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AMTC Auditions

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Consumer reviews about AMTC Auditions

Dec 14, 2011

Beware of and avoid this scam

JoAnn, take your daughter to an open call at any agency with digital photos that you take. Take in natural light-outside and with a clean face, no makeup. Regarding AMTC, I know a young lady that sold her car to go and total expense to fly there with her mother was $7000. She got a gig in India. Yep, this summer 2012 she will have to pay to fly to India, pay for her hotel for one month, pay for all her food and expenses, BUT she gets the "tears" from the magazine spread to put in her portfolio...NO money. She is not getting paid ANYTHING. SHE HAS TO PAY TO MODEL! AMTC IS A SCAM AND THE LOCAL AGENCY HERE IS AS WELL! They get paid to get these folks to go to AMTC.

May 14, 2012

AMTC seems Fishy to me!!!!

I just wanted to agree that AMTC (Actors, Models, and Talents for Christ) is a scam!!! Here is my story:
I am an singer/actor and I had been on a break from acting for a while until I heard about AMTC from a friend who heard about it on the radio. I went to the audition and had a pretty good time meeting the other people auditioning. There were mostly children with parents there and I, in my late 20s at the time, kind of stuck out. I did alright in the audition and went home. That evening I received a call from them commending me on a great performance and that I was being offered a spot in the convention. This all sounded great until they told me that there would be a $3,500 charge, and I wasn't even sure that this charge covered everything. I respectfully declined after a night of thinking about it.

I just want to say that there is no reason that one needs to pay that amount of money, especially up front. This is a scam and if the BBB backs it, it still has a lot of "scam-like" behavior. If you really want to show your acting/singing/dancing abilities and don't mind paying for it, you can attend an actual scouting conference. The one I attended was called NETC New England Theatre Conference and I would consider it to be a pretty intense conference. I went for 4 consecutive years and the cost did not exceed $45.00, for the entire thing. THAT'S IT!!!! You do need to send a head shot and resume and based on your resume, you may or may not get accepted. You basically send in your stuff in the fall and you wait to hear if you got in. Then if you get a spot, you prepare about 2 min. of material. If your acting only, you do two contrasting monologues. If you're singing only, two contrasting songs, if singing/acting, you do a song and a monologue. There is some instruction for dancers, but I'm not quite sure what they are. I would be prepared to dance/move even if you're just singing or something as you might be called for a dance call back. I went and basically worked for summer stocks and regional theatres for 5 years. http://www.netconline.org/netc-theatre-auditions.php
You can also try the Straw Hats, which are held in NYC. I'm not quite sure what the cost is, but I'm pretty sure it's no more than $100. You can check them out here: http://www.strawhat-auditions.com/ . There's also the UPTAs. Their registration fee is also like $50.00. I've had a few friends that are performers that have gone through those as well. http://www.upta.org/

Well, I hope this helped a little for some of the talent out there. I don't know all of the talent scouts out there, but I'm pretty sure none of the really reputable ones charge almost 4,000 just to be in their presence. I would suggest Backstage, or Backstage East, or SAG or something like that to see what open calls there. But whatever you do, please don't put your money into this company. From experience, they are a SCAM!!!!! If for those who are trying to say they are not, well, AMTC needs to lower their prices because they are doing a pretty bad job of showing that they are reputable.

[email protected]
Apr 15, 2013


MJ Brunette
I went with my adult niece to the auditions here in MN last Saturday, April 13th. They PRETEND to be Christian-based. They advertised that their services are aimed towards people of ALL ages and so my niece, who's 50, signed up, after hearing about this on KTIS, our local Christian radio. She has a BA in music and also has performed major roles in many plays, as well as writes her own Christian music. They PROMISE to either phone with results of acceptance or send a denial email. They didn't do either. They LIE. Would Christ LIE? No! Therefore, they are NOT Christian-based; they are a SCAM to get kids into this, as the only people they obviously allow to attend their convention are kids up to, perhaps 30. They show this lengthy video of mainly children and young people performing on stage and NOT one single ADULT is included in their video, although they stated they cater to people of ALL ages: I believe they advertised child to 83, which pretty much states everyone who breathes. They obviously WANT MONEY, is their bottom line. They are definitely a scam! DO NOT EVER USE their services!

Apr 25, 2014


Hello readers! I'm a reporter working on a story about AMTC, and would love to chat with anyone who has experience with this company. If you have a brief moment, please email [email protected] Thank you!!

May 16, 2014


I've worked in the industry for 20 years you should never pay anything to audition if there are scouts or casting agents they should be looking to fill there spots in film or print and they are already hired and getting paid to find the talent to fill those spots NEVER PAY to audition your doing them a favor your what there looking for

Ashley Michelle Kushner
May 12, 2015

AMTC Audition

I went to the acting audition not to long ago. It was the weirdest acting audition that I have ever gone to. The first weird thing about it is that I had to read a script that made no sense to me what so ever. Since I didn't understand how to read the script, I tried to be funny while reading the script.I didn't make the audition despite the fact that some people that were auditioning that overheard me do my audition complemented me on how well they thought that I did during the audition. I thought that it was weird that training started during the day after the audition for all of those that got a call the next day saying that they made the audition. What about those that have a job like I do? Since I knew it would be disrespectful for me to leave my job to start training for AMTC without giving my job a two week notice I was relieved when I found out the next day that I didn't make the audition.

Don't lie to me
Sep 8, 2015

Don't trust AMTC

Please bewared! This agency is definitely a scam!! I am a Christian myself but when I went there I believed them as they are professionals convincing people. The audition was for my daughter who is a singer/song writer. She sang in front of a judge and the next day was called to join. We paid them to participate. After the picture section and competition my daughter kept in contact with some of the "chosen people" and at the end of everything none of them were called from the so called agents after the agents chose them for interview. One of the agents who spoke to my daughter to meet in his studio gave us misleading information...he showed his interest in her and as soon as we left the competition, the contact # for his studio wasn't even working and his Facebook page was full! Let me tell you, they are really trained to convince anyone who decides to attend...and the sad thing is that they use the label of Christianity... Don't waste your money, time, or talent with AMTC.

N Star
Dec 22, 2016

Don't even give them a $50 Application

Biggest hoax ever! I paid $50 for their application fee in order to get a call for an audition and I got an e-mail about scheduling a time to audition. We both finally agreed to a 1pm audition and I silently waited for my phone call and never got called for the telephone audition she promised. Long story short I have a lot of regrets for paying $50 for an application fee for an audition I never had. Obviously this is a company that is banking on scamming other people in hopes of a future in the entertainment industry. BEWARE AMTC ARE CON ARTISTS!!!!

[email protected]
Mar 6, 2018

Paid a lot of money for something they didn't do

I paid about $3000 total just for the program and course content on their "SHINE website" and was told I would have access to that training content forever by paying to be in this and today i went on the website to access that training content that I ALREADY PAID THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR and guess what....they completely revamped the website and took away my access to that content....obviously after they got their money out of me....i truly do feel they are all about the money. They make you feel like you've got a family within the AMTC people but once you graduate you are forgotten about....not to mention they promise so many things to you to get you to pay the tuition fees and then they barely even do half of those things....I'm so upset. The only thing worth it with this company was the promised photoshoot which actually turned out wonderful.

Jan 14, 2019

Scam! With a capital S!

I am taking them to small claims court! If anyone wants to join me let me know. They are the worst and are going to pay for their evil ways! They are not Christians ! Far from it.

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