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ABC Cargo, Riyadh

Saudi Arabia

Consumer reviews about ABC Cargo, Riyadh

Mohamed Sarfraz
Nov 22, 2012

Poor or no Service - ABC Cargo at Riyadh

I have placed my Cargo of 27kg weight at ABC Lulu branch on 23-Sep-12 in Riyadh, KSA.
Still the cargo is not delivered at the destination after a commitment of max 20-30 days by the courier agency.
I have also called Lulu and the head office branches at Riyadh and the customer care executives several times but no response on the status of my Cargo. Also, I have visited the Cargo branch at Lulu to find out the actual status but again very poor response for this. So, am not getting any response from ABC Cargo Service, Riyadh on my shipment for the past 2 months.
Request your support in helping me retrieve the valuable goods that I have sent through this courier service.
Please contact me a@ [email protected] if you can help in the next 2-3 days

Feb 10, 2013

poor in service and customer satisfaction

i am one of the victim, of this poor cargo service in riyadh. have placed a cargo before 2 1/2 months back, yet now its flying to reach my destination

while receiving the goods they informed within 50 days it will reach the place, in spite of several calls there has been no response, and the quality of service is soooo poor, before saying the problem itself, they respond it will reach next week

i would suggest, to erase the customer care incharge, mobile number as its only to hear the bell ringing tone, because he does not respond or else its made busy (dis connecting)

many times frequently ive sent cargo, but since the propoganda was tooo much we tried, but now we are aware its only a show with poor service and much lies to steal money from the poor customers who afford to send the valuable things with love

hope one day you would reap the outcome of this poor quality services for sure

david chacko
Jul 6, 2013

shipment is not riciving

Iam sendng one shipment in (3.5.2013) may month sending from riyadh to india kerala shipment no is HWB A59066 But shipment is not arival to the riciver. iam sendig in betha branch riyadh . iam 5 times call in this office but no progras please chek the shipment .so many cargos in riyadh but iam also thinking abc is gooo but sorry

Oct 9, 2013


I have sent a cargo through sea on 28.01.2013 in ABC Balad branch but still not delivered to me. Almost 8 months over. Everytime when I phoned they use tell within 15 days it will be delivered but still not reached. I am following up for the past 4 months. MY HWB No. is SBL 65425.

Hence please reply for the status immediately. My e-mail: [email protected]
My contact No. 9884043745 (in India)

Aug 10, 2015

ABC cargo KSA worst service!!

I sent cargo to India thru jeddah branch of ABC cargo.
This is the 4th month . I didnt receive cargo yet.
ABC cargo service is the worst . Every time when i call they are saying it will be delivered with in a qeek and other excuses.
Dear friends, dont ever use ABC cargo service.. this is Worst.. i am speaking from my personal experince.

Oct 16, 2015

ABC Cargo still, not delivered my shipment to my home

I have sent my consignment of 72 kg.from ABC Cargo at Lulu batha branch Riyadh on 3/7/2015. My shipment still not delivered at my home after a commitment of maximum 3 months by the Batha Lulu branch of ABC . I have called many times ABC Cargo which is located at Lulu batha Riyadh, but no response on the status of my cargo , even I have visited the same branch to get the exact status of my consignment but again poor response .Still I am not getting the positive response from the ABC Cargo service Riyadh on my shipment for the past 3 months.
Therefore , requesting you to retrieve the valuable materials, that I have sent through your courier service .
You can contact me at this number 0592767180 and you can mail the at [email protected]
My consignment reference number is ALB79083.

Dec 20, 2015

Abc cargo

I sent my cargo 7months ago by ABC cargo from Riyadh to india mumbai but I haven't got that on my destination please do something and Send my cargo otherwise I have to take any action it's my email I'd [email protected]

Dec 25, 2015

Abc cargo Ksa worst sarvice

ABC cargo KSA worst service!!
I sent cargo to India Karnataka thru riyadh lulu hyper market branch of ABC cargo.
This is the 6 month before I didnt receive cargo yet.
ABC cargo service is the worst . Every time when i call they are saying it will be delivered with in a qeek and other excuses.
Dear friends, dont ever use ABC cargo service.. this is Worst.. i am speaking from my personal experince.

