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Xoom Energy

United States, Texas

Consumer reviews about Xoom Energy

Feb 1, 2012

Hijacked unauthorized service

I'm glad you posted this because I didn't feel comfortable about signing up with them after reading the terms and conditions. I feel a lot better now that I know my instincts where correct. Thanks again and I'm glad your electric company settle the issue. But it does suck that they shut your electric off.

T Diddle
Feb 3, 2012

Hijacked unauthorized service

this is fake because xoom energy doesn't send any bills out, you get bills from your current gas provider, not xoom energy. xoom doesn't own and doesn't purchase the lines/pipes/fixtures needed to provide you with your utilities, your current gas/electric company does...so this is fake, research what i'm saying and you'll find that to be true

Feb 13, 2012

Hijacked unauthorized service

And to further the post by @T Diddle:

Xoom Energy only uses Social Media to promote their service, they DO NOT go door-to-door.

Feb 15, 2012

Hijacked unauthorized service

xoom energy in California is not saving my any money. They are bothering me to daily phone calls to buy my xoom bill directly to xoom.

Feb 15, 2012

Hijacked unauthorized service

xoom energy in California is not saving me any money. They are bothering me to daily phone calls to buy my xoom bill directly to xoom. Another ACN joke.

Feb 16, 2012

Hijacked unauthorized service

Signed up for gas in CA for friend favor. Paying more than ever. Xoom DOES send bill for energy alone. Also bill fro socal gas. Locked in for one year or giant cancellation fee!

Stop defacing companies to get business!
Feb 20, 2012

Hijacked unauthorized service

None of what is written here is true, the only way you could have been hijacked is someone you know did it to you. Check your friends and family for a scoundrel, you'll probably find one. Xooms rates are less than those in California and Texas, I looked them up. Why are you trying to cause trouble for a legitimate and ethical company?

Feb 21, 2012

Hijacked unauthorized service

I am sorry that you had such a problem with them. I do not understand how an energy account can possibly get hijacked like that. Are you sure it was the company, and not an indepenent representative that signed you up without your knowledge which is highly illegal?
I had signed up with Xoom energy back in November 2011 and my bills have been much much lower- in the amount of 30% to 44% lower than what they were before. I am truly thrilled with their service so far. I even wrote articles how excited I am with their service http://melissasdish.wordpress.com/2012/02/15/review-xoom-energy/
I hope your problem gets resolved soon.

Feb 24, 2012

Hijacked unauthorized service

According to their website they do send out a bill as well as you continue to get a bill from SoCal Gas..the people who are posting in favor are probably apart of FHTM ...lol google this pyramid scheme

Feb 26, 2012

Hijacked unauthorized service

first of all there is deregulation.you have the power to choose where you get you electric or gas.your utility company doesn't own gas or electric.they just are there to transport it to your home or business.there are a lot of companies out there to choose from.i think it is your utility companies fault because xoom energy gets paid from your utility company and it appears on your same bill.

Mar 6, 2012

Hijacked unauthorized service

I do get a bill only from Xoom Energy, and not from Centerpoint Energy anymore. There are some states that may receive useage bills from Xoom, AND distribution bills from their own local carrier, but that is not the case in Texas. The total electric bills including all taxes and distribution charges that I have received with Xoom energy is listed in my review http://melissasdish.wordpress.com/2012/02/15/review-xoom-energy/
Yes, I am a certified dealer of Xoom, and I also use their service, because they are really good, and I've saved a lot of money with them. If I was not satisfied with their service, I would never have written a great review on them. And yes, there are products that I sell through an affiliate link, which I've written horrible reviews on as well. http://melissasdish.wordpress.com/2011/12/15/product-reviews-gardening-equipment/

Mar 16, 2012

Hijacked unauthorized service

Have XOOM gas in Southern Calif. Xoom's prices are higher than the regular gas company as soon as you sign on. A total rip off as is ACN.

