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Consumer complaints and reviews about World Ventures

Jan 15, 2012

I want to get out of it, but no one will tell me how.

I want to ask something... I regreted being a member... do I get any money back by cancelling it?
Jan 19, 2012

I want to get out of it, but no one will tell me how.

Lmfao these responses are classic, I see that I'm not the only one who joined into this group with a bunch of assholes, I joined a few months ago and like a lot of the previous ppl on here said I wasn't told the whole truth . Listening in on the confrence calls and trainings it just seems like they are training u to be sneaky and how to PUT UP A GREAT FRONT on how much money Ull make or how much fun it is . IT'S NOT FUN most of these ppl judge u, slander u, and put u down the lowest way possible all because this type of marketing scheme isn't for them . . The person who put me on to this told me he wud help me, that I was all set, just follow him . So he says well meet to discuss my plan, there was no discussion of my success, he used me as leverage in that meeting to get two other ppl to join. I was so angry I wasted my money and my night to just be used . Most of the members talk mad shit about how much of a low life everyone is because they aren't apart of WV . Who wants to be apart of such a ridiculing group of dickheads . I'm not a money hungry conniving hustler . I paid 365 + 66 a month. So far they have taken 563 dollars Frm me and all I got is a bunch of dumb ass Facebook status's abt how awesome WV and how low everyone and everything else is . RUN FAR AWAY FRM THESE IDIOTS . Oh and another thing they really expect u to be almost cult like, u have to run around like a chicken with ur head cut off actin like ur a millionaire because of WV . I knew this was all fucked up when I realized how much these guys were stretching the truth eveytime it was presented . The first thing ur told when u join is never ever present it without having a " leader " on the phone or there . And u have to let the leader do all the talking don't say a word . ... It's all just bs and I'm upse I gave this company almost 600 but I don't loose sleep over money . It will come back to me eventually . Moral of the story : DON'T DO IT .
Jan 20, 2012

I want to get out of it, but no one will tell me how.

I signed up two weeks ago. I will say this, I knew about the MLM culture before signing on. I agree with IwantmymoneybackWV above on many levels. I've been crossreferencing the dreamtrips with Expedia, etc, and it does look like there are decent deals to be made. I also researched trips outside of the dreamtrips, and it looks like on average you can save $30 compared to Expedia. My wife and I worked in the travel industry in hotels for a combined 16 years, so I'm familiar with the discounts these 3rd parties provide. So on that tenet, I think the WV product is ok. It could be way better. For instance, the movie theatre discounts. I could get cheaper discounts from Costco. Most of the coupons on meals and other items are pretty much worthless unless you plan your life around the coupons. Not something I'm really digging or plan on doing. I was thinking of giving the MyLeadSystemPro thing a try, but that, too, seems like a deplorable scheme. So, in essence, I am a bit torn. I think I could do ok selling the actual product. I think I could build a decent team of distributors if I focus on the long term potential and not the get-rich-quick manner in which most of these MLM folks approach things. One thing these type of people don't get is, if you build a team based on suckering people, eventually those people will leave the company and you'll be back at square one or worse because the people you suckered will no longer be a part of your life. So, do I feel suckered? Somewhat. I plan on approaching WV as I would a traditional opportunity, slowly, and honestly. I have a full-time gig so I'm not starving to ploy people. The team that signed me up doesn't really like my approach, but, whatever, they just don't get it.
Jan 29, 2012

Pyramid Scheme with a twist

I was brought to a world ventures "pep rally" by a friend who told me i would love this. When they started talking about their product and telling us how we could start selling the product, red flags started popping up all over the place. I couldn't believe the way that the other 18-20 year olds that were there with me started eating this up. Everyone was cheering and the people giving the presentation kept trying to pump them up. By the time the presentation was over I thought this was all a joke but sure enough it wasn't. Right away I was surrounded by the older reps giving me a pen and tried to get me to fill out my information on a sheet including asking for my credit card information. Even when I told them repetedly that I wasn't interested they didn't quit telling me that "If you don't sign up now you will miss out on making millions." They didn't stop until i crumbled up the papers and threw them away. I couldn't help but notice how they try to sucker all these 18-25 year olds by telling them that they could quit college and start making millions, haha wouldn't that be nice?! Unfortunately that's not how the world works, you just have to have enough intelligence to realize that and not fall for this scam.
Jan 31, 2012

