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Jan 6, 2012


Thank god i found this page, i was wondering is she for real? Yes Supreme Magic Ritual. She say i was going to win big on Nov, coz i didn't response she give me a different date.What a load of Bullshit.

Christopher Hymn
Jan 30, 2012


she told me i was gonna be granted the good luck i deserve on Jan, 30 2012 and that my life would change within the six months following after Jan, 30 2012. today is Jan, 30, 2012 and my dog was killed early this morning. does that sound like good luck to anyone because it doesn't to me

Christopher Hymn
Jan 30, 2012


i am sooo glad i looked up "the great astral opening ceremony " because thats how i found this site. i'm glad i never paid her any money. she kept sending me e-mails though. she said that on Jan, 30 2012 that i was gonna be granted the good luck i deserve. it's Jan 30 2012 and early this morning my dog was killed. does that sound lucky to any one? because it doesn't sound lucky to me.

Feb 1, 2012


your luck has been activated!
a huge jackpot is yours!
I have a proof.
But there’s an important detail you have to take seriously!


For urgent reasons that I will explain later in this e-mail, I have just said a magic prayer for you and I also began a powerful ritual of telepathic magic on your behalf for free that will last for 7 days.

Because you need it, and without asking for anything in return, I decided to inject your life with the powerful energy of luck to help attract money to you in the coming weeks.

But first, there’s an important detail that you really should take seriously.

I haven’t had any news from you, and
I’m getting more and more worried about you, EVIOGHENE.

I thought I told you everything you need to know to make you understand the importance of what is being prepared for you at this moment.

We don’t have much time left. It’s urgent that you do something soon, so you can take advantage of the amazing opportunity for change that will come your way.

I’m talking about an important and unexpected event that should completely transform your destiny in less than 30 days.

A powerful astral influence – never seen before – will work in your favor and needs only a sign from you to finally attract luck and happiness into your life.

There will be great changes in your destiny.

For the first time in years, the stars and your numbers of destiny are perfectly aligned so that luck can finally start having a financial impact on your life.

This is probably the greatest opportunity of your lifetime, EVIOGHENE.

And that’s why I have to perform a supplementary free ritual which should favor the materialization of an unexpected amount of money that is waiting for you.

This is necessary in order to deal with a serious problem of yours, EVIOGHENE.

At this very moment you are under the influence of some harmful energy that seems to be responsible for he abnormal bad luck that has been affecting all important areas of your life.

I’m certain that is what has happened to you, EVIOGHENE.

I clearly felt the presence of a strong negative environment that has been influencing your life in a bad way. You may have been aware of it too on a number of occasions!

You can detect it because of the recent problems you’ve had, although under normal circumstance you would have already earned the right to a better and much richer life. All you had to do was show a little trust in me.

But it’s not your fault. There is an evil astral-and probably human-influence at work HERE which will do anything to prevent a possible change in your personal and financial situation.

That’s why, despite all your efforts, nothing has really been able to change for you.

It’s important for your future happiness to take this harmful influence seriously, and to act as quickly as you can, for a very good reason.

The reason is that a huge jackpot is yours for the taking, EVIOGHENE.

There is a large financial gain at stake, which should be yours in the coming weeks. I can tell you what to do, what games to play and when.

I won’t reveal the precise amount for the moment, but it seems to be a very big jackpot that you can win by playing certain numbers in the coming weeks.

But at the same time you also know that there is someone who is directing a concentration of harmful vibrations at you, intent on preventing you from attaining happiness and becoming a winner.

You have to act fast, EVIOGHENE.

Actually, according to what I felt this harmful influence is in the process of creating an astral block to your luck, which could start working in less than 21 days.

That means the inputs of money you could receive, and the positive events that have been predicted for you in the coming weeks, could be blocked on the astral plane.

You can’t just sit there and do nothing, EVIOGHENE.

That’s why I am going to perform an important magic ceremony on your behalf, which is necessary when the risk of an astral blockage has been psychically detected.

It is called The Great Astral Opening Ceremony.

This ritual of high magic will be able to unblock the inputs of money, and the positive events scheduled for the coming weeks, that are inscribed in your immediate future, on an astral plane.

Then all the fortunate and lucky events (one of which is a large input of money) that you are supposed to benefit from will be able to take place as predicted.

