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Consumer reviews about Agoda

Mar 16, 2012


I made a reservation for an hotel in Batam Indonesia. I realised 2 hrs later that the dates were wrong .
I immediately made the appropriate request to change the dates by internet. I also called the hot line because the reservation was for 2 days later instead of the next day. No operator was available.
I called again the next day : again no operator was available.
I called the hotel directly : no change was made and they could'nt change the reservation without agoda's permission. They confirmed they had a room for the required date.
Morality : it takes a few minute to make a reservation. But when you make a mistake, it takes many calls, request ... to no effect.


Anna Lund
Mar 17, 2012

reservation change

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to lodge a formal complaint regarding a recent booking made through your travel company, Agoda.

16/02/12 I made a booking for Bahia Othon Palace Hotel, Salvador, South America.
Six days after the booking I had not received my hotel e-voucher (it is stated in your information that this should be received within 48 hours) so I contacted your support team via email asking for it to be sent through. The following day I received a reply explaining there was a system error on your side and so I was asked to make further contact so Agoda could provide me with an adequate solution.

I called your support team.
A consultant explained that the room I had booked was unavailable; I have trouble understanding why an unavailable hotel room would be advertised as available. After spending over an hour waiting on the hotel phone (NZ$200 at my expense, receipt available) the consultant re-booked the exact same room for the exact same date. He insisted I ring back in exactly 1 hour to confirm that I wanted the room - I assured him I did but he said the booking would not be processed unless I rang again.
I am confused because I have made several successful bookings with Agoda and have never been asked to call through to confirm.

An hour later I rang as requested (not something I felt like doing on my holiday, at midnight). After several attempts I was finally connected to a consultant who had incredible difficulty speaking English and who disconnected me 3 times. She did not call me back after the 3rd time. In my opinion, that is poor customer service. At around 1.30am I gave up

The following day I called Agoda again (third time in 2 days) and waited another 30 minutes before being connected to the operator, which cost me NZ$75 and then a further NZ$30 at an Internet cafe. Surely I should not have had to incur these costs through your team's lack of service?

Again I explained the entire situation and the consultant assured me she would sort the mess out once and for all and would call me back at our hotel within 2 hours.
After 3 1/2 hours of waiting at our hotel we still had not heard from her.
To say we were very disheartened with the way Agoda's staff had let us down would be an understatement.

I then wrote a complaint letter to the support team who replied stating that hotel reception had said we were not in the room when they tried to make contact - I can assure you we were most certainly in our room as this mess had already ruined part of our holiday and clearly we wanted this drama over as soon as possible.

Agoda continued by saying that it is not possible to confirm this booking due to a constant system error, so please be advised that we would like to offer you to cancel this reservation with full refund and also we are offering you the amount of the first night as a compensation for the inconvenience that happened.

But why would the consultant make a second booking with the same hotel if it was already clear that there was a system error in place? I replied explaining they had my bank details but I am yet to receive the compensation promised. It is almost 3 weeks now.

Our flight was due to land in Salvador that afternoon and because of this mess we had no time to re-book additional accommodation. We then caught a taxi to Bahia Othon Palace Hotel in the hope of a vacancy since Agoda had explained the problem was with their system not the hotel's.
The exact same room was booked for us but the cost of that room had almost doubled.

The hotel manager said they had absolutely no affiliation with Agoda and that I was the 2nd person to arrive saying Agoda had booked them.

Further, in your advert for Bahia Othon Palace Hotel you state that on site is a gym, sauna, tennis court, golf course, casino, indoor pool, jacuzzi, steam room and spa. NONE of these are present at the hotel. Surely this is false advertising on your part. We were further disillusioned and disappointed since I had specifically booked this hotel as an anniversary surprise for my partner. We were both shocked to see this was not the case when we arrived.
On your web page you state SECURE and FAST. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Again, I mention false advertising.

We appreciate Agoda's gesture (which we have yet to receive) however this has ruined several days of a great first holiday. We spent over NZ$305 on toll calls (the majority accumulated on waiting for the operator). Receipts available.
Originally I regarded Agoda as a trustworthy and competent booking company and wouldn't have hesitated recommending you, however this ongoing situation has left us dumbfounded.