Apr 9, 2012

Poor Customer Service

I called customer service several times and left 3 messages on separate days with no response from them. Then when I finally did call and speak to a rep, the comment was that they answer their messages daily.
Also I was given the name of Vergie Weatherspoon as the Customer Service Department head. No one at the company has heard of her.
In the month of March I was sent a bill showing a due date of April 6. On March 23rd, I received an automate call stating I was past due. I called several times before finally getting a hold of an agent who told me my bill was due on 22nd of March. Then they had the audacity to send me letters to tell me I was late and my service would be cancelled.

Overall, poor customer service.

Apr 11, 2012

Hijacked unauthorized service

I am an ACN independant business owner and i do understand that with any company there will always be mixed reviews. I do agree that there has to be a scoundrel whom you may know and has illegally transfered your service. As an IBO of ACN we can not garuntee a savings for your gas and/or electric, so YES Xoom energy may not be your choice for savings...however, the key being that you now have a choice. ACN is a wonderful company and has changed my families life for the better as well as many others i know. This company is very much legal and legit and not for everyone. Think outside the "pyramid" not box. Just remember, people always comment on the bad and never the good. For every 1 complaint, there are 100 satisfied customers. For the person with the original complaint, there should be an ibo number attached to your account through acn and if there is that person needs to be reported to acn for disiciplinary actions. ACN will not tollerate this persons actions. I wish you luck

Nov 30, 2012

Xoom Energy cost more buy beware!

Xoom Energy is a total scam for the seniors on low income. Seniors and low income people receive a care discount from PGE. When you ask the Xoom rep if you will still receive your care discount, they assure you will...

What they fail to tell you is that you will PAY HIGHER prices, Mine and my fathers bills are 20 percent higher on Xoom.

They are not regulated nor a member of the BBB. They recently changed their page to read "care discount" may not apply.

After a year of trying to cancel without penalty... You have to pay them 150.00 to cancel, and we still have a year on our contract.

It costs 150.00 extra PLUS a year to have them. DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY EVER!!!

Feb 9, 2013

Hijacked unauthorized service

No Complaint, My church was struggling to pay its high bills the TXU giant was racking up at just under 50 cents a Kilowatt. Switching to Zoom saved my church $19,000/yr. Please make sure your complaints are securely legitimate and not made out of a misunderstanding. We are thankful for them and their rates might not save a tremendous amount right now what you think, but I bet your current provider is charging some kind of high delivery charge or surcharge to make up a low 8 cents - 10 cents per kilowatt. Read the fine lines and you will see Zoom energy is the real deal.

May 20, 2013


Seriously people? I am willing to bet that the majority of the people that were "ripped off" did not educate themselves on their current costs and the costs of switching to XOOM Energy. You need to understand that not everyone is going to save money IT IS NOT GUARANTEED. People, I only ask that you do your homework and make an EDUCATED decision before switching to XOOM Energy because for most people it is saving them money. If you switched on your own, educate yourself. If a representative from an MLM company asks you to switch make sure to also... educate yourself. They have a home page to read the Terms and Conditions. People of America stop being so effin lazy. And those of you bashing on "Pyramid Schemes" do you really, I mean REALLY understand the difference between a so called pyramid scheme and a proper LEGAL MLM company? Ignorance, sheer Ignorance. Educate yourself. Please.

Dalila Tapia
Jan 2, 2014

Don't buy, Don't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you need to save money, it won't happen when you sign up with Zoom. It is a big scam!!! They don't have a legitimate job to earn legitimate money, so they want your money. This stuff happens in other countries and should not have to happen in the USA. HELP STOP theft by doing your part!!

Jan 23, 2014


Xoom Energy, is a sub company of a multilevel marketing company. Remember Amway. A friend got involved and asked me to join. I said I would become a customer that is all. The rate started out the same as my local provider ($.06892/kwh)Until now. The bill I just received is as follows; from 12/6/13 - 01/01/14 $.1299/kwh, from 01/02/14 - 01/07/14 .1899/kwh. Switching back to my original provider. Know when to say NO.