I want to get out of it, but no one will tell me how.

i love my world ventures i don't have to pay any monthly fees and my hole family loves it. world ventures is not for everyone but you cant bad talk something because it didn't work for you i am very up front with everyone i talk to about what i do so if you got "duped" into coming that is wrong. but i have saved a whole lot of money because of this company and there is nothing that anyone can say to make me think otherwise
Feb 1, 2012


It's been a while since this post but it still rings true. The most deceptive of WV practices is that "it's only $360 to start your own business"...and I give them that. BUT they don't really tell anyone that they PUSH you to the meetings, buy the tools, etc, etc to build it. To convince your friend and family of that initial $360 (and then much much more). I know better because I have that entreprenurial expereince so talked about in the above. You don't build a business on $360. It costs way more than that...and who is making that money? WV. If you can't market it on your own, using your own devices...FB, etc, then you are left feeding WV to help you promote. I can't do that to my friends, family or even new aquaintances, new recruits. Thanks John for the long, but very informative read.
Feb 27, 2012

I want to get out of it, but no one will tell me how.

To cancel email to eteam@worldventures.com... simple like i want to cancel my membership # . and call 19728059954.
Tony Green
Mar 8, 2012

Pyramid Scheme with a twist

I wish someone could have shown me Worldventures when I was between 18-25...Me & my family would definitely be rich...LOL!
corey thomas
Mar 8, 2012

Pyramid Scheme with a twist

Why work for yourself when you can get a real job? If everyone just went to work for someone else and worked their 40 hours for 40 years then they could retire and get 40% to live on :)
Even if my job shuts down the plant, lays me off, or fires me I don't care at least I didn't have to go sell stuff to my family like stupid $69 cruises...who cares about saving money anyways...this is all Obamas fault...don't blame Worldventures...blame Obama!
I don't want to make a lot of money anyway then you have to pay dumb taxes...And why does Warren Buffet and Donald Trump own these stupid pyramid schemes anyway don't they know it doesn't work...I hope they lose $ and all of you Worldventures people too!
I HATE these kind of businesses because they remind me off my pyramid college..."Come to my school for 4 years & pay us $50, 000 & we will give you a certificate, But you can't sue us or start a blog about us if it doesn't work out & you don't get a GOOD job!

I HATE travel...I HATE pyramids...I HATE people saying NO to me...I HATE rich people...I HATE positive people...I HATE everybody who works from home on their fancy computers...I HATE Avon, Mary Kay, and WORLDVENTURES & you should too!!!
Mar 14, 2012


I live in Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa and it is a pretty quiet third world back water place most of you will never have heard of. Before you ask...no...we don't generally keep lions as pets or live in mud huts. World Ventures certainly has an insight into Zimbabwe though and I got conned via a friends' mild deceit into sitting through one of their presentations last night. Hard sell and deceptive sales and marketing strategies that obscure the nature and specific value proposition on offer are not common place here, so the evening was educational. Having never had dealings with the USA I have absolutely no idea what is construed to be a legal company, ethical business practise, a pyramid scheme or a scam. What the evening did leave me with was an unanswered question that I think applies where ever you live. If I want an iPhone then Apple is happy to sell me one over the counter; no drama, no fuss and no strings. Yet to get the vague and illusive promise of a cheap exotic holiday, and a suspect commission based Sales Rep job I was not looking for, from World Ventures they require me to a). Get brain washed b). Mortgage and compromise my friends and family by betraying the relationships and faith they have in my judgement c). Commit significant amounts of time for ongoing "re-orientation" and "re-education" which naturally I must foot the bill for d). Blithely and aimlessly throw cash in monthly with the vague notion that I might win a toaster, or a silver BMW, or a holiday in La La Land. I trust my point is made here and I truly hope they don't get out of their "Momentum" stage and into the wholesale ravaging of the public. Further if this is a snapshot of segments of corporate America then I am relieved their influence in Africa is limited.
Mar 16, 2012

I want to get out of it, but no one will tell me how.

