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Consumer reviews about Team Lava

red pasta
Aug 1, 2012

customer service is a nightmare!

This company doesn't care of their customers at all! Their only interest is money, they will never support you or help you if you have problems. They never want to be responsible for their own mistakes. Avoid at all costs!

sandis sweets
Sep 11, 2012

Prices virtual and real

Many people are angry and frustrated over the recent changes in prices, both Virtual and real. Team Lava is the Co. operator for Well known game app Bakery Story. I have been playing loyaly for 1 1/2 and have grown to love this game as many others. This is why everyone is so passionate about it when talking in terms of price gouging,Lava has upped thier prices like its gasoline or gold,unfortunately others don't feel it's worth playing anymore. I will lose many friends because Of this I'm sure. As for me I plan to stay. When I began bakery story it was for the fun of baking and tipping, earning gems etc.. But over time that has become almost impossible to keep up with. I have now been saving $10 million over 6 months to be able to expand to next level. I am at 9.5 mill. Well looks like not just 6 months more but a year! Besides raising all prices of gems,coins, food and items, they also made it very difficult to get stars because all the virtual visitors no longer give them after they eat, only coins(tips) what an impossible game its become. To add injury to insult I have not been able to purchase gems unless a special pops up on its own,my purchase gems buttons are blank when requested. So even if I could afford $20 in real money on iTunes cards to just expand it, it never allows me to anyway! Hardly worth the effort and definately the wasted money. How about the cost of those accesories and tables and chairs! 10 gems for 1 chair? Really Team Lava?
There is an up side for me in all this, if all the bakery was to me was gems decorating growing larger and larger then like many I would quit too,very unfair game it has become. But what I have found on bakery is many special people who have grown to care about one another,some of us visit each other every day. We chat sometimes more w each other than with our own distant families who are just to busy. Some of these people have bonded calling themselves Sisters Of Christ and send Biblical scriptures and uplifting messages of encouragement to eachother with prayers and comfort. There's something awesome in the way God works thru different people and places, but I can tell u this is one of those places. I am staying on bakery not because I agree with what Team Lava is doing,on the contrary I make a plea to Team Lava to please atleast make it possible for those that play,to continue to enjoy playing. I am staying because the people on bakery, not bakery itself. I also appeal to my friends to continue to play. You all are what makes this game special. To those that go please know u will be missed by someone if not many,God bless you!
The most important thing Team Lava can't price hike is friendship, nor will they take mine😃happy baking dear Sisters in Christ! Banding together to fight the bigger cause of Christ!!!🙏

Sep 25, 2012

no support, poor service, avoid at all costs!

Consumer, beware! This company is only about money and there is absolutely no care of customers! They refused to provide me their help when I needed it and support. They try to charge for everything when their service doesn't deserve a singe cent! I ad a problems with the connections and they refused me in help!
Beware and stay away from them!

Giggi Vee
Sep 28, 2012


I had bakery story occasionally bought gems. well they doubled the prices and made it where the game is no fun anymore so i quit it. if they would have kept the original prices which were high enough i wouldnt have left but they had to do a poopoo pie move so now i am gone. BYE BYE lava Time to take out the wii that zumba game sounds really fun and you get to burn a couple of calories. Maybe poker i need to practice my black jack skills. The Xbox games are cool too.

Oct 31, 2012

Team Lava

I got bakery story because my friend recommended it to me and when I first got it it was really good but then I spent all my gems till I only had 1 left so I saved it. I then won another gem and I pressed ok and it went into my account of gems but the next time I looked it wasn't there and I swear I hadn't spent it! Then I won another gem later on and I pressed ok and it said in my gem account, 2 gems but the next time I looked it was gone again! It makes me so frustrated!

Jan 1, 2013

castel story

je joue a catle story
mon niveau 30 ne bouge plus
g recolte 100 pommes et pas une seule en or je ne peut effectuer le goal
j ai recolte plud de gems j ai acheter un autre arbre mais je ne recolte plus rien avec
donc achat inutile
j ai l impression que je suis bloque
pouvez vous m aider
id looping034
niveau 30 bloque
pas de pommes en or sur mes arbres
achat inutile d un arbre supplementaire

Jan 1, 2013

castel story

bonjour mon niveau ne change plus
je n arrive pas a obtenir la pomme d or
j ai achete un arbre supplementaire
j ai 99 pommes recoltees
donc achat inutile
et pas une seule en or
merci de me dire comment faire
id looping034
niveau 30

Apr 8, 2013

restaurant story

u guys wanted us the players to upgrade all the story games; that would have been fine if it were possible. Both bakery & fashion story somehow got upgraded but farm story & restaurant story still won't upgrade. I uninstalled restaurant story & tried to re-install it to see if it would come back on upgraded. I have done this with other games & have always gotten my original game back. This time though, it keeps saying it is installed when in fact it is not. Game: restaurant story
Level: in the 80's
Gems: in the 120's
i.d. littlelizzy1
My avatar name: littlelizzy

Plz help me get my game back as i have invested a lot of money in this game.