While we cannot get those wasted days back we would, however, appreciate compensation for the time wasted on the phone and the accommodation refund and compensation as promised by you.

I am waiting now for you to get back to me with your solution to this whole mess.

yours sincerely

Anna Lund

Apr 5, 2012


Agoda charge 50% for the cancellation of $110 7 days before the reservation date.
Rude WHITE SAND HOTEL DESK ATTENDANT, using foul words on the phone while asking for the booking registration that I had from AGODA on March 30, 2012. CEBU, PHILIPPINES" WHITE SAND HOTEL ".

AGODA was adviced to cancel the regestration a day after and book in a more expensive hotel in Plantation Bay.

50% charge of $60.00 was charge it shocked me. We try to ask to reverse the charges and book with other hotel, nothing happened.

Lilian P. Sian
Jul 28, 2012


I booked a hotel for my korea trip today but they ONLY send me the confirmation letter .... NO HOTEL VOUCHER attached...

how can i used it then....???? Tell me...

And the would tell you they will send the hotel voucher after an hour... But it has been hundred of hours already.

You all are so irresponsible...

Please do something bout this...

Aug 27, 2012

Failed Hotel Reservation - No Refund

I booked a hotel as I was visiting Swaziland through Agoda website and they charged my credit card and I got a voucher by email, The transaction was successful and I was given ascreen a reference number 580912018 and also received a confirmation via email. On arriving at the hotel in Swaziland with Agoda's voucher the hotel told me they were fully booked and they never got any information from Agoda. This was at about 10pm at night

After a lot of argument I spoke to the Hotel manager who was unsympathetic until I told him of my intention to sue the hotel as Agoda was their agent, they eventually offered to but me in a hotel 30 miles away from the original hotel I booked at 11.00pm at night in a strange country which I declined as there was no way I could have traveled on my own in a strange country at that time of the night. It is now well over 2 weeks now and I have had no contact from Agoda.

The annoying bit is they are still sending me more emails offering me various offer hoping to scam me even more, After seeing the number of complaints against Agoda I regret using them. I am determined to use every legal means possible to recover my refund

My advise please use Agoda.com at your own risk to book Hotels. How I wish I had used Expedia which I had always used in the past
Is Agoda a Scam or Fraudulent company

Sep 5, 2012

Agoda Failed Hotel Reservation - No Refund

Success at last - complaint resolved amicably

However a new update. My complaint was recently reviewed by a more competent Customer Support Specialist who I must say read and understood my complaint and was fair in her assessment and sent me a detailed explanation.
In summary I am happy to close this complaint as Agoda recognized the legitimacy of my grievance and have made amends by apologizing and have offered me compensation which I have accepted.
1) Agoda accepted liability for the failed booking and informed me it was a breakdown in communication caused by the Hotel and promised to take this up with the hotel. (The other point I must mention was the rudeness of the manager at Nkonyeni Lodge & Golf Estate Hotel Swaziland. His staff was more sympathetic to my predicament and probably had more managerial skill than the manager his self.
2) As a gesture of good Agoda has refunded my full money and additional compensation. Despite the inconvenience suffered, the case has ended well without me being out of pocket thanks to the Agoda Customer Support Specialist (Lina)

Sep 8, 2012

Caught up in Agoda fraud prevention

I am in Thailand and was changing hotels and booked the new one through Agoda. I was moving hotels the same day so was hoping everything would run smoothly. I had an email from Agoda's fraud prevention team saying that I needed to contact my bank in the UK to confirm a small transaction they would put through to verify my identity. Failing that I was asked to email a copy of my passport and CREDIT CARD back and front!!!! This is a fraud PREVENTION team!!!! How much money are we talking about you might ask - how about £130. I understand the need for security but this is ridiculous.

On top of that when I questioned them about this they simply cancelled my booking. What a joke. I bet they will try to charge me something and if they do I will fight it. I wish I had seem this website before that. I'll stick to Expedia or Booking.com.

