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AVAS Flowers

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Consumer reviews about AVAS Flowers

Sep 24, 2012


Purchased flowers for my fiancee and they didn't deliver my order in time! I felt like a fool because of them and when I called them to get a refund they didn't even apologize and just said that they don't do refunds and they only could offer me 20% on next purchase! I will never buy from them, absolute fraud! Beware and stay away from their services!

Oct 20, 2012

Avas Flowers - they SUCK

A very dear, very close friend passed away recently. Her sister, another very good friend of mine, lives in New Hampshire. I was recommended Avas Flowers by someone as they told me they were affiliated with FTD somehow. I thought "ok", and always like to go to a local florist to support local business. Well, according to a website link that I found, it sure *looked* like they were local since they mentioned they deliver to NH, and they talked about the New Hampshire flowers, etc. Well, after doing some research, I believe this is the company (in New York). Well, here's my experience with them...

The flowers were delivered next day DEAD! AYFKM??? What kind of florist sends dead flowers, especially to someone who just lost a family member??? What...did the florist figure I wasn't going to see them, so let's get rid of our older stock and send dead flowers to someone who's grieving????

I called them up and they said "Well, you can't get the lilies you ordered over there until tomorrow so perhaps we can order something else instead". And I said, "No, how about you send something nice over there today and then follow up and send her a nice batch of lilies like I wanted in the first place tomorrow?" Hey, guess what? Nothing was sent later that day. Nothing was sent the next day. No order was even placed. And who the hell originally sends DEAD flowers in the first place?????

It also put the recipient in an awkward position as she wasn't sure if she should say something or not because she thought the gesture was kind...but she just hated to see my money wasted, and that wasn't cool, either...the last thing one should have to worry about when they just lost a close family member.

Then these guys had the balls to send me a "sorry for your inconvenience e-mail after all of this. Well, I wrote back - their words are in quotes, the rest if my response to them:

So you said...

"To get fastest response, please reply to this email, if you want to follow up."

HAHAHAHA, this is rich...let's analyze this, shall we? Let's start below...

On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 7:40 PM, (customerservice@avasflow…) wrote:


Well, clearly this looks like a lazy, generated message, considering you have my name and you can't attempt to do just "Sir" since my name is Paul and Paul is clearly not a "Ma'am" name.

"We are very sorry for the inconvenience. We will be looking into the matter. As soon as we get more information we will get back to you."

Frankly, I doubt you will get back to me...why's that? Considering EVERYTHING about this transaction was a complete joke...let's start, shall we...dead flowers the first time to my recipient, called Stephanie the next day, who said she would have it "upgraded" to make sure my recipient (who was grieving from her sister's death), got something that day and to follow up with the original order of the lilies I ordered, only to find out she didn't place the order, which Randy (some manager there) told me they were "considering" firing Stephanie as she's done this many times before ("considering???"). And you expect me to believe you'll actually get back to me? HA! And what's that going to solve??? Considering I've cancelled the order, what could you POSSIBLY say to me now that will rectify the situation? Well...I'll tell you what I'm going to do...

You're associated with FTD, right? Well, I'm going to call them up and tell them the whole damn story about what happened to me and encourage them to drop you. I'm also going to tell them about all the complaints I've found out about you online - seems there's a lot of them. Boy, am I sorry I didn't find out about those sooner, or else I wouldn't have put myself through the experience of dealing with people like you.

Then, I'm going to report you to the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint there.

Then, I'm going to go on every single consumer website I can find, and copy and paste my story to all of those sites.

Then, I'll tell all my friends and mention you by name, and I'm sure when they have friends who want to order flowers they will not recommend Avas Flowers to them.

Personally, I hope all this creates a ripple where you lose a lot of money out of the pocketbook. As far as I'm concerned...GOOD.

"Thank you for contacting Avas Flowers"

Phhtt...for what? Should I say "thank you" for the crappiest service ever???

"To get fastest response, please reply to this email, if you want to follow up."

Oh yeah? I dare you. 617-XXX-XXXX. There's NOTHING you could possibly do to fix the situation.

End of e-mail.

Sorry for the rant, but NOTHING makes my blood boil more than crappy customer service. I'm actually having a ball ripping these guys to shreds. Screw 'em. They deserve every single bad thing they get.

Santa K
Feb 6, 2013

Did not deliver flowers on the day of the funeral

I have paid extra money to be sure that my order would come on time, because I had to receive it by the day of my father’s funeral. I have called them several times that day, and so – I never received the order. They offered later to give me a coupon for future deals with them, but I am just really disappointed in them right now, and I don’t think I would ever want to experience the same thing over again. It was very important that this order would be fulfilled immediately.

Feb 16, 2013

Flowers were not delivered

My sister ordered flowers for me for Valentine's Day (2013) delivery...as of 2/16/13, I still have not received the flowers. I called to find out what happened and was told on 2/15/2013 that the flowers were not delivered because there was no one at the front desk of my building. LIAR, 24 hour security/front desk service. Then i was told their policy was to NOT leave flowers because they could die...WTH?! I was then told to expect my flowers to be delivered by 10am CST on 2/16. As of 2/16/13 at 12:49pm CST, I still don't have flowers.

