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Tronix Country

United States, Virginia

Consumer reviews about Tronix Country

Tronix Country
Jan 4, 2012


Who we Are
Tronix Country offers no credit-check financing to individuals with past credit problems for computers packages and other electronics. Customers are required to make a down payment on their merchandise prior to financing the balance.

Full Disclosure and Compliance
Tronix Country is fully compliant with state and federal regulations regarding disclosure requirements, terms and conditions, contracts, and advertising. Sales staff must adhere to a compliant script. In addition to providing correct and complete price information, and accurate expectations on when merchandise should be delivered, Sales staff must fully disclose our cancellation, refund and return policies.

Customer Service
All customer service staff go through a rigorous training and testing process to ensure that the highest levels of customer service can be provided to customers. Further, all customers have direct access to customer service staff, managers as well as the Customer Advocate. The Office of the Customer Advocate operates with independent authority as an Ombudsman on behalf of customers while ensuring compliance, that proper information was provided, and proper authorization was received.

Tronix Country Meets its Contractual Obligations
Upon completion of the Sales process, (within 24-48 hours) Tronix Country mails the customer an easy-to-understand contract, written in plain English, and without legalese or predatory terms. Subject headings facilitate reference. To ensure delivery, all documents can be emailed and or mailed with a request for signature through USPS. A signature block is next to the total amount, so there is no confusion about what the customer has purchased and the total cost. Tronix Country has NO hidden costs, we provide 0% financing, and do not charge late fees. The Sales Amount IS the amount you will pay.

10 Day Cancellation and Refund Period
Tronix Country provides its customers with a full 10 day grace period from enrollment to cancel their account and receive a full cash refund of any payments. This allows our customers adequate time to receive and review our contracts, to contact our Customer Service Department and to make direct personal comparisons. After 10 days, while the Activation fee is non-refundable, all other payments are refunded in the form of store credit.

Protecting Customer Privacy/Customer Information
Tronix Country is committed to protecting all information provided by our customers and or contained in the record for each respective account, as a matter of good business, as well as to be compliant with state and federal privacy laws, and any other relevant financial regulation, such as provisions to prevent ID Theft. In short, Tronix Country must verify that they are dealing directly with the individual who opened the account with us, and whose bank account is the account of record.

Equal Access to Credit
Tronix Country provides equal access to financing for any individual regardless of past credit issues. In providing equal access to financing, Tronix Country confirms its respect for each individuals’ right to self determination. We also regret receiving the news that one of our customers has passed away. As a result, Tronix Country does receive calls from individuals claiming to have various levels of power of attorney over our customer’s decisions, or that one of our customers has died, and they are their heir.

Tronix Country’s Pricing
Tronix Country knows that other companies (especially retail chain stores) offer more competitive prices on similar goods, but they are competing for consumers with credit and/or the ability to make several hundred dollar purchases outright.

When you compare Tronix Country with Rent to Own stores, Tronix Country is more competitive with its entire computer package offer.

When you factor other lenders (credit card companies) interest rates, late payment penalties, and the actual pay-off by making the minimum, or just above minimum, required payments, Tronix Country is more competitive.

Complaints on Websites
Any customer who feels as though they were not properly informed about their purchase or are not being treated fairly should send an email to info@tronixcountry.com where senior managerial staff will receive the email, review your situation, and promptly respond to your concern or issue. Tronix Country is committed to resolving issues with its customers in a mutually-beneficial manner.

Jan 5, 2012


I'm a tronix employee and i can tell you these situations are either complete lies or the customer isn't taking responisbility for not living up to there end of the agreement or that they didn't make a effort to resolve there issue. we have well trained people to work with our customers. we record phone calls so we know that everything was done right. sometimes a mistake happens and we make it right for the customer. we're only human but we fix it to the point of paying back fees a customer had to pay and giving free upgrades and gifts. but I can tell you that most of the time i have to play a recording for a customer we did everythinig right and by the book. if you have a problem or are not happy send us an email it's on the website. we have good honest people who will look at the situation and get back with you. we have one person who makes sure that the company is fair to every customer and how we treat them. post your response afterward and let the world see how we do work with people and most of this stuff is not real. i deal with a lot of happy customers who get everything they are promised and tell me they couldnt make this purchase without us. most of the angry customers dont want to follow the rules they agreed to. I had to post this because i even see some of these complaints and know who the customers are and they are not being honest. nothing wrong with being angry but don't tell lies

Jan 6, 2012


A legitimate company would not respond to complaints like these people have. The few times I have seen "real" companies respond to these complaints, it's with an apology and an offer to work with the customer. Also, they can generally spell, use punctuation, and capitalize. It's fairly obvious by the posts on these websites that these people are pathetic lowlifes who steal from people who can't afford to be stolen from. There's a special place in hell for those who prey upon the old, the poor, and the ignorant.

Jan 10, 2012


Tronix Country did in fact work with this customer. Tronix Country provides equal access to financing irrespective of income or age. Being credit worthy is predicated on our customers making a minimum number of successful, consecutive payments. An account that appears to match that described through the original post can be considered to be an excellent example of omission, vs. comission. Unfortunately, the customers' first payment was returned by her bank. Immediately following this, the customer changed her payment plan three times within one month, and the bank account of record was changed. While frequent changes of payments and accounts do not help establish the payment history a company that provides financing would like to see, this customer also cancelled and reactivated this account on three separate occassions. The record also indicates that the USPostal Service was returning mail sent to the address provided by the customer. Tronix Country wishes for its customers to succeed and our Representatives clearly demonstrated professional service and provided consistent and accurrate information. Within a week of the original posting, the customer received a full cash refund minus the Activation Fee. Tronix Country offers a comprehensive range of electronics guaranteed to meet any customers' financial and delivery needs.

