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Acurian, Inc

United States, Pennsylvania

Consumer reviews about Acurian, Inc

L. N.. Johnson
Jan 5, 2012

Unsolicited Mail

January 4, 2012 I agree with complaint posted by person who received unsolicited mail from Acurian. I also recevied a letter. Don't have a clue as to where Acurian got my name and address. This can't be legal to shoot off a letter asking if I wanted to be on a medical clinical trial for such and such an affliction or other medical condition. . This is truely a medical violation. L. J

Dec 14, 2013

Acurian Health (Reputable Co.)

Acurian Health is a reputable company. The company does not purchase contact information. Please review Acurian's Privacy Policy at Acurian.com and review "How Personal Information is Collected - Data Partners". There is nothing illegal about how contact information is collected by Acurian. In accordance with HIPAA Regulations, there is NO way Acurian can retrieve or collect personal information illegally. Before you assume the company is a "Scam" or not truly representing clinical research studies, you should do YOUR research.

NOTE: Due to the usage of / availability to the Wide Area Network (WAN) and OTHER SCAMS, that if contacted by a "unknown"
caller / mailer you assume the company is not legitimate or it's all a fraudulent scheme. Do your research first and NEVER

May 4, 2015

Unsolicited Phone Calls

Have had three calls from 855-801-4974 in three days (so far), May, 2015. All left identical messages (pre-recorded) from "Miss Wagner at Acurian Health" about a "dust allergy study" offering compensation of $45 per visit. Caller ID said "UNAVAILABLE" for all three calls. Our number is on the Do Not Call list, which this company is apparently ignoring. This is not how a "reputable" company does business.

Jun 2, 2015

Research for money Letters

We keep receiving the Research for money letters from Acurian but we do not have any of the conditions they are doing for these health research for money. Nor have we ever filled anything out on their web site or on any "data partners" they claim under their "Privacy Policy" on how they collect peoples information. So then does this reputable company keep sending out Research for money letters (if you qualify) to people who do not have any of their research conditions and have never suffered from any of the conditions? Any reputable company should and would be checking data collected under their "Privacy Policy" before sending out their research for money letters to anyone, right? Also reputable companies put their company name on the letter being sent out and why is there always a different address-state on each letter but no address locations listed anywhere on their web site?

Rose Slay
Mar 24, 2016

Lower Back Pain

I had received an email from Acurian Health and it was asking if I had lower back pain and if so fill out a questionaire and they would see if there were any clinical study in my area. The first 2 letters I received by mail they didn't have the study in Mobile, but the next letter I received I went online and filled out the questionaire and there was a clinical study in Mobile. The clinic called me the next day and made an appointment. I took some tests and they called and said I passed and everything look good. So I have an appointment today and I'm excited. At the first visit everyone was so nice and helpful. Yes you take a risk, but not eveything turns out bad and that's a choice you make so I can't see where anyone can complain when everything is explained to them, understand this is my thoughts on the matter.

Apr 14, 2016

Heart attack,stroke, or surgery for clogged arteries

After receiving a letter for the subject study, on Marcy 24, 2016, I called and was questioned. I was told that I "qualified" for the study and would be contacted by Dr. Randeep Suneja's office in Katy, Texas. Two weeks later, when I had not received a call, I called the Doctor's office. I was told someone would call me back. Later that day, I received a call while I was in a meeting. The lady calling said she would call me back that afternoon. Today, two weeks later I had not received a call back, so, I called the doctor's office again and spoke with a lady that ask me the name of the study I was calling about - I did not have the official name of the study. Then, the lady told me that the study had been put on hold and they would call if the study went forward. Since she did not have my contact information, I volunteered it. After spending so much time on the telephone participating in the lengthy questionnaire, I am disappointed that things have fallen through the cracks.

Jul 19, 2016

Arthritis Research

I recently (July 2016) received a letter regarding participation in Acurian Health's arthritis study. The letter indicated: "No-cost study-related care from doctors in the Minneola area." After giving my medical history to the representative via phone conversation, and willing to make an appointment to participate in the study, I learned that "There are no doctors in the Minneola area currently participating in the study. The closest facility is in Orlando/Pine Hills." This letter is blatantly inaccurate, untruthful. I do not travel to Orlando or Pine Hills due to the crime rate in those cities. Otherwise, I would have been happy to participate in the study. Acurian, PLEASE, give more truthful information. Perhaps then people will be more willing to participate in your studies.

