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Consumer complaints and reviews about Wendys

Dec 14, 2011

treating employees unfairly

stop whining please do you work at wendys? there are alot of smart people that work for them so most of us knows how to fill out bank slips. everyone is equal and how dare you imply that people who work in fast food are stupid. maybe you need to a reality check about the real world. and so be it is supposed have space between it
Dec 19, 2011

treating employees unfairly

I agree with @missmommy777 comments. I am a manager at my local Wendy's but started out as crew. The night manager that asked her to slice tomatoes was wrong that is part of opening prep. I am not saying it is bad for the night crew to help the morning crew and vice versa but there are different things that could have been done in less time. Also the night manager should have been nice about it not rude.

For example: Instead of slicing tomatoes which have a very short hold time once cut.
She could have done a few bags of mayo. Once the mayo is in the pan it is good for 7 days. Panning pickles and/or onions.

If it was my store the focus would be making sure bacon was cut and panned, shake bottles filled, frosty parfait ingredients ready to go, ketchup/honey mustard/ranch/signature sauce bottles filled, ready and labeled. Positional cleaning was compete. If time permits a couple pans of pickles and onions. No prepping tomatoes, lettuce and any of the salad ingredients.

If all the above was completed and missmommy777 (or any of my employees) were done then I would ask them to complete an extra cleaning assignment/task. If an employee was missing any WeLearn certification courses I would have an employee work on any incomplete WeLearn assignments.

This generally fills up the time at my store on a regular night. If it was super slow then more extra cleaning and WeLearn would be assigned. And I would clean the oven and oven racks, do positional cleaning for the PUW coordinator, ensure the PUW is stocked for the next day then I would move onto extra cleaning.

On busy nights I would eliminate extra cleaning/WeLearn on slow nights I would send one or two closers home if the night was really slow to control labor.

In any scenario tomatoes does not fit into anything. Once a employee/manager gets all of their regular night shift duties completed then to fill the extra time should be extra cleaning/WeLearn.

@missmommy777 there should be a big sign in your breakroom that is required to be posted and should say "Speak Out" if the management staff is not doing what is expected of them. Such as stopping harassment, favoritism, doing things that effects the quality of food, etc. Also in your breakroom should be the number to your DM, Human Resources, etc in the event management can't solve your problem.. If the speak out line isn't supported go to your Human Resources department and file a complaint.

Regarding breaks, the rules vary from state to state. In Kentucky everyone is required to have a 10 minute break for every 4 hours worked. In other states there is no such law and these stores do not have to give 10 minute breaks every four hours. This is up to management. In WV where I once worked the crew is supposed to have a 30 minute lunch break (paid or unpaid) for every six hours worked. Wendy's company policy is a 30 minute unpaid break for every 5 hours worked.

In a WV store a manager can have some flexibility regarding breaks, for example if a crew member is only working a 5.01-5.99 hour shift and doesn't want a break then the manager on duty can allow that crew member to skip that break but if their shift is 6 hours or more they have to have the break no matter what. In this scenario the crew has to ask the manager if he/she can skip the break. When I am asked this question I evaluate the situation, if I know this crew member will take longer than the scheduled shift to complete their duties I deny the request and have them take a break. If the crew member is great about completing tasks on time then I will allow them to skip their break.

Regarding the 10 minute breaks every four hours check to see if your state has this as a law. 9 times out of 10 the reason it is included in your handbook is because Kentucky has this labor law and handbook are printed for every Wendy's is the same regardless of state.

Also @Always blamed if your opening manager was late but you were there then your time should have been fixed to reflect your scheduled start time.

@the unhappy employee missmommy777 was right about the tomatoes, they should not be cut at night because they are only good for one day. There were plenty of things she could have done that would have been more productive.

