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Canada, Ontario

Consumer reviews about Weedman

Jan 24, 2012

Poor organization

Sorry for reopening this but I wanted to give an update on my dispute with Weedman.

In my first call to Weedman I made it clear that I would not be paying for the two services that they had provided without my consent. After about six months of receiving calls from Weedman to pay the bill I requested that they proceed to the next step and send it to collections so that we could get this dispute resolved. I received another six months of sales calls saying that if I signed up with them for another year they would wave the balance. Each time I told them I would never deal with them again and requested that they send it to collections. I finally told them not to call again unless they either cleared the account or they were taking legal action. After a few more months they called me back and told me the account had been cleared and to restore their "good" name they were willing to offer me a great deal. I politely declined an asked that I be permanently removed from their calling list. They have not called since.

Jan 31, 2012

Poor organization

I signed the contract with them last year with assurance that weeds in my lawn will totally be removed, we don't have to do anything other than cutting of my grass, they did the first treatment I paid the bill on-line, but I see no improvement in my lawn, I called them, they told me I have to some some things in my lawn, which they I already mentioned in my last visit slip. I told them, that the person you contacted me, and get my contract he told me that we don't have to anything. Any ways I brought that stuff and put in my lawn, but even after 2 more visits, their was no impact in my lawn, I called them and complained about the the matter, they promised me that some body will come and check it. But nobody came. I was wondering if these guys are doing anything in my lawn or just throwing the bill only. Because they always come when nobody at home, and put the bill on your door and leave. I called them and told I don't need any of their service and stop doing any visit. But I was still receiving the bill, I called them so many time but nobody responded me properly. Now they are asking for about $300.00 bill, otherwise threatening for Collection agency.

Feb 11, 2012

Poor organization

Hey I heard a lot about the complaints.
I mentioned it to another person I know that I would have to say has an amazing way in how to deal with such companies without using as he calls it the useless legal system. This is a guy that I watched totally destroy 4 large companies two that were worth over a billion in size and the others around 600 million and another smaller one around 10 million. And the best thing about it he did it using similar tactics against the offending companies but without breaking any laws or making it possible for the companies to be able to go after him in the courts.

I would love for the weed man to goto his place and try such a scam we would be reading in a year or two about the weed man filing for bankruptcy etc.. And what is amazing about his trick is that it would only cost the victims that were shafted about $40 plus four hours work and with that it would pretty much destroy the franchise in the area. And all without breaking any laws.

Feb 12, 2012

Poor organization

man was I disappointed by this title

Former employes
Mar 12, 2012


I used to work there. They underpay and overwork their staff as well. We were paid on commission and had to work at a a pace which made it impossible to do a decent job. I can't tell you the number of lawns that i saw destroyed. They also let employees who had not undergone the necessary training (an exam must be passed) handle chemicals. These employees were not warned about the danger of using Dycamba. I witnessed some of these guys come with their socks saturated in the stuff, This companys claims to have regards for the environment is completely false as they don't even have regards for their own employees safety. The trucks are also in terrible condition, i witnessed one loose control on the highway after the employee had expressed concern about the vehicles condition. I could go on all day about the blatant irresponsibility of Weedman towards its customers, employees and the environment...

Former employes
Mar 12, 2012


(former employee)

May 22, 2012

Weed Man

I've received numerous <more than i can count> calls from Weed Man's telemarketers. The first couple of calls , we were more than polite and stated "no thank you, we arent interested". The next few calls, we asked to be removed from their list. That didnt work. The next call, i stated " WE DONT HAVE A LAWN , STOP CALLING US! , the telemarketer replied "oh isnt this so and so address??" I replied "yes it is but what does that have to do with anything??? I DO NOT WANT YOUR SERVICES!!!!!" . You would think this would of been suffice? No, the other day while i was out, the last number on call display...you got it WEED MAN!!!!!!!! When does it end?

Feb 12, 2013

Will not stop calling

I have received 9 phone calls from Weed Man this week. Each time I tell them that I have no interest in their services and to stop calling. Each time they say they will stop, and then call back on the same day or in a day or two.

If I had ever considered using their services, then this behaviour certainly convinces me to never, ever do business with them.

I will send a registered letter telling them that I will be billing them for future calls at my usual hourly rate, with a minimum of one hour.

Mar 11, 2013

Service not as provided. Lack of integrity

In 2010 I agreed to have Weedman treat my lawn. It did not work. I called and compained. They said they would do it again and not charge me. It still did not work.
In 2011 they wanted to treat my lawn again. I said I was not happy and their product did not get rid of the weeds on my lawn. They said they would have a supervisor out to check. This went on for quite some time. The supervisor did not show up multipole times. When he did he said they were using old material but the new Fiesta material would get rid of my weeds. I said I would not use their service again in 2011. They said they would like to show me that their services do indeed work and agreed that since my weeds were not removed in 2010 they would credit my account. I had them send me a confirmation letter. The person on the phone said they would send me a statement showing my balance was zero.
They did spray in 2011. That did not work either. I did not pay as my weeds did not go away.
They have now put me into collections for 2010 and 2011.
When I called them to straighten this out they would not listen. The first person I spoke to told me I had to pay the balance in full.
The second said she would adjust the account by removing the 2011 fees. I said this was not logicial and said I would pay 2011 fees (under duress) not because I believe I owed the fees for a service thats did not work but because I did not want this to go on my credit record. I tried too explain to her. Why would anyone have a service done a second time and pay for the first time when the service did not work. She did not understand this and even though I had a letter said no one at her office would agree to credit the 2010 fees.
She gave me a balance that they would accept. She would not give me a head office phone number or a manger phone number. Finally she did give me the name of a manger whom she said would tell me the same thing as she did. His name is Steve Strong.

I would like to sue them. How can companies like that get away with sending you to collections and having it affect your credit when their services did not work. Their invoice says that they guarantee their work and that they keep their promises.
Weedman Scarborough does not!

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