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www.fb.me/cc CA

United States, Indiana

Consumer reviews about www.fb.me/cc CA

Jan 5, 2012

charging numerous charges

Hi all. I too was charged an erroneous charge on my debit card from www.fb.me/cc for $250. I bought a yearbook thru Facebook on our high school reunion page on Facebook which led to a link for Classmates.com. I should have been charged $89 which I had no problem with, but when I was balancing out my account, I find an unauthorized charge for $250 from this www.fb.me/cc outfit. Turns out it is a scam. I contacted Facebook, who said I will receive a full refund of the disputed charge. Try contacting the Facebook help center online. They may be able to help you. Good luck!

Feb 13, 2012

charging numerous charges

I am also being charged multiple charges from the same web site. I'm disputing them after reading all the other post's

Mar 12, 2012

charging numerous charges

I received several charges, more than $100.00 on my Debit card from this supposed Facebook site (www.fb.me/cc CA). I called my bank the day after the charges were made and I was refunded immediately and sent a new card. Phew! Your bank should know that this is a scam. Try sending them a print out of these other complaints?

Jun 18, 2012

Charges on my credit that I did'nt do!!1

Charges on my credit card!! Need to be credited back to my account!

Aug 10, 2012

Unauthorized Face Book charges on my bank card account

received bank statement and two charges from this web site was charged and I have never done any kind of this nature furthermore have I given my account card number to this website. I need to resolve this soon. please e-mail me back status on how to go about this illegal transaction through facebook.
My name is Agop Kaikejian with e-mail jackkaikejian@yahoo.com

Sep 28, 2012


I buy cash is 50 = $ 1 at pet society 9/23/12 but the money not increase in pet society / huinchow account and also from my credit card already posting/cut .
how can do,please help me
thank you

caroline roy
Sep 28, 2012

charge on my visa not autorise

I gave my credit number to a friend because he need to buy some ads just for 2012-09-19, the one at 49,13$ for rendez vous gourmands
2012-09-19 2012-09-19 FACEBOOK.COM*MSM9422F4 www.fb.me/cc CA 49,13 $

And now, I was charge every day not autorise
2012-09-19 2012-09-20 FACEBOOK.COM*BVP9422F4 www.fb.me/cc CA 27,00 $
2012-09-20 2012-09-21 FACEBOOK.COM*3YS9422F4 www.fb.me/cc CA 39,57 $
2012-09-22 2012-09-23 FACEBOOK.COM*4NW9422F4 www.fb.me/cc CA 44,43 $
2012-09-23 2012-09-24 FACEBOOK.COM*PL3A422F4 www.fb.me/cc CA 50,87 $
2012-09-24 2012-09-25 FACEBOOK.COM*986A422F4 www.fb.me/cc CA 30,09 $
2012-09-25 2012-09-26 FACEBOOK.COM*8F9A422F4 www.fb.me/cc CA 27,04 $
2012-09-26 2012-09-27 FACEBOOK.COM*HKCA422F4 www.fb.me/cc CA 27,00 $

call me back at 514 690-6378, I want to get my money back, you're not autorised, I talked with visa and my next step it's to talk with you
Caroline Roy

Oct 2, 2012

visa card

i was charged without my authorize is this kind of scam..wew 200$ waste for nothing..aww pls fix this thing cos my parents really angry to me:( pls contact me 702-732-0460

Oct 8, 2012

how to cancel

i had purchase the elite bingo but by time i realize it i didnt know it was a membership they take out once a month i would like to cancel membership so they dont take out of my account sorry for the inconveince thanks so much deborah battista

Oct 13, 2012

Charge on my card not authorized

This charge appeared on my debit card statement. Under description is says:
FACEBOOK.COM*WW5C4225F www.fb.me/cc
This was not authorized by me. I don't use the virtual "credits/money." I do not play games on Facebook or associate with any other app that requires a credit/debit card. I do not even have a credit/debit card set up on Facebook. Please refund this to me.
I have disputed this on your Facebook website and was told that I would receive a response soon I have not received anything yet. Also I see that I am the not the only have experience this problem. Please refund my $500.00 and provide a response to my request as soon as possible.

kendrick pryor
Nov 4, 2012

i cant get on my account

I change my carriers to my phone

Nov 13, 2012

Unauthorized Charges

I went online to see if my cable bill had been paid, and there were four charges from Facebook (www.fb.me/cc) on my card. I have NEVER given Facebook a card number. I use Facebook very rarely, so there is no way in hell I spent over $150 on credits. I never play games on there or purchase any apps. I only have an account to reconnect with old friends. Because of these unauthorized charges, I also incurred overdraft fees. I contacted my bank and they filed a fraud complaint, also refunding all my money. I hate Facebook and most other social media. If they weren't free, I'd never have signed up.