A K Khan

Oct 19, 2012

Hotel was not existing

I have booked a room @ Nirvana tent hostel. the address given by you is pagiwada, Margao city, Goa. This address is incomplete and nobody in Margao knows this place. the number given, 8800278968 is switched off.I am not able to locate the hotel and was forced to take another room. I suspected this is total fraud and requested refund. But there is no reply from them.Booking No 22103191

Nov 14, 2012

They are not honest company!

I did a booking with Agoda using my Amex card to stay three nights in Langkawi Resort!...When I asked them to cancel my booking and refund my money back to my new Visa card because my Amex card used for booking was cancelled,they refused to do it!...Even after calling them and sending copies of my new Visa card and identity,they insisted on refunding my money to my cancelled Amex card and this matter cost me a lot of time to get my money back!...I never recommend Agoda even for my enemy!...They are not honest at all!

Jan 15, 2013


I booked a a room with Agoda for Ho Chi Minh for two nights. They charged me U.S.$ 96. 00. for two nights with breakfast. The breakfast turned out to be a omelette in a bread roll and a cup of terrible coffee. They informed me it was a superior room . It turned out to be a room with no windows and average size. When My wife and I were moving to another town I asked the manager how much was that room per night. He replied $ U.S. 34.00. That is over 1000 bath (Thai) I can get the equivalent room for 700 bath with a window in Bangkok. I have written to Agoda but no response. Every time they sent me any information it was with a no reply email. and it always was by a different member of the staff. I am disgusted by their service and their sharp practices.

Apr 9, 2013

hotel misrepresentation

Agoda misrepresented the details provided of my villa. called it a guest house and said rooms are available when it is only given out as a complete unit. unable to contact anyone and the email addresses they gave me as contact came back undeliverable. never trust or believe the details given on Agoda.

Jan 5, 2014


Agoda's customer service is atrocious!
I've booked a number of hotels via Agoda and I realised a few minutes after I booked this specific hotel in New York that the dates were wrong so I contacted customer service. The customer service representative is always changing and no one bothers to read anything I write. They are extremely rude and there's no point in even writing to them as they DON'T read anything! Better off booking with Expedia who actually have customer service representations that respond to you! So annoyed! I can't my dates or the hotel.
Agoda's claims that it's the hotels policy to allow no cancellations but I've spoken to the hotel and their only policy is to allow no cancellations 24 before the check in time. I'm still weeks away and I contacted Agoda a few minutes after my booking so I'm sure something could have been done if they bothered.

Jan 5, 2014

Agoda complaints

I've never complained about any company before but I'm really disapointed in how Agoda handles their customer service and issues. I've always booked with Agoda before but when something actually goes wrong and you need to contact them, that's where the problem starts.
I find it more effective to contact them through their Facebook page and if more people bring this to their attention, they might actually hire some more effective customer service members.

May 8, 2014


I made two reservations with Agoda (hotel bookings). Alternate arrangements have been made and therefore do not need the hotel stay. I have tried and tried and no matter how hard I tried, I was unable to cancel these bookings. I prepared an e-mail as it stipulates on their page, but after typing it all up, I scrolled down, but there was no SEND button. I have been very frustrated for days trying to cancel. They have now charged my credit card. I am unable to reach them on the phone number listed. I tried several times, but it just goes blank... The site is certainly not user friendly. Only after they charged the credit card for one of the bookings, a message came up saying they received the cancellation, but I will not get a refund it said.

When you hit the cancel button, a new window comes up to say a charge of US$ 15.00 will be charged. Then below it says hit "cancel" to retun to booking or hit "continue" to cancel. There is no place to select either of these. WHAT KIND OF BUSINESS IS THIS. I had forgotten how they charged me more than they should before. I will never use of recommend them.

Frustrated with fraud
May 25, 2014

No voucher sent 2 weeks after confirmation number received

I was given a confirmation number when I made my booking for a hotel in Seoul at least a week ago and was quoted a price. When I went to print out the voucher today, however, I realized I was never sent one. I sent a request for a voucher and am now waiting for Agoda to respond. I also called but Agoda's automated system does not recognize the booking number it gave me when I made the booking. Tomorrow, I will check my credit card statement (which I am certain I have been charged). If I have been and do not receive my voucher, first I will cancel my entire trip. Second, I won't bother going through Agoda but will seek to file a class-action lawsuit either in the US (or equivalent in the UK).

