physical therapy to learn how to walk again so I have a very difficult time getting behind the wheel of a car.

I saw this woman at a luncheon the other day, looking for representation. She has been blasting me but says, "I don't want to get into details" Why not? Why don't you want to get into details? Because you have no details to get into. Last night, I was going through emails with this person seven years ago (which I can provide) and I have no idea what I did to her. I even apologized for offending her regarding payment for a job.

What she has been doing to be over the last five years in a form of cyber bullying and it needs to stop. I have been a manager for over 15 years with several clients who are recurring on series and have a good reputation with agents, managers and with casting.

To this woman: I am truly sorry it didn't work out seven years ago with this person and I am sorry that you are having difficulties within the business and I do hope you find success in it someday, but attacking your old manager online and lying isn't going to help you find another one.

Life is too short for this animosity. If this woman would like to contact me and work out whatever disagreements we may have had, I would be open to that. But continually attacking someone online, using different profiles, is childish and not the way to go.

May 21, 2018

Re: Rude

This is getting out of hand. I have said everything I need to say and this woman keeps coming at me with more accusations with no proof and no details. My clients know I am a good person. Casting directors, agents and fellow managers know I am a good person. My ImdbPro record shows people are working constantly and all are quite happy. Her consistent posts are not working, as my company keeps growing.

I truly hope this woman finds peace and stops cyber bullying. But I am done baiting her hatred.

May 22, 2018

Don't believe everything you hear...

This is so sad to see the same girl, make up multiple names, just to make John look bad, for her own personal, bat shit crazy, reasons.

I have been a client of John's for many years, and he has only had my best interests hear when managing my acting career, and has always given me clear, honest, and helpful advice to help me succeed.

Not only is he very professional, but has NEVER made any kind of sexual advances to me. Ever. He even came to my wedding 2 years ago and is also friends with my now, husband.

If you take a meeting with John, you can see yourself that he knows his shit, and you'd be lucky to have him as a manager.

I feel bad for this girl ripping on John, almost like a crazy x girlfriend, stalking him on social media. She's probably never worked much after him. She clearly has a lot of time on her hands to write down all this bullshit.

May 23, 2018

Back at you

First off your disrespectful the person your keep referring to I know who your speaking of sorry sir it's been so many of us you don't know who's complaining. Your a fake manager who uses power to try to get to women but it won't keep working. I'm going to make sure to expose you as the person you really are not the one you act like you are. All your agent manager friends will find out what kind of person you really are. Yes I mean all your friends Wendy, Susan, Alex and everyone else you know you have them fooled but we're going to get together and bring you down. People like you don't belong in entertainment you belong in jail. If your reading this and thinking he's not that type remember you don't really know what someone does when no one is around. #meetoo

May 23, 2018

Believe everything you hear

It's sad he makes fake names or has someone fooled to thinking he's a good guy. We're suppose to stick together just as all the rest of the men that has been exsposed nobody believed going to weddings or not you will soon find out about him through us

Dec 15, 2019


Everything said by these women is indeed true.

He is a dangerous man who uses fear mongering and threats to scam women out of their earnings. Schultz is beyond unprofessional and it baffles me that he is somehow still in business. Avoid at all costs.

Dec 17, 2019

Rebuttal to Anonymous Victim

How exactly do I "scam" victims out of their earnings? By getting them work? I have almost 80 clients on my roster and they are all auditioning and working. I have been doing this for 19 years and all the casting directors know me and respect me. I stay in business because my clients keep booking. Again, I am tired of these attacks on my character by the same person creating different accounts, clearly.

Jun 24, 2020

Would Avoid Working With Him Too

I have worked with him in the past. Very creepy. Steer clear. Hit on me.

Jan 16, 2022


I worked with John several years ago and I fully regret it. I grew up in the industry and I have never worked with someone so unprofessional. I don’t want more women to put themselves in the position I found myself in, it was very hostile.
He’d call the vent about his other clients, hassle me to take him out to eat, even saying “the girls that feed me get more bookings.”, he expects Christmas and birthday gifts and if don’t get him one he holds it against you. Are you kidding me? Your clients are living paycheck-to-paycheck. There was an abuse of power because he could submit you or not for the breakdowns.
Phone calls would last hours and they always included him harshly venting about clients and his circumstances as a manager. I started to dread his calls and it resulted in me having anxiety about our encounters. Lunches felt creepy. It was weird when I got a check. He’d get aggressive/paranoia about being paid. Like he would tell you off in anticipation that you weren’t going to pay him. After a year of this hostile unprofessional dynamic I told John I was taking a break and I was done needing a manager. He lost it on me. Yelling so loud that my boyfriend told me to hang up. An hour later I received a call from agent. They told me John called them and demanded that my agent let me go. Luckily my agent kept me but preceded to tell me that John doesn’t have a good reputation.

The only roles I ever went out for were sleazy hot girl roles.

Save yourself the stress because it isn’t worth it. Wait to find a different manager.

John - it’s not your client’s job to be your therapist. Stop manipulating clients into taking you out to eat and buying you presents. That’s not a clients role.

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