Apr 16, 2013

I can't transfer my game to my new phone

I brought a new phone, and everything is transfer over to my new phone. But the game, bakery story, club. How can i add the games to my email address ?

May 14, 2013

i can't transfer my games

I received a new tablet in Jan. of this year and can't transfer my games please help

Jul 2, 2013


Someone with the name the bakery write on my wall you're ugly and i hate you. I have never heard of her unless i tipped her. I don't appreciate that. Please ask her to stop or i will not play this game. Its supposed to be fun.

Jul 17, 2013

new phone

I had to switch my phone due to technical problems. I would love to be able to recover all my hard work on my games. My storm Id is: mimis2626. I would like 3 of my 5 games reloaded to what I had on the last level I was at: Bakery Story, dragon story and fasion story. My email is rhondameyet65@gmail.com. Can u help????

Jul 20, 2013

Restaurant Story

My gems are disappearing after purchased. How do I get them back. This has happened to me on several times. Getting ready to give up on the game. Stormid....linda65w. Level 65 .......should have 178 gems have 3 now

Sep 2, 2013

Items purchased can't be see.

I have purchased items in house story and placed them in my home. I can't see them any more and I can't move them, rotate them or place anything over them. This has happened to a black trash can in my kitchen, the brown rustic sink in one of the bath rooms, (it has sparkles but I can't claim them), and now a bath rug in the same bathroom. What can I do to fix this problem.

Storm ID tennantopia
House name The Tardis

Nov 8, 2013

Wrong Ban and Suspension

I had reported a player who had been harassing me and had successfully banned that person from one game. But then she went to a different story game and started harassing me there. So I reported that person again, I was happy to see that they said disciplinary action had been taken. When I opened my game I found out I was the one that was issued the disciplinary action, so when I made some clarification, THEY said now that I was issued this because I use inappropriate language in a game, I said, I didn't but the person I was reporting was the one who did that, they wouldn't listen or wouldn't admit they made a mistake so now they said all decisions are final, that was totally unfair.

Pretty Pastries
Dec 1, 2013


There is a person by name of "haly" who is saying some terrible things on my & others walls in Bakery Story. Is there some way tovblock her or kick her off completely? She seems to be too young to play anyway.

Feb 3, 2014

Restaurant story & cafe story & castle story

Dear Teamlava, I have been playing restaurant story, cafe story & castle story but yesterday I had to update my iPhone "system update" & when the update was complete the game icons were still there but when I opened them to play them, I was back to level 0! Non of my items were there, my restaurant, cafe & castles were all gone! I don't even have a storm8 ID. I tried typing in my storm8 ID & it said that ID already existed. Therefore my games still exist but how can I get them back? I am still using the same iPhone, I only had to update the system on the iPhone, therefore I do not understand why this has occurred. My storm8 ID is : billiesimic. Restaurant : billies place. Cafe story: Billiedaves. Castle story: enchanted.

Dewi lily latif
Mar 20, 2014

How to get back my dragon story

dear teamlava
Due to technical of my /iphone, i would like to restore my dragon story games.
please assisst me and kindly response it
best regards,

Annie Cameron
Mar 20, 2014

Failure to restore services

After reviewing this forum, I am no longer a fan of this company as well. In fact, I intend to take my complaint to a higher level and report their flagrant disregard for customers. I too, could not transfer my Zoo of Farm Story 2 when I bought a new IPAD. All other games restored properly without incidence and I am beginning to think they sabotage this vital feature on purpose. Let's face it we live in a capitalistic society where money supersedes integrity and if you look more closely at these games, they are structured to exact large amounts of money from your pocket, and give back very little. For example, it will cost you approximately 50 gems, bucks etc...to breed an animal or expand the tiny plot of land they have given you. No one wants to invest hundreds of dollars to watch a screen full of graphic effects that you really can't do much with.

I have asked this company to reimburse me, but there one and only service rep., which they likely pay a minimum wage to always responds to me asking the same questions over and over. The last email stated that everything that happens in their games is held on their servers. That begs the question of why they then assert that they cannot locate your account, even though they have a paper trail of all purchase and every move you've made. It's a shoddy, unprofessional provider.

I've never had a company decline a credit when they have the proof before them. Nor have I ever been treated as though it is my fault that they can't comply with industry standards. There are far too many credible companies out there that offer games you can enjoy and that value their customer base. It is no small wonder that customers are fleeing in droves and if you look at their list of players, it is minuscule.