May 27, 2014


Agoda is not RESPONSIBLE as far as prices
each hotel owner determines its prices and offers itself
any refund payment and Cancellation
times are completely determined solely by the hotel owners.

Jul 28, 2015

Be clever! Agoda discount is cheating

I use AGODA to make hotel reservation in Bali (Reserve code is 73649629).
I got promotion emails from AGODA that the discount rate is very good.

In the hotel, I realized that even the common rate of the hotel (without discount) is still lower than "discounted price from AGODA".

sandeep kumar yadav
Apr 14, 2016


I sandeep yadav and my friend gaurav nagpal with our families have booked two rooms through agoda.com on 25/03/16 to 26/03/16 in hotel kiran villas palace bharatpur rajasthan . but as i reached there and asked to check in they told me that they do not have any room available for us. i show the booking id and mail but they told me to contact agoda.com. i tried alot to contact agoda but after long i came to know that they do not have any customer care no. in india.then somehow we managed to get in other hotel late night at 10:30pm along with kid aged 6 month and 2 year old. after that i email agoda all the matter and asked for refund. in reply they told us that we have to confirm it from the hotel. and for the next 18 days they have the same reply after that i got a mail from agoda they told on the 19th day that previously our hotel told us that you have checked in. after 19th day they are saying it to me. i asked for the document of my stay in their hotel but they are unable to provide it to me.i called on their international no. but its also useless .still struggling for my refund.. plz tell me how can i get my refund guys. AGODA IS FRAUD STAY AWAY FROM IT......

Aug 8, 2016


- I had a fully prepaid confirmed hotel booking for me and my family with 2 kids.
-I went to hotel,
- hotel denied booking, inspite of me waiting infront of them for nearly 30 minutes
- contacted Agoda Customer care, I waited for long, no response.
- I was forced to look for another property for nearly two hours.
- I booked and paid for another propertly as your agent did not get in touch with me.
Agoda did not bother to appoligize nor refunded my money..!

Better book with booking.com, who rescued me at last moment!

Nov 24, 2016

Agoda The Robber!

I cancelled 3 nights since it was mistakenly booked for different month. AS per the original booking it was suppose to forfeited my deposit but agoda took all 3 day room charges and refund me nothing. It's a robbery in the name of terms and conditions! someone must get back to Agoda for this.

nikki staffs
Aug 17, 2018


DO NOT REPEAT NOT USE AGODA wehave been trying to get a refund for a booking made in March 18 for our daughter's wedding on 2Julyn 18, to stay at Cantaloupe aquain Unawatuna, offering a discount of 62% NOT SO we were asked for credit card details to secure the booking, which we did, then were surprised upon receit of our visa statement that 2 payments had been taken by the hotel for £420 & taxes of £120, which reflected no saving at all. we arrived at said hotel to find a JCB digger a[[[rox 20 yards from reception, being operated fro 7.am to 3 pm daily, the hotel was totally mis-represented on web site, it was certainly not a 5 star spa hotel with luxurious rooms, but a very dated, dark,gloomy place where we had no desire to stay. we were told by Agoda that if wehadnt gone to hotel it would be treated as a 'no show' & no refund possible. We have been attempting to get our money back via complaints e mails with agoda since 28 june 2018, to no avail. we are now raising a complaint via Martin Lewis's wed site 'resolver' please use site if you have issues, it guides you through to ombudsman or similar. Nikki Staffordshire.

Jan 5, 2020

Unauthorised charge

I have made a booking with Agoda that saying free cancellation and only paid once arrive at the hotel. However, Agoda has given the hotel my card details. The hotel then charged me the first night straightaway. I contact Agoda customer service. They said that there is nothing to do with them and asked me to contact the hotel. The hotel replied that I have to deal with Agoda directly as my booking is with Agoda. I have contacted the Agoda customer service many times and got no results. Every time I called, they hang up on me when they can not answer me. They also hang up on me when I asked to speak to the manager. The email reply is the time each time without addressing the issue. I have not experienced such bad customer service. I will never use them again!

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