Feb 2, 2012


Are you people serious? I thought this was all a joke. Ok, I'm 17, so I might be a little better than you when it comes to buying affordable electronics, but can't you guys do a little bit of research into what you're getting into? I first heard of Tronix Country on the TV and I thought that was one of the worst quality commercials I've seen in my life. Ok, so I was curious, and I googled my way to their website. Smack in the middle of the website, we have 3 pictures of some crap computer with their sky high prices underneath of them. I could easy tell those were the computers we used in our school, the $300-400 models, nothing like the $999.00 they're asking for. Ok, maybe they can redeem themselves on another part of the website. Click. What do we have? Standard, Premium, and Deluxe. No model number, name, ID, no anything. Now this was interesting. So cool, I want a "deluxe" computer, so I click. The next part was so funny, I posted the link to the schools computer club website (which I'm not a part of) and they laughed their asses off. Conclusion: AMD Dual-Core 2.7gHz is not "super-fast", it's slow. Very slow. An upgraded 22" monitor? Upgraded? Are you kidding me? Ok. Moving on. I thought the rest of the deal was ok, but for $39.99, comedy material only. Free gifts: TV: SHIT. Software: BLOATWARE Printer: SHIT Mp3:PURE SHIT. Basically they're making you pay for the "free" stuff by all the trouble they will cause you later.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.

Feb 10, 2012


Cut and dry that tronix country has been ripping off consumers for quite some time now.They are every day common crooks who may or may not be following their state laws but lets face it, in the end they will definately get everything they have coming to them sooner or later.I'm glad I don't fall for such lame scams, theres a walmart almost in every town and they sell computers for around $400 bucks.

Feb 24, 2012


Tronix Country provides equal access to credit for all individuals, irrespective of past credit problems. The company’s proprietary no-credit-check system gives people a chance to get financing when traditional lenders won’t. Our program is simple, all that we ask is you build a short consecutive payment history (without interruption) and we will finance your purchase. Tronix Country tries to give the very best service to all of its several hundred thousand customers. If you believe the service you received from Tronix Country was not satisfactory, please send the company an email to info@tronixcountry.com. Please be sure to include your name, the best phone number you can be reached at and any other contact information that will help us identify your account. A representative will respond and address any concerns you may have. We even invite you to post the outcomes on this website, so other people can see how responsive we are and how we work with our customers. We recognize the trust that our customers give us while establishing a payment history and we appreciate the opportunity they give us to serve them. We look forward to being responsive to all postings made by customers on this website.

Feb 26, 2012


I saw their ad on tv and I googled them and Im telling you now I can go to my local rent to own store and get the same thing or something even better for a cheaper price, I would never fall for any thing like that.

Goddess luv
Mar 29, 2012


I'm not posting a comment to try and talk about anyone who has try to buy a computer from this company. I don't know your money situation nor do I know what your credit is like. We have all try things thinking its a deal or it may help my credit. So who am I to call someone stupid for trying to better there credit. I thought about using Tronix and that other Company Blue something... a long time ago. I call excited thinking this may help me show some creditworthiness once I start making payments and then pay them off. So I listen to the rep do her thing and tell about there program. I thought to myself this is almost like me going to rent a center, only differences is I get it now and I can pick a good name brand. And the free gifts you don't get until you have paid it off. So I decided not to get the computer from them. I went to Aaron's and got me a computer I can either pay bi-weekly or monthly at a price of 49.99 or 99.99 plus tax and insurance for only 12months. They don't call you and bug you about your payments or just to call to remind you and see what time you will be in that day like rent a center. And it shows up on your credit. It tell them total purchase price and if you pay on time or late and if you paid it off. I love Aaron's I been with them every since I bought my computer for college four years ago. I have gotten seven items since and all but one is paid for and that's coming up in November. Its help my credit and my score. Its just another way that may help someone who may need something right now but may not have all the money to purchase it. You pay a little more then you would buying out right with cash, but if you use a credit card you stilling going to pay more with all those extra charges and compare to five to ten years on your credit card paying 20.00-50.00 a month, it only takes one to two years to be paid in full and its yours. And if it breaks while your still paying for it. They fix it for free up to I think three months after its paid or you can purchase a extended warranty before that three month period ends. You would think I work for them or I'm getting paid for this ad I just did. I just love how they treat me and they do care.I'm not going to go into that story cause I will never get off here and I pause a movie just so I could look up this company and I never made it, I stop here first. So I hope I was able to help and give a better understanding on how Aaron's works. I did work for rent a center as a account mgr. And I hated calling customer the day there due just to see if they coming. We called it a friendly reminder that your account is due. What made it so bad its 8am on a Saturday and its most people off day they sleeping in for change or sleeping off that night before partying and rent a center wanted us to start calling people then.we don't open until 10am that's crazy and rude. Good luck to the people trying to get your money back. I hope you do and I really hope i was able to share my dealings with all three company's. God Bless

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