I too, will be spreading the word to the thousands of people that I come in to contact with either through my Facebook, work or any other social media. STEER CLEAR OF ALL PRODUCTS DISTRIBUTED THROUGH TEAM LAVA. IF YOU SEE THIS NAME ON ANY GAME, BYPASS IT! Scamming unsuspecting customers is the natural order of business for this group.

I would like to hear from others who have opted out. Please post as that is the very best vehicle to expose this onerous service.

A. Cameron

Mar 24, 2014

Restaurant Story

One of my neighbors banned me by accident when they were actually banning someone else. I need to fix my account please help teamlava if I don't get my account back I will give restaurant story a bad rate you guys suspended me for no reason!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 25, 2014


I have brought autumn party with 24 gems and when i placed it at my restaurant, i am unable to watch it because its placed but invisible but neighbors can watch. I just fed up. Please help me out and fix it ASAP.
Thank you.

Apr 7, 2014

game reset from beginning don't remember my password

My game reset from the beginning all by itself. I'm trying to recover my account but I don't remember my password. StormID: Cemegebebe87. Restaurant name is cemegebebe I was on level 16. Please fix this because I don't want to completely start over.

Apr 15, 2014

Diamond dragon

I have been trying forever with every possible combination possible to get a diamond dragon. I am disabled and this is what I do for enjoyment is play this game as I am unable to do much of anything else. I live on a very fixed income and can not afford to buy gold to be able to buy dragons as I would like, however I can't. I am at level 119 I think now and still no diamond dragon, and this is very upsetting when I see people that are at a very low level with 5 and 6 diamond dragons. Please tell me how to get a diamond dragon easier than what I have been trying. I try the same combinations for months at a time to no avail. I am just about ready to call this game quits and find something else to play that does not frustrate me as much, as frustration tends to make my disability even worse and then I end up in bed for 4 to 5 days without being able to get out of it. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS, BEFORE IT DRIVES ME ANY CRAZIER THAN I AM ALREADY GOING CRAZY WITH THIS GAME!!!!!!

My dragon story name is Dragon Bay
My storm 8 ID is Knewt5
Thank you,
Kathy Newton

Jun 8, 2014

Beware of Teamlava

I have been playing Fashion Story for a few years...last time I bought a new phone I tried to have them transfer my game but they never managed to do so. I just bought a new phone again and contacted support the first time on May 25th...today is June 8th...TWENTY-EIGHT emails and 15 days later and I still dont have my game - which, incidently I have spent quite a lot of money on...after the first 7 emails the representative transferred the wrong game to my phone - he used my password as my storm id in error...I sent screen shots, I explained the error he had made, I asked repeatedly this be corrected but I NEVER received another response from this guy again! I then sent a new request and waited 4 more days for a response...when I finally got one I was asked to provide all kinds of info - all of which was included in the email to which this response was sent AND which I had previously supplied multiple times in my prior requests...I received more email requests for the same info...finally I went into the game they had transferred to my device in error - someone elses game which she cant access now! And actuall invited a "neighbor" using my storm id so that they could see my account DOES exist and clearly is active I simply cant access it - no more responses have ever been received by me...I believe either this behavior is deliberate and done in the hopes I will give up out of sheer frustration and start a new game at level 0 and spend a ton of money again to set up my THIRD shop, OR the customer service reps are simply stupid...either way the level of incompetence is utterly baffling...I will NEVER play another teamlava game again.

Apr 22, 2015

BEWARE - Customer Service Stinks and Uses Bullying to get rid of Complaints

I have played Dragon Story for many years and have only recently allowed myself to pay anything for it. However, in a recent spin the wheel game I experienced a glitch where the wheel clearly stopped on one prize and then jumped to a different prize and awarded that one instead. The first time was annoying but glitches happen, right? After the exact same thing happened (same prize stopped on, same prize awarded) four different non-consecutive times, I was a bit upset, so I contacted customer service for a resolution. I got back a 3 sentence form email that said they pass the information along and that they couldn't do anything else about it. No apology for the inconvenience, no empathy or concern of any kind for a paying customer.

I wrote them back requesting that they actually address the issue and help me with what I had experienced and escalate my comments to someone who could help. They responded by suspending my account.

I strongly urge you to NEVER give this company a cent of your money. They clearly do not care about any of their customers and would rather get rid of them then be accountable in any way for the games they create. While they have reinstated my account, they have never apologized for any inconvenience or offered any possible reason for the issue that occurred in the first place. I may continue to play, but there are plenty of free games out there with pretty graphics. I am giving all of the games I have of theirs a negative rating at the Apple store. If you have had problems with them too, I highly recommend you do the same. With enough bad ratings, Apple will deal with them and they may clean up their act.

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