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Alcon contact lens rebate

United States

Consumer reviews about Alcon contact lens rebate

Feb 7, 2013

poor service, fake offers, no support for their customers

Be careful dealing with this company, they don't honor their own rebate. They easily scam people out of money, giving them fake promise sand they never complete their offers. I made a mistake when I dealt with them and i will never recommend this company to anyone!

Nov 6, 2013

Alcon Scam

I've purchased 8 boxes of their lenses because they offered $100 mail-in rebate.
I follows instructions on their rebate to the letter, waited and waited for rebate to arrive, but nothing happened.
Then I checked the website and it says rebate is INVALID. No reason were provided.
Given that I double checked the content of the rebate packed before sending it must be their offer that is INVALID!
They just trick you with mail-in rebate and then waste your time!
Save yourself some time and money and avoid this scam!

- Pissed Consumer

Nov 13, 2013

Alcon Rebate Scam

I would like to complain about this rebate scam. I submitted my Alcon rebate claim and provided all documents requested for both my daughter and husband. They wrote me back saying they were both invalid for no reason. I asked them why but now every time I write them they keep bouncing back my emails. I have checked my information and everything is correct on my rebate. This is fraud and they should be stopped. They need to be sued!

Nov 13, 2013


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Dec 30, 2013

Alcon Redemption Center

Mail the rebate form in Agust. Checked with the website and found out that the examination receipt is required. Talked to them, e-mailed them, chatted with them to find out that "I have to have approval from one of their associate that the requirement is met". When I e-mailed them the receipt twice, they never mentioned this "new requirement".

May 5, 2014

Alcon Rebat

The way Alcon handles the rebate is nothing short of criminal. Based upon my experience they do not pay it to anyone unless you repeatedly hound them for it. We mailed in all of the forms, etc. and after 2 months went by and we had received nothing I called. At first they said we had ordered the wrong product and rebate didn't apply...luckily I had all supporting documents so I told them they were wrong and to get me to a supervisor. They put me on hold for 5 minutes then cam back and said, oh ya, someone at Alcon put the code in wrong, and yes, they will now process the rebate, I should receive in 2 weeks. It is now 3 weeks later and no check. I called again and they said it's in process...should receive soon. We'll see if I ever get it. Never buy Alcon products again!!

Apr 14, 2015

Alcon Rebate

Mailed all the required information and registered online. Every time I checked online it showed that it was still processing. After three months I called to see what happened. I was told that they never received any of the documents I mailed in. It is always hard to know if a rebate will be honored or not. Even if another company is processing it, this looks bad for Alcon. I will be contacting my doctor and ask them not to push the Alcon brand. If they cannot be trusted to manage the rebate process properly, how can I be sure there products are not produced in the same manner.

Apr 22, 2015


This is the biggest SCAM ever! I submitted all required documents for my rebate and a month and a half later never received my rebate. I called inquiring about my rebate and they told me that it was invalid but didn't give me a reason. The person said that he has fixed the problem and that I should have my rebate in 2 weeks. It has been 4 week and I called back and they said that the rebate has been validated, but was on hold by Alcon and should be mailed out in 30 day. I AM PISSED! After I paid over two hundred dollars for these contacts! I will never purchase their product again! They need to be sued. We need to get a class action against this company!

Katie Abbott Kluttz
Jun 3, 2015

Same experience.

Same experience. Tracked the rebate online to find it was Invalid. I had photocopied all my documentation sent and knew they had no reason to deny the claim. Had to call and wait online 30 minutes to get to a representative after a menu of dead-end commands (just press buttons until it connects you to a rep and get ready to wait). Then the rep attempts to go through her menu of why the rebate was invalid. I refused to accept her answers countering each time with the documents I had copied. She eventually gave up and said she would override the denial and I should see the claim "valid" within 24 hours. I am sure they expect me to give up, but I am stubborn. I don't need the $65. I am now just on a mission. I will be telling my doctor's office that this is a scam and not to push the rebate.

Jun 11, 2015

Bad Experience

I too have been having a terrible experience with Alcon. Unlike some others, I did actually receive my rebate after paying an inflated price for my annual supply of contact lenses, painstakingly filling out all the requirements & waiting for many weeks. I then used the card a few times and then went to make a purchase only to find there was no balance left on my card. Thus starts the process of trying to recover approximately half of the rebate money that disappeared. This requires more forms, documentation and notarizing and many more weeks of waiting. Every time I contact them thru live chat I get a different story. They received the claim, then they JUST received the claim, and every time it's wait 30 more days. If I can find somewhere official to complain, I will. I am feeling pretty scammed.

Jun 13, 2015

Buy other brand..customer service horrible

I just got off the phone with Rachel from the rebate center. This is my second time for having to call because our first rebate last year was not being processed correctly so I had to call them and WOW another rebate and another phone call. It is a scam to get you to buy the product and they do not follow up with rebate. This time it was because I was not within the 100 days of contact fitting and buying contact..what is the point of that? Who cares when the fitting was if I buy a year supply of your contacts. Eye Care Associates handed me the rebate and told me I would receive the rebate if I bought a years supply. However, it looks like there was some very small print in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS that Eye Care Associates failed to tell me about. Alcon this is ridiculous...just a way to get people to buy your contacts with no intention of paying out. My whole family wears contacts and we will be moving on to another brand.

