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Vandelier Group

United States

Consumer reviews about Vandelier Group

nicola knirnschild
Dec 9, 2011

Deception, excessive fees

This also happened to me although i never recieved a email or a phone call i am trying to find some information i will file a complaint with the BBB and the attorney generals office this company is scamming people

Cindi in Lakeland
Jan 31, 2012

Deception, excessive fees

I am right there with you people.. I didn't even know that they could just deposit money into my account without me knowing and then make me pay $90.00 every month for as long as I had the $300.00. The $90.00 does not go towards the $300.00 either. I also applied for a loan on line and thought I cancelled it but didn't know that the application
is sent out to 100's of scam lenders or "loan sharks"... Interest rate is 782%...
No that is not a typo...

Jan 31, 2012

Deception, excessive fees

I was sent 250.00 without me authorizing them as my lenders. I was charged over 400 dollars in fees just for 250.00. I told them I will not pay them nomore. They threathen me to have me in jail and to keep it how i want because they will have me in court in no time. They were unprofessional., I was even hanged up on once. They dont want to hear it. They have no way in connecting with them on the phone. They told me if I wanted the charges to stop that
I had to pay the 250.00 I sent them the money order they requested but first! They wanted me to fax a copy of the money order before sending the payment. I sent the fax and they authorized me to send it. Now, it has been 1 month and a half and never got a single email from them. I was getting daily annoying emails from vandelier group when i told them about me not sending the money. I go to my mail and open a letter from Audobon financial Bureau. (collection agency) I was now charged $430.00!!! so im on collection now...WTF???? i called the collection agency and they said they will be going to my job site, that they will take me to my city court and that they did not want to hear about how i payed it. Please dont let these guys mess up your credit...i am very fustrated i deleted the emails as prove they accepted my loan payment!!!

Feb 15, 2012

national litigation

they did the did the same why . i call them told i did for this load and to talk the money back they refuse . this happen in january but * i was going call again the next have to talk money back. but i had something come in that took the money out my bank. and they have turn over nation litigation which is not and registry with the state of Texas

Feb 15, 2012

vandelier group

they did the same way

Chuck Norris
Mar 2, 2012

Deception, excessive fees

After much digging, the address for Vandelier Group is:

1521 Concord Pike, #301
Wilmington, DE 19803

Albert Frost
Mar 14, 2012

Deception, excessive fees

You are all ignorant! They have you agree to terms when you sign up for a loan. You obviously all did not read the terms and just hit i accept with no regard to what you were doing. if you throw yourself in front of the bus prepare to be hurt. Don't just assume things. take initiative and make a phone call. All loan companies will work with you and if you act rude guess what they will be rude right back. You put yourselves into whatever situation that happened so own up and accept what you have done to yourselves and quit blaming others for your mistakes!

Apr 5, 2012

Deception, excessive fees

Albert Frost...What you are saying isn't exactly true. They did this to me, put money in my account without my authorization. If you are going through a site that goes through multiple lenders to find you the best deal, then obviously one did not agree to Vandelier's terms and conditions, nor did they accept the loan. To my knowledge I never received a phone call from them, and haven't received any emails (may be in the spam folder, don't really check it). I never, verbally or otherwise, agreed to their terms or accepted the loan. I wouldn't say this is a scam, but I would say it is unsound business practice, and pushing on the edge of fraud. I will be going through my spam email to see if I can find some kind of correspondence. I will be calling Vandelier Group, I will be contacting the BBB and I will be contacting the Attorney General (although if they are not licensed in my state then I am not protected under my state laws).

Apr 5, 2012

Irene Bromberg aka Irene Tsatskin

Irene Bromberg has committed slander and perjury with her reports regarding myself Christina Harper.

I again will state for the record so help me God, I have had a clear record all my life.

I am currently working with the OSC to bring closure to the matter regarding myself as the direct
result of Vadim Tsatskin not filing properly with the securities commission which he stated to
me had been done through his lawyer, Bryan Coffman and had done nothing,

As a result of agreeing to work with Irene Bromberg aka Irene Tsatskin's husband Vadim Tsatskin
I was set up by him in order to keep the spotlight off himself for a conspiracy with Bryan Coffman
and Gary Milby established in 2005 which I had no knowledge of and only became aware of after
building a file of information and visiting the fields in Kentucky and finding it all a sham and a scam.