Email them and call them with the number that Hateworldventures gave, but also make sure you have your representative/membership ID # ready and also add the # to your cancellation email.
Mar 19, 2012

Pyramid Scheme with a twist

Me being an actual Rep who is making money and yes a very good amount. Its up to you to make the money if you sign up and do nothign then it is a rip off and a scam but if you sign up and work at it you have a chance to make and extra easy income that is for sure worth the work. Also the vacation deals are some what cheaper i have compared and if you look at the monthly specials they offer then you can save a lot of money. I recently did you one of their deals and i stayed in miami at a really nice resort right on the beach and also got a ticket to the orange bowl all under $500. So its what you make of it yourself just like anything else you do in life. its not for everyone and the people who do make money are the go getters
Kevin webb
Mar 29, 2012

I want to get out of it, but no one will tell me how.

I have some personal things going on and I need to handle them. But I wanna thank you 4 the opportunity.
maria maria59
Mar 30, 2012

I want to get out of it, but no one will tell me how.

I came to ths site to find out abt WV as some of my frens are involved. N I've been to WV web too..I try to find out WV comp plan unseccessfully..I come frm a family of networkers/MLM'ers. We hd been vy successful in wat we'r doing because we hd chosen tht right company, right product, good comp plan. Thnks to my sister who hs a research bckground n a brother who is an experienced networker. We know exactly what to look for in a company for u to succeed. We also hv our own team trainings n our vy own success system. New distributors just need to duplicate what we do n their success is guaranteed. N im talking big..big $ here...Our family are one of top earners in the company. We are not given BMWs by d company but with our cheques we are able to buy our dream cars..Im sure members have their own dream cars n nt only BMW. With our good bonus, we cn go on holidays anywher, anytime, theres no need to to join a company just to go fr a holiday, and bt to mention, most of our holidays are free. So what im trying to say is not all MLM or networking companies fool u or suckered u up. U hv to be wise n smart to evaluate d criteria of a good networking company before jumping into it..dnt just follow or listen to anyone tht tells u hw good their company is because most times they are trained to brainwash u. Be smart...its YOUR life..best of luck...
C. Marshall
Apr 10, 2012


I just joined Worldventures and the one thing they don't tell you in the presentations is that you have to work your ass off in order to make money. Actually they tell you that the product (travel) pretty much sells itself. Even if you don't market or refer the membership to anyone you will make your money back on the trips alone. The Wonderful, wonderful dreamlife trips. These trips are the product. My advice to anyone would be to ask the presenters at the presentations to show you the dreamlife trips from their personal website. Realistically that's what you are getting ready to invest in. The trips they show you on the videos and big screen are only examples of what could be. A week and a half ago a joined. I am not lazy, currently I have about 29 friends, family and loved ones ready to see what this company is about, but as I go on the personal website they gave me & look up these trips and compare with other sites I find better deals elsewhere. Expedien, orbit, travelocity, etc... package these trips with flight, hotel and W.Ventures require you book your own flight. The W.V. booking engine will not offer package deals which throws that promise to refund your money and send you on the trip for free if you find a lower price out the window because the details of the trip has to be identical. OK, you may save a few coins on some trips but not if you're paying $199.00 & a monthly fee if you don't refer 4 people. It don't sell itself you have to bust your ass and aunt Martha & sister Jenkins from the church may not have what it takes to market travel. By the way I have yet to see a $69.00 cruise. I want to refer 4 people, 6 people and make my money back but I would rather feel good about what I am selling and look my friend and family in the eye. I invested so I will wait and see how good the product really is, the Dreamlifetrips is the center of everything.
Jun 20, 2012

World Ventures

Yeah , what a waste of my time...if you are going to be doing MLM at least polish your presentation. The absolute worst i have ever attended!!!! At least Forever Living invested in the presentation of their pyramid scheme. Cant believe they got "endorsed" by the Minister of N Hospitality and Tourism ...gahaha. BTW this isnt a pyramid scheme its Multi Level Marketing....seriously...i mean seriously!
Jul 6, 2012