Hope this helps.
Feb 4, 2012

treating employees unfairly

First off to everybody who has nothing better to do than to troll on websites and call other people stupid, f*%$ you mabie if you had a job of your own you would know what it was like to get treated like garbage by your employer, just stop getting all pissy at people who actually have jobs because you cant get one. Also I work (well worked) at Wendy's and I have an I.Q. of 176, its the area I live in, nothing but physical labor and minimum wage crap jobs. All the specialized jobs go to older people who are more "responsible" yea I can see that in my supervisors and managers. Nobody wants to hire a teenager in a management position or give them any sort of responsibility because a few bad ones of us ruin it for all of us.
Paul Vance
Feb 7, 2012

Never Satisfied

Oh I get it now... Sweetheart, you just need to get laid.
Feb 7, 2012

Never Satisfied

Well since you are only six years old you really don't have the choice of where you eat do you? Another way your mother is neglecting you by not having them give you quality food. Seriously she should cook at home and not be lazy.
Feb 7, 2012

Never Satisfied

Come cook for me then since you know everything and are probably a "stand-up" parent
Feb 7, 2012

Never Satisfied

Paul, you're probably right. I'm off to go handle that right now!
Paul Vance
Feb 7, 2012

Never Satisfied

No need to leave for that.
Feb 7, 2012

Never Satisfied

OMG Paul. She's probably fat and hairy or a dude. YOU need to go get laid my friend.
Feb 7, 2012

Never Satisfied

Why don't you get mommy to cook for you. It is her job to do so, if she can't she should have kept her legs crossed if she cant take care of a child.
Feb 7, 2012

Never Satisfied

If she gets laid would the person who laid her not be a pedophile since she is still a young child.
Feb 8, 2012

Never Satisfied

who gets all of the hot food?
Feb 8, 2012

Never Satisfied

"fool me once, shame on you fool me two, three, four, thousand times, shame on me"
M3C Slimjim
Feb 8, 2012

Never Satisfied

Tasha has crossed the T.O.S. Her account will be suspeneded by the slimster!! I have the power!!!
Apr 10, 2012

treating employees unfairly

I am glad to see I am not the only one with a sexual harrassment and slave minded managers, goddess help the next one to sue the company. It's a corporate pandemic, not a singular event. The would cut my hours, or over work me and roll back my hours. I had death threats from an individual I refused to have sex with who would tell staff and customers all sorts of sexual acts that did not occur. He would make racist and sexist comments about me, my crew, and a manager that got fired because of his stealing. I know how him and some of the other managers were skimming the tills and got her fired but I don't know how to prove it. I quit the job when they claimed 'If I were nicer, the harrassment would stop' they would also try to make me do my job wrong just to prove who is in charge even when the person is not. I have never had such a bad experiance working for any company as this one. They will never see another penny of mine, and I am proudly not their doormat, not their whore, and not their slave. Too damn bad, but women's rights, anti-racial discrimination laws, and religious rights all exist. As does the rule about firing employees who steal from the company or threaten their coworkers or bosses with death threats...they appearntly forgot those. Don't bother with HR, go straight for EEOC and a good lawyer with that company. My only bad working experiance was with them.
Apr 10, 2012

treating employees unfairly

I worked for store #29; and I have had to deal with death threats, racial slurs, sexual harrassment that started on my shift and didn't end until right about the end of my shift..THE ENTIRE SHIFT. I have had to deal with them cutting my hours or treating me shitty for complaining about theft, sexual harrassments, hours cuts, exessive hours when they would roll back the clock, not getting a break because they were pissed off...and the occasional drunk or high manager. I've had managers text, sleep, play video games, or sit in the lobby doing nothing on my shift. When I complained to my District manager nothing was done. I have even figured out how some of the managers were stealing and making other people pay for it. I just don't know how to prove it, but with the scores I used to get in customer service how could they do nothing but cuss me out because of another employee causing me grief and threating to kill me because i'm not nice enough?! My job is to do the 'sparkle' service to code...not be a doormat, a whore, and a kissass. I'm not being party to corporate theft or even better time clock theft. I informed them of my EEOC rights and that I wanted them...They're lucky I have no desire to contact AREN on my behalf over the way I was spoken to and treated for a 1 1/2 out of 2 1/2 years working for them. I have never heard such sexist, racist, bigotist, inflamitory speech in my entire life as what I had to endure from my coworker. No one short of hell deserves to hear it, we went from 10, 000 in one day to 1, 000 in one day and they couldn't figure out why.

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