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ABSA Private Security Provident Fund

South Africa

Consumer reviews about ABSA Private Security Provident Fund

Nico Venter
Mar 5, 2012

Provident Fund

My name is Nico and have the same problem as Lloyd I have been trying to get hold of the Provident fund since August 2011 besides the fact that I used a lot of money on phone bills, When the phone is answered they tel me that they cannot help me because the system is off line. Once I eventually got through to them - they told me that they never received my claim????_ I contacted my previous employer and they faxed me the proof of the claim that was sent in. This was sent in for the second time on the 9th of January 2012.
I have been trying to get hold of the fund since this date and again just got a phone recording of music playing. Each time I hold the line for 3 to 5 min and never get any answer.
Is there anyone that can help me or do I have to take another route to get my money out of the fund.
My cellphone number is 0844053309.
Nico Venter.

brenda sarah
Mar 9, 2012

Provident Fund

I agree with you guys every-time you call them and ask for help they will say no I cant because I' m busy with something or hold on for more than 15 Min listening to music. My claim was send in 2010 November at their office in Fox str Johannesburg and when i call again on February they said they have never received anything and then i fax it again. During may i received half of the money that was captured and they said i must wait the another money after they have captured the information on the new system. I waited for more than 8 months now, they do have the schedule and the payment for the company i worked for but because they don't want to capture information, they will says it has to be on excel but it is on excel.
please try to fix this thinks as soon as possible or most of the company will run away with business. now i have to send the complaint as if we are not dealing with human being. this human being they don't think for other people . my company paid contribution every month and send the schedule every month. we don't want to involved our lawyer to handle our problem with our funds.

please guys still to the rules of 6 month waiting period don't do more than dat.


abednego ndlovu
Apr 2, 2012

Provident Fund

my claim was send in 2011 October, they promised to pay after ten weeks.I visited their offices for more than ten times, from the day I send my claim they are still updating my funds. I contacted my previous employer and has paid all my funds in full. I have no one else to turn to. 0835414992 Abednego Ndlovu

Aug 8, 2012

provident fund Registration

Hi my name is Tebogo, am working for Company called Tau protection Service, they deduct my money for provident fund I need to know if they pay it to provident fund. My ID no is 7906066865081. Please let me know because those who worked before me they said Tau Protection Service doesn't pay it. You co- operatoin will be highly appreciated.
Best Regards.

Oct 9, 2012

Provident Fund

To Whom it May concern

Sometimes in March 2012 i submitted a provident fund application for withdrawal of the fund, the only one time that the telephone was answered I managed to get a fax number and fax through the relevant documentation.

But thereafter to date I have made numerous calls to the 0861177775 number and all I get is some automated answering system therefater I am asked to leave a message and a consultant will get back to me.

well let me tell you something to date no consultant as bothered to even call back.

It has cost me call upon call and nothing no call from Absa Provident Fund.

Please note if nothing is done about this by the end of this work week which is 12/09/2012, I am not going to hesitate to take this further.

My Details are as follows - Mr Nivash Baruth Harichand - I.D. No. 7511265165083

Please attend to this urgently



Jan 30, 2013


i did apply for my provident money through the private securitysector provident fund on the 02.03.2012 at there CAPE TOWN offices.Until now i did not received any sms on my phone from them. I provided them with all the papers which they faxed to the ABSA OFFICES .

MY ID.NO .6908025295088

Jan 30, 2013

wiating for provident fund payment

sorry again me. id .no.6908025295088 . i just send an e-mial.
more contact detials regading my compliant.
cell phone 0839898308 / 0796003438 / 021-9518702

Mar 8, 2013


I did apply for my provident money through the private securitysector provident fund in 2011 .Until now i did not received any sms on my phone from them. I provided them with all the papers which they requested but up now ihave not received any reply from them.
MY ID.NO .5407285109080
My Cell No:0728226025

Please attend to this issue urgently.

May 23, 2013



Jun 3, 2013


Hi ,my name is Saulina Snyders, ID No -781150244088 and i've applied for ppf in Feb already but when i contacted the call centre after 10weeks to hear how far my claim is , I was told that me that they never received my stuff , I specially took of from work to take it through to Cape Town , 37 Bree Street . I had to apply again and then i received an sms saying that they can't proceed with my claim because there's still documents that's outstanding.So i called them to hear about the outstanding stuff , only to be told that they couldn't see my previous employers company stamp . I went back to my previous employer for the stamp and faxed my stuff trhough , I've waited for a while before calling them again and i was told that they received all my stuff and that i should call again . i called again and was told that i must call again to hear how far my claim is . I called last week thursday and was told that they're only waiting on SARS and that they'll call me back on Friday but i never received any call . So i called them this morning to hear about my claim , only to hear again about a company stamp that they can't see . I've explained to 'Thapelo' my whole situation and he told me to fax my stuff through to him , to be honest i'm actually furious because i'm going round in circles and i mean it's not right that i have to keep on phoning and it takes a lot of money , sometimes i have to hold for more than 5 - 10 mins before being helped . So who's fault is it ? I've done my part twice already , now i must do it for a THIRD TIME , which is so wrong !!!! Can someone please sort this out because i'm running out of patience !!! Please contact me urgently 0848280298

Saulina Snyders

Jun 27, 2013

Provident Fund

John Peter Loggenberg

Id 6110075040080

Im waiting for more then 5 months for my provident and try to phone everyday but cant get hold of anyone to assist me regarding my claim,I did rescan my documents for more then 3 times but no reply .If you can contact me on 0721470802 or [email protected],com

Aug 12, 2013

No confirmation sms about my claim yet

Hi my name is vusumzi ludidi I made a claim in may with my fellow colleague and he did get an sms about his claim to have been received I never did I was told to wait 10weeks of which I did at the end of these 10weeks I went to metropolitan officies again only to find out my claim infact was never submitted by one of your employee there this means my papers were just like camping on your offices the company I worked for did comply with everything required there and since last week I haven't received a confirmation sms tell me what axactly is going on do I need to go to speak out about this or do I need to expose u in order to get my money? I will also write to public protector about this and media evry news paper because what I saw there is just a shame if u don't reply to this in 24hours u will see yourselves in papers for failing our people including me
Contact me my email is [email protected] my I'd No and cellphone no are private.

