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Consumer reviews about AMC TV

Dec 30, 2011

Annoying Banner Ads.

You know whats got me angry is that AMC used to be a channel that I could turn to and there was hardly ever a time that I would see the same movie playing over and over. Look at this months lineup... Rifleman.. Quick And The Dead... over and over just about every day this month at least twice a day. Scream1 2 and 3 over and over again... repeated commercial breaks of Walking Dead... although it is a good show.. I would not like to be reminded that it is going to air this week every five minutes. AMC sold out like they wanna be HBO or SHOWTIME. This is supposed to be a movie channel so why arent you playing movies? We are tired of watching the same garbage over and over again! AMC you know what I do when I see the same repeated played out movies everytime I turn it to your channel? I flip it to another. Your losing ratings quick! Your shows like Walking Dead and Breaking Bad and Hell On Wheels will always be watched but is it that hard to hire a D.J. and play some of the great movies that you havent played in years? Your like the Holloween specials... the same every year except in your case every day. Very Pissed off in Long Island New York. Get your shit together SLACKERS!

Phil Pixley
Jan 3, 2012

Very offensive

Whats the deal with showing CSI Miami, my god now you are like a half dozen other stations..Please stick to Movies like your name American Movie Classics..

Feb 6, 2012

Very offensive

I like AMC but you have got to stop showing zombie commercials during a family t.v. program. I'm sitting here watching E.T. with my little daughter. She's enjoying the movie but nearly every time there's a break in the movie a zombie face pops up on the screen in advertisement for The Walking Dead. I have to scramble to cover her eyes. WHAT THE F**K?! Are you guys totally ignorant? During family programming? Are you kidding? Get it together AMC.

Feb 6, 2012

Very offensive

"Just because we have free speech doesn't give us the right to abuse and miss use it!"

Your statement is wrong. By your reasoning YOU are abusing free speech. Who are you to judge someone else's right to free speech? Don't like the ads? Change the damn channel.

Apr 4, 2012

Too many ads and banners

You know the way that the Superbowl is now all about the adverts with a bit of gridiron in between? Well, what the hell is it with AMC? As if the incessant adverts are not bad enough, every seven or eight minutes (or so it seems), we have these pathetic on screen banner ads or "story notes' telling us that the scene we are watching is 98% CGI or that 'yes its true, NASA did issue suicide tablets during missions'. Who the hell cares! Point in case....I have just switched off Jodie Fosters 'Contact', a film I really would have liked to have seen, but decided to pass on because of these bloody annoying banners. Who decides that it is just not enough for the viewers, you know,the ones who pay their cable bills, to be able to watch a film straight through or at least without the story being battered by adverts or 'info' notes every few minutes? Get a grip AMC, you are losing subscribers. Give us what we want for a change.....just films like you used to.

Apr 17, 2012

AMC's "Story notes"

Why must AMC make it so difficult to enjoy their movies??? I fully agree with TELMAC1. It's impossible to truly watch and enjoy a movie with those blasted Story Notes competing with the movie for our attention. I wanted to watch Braveheart which is on right now, but this is too aggravating. AMC, are you retarded? Does it make sense to you to broadcast movies for people to watch while at the same time making it extremely annoying for your them to do so? If as I suspect the answer is yes, then indeed you are mentally challenged. I will complain to my satellite provider so that they drop you. If it fails, direct complaints to your advertizers will be next.

Donna LeBlanc
Jun 19, 2012

Story Notes during AMC movies

I wanted to watch The Fugitive, which is on right now, but this is too aggravating. AMC, are you trying to get me to drop your channel? Does it make sense to you to broadcast movies for people to watch while at the same time making it extremely annoying for your them to do so? Your story notes cover up the movie, and are very distracting. I will complain to my satellite provider, asking that they drop you. If it fails, I will direct complaints to your advertisers.

Jul 2, 2012

Same thing over and over

AMC will take three or maybe four played out movies and then play them over and over all month. What is with all the banner ads and countdown clocks in every show. I KNOW WHEN WALKING DEAD AND BREAKING BAD COME ON. I Stopped watching because of all the F-in ads and the fact you only play three or four movies a month.

Jul 2, 2012


AMC will take three or four played out movies and show them over and over all month with old CSI Miami episodes thrown in. What is with all the banner ads and countdown clocks in every show. I KNOW WHEN BREAKING BAD AND WALKING DEAD START. Stop with the constant reminders. I no longer watch AMC because of the constant reruns and in show banner ads .STOP IT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Jul 15, 2012

same old same old

i am so glad i am not the only person who have these complaints. i look.ed forward to watching saturday morning westerns but i can only see the same ones so many times. i might like a movie when it comes on but by the time amc gets done with it i am tired of it and dont care if i watch it again. i understand these new shows are good but i love to watch good movies not serials. i wouldnt be surprised if more companies drop amc. they need to start listening to their customers or they wont have them anymore.

Aug 25, 2012

too many commercials, repeat shows terrible tv

repeat shows too many commercials, like someone said same old same old over and over and over

Oct 30, 2012

fear fest

I was extremely disappointed with this years Fear Fest. Friday the 13th is being played way to much. I am a huge fan of all the Micheal Myers Halloween movies they are by far 100% better then Friday the 13th. Sadley I won't be watching much of Fear Fest this Halloween.

