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United States, Idaho

Consumer reviews about Anastasiadate.com

Jan 17, 2012

Continued notification emails after I requested the unsubscribe or close my account.


Hey there are millions more single women in Canada and the United States-why not try plenty of fish or OK Cupid-they are free and not expensive. I have met people there myself after getting tired with the cost and waste with Anastasia date. One statistic alone says there were at least 16 million single women in the United States alone who belonged to a particular group. There must be at least one whom you can at least find in those millions whom you can deem interesting at least. Stay at home friend-You will be much safer there

P.S. This has also happened to me as well. P.S. Amolatina is a scam in just the same way also as well

Apr 4, 2012

Continued notification emails after I requested the unsubscribe or close my account.


Apr 4, 2012

Continued notification emails after I requested the unsubscribe or close my account.


On no1sitereviews.com a gentleman named DG got to know the inner workings of Anastasia Date.com and said

"Guys, let me share with you a personal story: I speak fluent Russian, lived in Ukraine for a long time, and now live in Texas. I'm in my mid-30's, average looking, stable job. Recently I traveled to Odessa, Ukraine, to meet several girls from Anastasia. Since I was able to speak the language fluently, I befriended ladies and got to know them pretty well. I also learned from them the "inner workings" of the dating service of "Anastasia." I could NOT believe what I heard...Girls told me that sometimes one girl will write responses to as many as 5 different guys, or even worse another Ukrainian guy will pretend to be a girl when responding to you!! Yikes!"

This is also confirmed by a lady client named Marina from Kiev on the same site no1sitereviews.com!. Here is her story

"I would like to tell personal story about Anastasia.com. I am girl from Kiev (Ukraine), I am nice, well-educated and I know English. I wanted to find serious relationship with help of site Anastasia. Well, I registered on the site with my real name and stated that I am woman looking for a man. Can you believe, some mistake has happen and I started to receive invitations from girls to be a member and to chat with them or to read their e-mails? I felt that Anastasia doesn't expect girls to make registration by themselves; they prefer to work with local agencies. Well, than I met a girl who was working in the local international dating agency, partner of Anastasia. She told me that she needs to write and send hundreds of e-mails every day, trying to make new members and to have chat with them. She receives percentage from payments. Also I found many ads in the local press, where girls are invited to work in chat with foreigners. Also there are special people in the agencies, who write very emotional letters about love and relationship"

Apr 4, 2012

Continued notification emails after I requested the unsubscribe or close my account.


Firstly the IMBRA Act is an American Act and should not be enforced on those outside of America. This is well seen on internationalmarriagebroker.com where it says and I quote:

"IMBRA became law in March 2006".

"Its avowed purpose is to protect foreign women from American predators. Its practical effect is to make it difficult for American men to seek romance overseas, and to put small American internet businesses that service the international dating niche out of business" Does not talk about NonAmericans does it?

So the site abuses the act by enforcing it on outsiders who are not USA citizens since it deals with American citizens!

Also as well they are only enforcing part of the Act. The site goes on to say and again I quote:

"IMBRA requires any for profit, dating service, which primarily facilitates international contacts between Americans and non-Americans, any so called "International Marriage Broker" to perform the following :

A. To conduct a background check at the National Sex Offenders Database, NSOPR.GOV on each American it serves.

B. To ask a list of mandated questions of each American about his marital and criminal background.

C. To request the American to provide court records, police reports, etc for any conviction or arrest, specified in the mandated questions list."

Does Anastasiadate.com do this?. The answer is NO it allows anyone on its site! However they highlight one part of the Act that applies to not allowing the passing of contact information between a foreign person and a USA citizen and then exploit it so that one has no other choice but to call the lady over a telephone chat system that after 5 minutes the charges begin to add up greatly. It is interesting on another site one can actually book a call with a lady and its 15 minutes and not 5 minutes and its much less and its $6.75 and not $40.00 for five minutes where with AnastasiaDate.com even if you talk for three minutes you still get charged the full five minutes and that includes translation and cost of the international call. Shame on you Mr. Sears for your lies! Also with this site one does not need a credit care to book a call but with Anastasiadate.com you need a credit card or else you cannot call. This means it makes it very difficult for men who do not have a credit card but want to call a lady but have no way of doing so. Thus the site makes it difficult for some men! Shame on you but with the cheaper site I just mentioned one does need to use a credit card to book a phone call surprisingly!

They are also supposed to do this:as it continues to say from the site about the IMBRA!

F. To present to the foreign person, a pamphlet about Domestic Abuse written in her primary language.

Do they do this?. No! Therefore they are not complete in using this system and also their pricing demonstrates that this they are greedy after monetary gain if their prices cannot be cheaper and fair!

Here is more about the law from online-dating-rights.com

"The law requires a man to have a criminal background check, a sex offender check and an intrusive report about intimate details of his life prepared and given to a foreign woman stranger (scammer?) BEFORE he can email or call her. This is the first time in US history criminal background checks have been required for two people to communicate."

Again does AnastasiaDate.com do any of this-NO! So it cannot really say it is following the IMBRA now does it. Another Lie exposed!

However this system is unfair: According to online-dating-rights.com the system "We believe that a new federal law called the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) is unconstitutional, immoral, and misandrist (man-hating). IMBRA criminalizes American men (and women) who meet foreign women (and men) via the internet"

In other words those who practice this system are making everyone out to be a criminal-thus their continual practice of this means that all American men on their site are made out to be criminals!