Dec 27, 2012

not authorized use

Charge on my card not authorized

This charge appeared on my debit card statement. Under description is says:
This was not authorized by me. I don't use the virtual "credits/money." I do not play games on Facebook or associate with any other app that requires a credit/debit card. I do not even have a credit/debit card set up on Facebook. Please refund this to me.
I have disputed this on your Facebook website and was told that I would receive a response soon I have not received anything yet. Also I see that I am the not the only have experience this problem. Please refund and provide a response to my request as soon as possible.

vickie pelfrey
Feb 5, 2013

unauthorized charge on my debit card

I was charged 10.00 for advertising and I have never signed up for this. please fix this Vickie pelfrey abvertising sevices 7311, BNPQ422CR 24692163030000421646145 that is the info the bank had for the charge please fix this on fixed income can not afford to lose this money thank you Vickie Pelfrey nana37110@gmail.com

Feb 19, 2013

Facebook CA

I don't know if I have been overcharged by facebook, but I did receive a $150 charge from a clothing store onto my card. I calling the customer service department about this charge, there were 3 other charges, well over $100 each that were denied, all from California......where are the facebook charges from? CALIFORNIA. Facebook is the only place I had entered this card information. I know a person is not supposed to ASSUME, but it is hard not to think bad thoughts about someone at facebook when all the purchases were from stores in California. I have STOPPED playing all but two apps on facebook and wouldn't even go back on if I wasn't able to keep in touch with my three great-grandchildren with pictures and updates. I have paid off the facebook charges, have cancelled my credit card and will never, NEVER give facebook another chance. I currently have some games with friends in WORD and will change web sites as soon as these games are completed. Have to put up with the advertising, which is very imposing. Everybody needs to make a buck, but not at my expense.

Feb 23, 2013


please stop and refund my money back !

diane leveillee
Mar 5, 2013


je voudrais me faire rembouser sur macarte de credit des montant qui ne sont pas autoriser
soit le 2.20.13 facebook.comD4UR422 zl au montant de 102,39
2.20.13 facebook.comJ4UR422zl au montant de 204.79
veuillez me remettre mon argent immediatement sur ma carte de credit.
la compagnie sera aviser de ne plus vous autoriser a utiliser
utliser seulement pour le paiment de 10.98en janvier 2013

Apr 26, 2013



Apr 28, 2013

Unauthorized Charges

How Facebook got this account for games is beyond me. They have misrepresented their games or social scam again likely. How do we get fl.me/cc CA to give back my money?

Jun 2, 2013

Charges to my Visa Account

To Whom It May Concern,

I signed up for a game enhancement on Yoville but I no longer play the game and want to cancel the charge to my Visa account. I previously requested to cancel the charge and was told in a message from Facebook that they did not handle cancellations. There is no phone number for this on my statement. PLEASE CANCEL THE CHARGES TO MY VISA and cancel the product from Yoville. The charge on my statement is as follows: FACEBK DRE5H4EAF2 - the second line is: P376596115787114.


Thank You,
Laura Chiara

Jun 26, 2013


To Whom It May concer

Pleas do not charge to the Credit
Please cancel the Charges
Staement as $30 26/04/13 - FACEBOOK.com*XRYX422Dq. www.fb.me/cc IR

Anita Kalpedis
Jul 1, 2013

Unauthorized Charges to my Debit Card

On 6/25/2013 at 12:00 a.m. a charge of $16.90 was taken from my Bank.
The Bank Statement reads as follows:
55432863facebook.comAAM85 224k www.fb.me CA06/25/2013 12:00a.m. $16.90

I did not purchase anything or authorize this transaction from Facebook. I must go back and check for other charges that I may have missed, this is serious! I am on Disability, what are you looking to take from the little income that I receive?
Please refund this to me ASAP. You can reach me at (630)870-8698 kalpedis50@gmail.com/anitakalpedis

Jul 9, 2013

Charge on my card

I was play cafe world accidently click buy when I was trying to press cancel on July 02, 2013 8368522J.I want to be credit back my 12.00 I was not try in purchase cafe cash.

Jul 11, 2013

charges on mt acct that i did not do

I am writing to let you know I would like to report that I have a lot of facebook charges on my credit card acct I would like my money returned to my acct asap I can prove I have no fb acct my e-mail is crystal.haight@yahoo.com my name is crystal haight look me up please return my money you can reach me at 8147261273 I am going to go to my bank and get something done about this .

Jul 15, 2013

charges unauthorized

I have been getting charges on my bank statement from Google Music Google.com/chca US and also from Google*play magazines Google.com/chca, and I did not authorize these. I would like them stopped and all the charges reversed and credited back to my account.

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