Aug 17, 2016

Many falsehoods presented

They can never find people BC of their procedures & LIES
Don't get involved Ever in any way!

Aug 24, 2016

Arthritis study

Just received this letter as well and after going through all the questions there are no studies in my area. I have been contacted in the past by area hospital to participate in a study but did not qualify. That is why I thought this must be legitimate. How did this business get my personal medical info? How would they know I'm an arthritis sufferer. Wish I had done some research before contacting them.

Aug 30, 2016

Migraines on Instagram?

I keep seeing this migraine ad on Instagram. My question is. How do they know that I've suffered with migraines for about 13 years? It says they pay you for their studies so I was interested. I started filling out the questionnaire and ended up falling asleep so my session expired. After I woke up I decided to look it up and I'm having second thoughts about it. I understand an email or a phone call how the rest have been hearing about this. But it seems weird to me that I see it on Instagram.

Sep 14, 2016

Research about Arthritis

I just finished a conversation with an individual after receiving a information letter offering to pay money to be involved with Arthritis research. I agreed. He questioned me about all my health. After having me give all my personal information about my health, he informs me that the study is not going on here. If the study was not going on here...first why did I receive a letter at this address, second why did he not tell me before attaining all my personal medical information. I am very concerned that is is not a legitimate

Sep 21, 2016


I answered a letter regarding arthritis research in my area. I called and gave my health information over the telephone. However after a lengthy health questioning including personal information, I was told there are no studies in my area. However the letter stated the studies were being conducted in my area. The scam may be that they offer up to $1000 for compensation of time for their research. I felt like I was supposed to answer this letter but didn't have any inclination to answer it on my own. At this point I believe it was a scam and they now know my name, birthdate and address!

Sep 27, 2016

Waste of Time

This company is a scam! I got a letter in the mail for hip and knee arthritis , which I have,and after answering their multitude of questions, I was unqualified. I have had the same issue with this company when I was completing surveys for a survey company . Every time I was unqualified. Today's phone call was a waste of my time and I will never answer any more questionnaires for this company on or offline . They are a scam! Please beware of this company!

Sep 29, 2016

Oh My God People, Relax

I've been reading everyone's comments here to find mostly a group of uninformed, paranoid people claiming that this research company, Acurian Health (which is a notable Clinical Trials information company), is running a scam... but yet, not one of them showed any evidence of one. Because the applicant didn't qualify for a trial, that seems to automatically conclude that Acurian is scamming them. How silly.

First of all, there are about 6,000 new drugs, procedures, and treatments being tested in about 80,000 locations around the U.S.
And, according to the Association of Clinical Research Professionals, more than 80% of clinical research trials are being delayed because there aren't enough volunteers.

Personally, I received two letters (for the arthritis trial) on the same day. One in my present, married name and one in my previous name that I had over 15 years ago when I was married before. Both addressed to my present address. Therefore, I can conclude that they are getting names from mailing addresses that have been sold to them, or they are getting them from an insurance company, some other business, or more than likely, public records. The reason they do this is because they need volunteers. They send everyone on their lists a letter, hoping someone will respond who has a disease or illness for a particular study.

I live in a small village, which is listed in the letter for the study. Now, I'm smart enough to know there's no study going to be performed in my village, which has one doctor's office. More than likely, the study will be held in one of the three cities nearby, but they put my town on the letter because they figure it won't kill someone to drive 25 miles (which they pay you for) to partake in the study. Notice they use the word 'area' after your town. This is because your town (if not the town of the study) is located in the AREA of the study.

When you go to a site (usually a doctor's office) to answer their questions, you may be turned down because you aren't the patient they're looking for. You may have had something as simple as taking a blood pressure medication that makes you ineligible. Or, maybe you've had the measles, or your mother died of uterine cancer, or you're over or under weight. It's dependent upon the study.

Just remember, these are new drugs or treatments which have not yet been released to the public. It's rare for participants to die from negligence or mismanaged care from clinical trials, but it has happened. According to the Food and Drug Administration, one out of 10,000 patients has died from the effects of drugs being studied, but one in every 30 study subjects will have a serious adverse event. Side effects and reactions are more common. The American Association of Health Plans (www.aahp.org) has a guide called, "Should I Enter a Clinical Trial" that you can get at their website.