Anyway, long story short I informed them not to deliver the flowers and was hung up on. I called my sister, who then called Ava Flowers to make sure they cancelled the delivery and credited her money. She was told that she had to speak to the drive to get her money credited...hahahahaha...She asked "Are you telling me that your delivery guy is responsible for handling your accounts?" what a crock of you know what!

My sister went to the bank, informed them that she did not receive her merchandise...the back will credit her money and investigate!


Mar 18, 2013

waste of money

This is the worst florist ever! I purchased flowers from them and they never delivered them in time. The delivery was late for one day and moreover, they delivered flowers which was cheaper than I purchased and they were almost dead. I contacted this company but received just a rude reply from their manager. This is a total waste of money and must be avoided!

May 6, 2013

Ava`s Flowers

Their customer service is totally lacking in every aspect! I live in Chicago and ordered flowers through them for my Mother who lives in Florida. My absolute top concern and first question before placing my order with them was, "Can you deliver them before five o'clock today?" Of course their answer was "Yes." I placed the order. The flowers were not delivered that day. I called them late that afternoon again the same and told them you have charged my account , but have not delivered the flowers as agreed upon. The agent told me they would still deliver them that day. The next morning there still wasn't any flowers! To make this way too long story short, they refused to refund my money an delivered the flowers two days late! The agent offered me 50% refund off my order for all the problems, but then retracted that offer after speaking with her supervisor,who said she could only offer me a refund on the service/handling fee. Are you kidding me? A $14.00 refund on a $90.00 flower order that they messed up? By the way I have yet to see that refund com back into my checking account. I will never use or recommend them to anyone. I'm also filing a complaint with the BBB!

May 16, 2013

no delivery

This was suppose to be a nice thing – sending someone flowers. But it turned out that I found out that this company is a scam. They got my payment, that’s for sure, but the flowers were never delivered, not to mention that I did not receive any notifications.

Feb 24, 2014

Avas Flowers

Never delivered flowers ordered for a funeral. Many lame excuses given to me and refused refund. They just offered 50% store credit--which I didn't want. I called repeatedly, about a dozen times, and finally they agreed to a full refund. I have not yet received refund so we will see. I have reportedto BBB, state attorney's office, my credit card co. I believe that this company routinely scams people then apologizes insincerely& offers 50% store credit which is not of equal value to what you've already paid. They make a profit with this scam

Donna Mularchek
Mar 21, 2014

Avas Flowers

I spent 20 minutes ordering flowers for a funeral to the tune of $107.00. I received a confirmation email that they had been delivered. I arrived at funeral to find no flowers had been delivered. I called Avas to request a refund and after being transferred and put on hold numerous times I was told they could not give me a refund but would send the family a fruit basket! I stated I did not want that done and was put on hold again. After 15 minutes on hold I hung up and canceled my credit card and called BBB to report. This is a SCAM company. PLEASE DO NOT USE!!!

Apr 16, 2014



I am completely dissatified with Avas Flowers. I ordered and PAID for 30 tulips to be delivered to my daughter for her 30th birthday with plenty of time in advance. $82 bucks worth of flowers. The flowers were delivered Monday at 6:30 pm. There were only 12 tulips in the arrangement! What kind of scam are you running? I called customer service on Monday and was told the flowers would be replaced by Tuesday. They were not replaced. Someone came and picked up the incomplete flowers from my daughter but did not replace them. Can you imagine someone taking back a flower delivery without a replacement??? I am mortified by this. What kind of business practice is this. This is completely unacceptable. I want my money back. I googled Avas Flowers and found so many complaints about this company. I am going to the BBB and filing a complaint.

Jun 1, 2015

Beware!!!!!! Website Misleading.

This is not a local florist. They take your order and contact a florist where you need flowers delivered to. Therefore what they tell you is NOT guaranteed and they do not control the actual delivery time. They also do not have full knowledge of what flowers each shop has available. You will be told what you need to hear, and after you order, you might get a confirmation email with inaccurate delivery time...etc.

Additionally, they do not give refunds even if they are in the wrong! I did eventually get my flowers delivered on the agreed upon day, but it took numerous calls and talking to numerous people before I finally was given the service I was promised...(the arrangement was different than first ordered, as well, but that was cleared up with me before delivery). You might have to work really hard to get reasonable customer service. I finally did reach a reasonable person and she was helpful and did work to get what the first person, (order taker), promised me.

A Lesson learned the hard way. Shop local!!!!!!!!

Apr 25, 2018

Promise that wasn't kept

I ordered Flowers for my Admin for appreciation day and was guaranteed that the flowers would reach her by 2pm with no problem. I didn't get a good feeling that the promise would be kept, so I told the order person never mind, because I don't feel as though they will be delivered on time and that I would go to a florist and purchase some to be on the safe side. He insisted that the flowers would delivered on time by 2pm. 2:45 came and still no flowers had arrived. The flowers did not arrive until 3:40 after my admin went home for the day. I called at 2:50 to let avas know not to worry about delivering anything because of the lateness and my admin was already gone home for the day and to refund me my money. Then I was told that we're not going to refund you anything even after I was told that if the delivery didn't make it there by 2pm I would get a complete refund. Very disappointed!!!! And yes, I will let everyone know that I'm connected here. All flyers in the entire building is coming down asap. 1500 employees strong.......

May 14, 2019



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