But I like what they say and this applies to Mr Sears of AnastsiaDate.com from the same site just mentioned

"Other justifications for the law are based on misleading, deceptive and dishonest use of statistics and on personal opinions disguised as fact such as phony claims"

It says justification for the law involve those who are misleading, deceptive, and dishonest-just like Anastasia.com is

Here what they go on to say!

"OUR believes that this law violates US Constitutional rights to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, equal protection (Match.com is exempted from the law)"

Why is Match.com exempted? The answer is because it is an international site and not just an American one. Therefore if Mr Sears wants to claim that the site he is with is "international" then it is supposed to be exempted from the law as well because Mr Sears says and I quote:

"AnastasiaDAte.com is enjoyed by members from all over the world"-This makes it an international site and if that is the case then why is it practicing law that only deals with American based sites. Why to be Corrupt that's why!

It can therefore be seen that AnastasiaDate.com is abusing this law and using it only for one purpose: Financial Gain!

Apr 4, 2012

Continued notification emails after I requested the unsubscribe or close my account.

I hope and trust the information you asked me to post for you helps

I am indeed always here to help anyone I can

Apr 11, 2012

Continued notification emails after I requested the unsubscribe or close my account.


Nov 18, 2012

AnastasiaDate.com Scam Agency

Hello, Let me relate a terrible experience I had with AnastasiaDate.com. a rotten, conniving dating agency in 2010 and 2011. I signed up after searching the website and within minutes, hundreds and hundreds of e-mails and many provocative photos of ladies fom this rotten, lying Agency started filling my e-mail. In all, I received over 7000 letters over a span of 3 years ! But I only wrote to about 35 compatible ladies.

Anastasiadate charges very expensive rates for everything - from translation of letters (receive and send), gifts, phone calls, sending and receiving photos. Nothing is free. I spent about USD1000/- for all the wasted time and heartbreak ! Some men spent bewteen USD2000 to 3500 on this same prostitute who write to several men. I agree that all these women sell their profiles and photos to

Anastasiadate for money and letters are actually written by men or old women interpreters employed by Anastasiadate. None of the women who write to are actually real. It is just a massive scam to cheat and lie !

After more than 1 year of correspondence (about 45 letters, gifts, few calls, etc.), I went to visit Nataliya Sergeevna Kolesnik (AnastasiaDate ID 1548806) of No.5 , Dovgenka Street, Odessa in Ukraine. She was single, a student 23 years old, 176cm tall, 53kg, blonde, slim and blue eyed but the most evil, cold women you can imagine ! She is actually from Krivoy Rog, her father Sergey is a sailor and mother Olya with a 12-year old sister Lilya. Kolesnik has just finished her studies in English and German at I.I. Mechnikov University in Odessa at end August 2012. Her parents do not know that she is a scammer.

I went to Ukraine twice and met her 5 times in Odessa but used AnastasiaDate's interpreter only once because of the exorbitant charges. Later she brought her friend (Juliya Boyko) and I brought my local friend to talk to her. Kolesnik was never interested in love or marriage which she promised profusely but only money for learning English, paying rents, gifts, travel and buying books ! Her scam starts after you have left Ukraine and ask you to send money via Western Union or Money Gram for the above and does not use banks. She also changes her e-mail address afew times.

The worse thing was that despite staying in Odessa for long, she will give the same excuse and pretext of going to Vladivostok(of all places !) to accompany her father and try not to see you. All she does is go to see other foreign men in Odessa. If she does meet you, it is only to have lunch, ask for money for taxi, English books, etc. but never spend time to talk and claim to be rushing elsewhere. The irony was, she was also at the same time, cheating about 30 other foreign men with the same modus operandi !

Of course I complained to AnastasiaDate several times but they denied everything and said she was an angel. The next thing you know her profile was deleted ! But a new lady takes her place to scam new foreign men at Anastasiadate . After sending her a few nasty letters, Kolesnik deleted her e-mail addresses and diasppeared. I got letters from some foreign men about her evil ways soon and immediately I reported to the FBI, the Odessa police, her university, Kiev prosecutor office, anti-scam sites and about 10 other Ukraine/Russian dating agencies with her many photos I took and her detailed profile including e-mails, telephone numbers, etc. Her scam partner is Juliya Boyko who is a short, plump redhead and claims to be her English teacher. Some of them replied including the FBI and her name is on file.

(See www.anti-scam.com - click at 'blacklist' and search for ID 4610 and ID 4728 for this prostitute, her full particulars and the full story from so many foreign men who got scammed by her) . Also google in English 'Nataliya Kolesnik' or Nataliya Sergeevna Kolesnik' for other stories.

After some time, Kolesnik reappeared in a forum at the same anti-scam site to deny her lies and cheats and said that she had 'problems' with her university on this. Kolesnik also said that most letters are written by interpreters and never by real dating women at AnastasiaDate. The irony was her 'scam' partners including Julia Boyko also wrote back at the same time to say she cheated all of them too without payment of the promised share of the 'loot' and termination of 'friendship'. She may now be scamming German men on Russian-German dating sites but I checked and there is nothing so far. Stay away from ANASTASIADATE.COM - THE MOST SHITTY AND SCAMMING DATING SITE ! FUCKING LIARS !

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