Acurian Health is not a scamming business.

Oct 24, 2016

Yes, this is a scam!

I am embarrassed to say that I have fallen for this scam 3 different times for 3 different issues they sent me letters about, for medical issues that I do battle. They dangle a lot of money in front of you to get you to call them, and then they ask you go through a laundry list of highly personal medical information, only to then tell you that you do not qualify for the study listed on the mailer they send out to you at your address. Somehow, someway they get this information, or they wouldn't know who to send it to, so someone somewhere is leaking information that should violent HIPA laws.
As much as I could use the money they are dangling in front of me I am at a point where I am willing to allow medical professionals to use my body to potentially help someone else down the road who suffers with the same conditions I have, and potentially even help me at some point. But I usually find that when it looks like a scam, sounds like a scam, and asks you for highly personal information about you like a scam, it's probably a scam. Sadly it took me 3 times calling them before looking more into them. They sound legit, but I don't think so. 3 times they kept me on the phone asking me these questions, and 3 times they told me that I don't qualify for a study for something I do actually suffer from, and from things they obviously are aware. The last time I stopped him halfway through and asked him if anything I had already told him disqualified me from the study, only to be told he wouldn't know until all the information is put in the computer program to decide. Moments later, after finishing the questions (AGAIN!) I of course was told I didn't qualify.
This is a scam! Before asking any health questions they ask for your name, address, phone number and email address, these are things that shouldn't matter if you don't qualify for a study. They are phishing for personal information, that's what they are doing. God only knows what they do with it. Don't waste your time! If in deed they are legit they need to start doing things differently so they don't appear like a scam. You can go ahead and call them if you want to, but I am warning you that you will be wasting your time, giving out a lot of personal information, only to end up fuming after you are told you don't qualify. The money they say you can earn is just a carrot being dangled in front of you. Don't bite, don't be fooled like me, don't do it! Please!? I warned you.

Nov 20, 2016


If this company is in such need of volunteers then they should be able and willing to tell me if there are doctors in Portland, OR who are actively participating in a particular study. and if the study is currently under way.

They don't need my personal and medical history before I'm comfortable that there is a viable study going on that's feasible for me to participate in.

If they really do need qualified volunteers then they should be willing to expand their list of potential volunteers by giving us that information prior to us providing our information.

Jan 31, 2017


Today I rec'd a letter from Walgreens offering a paid "research study" meaning they are looking for guinea pigs for Acurian, Inc. a.k.a. OAstudies.com (osteo arthritis) an ailment I have. I cannot believe that Walgreens would provide my personal information to those scammers.

Instead of deceiving people with snake oils the FDA together with the army of witch doctors in this country should approved immediately the stem cell therapy. This therapy was discovered by scientists in Sweden in the 90's and it has great success in several countries, however, this procedure involves one injection as opposed to having hip replacement which is outdated, dangerous, the trillion dollar lawsuits are endless and it costs thousands & thousands of dollars, this way everybody gets a piece of the pie.

Feb 21, 2017

Unsolicited Calls

This number has been calling my landline but most likely caught by my NoMoRobo as they never leave a message. I dialed back *67 (as I'm at work) and was greeted with the tape recorded message that I had reached Acurian Health and was placed on an eternal hold with ear-bleeding music. I did not remain on the line but proceeded to block the number from calling me again. If it is important and you're trying to reach an individual (legally) then leave a voicemail. Otherwise, get a new job. You're just annoying the rest of us.

[email protected]
Feb 24, 2017

OMG... This is a scam, hippa & Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act all apply

They are phishing for your insurance.
As an insurance agent with arthritis... I did bilk out of a call that my insurance should pay.
That is why I was approved for the study.

Ask yourselves these questions:
Why would I go to unknown clinics or doctors for these tests?
Am I already being treated?
Have I already been diagnosed?

Patients do not usually go to non-referred studies.
Their rheumatologist or general practitioner - should make referrals and recommendations.
Just because it is advertised - does not make it the right thing to do.
You are still your own best advocate.