Yes, I've noticed that the WV ppl have seemingly become bible-beating, Dahli Lama, SECRET society altruists who BELIEVE that GREAT things are happening because they have a positive attitude and the rest of us (who do not become blood brothers and sisters) just SUCK!!! Truth is, you do have to work your tail off to be one of the "success stories". You do have to exploit your friends and family so that YOU can make money and become more successful (but, it's for the good of others, right???!!! You are "giving" them the best gift they'll ever get by sharing this wonderful opportunity!) There are some real steal-of-a-deals, but you better be sitting on your computer 24/8, cuz they go before you can blink. Oh, and what about the BMW that you win??? Isn't it on a lease and if your sales fall you have to make the payments yourself? My theory is simple: If someone has to manipulate/pressure/convince/bully/"educate" me on ANYTHING, it's a major RED FLAG!!! I have actually found my own better deals than what services such as travelocity and expedia, etc., offer.
Oct 28, 2012

What can they offer you

I went to one of the presentation a old cousin who I'm not too cool with invited me and when i got there I didn't know anything it was very weird and lots of pressure like right after the vid they say sign up now what holding you back they also told me I could fly to and back to certain places for 110 dollars and another bogus thing is they can't show me any savings until you join they gave lots of stories about how they makin money and making 800 a week and all this shit with no checks to show me no savings only the video and they want you to invest 300 plus dollars lol another thing is that everyone that was there has full time jobs good jobs and they said they will quit there jobs soon when the get residual income I'm not trusting anyone from the presentation or company until you show me how much i can save and can anyone tell me how do the bookin engine work does it give you dates or you can book them and if anyone wants to make money I think they should be a Aflac agent T least they make good money with no bullshit like this also show me a person that has been with wv for 4 years plus everyone who was at my presentation just started the latest 4months Ago ._.
Nov 11, 2012

Will they refund my money

Hi, can anyone answer my quiry. I wish to withdraw my membership to this group. Will they refund my money? I havent receive my card also.
Dec 31, 2012


How do I convience my 20 year old son this is a scam, not for him? He is even suspended from college due to him signing on 2 months ago.
Jan 19, 2013

want to cancel

I want my money back...ive tried calling but no answer. Today is the third day for my cancelation its1/19/13, 9:33pm. Ill be calling monday morning. Thank you.

s.perez jr.
Feb 23, 2013

I want to be out

My name is Mary Nkpanam, I join the team in January 2013 and have notting to show for it, I paid my $360 with no package uptil now, and did talk to a representative about but nothing has been done. I just want to be out and if it's possible to get my money back even if it's half of the money I will glad. thanks
Apr 3, 2013

World Ventures Rip Off

I was invited to a World Ventures presentation. They tried to get me to sign up. I told them I wasn't interested, but they kept bullying me and telling me I was a loser if I didn't do this. Before the night was over, I was drunk and they eventually got me to give them my credit card. I went home and the next day looked into the company and found out it was a scam. I called the rep. who got me to sign up and told him I didn't want to do it and wanted my money back. He said there are no refunds. I didn't sign anything or even see a contract. I want my money back! How do I get out of this deal????
Apr 25, 2013

World Ventures cult lost me my girlfriend

My girlfriend was sucked into the worldventures cult last summer, and believed all the singleminded training rubbish about distancing yourself from people who are not supportive of Worldventures. Simply don't get involved as the training is brainwashing. You don't need their crummy deals: the way a holiday should be booked is chose where you want, when you want, stay where you want, and with a tour operator of your choice. You can't do that with WV as it's a holiday club with vacations at fixed times, and mostly without airport transfers too. I'm not terribly unhappy, who wants a girlfriend who is so impressionable anyway. Avoid the Worldventures cult movement, an army of bullshitters.
Sep 16, 2013


Its Insane, My bestie wanted me to join, and I went to one meeting. Well when I was there they were really mean, and pushy. They kept telling people that if they didn't have the money to join then they needed to see something was wrong with their lives because the were broke. And now my friend told me that if I wasn't in it then we really wouldn't see each other any more cause she is focused on that, and also if I call her it needs to be about only world ventures, or we don't need to talk. She also has gotten real defensive if any one says an opinion about it. They also made everyone in the group stop watching tv for a month and read only books that were about things they were doing. They hardly ever mention Christ in their success and they are real rude. They want all their members to only socialize with other members, no one outside of the group. ITS WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I basically lost a friend that I had for almost eight years.

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