Jul 30, 2015

Horrible experience

I have no idea how it can be legal for a company to operate like this. My rebate story started out simple at first: I applied online and uploaded the two documents they requested as part of the online process. I received notification shortly afterward that only one document was received. No problem. I emailed the second document and all was well. Weeks later I checked the status of the rebate on the website and it said the rebate card was mailed to me on June 25, 2015 and to wait 7-10 business days to receive it in the mail. On July 21, 17 business days later, i had not received anything. I emailed Alcon and called them. I was told that it would be more like July 23rd, maybe even the 30th, when the rebate would actually arrive. Well, today is the 30th and nothing has arrived. I called Alcon and was on hold for 20 minutes, then I accepted their offer to "keep my place in line" and call me back. It is now an hour later and they have not called. The sad thing is that I actually DO need the money. I am not ashamed to say it. On top of that, I believe I got a bad batch of contacts as I am having problems with this batch that I have never had in over 20 years of wearing contacts. I will never do business with Alcon again. There has to be a law against offering rebates as an enticement for purchase and then not following through. Like the person before me, even IF I receive the rebate card, I will doubt it will have the correct amount on it. What a mess. I am bewildered by this company's lack of ethics, service, and responsibility.

Aug 14, 2015

A nightmare

Basically the same scenario as the other reviewers. I just made a third attempt and submitting my claim. Each time I e-mail them for an update they tell me they never received my documents. So just a few minutes ago I sent them for the third time. First time was December 2014, then April 2015 and now August. They are like robots - no feeling at all for what you're going through. Never will I ever buy Alcon products again. I spent over $650 on Dailies for my daughter and she's almost due again. Too bad for Alcon, they had a good customer and they lost me!

Aug 24, 2015

is that Alcon or con all

I have tried to apply for a rebate but am told I need rebate code which Alcon tells me should come from my optometrist, in addition to sales receipt, optometrist's report, bar codes , My optometrist says they were not given a rebatecode, the sales rep says to use the UPC code. None of this works.
I have never done a mail in rebate that requires so many pieces of documentation.
Even the sales rep does not know how the program works.
This is a poorly devised scheme, unless the scheme was to annoy people in which case it has exceeded it's target.

Sep 8, 2015

Alcon Scam

I bought a years worth of Alcon Air Optix contacts because my eye doctor at Target said I could get a $65.00 mail in rebate. They specifically gave me the instructions of what to mail in, including receipt with UPC circled, proof of eye exam and instructed me to go to the website and print the form and mail it within 60 days. I read the terms and followed the instructions. I know for a fact I sent all of the required information. I check the status online today, simply says "invalid" missing UPC. This is a scam to have customers buy more and choose contacts with the expectation of a deal. You can't prove you had the form, UPC, receipt unless you made copies beforehand and they only have a phone line...nowhere to email your information as proof..... The whole "lost in the mail" excuse gets old.... Do not waste your time or money with this scam or company.

Nov 15, 2015

Rebate Scam

Purchased Focus Dailies on June 9th. Submitted all of the required materials for the $90 rebate. It is now November 15th, 2015. When I call them they say that it is being processed. My son purchased contacts in December of 2014. He has not received his rebate either. They told him that his rebate had been processed and that the refund was in the mail. That was several months ago. This company has no intention of honoring their obligations. I will never buy their products again. My hope is that the reason they are not honoring their rebate is because they are going bankrupt and/or have severe legal bills due to litigation.

Nov 30, 2015


I went through the whole process of sending everything and copying everything in July. It's the last day of November and the entire time when I checked the status it has stated "In Progress" which made me ASSUME it was being processed. I decided to CHAT with someone and find out why it was taking so long. They say they are waiting for copies of "everything" from me and do I still have them. Well 4 months later and I'm supposed to be done with the process as far as I know, so NO I didn't keep a copy of everything that I sent. I still have my receipt for the contacts but don't have the actual rebate, so that's not enough. Soooooo........................anyway. The really bad thing is that I ended up paying full price and I absolutely HATE these contacts, they hurt my eyes. So I really feel like I got the shaft on this deal.

Apr 21, 2016

The card's a scam too!

I went through much of the same that everyone else has complained about, but I called, and they eventually sent me a rewards card. It was for $100. I used it once, for $57. The next two times I tried to use it, it was denied, 1st at Kroger, then at Food Lion. So at both places I had to pay cash. They told me I had to know the exact balance to be able to use it. So a little bit later, I logged on to alconlensrebate.com and got the balance left on the card. It was $0! It turns out that even though the card was rejected at the 2 stores, the balance was lowered for each attempt to use it! I don't know who got the money, but it sure wasn't me! I tried to call the 1-855 number on the back of the card, and there was no ability to reach an operator to discuss the problem! I was screwed out of $43 out of the original $100 on the card!