Jan 7, 2016

Sab se bekar hey ABC cargo

Dear sir mera naam asad hai 18/072015 ko ABC cargo se 27 kg cargo kiya tha joke abhi tak Lucknow nahi pocha hai call karne par phele to koi phone nahi utha ta tha jab office gye to unko sahi se samjaya gaya to phone to uhta hai par koi sahi se baat bhi nahi karta aur gali bhi deta hai bolta hai jao nahi poche ga tum hara cargo phone par bolten hai insha Allah is week mey poche ga 2din mey poche ga ye sab kiya hai please kuch help karye abc915492 asadbaba68@gmail +966571502500

Feb 16, 2016

ABC cargo, worst cargo

I myself MOHAMMAD SHAKILUR RAHMAN send 14 boxes cargo total weight 277.5kg through ABC cargo AL JUBAIL to NEW DELHI IN JUNE 2015 . Details are on 6/6/2015 bill No. HWB404699 7 box weight120.5kg, on17/6/2015 bill No. HWB404746 4box weight 90 kg, on17/6/2015 bill no. HWB404747 1 box(TV) weight 23 kg and 20/6/2015 bill no.HWB404753 2 box weight 44kg.This is my 4th complaints I raised I did not got any response from ABC side.Almost 8 months are going to pass but not a
single box I received. Now they have kept their phone and mobile switched OFF. From ABC side one person Mr TAHIR replied
on complaints that we will get our cargo very soon, but when. He replied they had created one e-mail for any enquiry. I raised matter in enqiury but did not received any reply.
Mohammad Shakilur Rahman
K111-Abul Fazal Enclave Part-1
jamia nagar, NEW DELHI-110025

Apr 19, 2016

where is my cargo

My cargo 912 kg. Riyadh to UJJAIN (MP) INDIA

Contact information:
abc cargo shara rail batha riyadh (saudi arab) KSA

respected sir, booking A254886 date 16-06-2015 in the name of receiver MR. ANIS KHAN sender name MOHAMMED RAIS KHAN & i paid 972 saudi riyal to abc cargo.
sir from 16-06-2015 to till date 19-04-2016 i din't receaved my cargo allready 10 months is over how much time do u want ?????? please inform us as soon as possible mobile 00966552270169
email id is [email protected]
sir this is too much i want my cargo as soon as possible please
my cargo is the happyness of my child 
as a request please accept my complaint & do as good for me


Mohammad Rais Khan

Jun 1, 2016

Is ABC CARGO Cheating?

Dear All, I am also a victim by ABC CARGo. I also sent through them 3 months before. At that time i didn't know that lot of people didn't receive their goods. Now I see many many complaints against them in many websites that people sent their goods more than 1 year ago but till date they did not receive it. This means chance are very very less or may be people will not at all receive their goods any more. Now, the question is that they are still taking goods from new people as new people are not aware about abc cargo. Also, while taking new orders, these shameless people are promising very coolly that this will reach before 1.5 months to 2 months. That means they are cheating openly. Guys, we have to take action against them so that they cant make fool other people in future.

[email protected]
Jul 2, 2016

ABC Cargo Fraud

Dear All,

I have sent 50 Kgs. of Cargo on 17th of July 2015 for my marriage from ABC Cargo Dammam Office. Now its 1 year since I sent the Cargo and still not received the same. I used to call and visit the Dammam office several times and they used to give some reasons and give me another date. Now the Dammam office is not attending their call and their Head Office in Riyadh is closed. I went to the branch working in Shara Rail, Riyadh and they are saying that its not their responsibility since the cargo was dispatched from Dammam Office.

They are real frauds. Beware all of You...

sahin sk
Jul 2, 2016


Sar May cargo not received May home I send cargo 8-2015 bat not received i send riyadh batha abc cargo may cargo 28 kegi may name sahin sk my mobile namber 0571957892 sar pliys helf me

Jul 11, 2016

ABC cargo Missing

My booking A255147 date 26-06-2015 in the name of receiver Aboobacker sender name Abdul Jaleel. From 26-06-2015 to till date 11-07-2016 i din't receaved my cargo allready 1 year is over how much time do u want ?????? please inform us as soon as possible mobile 00966545825503
email id is [email protected]
sir this is too much i want my cargo as soon as possible please
my cargo is the happyness of my child
as a request please accept my complaint & do as good for me