Colnago Pete
Dec 2, 2012

Annoying Banners

Please get rid of the screen cluttering banners ( Walking Dead and AMC) from corners of what I am trying to watch. Do you
think Americans are too stupid to look up shows on a schedule anymore? I will quit watching your channel just because of
this screen pollution. Television needs to grow up!

Peter T. Christiansen

Dec 14, 2012

AMC commercials

I was laid up the other day and was relegated to watching a lot of television. With so much time on my hands I decided to try an experiment: an idea borne out of my experience with AMC. I thought I'd, every now and again, switch to the channel and count how many times out of 20 attempts I got a commercial. Final tally? 17 out of 20 times I caught an ad. 17 OUT OF 20! That shows contempt for an audience and unbridled greed. What a pathetic station.

Dec 14, 2012

AMC Commercials

I was laid up the other day and was relegated to watching a lot of television so I decided to try a little experiment. The idea was borne out of my experience with AMC.
Every now and again I switched to the channel and kept track of what I found. The results? In 17 out of 20 attempts I got a commercial. 17 OUT OF 20! That shows nothing but contempt for an audience and unbridled greed. What a pathetic station.

Jan 23, 2013

story notes

I will be short and blunt. AMC you are f ucking morons. Do you really think people want to watch your fucking story notes poping up while engaged in a movie. It is just unbelievable. You are in the movie business and you think this is ok. FUCKING MORONS. Stick your fucking channel up your ass! There now you have what people really think. Or did you do some study with teenagers who think this is cool. People who watch classics are a little older you fucking mornons. They want things the way they were! get a fucking clue!!!. YOu have me so pissed I am sounding like a moron with all the swearing. This is how you make your customers feel congratulations dumasses.

Apr 23, 2013

Story notes

I'm being driven crazy with story notes while trying to watch Man on Fire. This was a good movie until AMC got hold of it.

Apr 24, 2013

Story Notes


Apr 25, 2013


Story notes are stupid, awful and annoying. AMC, who in their right mind wants to watch a movie and read stupid captions about the movie. It defeats the purpose of watching a movie. I will no longer watch AMC because it makes me sick to have text invading the movie!!!

Jun 1, 2013

Story Notes

Not a complaint but I personally like the story notes.
Particularly if you have watched the movie several times, it actually is quite informative to see how the movie was made and the many interesting little tid-bits associated with the production.
In my particular case, I am waiting to see Forrest Gump with the Story Notes. I just caught the tail end of a broadcast a few years ago but have never been able to see it again with the Story Notes.

Oct 13, 2013


i agree with everyone here AMC is nothing but a generic crappy channel its like they dint even bother looking for good movies they just put things on as fillers so than can go sit in a corner and play with themselves . i had a lot of respect for AMC till they stopped showing good movies and started running crappy movies into the ground ,they are showing Friday the 13th series so much the only way you can enjoy it is to have an OCD problem. not to mention anyn good movies they do show are at 3 am and they never show it in the day time unless its a shitty movie like everything there showing for the next 2 weeks . the 3rd week will be the same i bet.

and i knoow i can turn the channel and i have thank you but i used to reply on AMC for classic horror but they fail EPICALLY every year now . there getting like MTV with stupid shows that belong on the history channel or some junk with the shows like pawn stars and pickers and stuff , it does not belong on AMC. but hey if they actually listened to the public they would not have the things they have on there now. there whole line up sucks . with the exception of mad men and braking bad those ar really good shows but the rest can go to hell . they need to get new channel owners with brains.

Nov 5, 2013

Story Notes

Impossible to watch a movie with the story notes flashing across the screen on the AMC channel. What were you thinking? No wonder nobody watches and why Netflix is growing rapidly.

Nov 21, 2013

Story Notes

I hate your "story notes!" If I want trivia about a show I can easily look it up. While the show is on I just want to watch the show. Yes I have to put up with commercials, fine I understand that--but not the interrupting trivia! I've asked several friends about it and have got a unanimous opinion--nobody likes it. Please turn it off.

Richard Hawk

Sojourner 60
Jan 6, 2014

Saturday Westerns & Movie notes, etc.

Saturday "Cowboys" . I used to look forward to western movies most or all day on Saturdays. Now days 5 hours of The Rifleman and one western movie just doesn't do it.

2. I have to agree with others that I could do without the "Notes". I don't care that the actor really didn't want the part or that the cameraman hung upside down from a bridge to get the shot. How about let us just enjoy the movie the way it was meant to be seen.

3 Christmas - I enjoyed The Home Alone movies the first 500 times they were on those two weeks, but after that. meh!. There are plenty of other Holiday classic out there too...

4 What's with all the "original series" TV? I thought the name of the channel was American Movie Classics. I can watch "series" TV on 200 other channels. Maybe time to get back to the original concept of the channel..

5 This movie has been brought to you by the AMC Department of Redundancy Department of AMC. How about some variety during the week. No need to show the same 3 or 4 movies all week long.


Jovan Corba
Jan 8, 2014

Novies over and over and over agian

I agree with those that complain about AMC. Doesn't the board adminstration on AMC network station who run the AMC TV network movies ever read the complains that people complain about their movie programs?

Man!! I had gotten tired of seeing their old rerun movies over and over again and over again. Some of their movies that they are showing on TV are going back to 15 years ago. It is sick. I quickly change the channel to another channel.

So freaking tired of their old trashy movies. It is January 2014 and they are still showing old movies they showed in the year 2013, a constant movie rerun..

How long more will they last on TV?

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