Aug 17, 2016

Nothing but lies

I will never buy Alcon products again. This rebate process is straight fraud if you ask me. It's taken me 4 months of emails, calls, mailings, etc to get my rebate card. They sent me a card with a "0" balance!!! I realize they want me to give up, but I won't. I'm pissed and I will get this rebate. Someone needs to investigate this company. It appears to be long overdue with what I've been reading.

Aug 18, 2016

I guess it's not just me

I sent everything they asked for which was like jumping through hoops. A couple of weeks later their rewards status site said the approx. issue date was June 30, 2016. Allow 7 to 11 days. Ok, cool! Then on July 9, I get an email stating that my rebate has been approved (I thought it already was) and allow 3-4 weeks for the card to arrive. So it's been almost 6 weeks now. I called and waited in line for 30 minutes, then decided to let them call me back. Didn't happen. Then I emailed them, still no reply. So tonight I googled 'Alcon rebate scam' and found out that they have been doing this to people for YEARS and getting away with it! WTF! I would be totally in on a class action suit against these lying @ssholes. I don't even care about the money, it's about principles and ethics, and they should be shut down.

Dec 9, 2016

The Alcon Issue Continues

It's now December 2016, and I am getting the same run around as other people on this site have complained about. I submitted my claim in August 2016 and it was coded "in process" received 8/18. By October I hadn't received anything from them. I contacted them and they said they were missing all of the paperwork and I had to resubmit. I did. Nothing happened. On 11/7, I complained again and asked why I hadn't gotten the rebate. I was told they would process and mail it within 2 to 3 weeks. I contacted them on 12/8, which gave them 4 weeks to process, and I was told they had "overwhelming response" to the rebate and could I give them another 30 days. That would be a total of 5 months. I responded to them today that I wanted it sent now.

This is the most unprofessional company I have dealt with.

Ian Timourian
Dec 29, 2016

I wish I had seen this site earlier. SCAM

Absolute scam.

I sent everything in perfectly, *triple-checked* to procure a $70 rebate and made a note to check on the status a few months down the road as I think they have like a 2 month 'processing time' (enough time for people to forget all about their rebate status). I finally thought to check on the status just as an assurance that everything had gone through the system correctly and I found my status was marked as 'invalid' with the reason given of

"Missing Alcon official rebate form. Product purchase must be made within 100 days of contact lens fitting/exam."

Both of which are *completely* untrue, yet now I have no way of proving that as they keep all of the sent documentation and physical UPC codes from the boxes.

When I contacted them to address the issue I was surprised to find that the 'promotion is already closed' and I am shit-out-of-luck.

PURE SCAM. I like Alcon contact lenses but this rebate stuff is an absolute bait-and-switch. I'm kind of in shock as I never do rebates for anything and assumed it was a fairly straight-forward process.


"Thank you for contacting the Alcon Vision Care Rebate Center.

I'm sorry you've been going through this situation regarding your rebate status. And I apologize for any inconveniences that may have caused you.

I was able to see that the promotion is already closed. Unfortunately, the system will not allow any changes. In this case, you will not be able to qualify for the rebate per terms and conditions.

Thank you for contacting the Alcon Vision Care Rebate Center. Have a great day!"

Feb 25, 2017


I'm about ready to call my local news and have them start digging on ALCON (Alcon rebate) and send in a rebate themselves to see firsthand their faulty, lying, shameful practices!!!! ! THIS COMPANY should be ASHAMED!!! So for all of you considering buying Alcon in the future or if they are having a "rebate" and that is what persuades you to want to choose them over another brand, DONT GO WITH ALCON! You WONT receive your rebate! Abba eyecare which is where I go, is EXTREMELY frustrated bc MANY of their customers have had the same complaint and that is why they started doing all the rebate paperwork themselves so as to guarantee it was legitimately done right. They've realized that doesn't matter and ALCON SCAMS hard working customers who deserve their REBATE no matter what!!!! I hope this review helps future families realize NOT TO TRUST THIS COMPANY!!!!! And I'm going to go ahead and call my friend at the Denver News to get on this bc I've read and heard too many people that are going through this same thing!

Feb 28, 2017


I just called my optometrist's office to tell them I'd be returning the eight boxes of Dailies I just bought... the entries here reminded me that I went through this last year, wasting so many hours for 6-7 months fighting with them to get my refund when all documents submitted were perfect. I have no doubt that many others would have just given up, which is very likely their motive for all the stonewalling. I guess I'd blocked that long personal nightmare out when I returned to repurchase the brand so thanks to everyone for the reminder. And would it be too much trouble for them to provide an easy to locate customer service number with an actual human at the other end? Good luck to us all with the current administration's intent to scrap, not enhance, consumer protection.

Mar 16, 2017


This is the worst customer service. My contacts were delayed by 6 weeks shipping. Once I finally got them and was able to do the rebate I waited for 8 weeks only to find out that the rebate is invalid after the confirmation on the website said it was confirmed. I called the customer service number to check on the rebate and they said it was invalid because it wasn't submitted in time. I told her shipping was delayed and you had to have the upc of the boxes in order to submit the rebate. She said there was nothing they could do about it they go by the purchase date. I asked to speak to someone else and she said they don't take complaints. I won't use there products again.

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