Sep 10, 2013

provident fund unpaid

i don't know where to start coz im fed up with this , its a pity that we had to work for the hard years our money being deducted and only to find that at the end someone just varnishes with your money like Absa. i was working for Riskon Holdings and they showed me the papers that my claim has been submitted to Absa Provident Fund in 2011 and the problem is that Absa is playing hide and seek with us (coz we are many with same complain). All i need to know is how long does it take Absa bring back my money? 30yrs?, coz its not the agift ,it is the money i worked hard for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im pissed off, totally pissed off!

Mrs. Coetzee
Sep 27, 2013

Provident Fund Unpaid

Good day

I would like to lay a complaint regarding my provident fund. My documents were submitted by my company in May 2013 already. I am fed up of walking an calling after these people, as everytime I call them or go to them they keep telling me the same storym that they are processing. I want to take this further as this is unacceptable and i will not leave it here. This is fargone!

mnikekeli baninzi
Oct 14, 2013

Waiting for Provident Fund

Mnikeli Edward Baninzi , I was working for Indico Risk Services Security Company ,On the 31 may 2013 they retrench me on the 25 June 2013 , I faxed all my documents to ABSA ,untill today I'm still waiting ,now is 4 Months please help me

Oct 18, 2013

non payment of a claim


I worked for Xhobani Security Services in Mdantsane. I claimed my provident fund payments since 2011, up until now,
there is now, there is no reply or any payments made in my favour. Who should we communicate with? ABSA is a reputable brand. My ID no. is 6906260833084

Your responds will be highly appreciated

Kind regards
X P Luka

Nov 13, 2013

Provident Fund

i have resigned from two companies and i have not received my provident fund. My id# 7507075766086. Enfroce Security Group - 2000 to 2004. Ithongo Security Services - 2004 to 2006.

Nov 13, 2013


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mandla hoyi
Mar 3, 2014

Partial paymen

Dear sir/madam my complain to you I ve been waiting for my payment since December 2013 my representative did call on 17 January 2014 to inquire on my behalf,consultant did confirm the problem was with bank he was not sure of and cornfirm my partial payment we send my bank statement but since then nothing came up,can I receive feed back as this also affects my family my ID no 800220 5389 081,claim was for Vikela & linda security services I did receive payment for linda security not for which I submitted my cliam June 2013,please help im starving here

sello selowa
May 5, 2014

Requesting for provident fund claim

Good morning all

I'm sello selowa,I did send my claim form on the 24 April 2014,I would like to find out from u if u did receive them or not because no sms found after faxed those document or a call from u can u please call me on the above infomation Mentioned .

S Selowa
Cell no: 0797230358/0724763465
Email adress:[email protected]

Sandy Landu
Jun 9, 2014

Absa Provident fund (Security)

Hi, My name is Phindile Sandy Landu. Have been phoning these people numerous times, with no avail. Sent emails - nothing. Are they scamming us or what. Where do we go for answers? Who do we complain to? The people in the call-centre keep changing their stories. I am fed-up. My ID is 6803255965080 - my number is 0839535590 - I need someone to get back to me A.S.A.P

Apr 28, 2015


I applied for my provided fund on the September 30. They told me it will take about six weeks. After two months I went there to check and they told me I will get it soon. I went there again and again getting the same story. This one time when I went there to check they told me that they don't know what was wrong and they gave me head office number to call (0861177775) & when I phoned them they told me to fax them my bank statement and I.d. Copy and told me to expect it after 3 weeks. When I phone them after 3 weeks, they said you'll get it on Friday, on Friday they said month end, month end they say after 3weeks. I phoned them again today, they say it has not been finalised yet. I mean I submitted my claim on September 2014 now its end April. What exactly is happening at ABSA PSPF? Nxa!

Sep 10, 2015

mkhonza JD

I submited My claim form to ABSA profidend fund on the 01 of July 2015 they promise me that it Will only take for sixweeks to process My finding but till today nothing is happening,i keep on calling them they said My document are fine i Will recieve an sms till now a'm still waiting,while People who submited Augustu last month they have recieved it,please sume one help me i was working for a company called servest Security for 5yrs and half so i design to further My studies.my details are ID-8212055856085,My email is [email protected],phone 0781121136.my regards jabu thanks,i hope u help

Jan 6, 2016

mrs DGJordaan

I have filled all the forms in as requested and was told the provident fund which absa is in charge will pay out in six weeks,that was on October 2015. Please bear in mind that my husband (Mr MJSJordaan) has passed away more than 10 years ago. Can someone please do something or get in touch with me as I hear nothing from absa.

Feb 1, 2016

Chabalala RE

I applied for my money in August 2015 n since December 2015 I hav been told that my money wud be paid soon n I wud get an SMS,until today the 1st of February.I don't knw what is going on there but what I knw is you are playing with people life n future.I wanted to enrol with a College but I have run out of time as one day I want to hav a Gud job like U but U messed all up for me,anyway God is great n he wud make a way n as for U,U R as useless as they come.Chabalala RE 8010185463081/ 0745652023

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