I believed for a time that Vadim Tsatskin's statements were the truth regarding the oil drilling programs
in Kentucky under his company, Global Energy Group. When I was able to assemble enough facts
and information that his company was a total fraud and scam, I went to the police.

I rue the day I was introduced to him.

I am tremendously sorry for the people who became partners in these drilling programs. And I am
tremendously sorry about the facts that I provided to people which I believed for a time were the
truth provided by Vadim Tsatskin. He kept the truth about the programs being a total sham and
scam. He is the artful dodger and the devil incarnate.

The USD $ 10 million which was money stolen from investors and spirited away in trusts under
his mother's name, Faina Tsatskin, in Panama and Cypress needs to be recovered and returned
to all the investors in Global Energy through the proper legal channels.

He is in jail for fraud for his conspiracy with Bryan Coffman and Gary Milby.

And I will categorically state so help me God I was at no time party to this conspiracy.
And the facts speak for themselves.

I am working on rebuilding my life as I developed severe PTSD from situation and it has been
a major challenge to overcome. I never in my life suffered from any kind of mental challenge until
this frightening situation which left me fearing for my life.

I am proud to state I am seeing some light at the end of the tunnel with my heartfelt thanks to
the medical professionals in my family practice and at CAMH who have kindly guided me on
my path to renewed strength and putting everything at rest in my life to become a productive
business professional once again.

I only wish it did not take so long to uncover the conspiracy between Vadim Tsatskin, Bryan
Coffman and Gary Milby in order that I could stop this situation at an earlier date to save
people loosing their money. It was truly a dirty, demonic deal.

Irene Bromberg aka Mrs. Vadim Tsatskin is hereto instructed and advised to cease and
desist from writing slander and perjuring herself on the internet stating false facts about
myself to my detriment.

I have only one issue to deal with the OSC. I have not been involved in a string of fraudulent
business activity as she states.

It is her husband, Vadim Tsatskin who is the guilty party. One only has to check these names
on the internet. I had no part in any of these and further state I would not under any circumstance
have anything further to do with him and his questionable businesses.

Ameron Oil and Gas
A-Protect Warranty
Federal Pardons and Waivers
Instant Auto Finance
New York Capital Corporation

You can view a map showing the tangled web of all these companies at Grapes of Wrath on the
internet. In addition, there is a paralegal in Toronto by the name of David Langer who has a
Twitter account in which he states that all the businesses at 2727 Steeles Avenue West,
Suite 400, listed above in his legal opinion are highly suspect.

Jul 15, 2012

advance pay loan

A company called the Vandelier Group LLC has deposited 300.00 into my checking account and I cannot find a web page to log in and repay the loan.I never agreed for them to deposit it in the first place and I want to pay it back in full and be rid of them.They are illegal and a rip off!!!

Jul 29, 2012

outrageous charges

This company (Vandelier Group) deposited 300 into my account, and yes, I knew that 390 would be due the following paycheck. My bank however, does not accept ACH withdrawals, and I did not know. When they tried to withdrawal it, and it didn't go through, they automatically, without even calling to set up a payment, which I would have done immediately from my other bank acct, sent my "debt" to a bill collector for 1700 dollars, and that is what the Collection Agency is telling me I owe. I have no idea what to do, and it is so frustrating, because I could have paid them their money that day if I had gotten a call, or email. It has been 13 days since it was due. I have read the laws for our state and pay day loan people can NOT charge you with check fraud like they will tell you over the phone. They also cannot send you to jail. They threaten you and it is very upsetting that they are screwing people over this bad.

Sep 10, 2012



Sep 21, 2012

Vandelier Group

Please file a police report against the Vandelier Group. I filed because they were extorting $150.00 a month over 3 months for a $250.00 loan that I did not approve. We all have a case. Just call your local police station non-emergency number and file the report. Teell them about this web site so they can see how many times The Vandelier Group has scamed people. We need to stop them from scamming anyone else!
Also you may be able to get your money back if it has been within the past 90 days. Call your bank and tell them you are refuting the charges. I was able to get my money back over and above the "loan" that I never wanted.

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