Abdul Jaleel

Jul 20, 2016

Cargo not received

I send 13boxes cargo through abc cargo. Al Jubail. to New Delhi in the month of june2015. Already 13months
have passed but Still I didn't received my cargo.My cargo bill no HWB 404699(7boxes) date 6/6/2015
Bill no. HWB 404746 (4boxes) Date 17/6/2015. and
Bill no.HWB. 404753 (2boxes) Date 20/6/2015.
ABC Cargo has closed all offices contact no. and. internet. Their internet is under maintenance and all
mobile and phone number closed. I request you please give reply and send my cargo.
Mohammad Shakilur Rahman
#91 9560435216/9911449016
[email protected]

Jul 24, 2016



gufran ahmed
Sep 2, 2016

is my cargo

Sir my cargo is 16 month and no delivering cargo by namgugufran ahmed

Sep 4, 2016

ABC Cargo not delivered

I have delivered 2 cargo in June 30 2015 cargo number ABC915239 and ABC915240 but still not reach in Mumbai, Who is responsible for the customers goods in this matter. I try contact in Riyadh, Dammam but every time only false promise is given without action. I request ABC Cargo to take immediate action either by delivering the customers cargo or arrange reimbursement and prove themselves to be good Cargo services.

Sep 20, 2016


I hav deleverd a cargo 27/5/2015 cargo no HWB 99715 MALIHABAD LUCKNOW (UP)resever name Nadeem Ahmad but stil not reach ther whats a problem now above 1year who is responsible shop's is closed
Phone no has switch off plz send my cargo...........

Oct 6, 2016

ABC Cargo

Dear All,

Its a Good News that my Cargo which I have booked at Riyadh in June 2015, one year before has reached my home in Sep 2016, ABC Cargo is doing their best to deliver stuck Cargo. I will appreciate if they make the reimbursement for the expired and damaged items for their customers systematically. Hope but he least ABC is doing their best to solve the customers problem.

Nov 8, 2016

return the box

i sent a cargo on 31st jan 2016 HWB NO 163095 ITS 34 kgs .its very precious for me if possible kindly help me by delivering.. Even if you don't deliver its ok return the box to me.am in Riyadh .I can pick it up. u don't want you to reimburse the money. but just give me back my cargo carton .i heard fro the guy who picked the cargo that my luggage is still in the warehouse, please be kind enough to call me n return it.
thank u

Sayed Allam
Nov 29, 2016

Cargo not yet received to banglore from riyadh

Has anyone received your cargo even if it's lately reached you.... plz update as such ... also do share number from delivery person.... it would bring relief ..... my cargo sent from Riyadh to banglore on 4 April 2016 weight of 113 kg all household stuff as came on exit .... very disappointed... plz help us reach with any update on dis matter .... Sayed Allam 9035655758

Mohammad Shakilur Rahman
Mar 19, 2017

Cargo not received 22months passed

I myself Mohammad Shakilur Rahman send13 boxes cargo through ABC Cargo Al Jubail to New Delhi in the month of june2015. Already 22months have passed but Still I didn't received a single box. My cargo Details are
1. Date 06/6/2015 Bill no HWB404699 (7boxes)
2. Date 17/6/2015 Bill no HWB 404746 (4boxes)
3. Date 20/6/2015 Bill no HWB 404753 (2boxes)
22 months have passed but Still I didn't received my cargo.I tried to contact you unlimited times but I didn't get any responses from your side. What about my cargo
will you please send me my cargo or not. I am giving you my contact details and email please reply.
Mohammad Shakilur Rahman
New Delhi 110025
Shakilurrahman [email protected]
(91) 9560435216/ 9911449016

Jun 17, 2017

Cargo not received

Already 2years have passed but Still I didn't received my cargo.I send my cargo from Al Jubail to New Delhi in the month of june2015 in 3trips.and total 13boxes. I have not received a single box.My cargo Details are given below.
1. HWB 404699 (7boxes) 6/6/2015
2. HWB 404746 (4boxes) 17/6/2015
3. HWB 404753 (2boxes) 20/6/2015
I am waiting for your reply,will I get my cargo or not.
Mohammad Shakilur Rahman
K111A 2nd floor front side Abul fazal Enclave Part-1
Jamianagar Okhla New Delhi-110025
9560435216/ 9911449016
shakilurrahman [email protected]

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