Apr 22, 2017

This is a scam

Three people at my address received a lettler for arthritis research studies. Mine came from Walgreens so I thought it was valid and did it online. Well AFTER they got my medical info and my name and they said I qualified, Then, they said there wasn't any studies in this area. Well WHY did they send it to this area then??? Now they have my medical info and my name. That's what they're after folks....your medical info and your name. Don't volunteer ANYTHING to these people.I'd like to hear from someone, ANYONE who actually participated in this so called study.

May 13, 2017

on such email

received a letter to join a sleep clinic. I do have insomnia, but I do not know how they know this? Checked their link and it does not exist. www.StudiesForInsomnia.com No body home? Scam or what.

May 22, 2017

Total sCAM

For poops and giggles, I did reply to their letter...they went through an entire questionnaire...some truth was told others not...I do suffer from arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and many other issues...at the end of the questions after 20 minutes on the phone, the lady states, unfortunately no one in your area is accepting new patients for clinical trials...as far as I am concerned...this is a scam...a crock etc...I certainly will file a report...and hopefully further stop any others from going through this...Acurian Health your guide to health options..LOL www.OAStudies.com 855-244-3791...I have made copies of their letter, and will send the recorded information to the proper people...

Jun 15, 2017

Against Hippa

I have received three letters in the past 8 or so years asking if I want to participate in studies of certain medications. I questioned how they received my information and knew the medications I was taking as it is against Hippa Laws to release information of any kind without your consent. I called my insurance, my doctor, Medicare and Walgreen's and they all denied giving out information. I just read a notice from Walgreen's stating that they had an agreement with Acurian so that must be where the information is being leaked. I do not remember signing any form stating I gave my consent to release information. I am very concerned about the lax way medical information is being treated by Walgreen's. You can be sure I will notify the correct agencies regarding this matter.

Jan 17, 2018

Phone Questionnaires for qualification in trials

Each time I go thru the over-the-phone questionnaire process, I never qualify, for whatever reason(s). My complaint, as I have written before, is the people who ADMINISTER the questions during the phone process NEED to have a little more "compassion" for the person answering those questions. It's hard dealing with the public, I know that; but, not EVERY potential trial-qualified patient is the same and should not be judged by the otherwise less than nice demeanor of others with whom the people administering the questions speak with during the phone process. It's hard enough not being eligible for a trial; but, to be demeaned by some of those administering the questions needs to stop! If they hate their job that much, they should MOVE ON "away" from dealing with the public, and I hope the appropriate Acurian Health management IS reading this Review and will address this continuing issue! 1-17-2018

Feb 16, 2018

Acurian Health

Here is what I know about acurian health. I started getting letters phone calls from them when I lived in Miami for three years their lengthy survey questions number one say it's a study for heart disease study yes there's a few questions asked about heart disease but then it goes on to other things that are not even related so you know you're going to get mailings for those things that you answered yes on down the road number to here's my other problem I now moved to Texas started getting mailings with the new address this is what really pisses me off about this company I almost always pre-qualify but then they going to tell me but there's no doctors doing the study in your area at this time. When 2 DAYS PRIOR A LETTER FROM CO.SHOWS UP TELLING ME STUFY GOING ON RIGHT NOW IN MY AREA . Several local doctors blah blah blah I can't tell you how many times this is happened to me over 4 years I think they actually do have very few studies but I think their main goal is collecting information my guess would be for insurance companies simply survey purposes for medical I could be the real research going on right there. The top of that off this last rap you know cuz I was questioning her she wanted to stick so close to her script she wouldn't even stop long enough to listen so she didn't know how to answer my questions they were pretty simple straightforward questions but all she knew wish her script she knew nothing besides her script then she had the audacity to say Well ma'am I've been on the phone with you for 45 minutes wow unbelievable no I've been on the phone with you for 45 minutes you're getting paid to be on the phone with me for 45 minutes unbelievable so yes I think it's 98% bogus company this is from my own personal experience over the last 4 years and by the way I have been in a couple of reputable studies nothing they're doing is illegal this is how studies do approach you or your approach through your doctor's office I just don't think they're a hundred percent all breedable in the area of studies I think their main area is collecting surveys I'm just a person with a 4-year history with this company and what has happened time and time and again you get a letter there's a definite studies going on in your area several different doctors always pre-qualify but there doesn't happen to be any doctors in the area right now know your letter states are is that I just got two days ago so that's been a constant for 4 years I told them to take me off their list do not ever contact me again there you have it

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