Mar 14, 2014


I too signed up for xoom to help a friend working with ACN. I understand price fluctuations and was fine with that since I was told that it would always be competitive. For months it was, sometimes better but about the same as PSE&G. These last two months have been vastly different. In January we spent $275 more with xoom. In February we spent OVER $650 more than we would have with PSE&G. Let me repeat, WE SPENT OVER $650 MORE WITH XOOM. Is this competitive??? Is this fair market fluctuations?? I do understand MLMs vs pyramids. I am an educated person. I did however trust that by competitive we were at least playing on the same ballfield. I have certainly now been educated. I never dreamed that two months to switch back would potentially cost me over $1,000. I would have rather placed that money directly into the hands of the friend I was hoping to help out. Now it will take UP TO 90 DAYS to switch back. That's right folks, I get to pay xoom for another two months. I called to discuss and they said I could sign up for the fixed rate which was quoted to me on March 13 to be 0.7999 per Kwh. Doing a little math, I plugged in my usage last month to that figure...... $1,391.03 (this doesn't include delivery or the gas portion-only electric. This is more than my whole bill. I am a level-headed person, willing to see all sides. This company is a fraud. They are quite literally taking food out of my children's mouths. They are corrupt and anyone who chooses to receive a penny from them is contributing to the raping of their customers. THESE ARE THE FACTS. MY BILL ISN'T LYING. I can not get out from under them for two more months. It is a crime. Maybe those who are so tired of "effin lazy people" ought not be so blindly loyal that they continue to drink the coolaid. If anyone is seeking a CLASS ACTION SUIT..... COUNT ME IN!!!!

Mar 18, 2014


I see I am not the only one that was helping out a friend, mine was a friend of a friend. I switched to zoom hoping to save some money being a single income family now. I trusted this guy not to do me wrong, I guess that was my first mistake. I was with zoom for over a year and I didn't see anything that was really off until this months gas bill. I about hit the floor, first I checked to make sure my meter was read correctly. I then tried calling zoom and of course 10 calls or more to wait. I did get through and cancelled but I now have to wait 1 to 2 billing cycles. I am half sick over this and of course I haven't heard anything back from the friend of the friend. I should have just stayed with the gas company I now have a $800 gas bill and who knows what next month will be. Before you change do your research I wish I did. I agree with others count me in on the class action suit too!!

Mar 22, 2014

xoom energy

Over a year with Xoom now. Trying to help out a friend. Triple bills and a year contract that has long since expired. Renewed without our agreement. $100 to cancel. Ridiculous! Count me in on this lawsuit as well!

Jun 19, 2014

Unathorized Services

My bill increased by thirty to fifty percent. Then ZOOM refused to terminate my services when requested to do so.
ZOOM rents from the primary Utility Company and the consumer ends up paying twice. Please do not fall for this scam.
Stay with your original energy provider. I am more than disappointed with this company. They are making money at our
expense with nothing to provide in terms of service or saving money.I did not sign a contract, I signed with a friend.
Please don't sign any contracts on the strength of friendship where money is involved.


Jul 10, 2014

Good Company

Signed up in April with the residential fixed rate. In the past 3 months the savings amounted to 45.7% or $39.09. Winter consumption will be much higher and therefore, more savings! I don't know why some folks have problems with Xoom. Contacted Xoom about the therms used on a bill. Very polite customer service person, answered the question in less than one minute. The local natural gas supplier DOES send a monthly bill lists the therms used, local taxes, and the cost rate/therm for transmission. Xoom sends a bill for therms used at the fixed rate plus the administrative fee. It's nice to save money. Too bad CA hasn't deregulated electricity - YET.

Apr 2, 2015

Worst Company and costumer service

I signed up with Zoom on December of 2014 and ever since I did my light bill just been higher than ever!!! I called to cancelled my services after 4 months and the representative that I spoke with wich was really rude named Julissa stated that I have to pay $200 to cancel my services. She couldn't explain to my the reason why now im stuck paying two separate light bills for the next to years in wich every month each bill is higher than the other!!! ZOOM dosent really do nothing but charge you sinc ethey are a third party, they down own no power lines and they are not even the suppliers!!! WORST COMPANY EVER!!! Talk about giving your hard earn money away!!! Count me in on the Class Action!!

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