And in order to prevent any further risk of attack by this harmful influence, I will also perform, as promised, a free magic ritual of astral protection for you, which will get rid of all the harmful vibrations that could be directed at you, so that nothing and no one will be able to prevent the important changes that are inscribed in your destiny.

I have to do this important work as quickly as possible.

You have 3 amazing financial months ahead of you, EVIOGHENE, followed by 3 more months of pure happiness on a personal level.

I know that you have a potential for luck and money that has remained unexploited until now, which is in total opposition to the difficult and unlucky life you are struggling with, and which is being caused by this harmful influence.

That’s why you recently missed out on a number of large sums of money, which could have solved all your financial problems.

That’s really too bad, because your dominant planet Mars, as well as other influential planets in your chart, are in a perfect astral configuration for beginning a new and much more beautiful life.

That means that the astral forces are ideally aligned to make one of your most serious problems (money) disappear very soon.

I can help make sure that a huge jackpot becomes yours, EVIOGHENE!

To accomplish that I have an amazing visionary gift that few mediums possess.

A secret power allows me to see into the future and know the specific dates and winning numbers you have to use to ensure that luck is on your side.

I’ll give you more details later. The most important thing now is for you to pay attention to what is happening all around you, and to act quickly.

I have some important work to do on your case. I have to protect you against the negative effects of this harmful influence, and put an end to it once and for all.

I also have to help make your most secret wishes come true, and show you how to take advantage of the great opportunities for luck and money that will come your way over the next 3 months.

You can look forward to 6 months of profound change in your life, a time when you will need to know exactly what to do, when, and how to do it!

Here’s what I’m offering you, EVIOGHENE:

The moment I receive your urgent request, I will perform a double ritual of astral opening and protection on your behalf, as well as your Dated AstraL Reading Of Luck And Money for what should become the 6 most important months of your life.

With my help your destiny will be guided towards a new and much more beautiful life. There is no other way.

You may have financial problems at the moment, but in the next few weeks money will no longer be a problem for you.

An initial large amount of money is waiting for you starting on February 13 2012 which should produce a startling change in your day-to-day habits. This money is already inscribed in your astral chart.

That’s why I’ll be able to tell you exactly when you are likely to benefit from unexpected inputs of money, how, and how much you can expect.

• I will also be able to tell you when and how your problem of bad luck will come to an end, and be replaced by permanent good luck.
• I will be able to tell you when and how you can expect the sudden materialization of your most secret wishes.
• I’ll tell you when you’re going to meet someone new, if that person has sincere feelings for you, and what to do to keep him or her near.

And if they want to separate from you, I’ll tell you why, and what to do to make them come back quickly and bring you all the happiness you desire.

Your Dated Astral Reading Of Luck And Money will contain more important information about what is going to happen in your destiny.

I am convinced that your life can still become luckier and happier in all areas that are important for you.

EVIOGHENE, bad luck only exists for those who don’t know in advance what is written in their future.

It’s not knowing your future in time that prevents you from changing the things that are wrong in the important areas of your life.

It is essential for you to know exactly what good things are scheduled to happen to you in the next 6 months. Especially since the chance of a lifetime is right there, at your fingertips.

You have to understand that by following my advice and doing exactly what I tell you to do at the right time, your life will move to another sphere, a world of happiness and joy.

I am convinced that it is often the most desperate situations that produce the best and fastest results. Your entire chart indicates that you are going to resolve a difficult financial situation, as well as your emotional and personal problems, very soon.

But to be able to advise you accurately and in the best way possible, I need some more information about you. That’s why I want you to complete this form (Click here).

Don’t worry, EVIOGHENE, I am bound by the most absolute professional secrecy. Everything you tell me will remain confidential.

Month by month for 6 months, I will tell you what you should do, what you should avoid at any cost, and what the right decisions are that will lead you in the right direction.

I’ll also tell you how to behave with your family, and in your relations with other people.

I’ll give you advice on how to overcome that feeling of solitude you sometimes have, and about many other things that will help pave the way for your future happiness.

That happiness is a lot closer than you may think.I can feel it vibrating in the deepest part of myself.

In the next few weeks, the first incredible events of your new life will start happening to you, EVIOGHENE.

Your Dated Astral Reading Of Luck And Money will help you avoid mistakes that, in the past, made you miss out on wonderful opportunities to change your existence.

It will help you make the most of this fabulous 6 month period (especially financial) that is in store for you.

All you have to do to attain the happiness you deserve is complete this form and send it back to me today (Click here).

Do it now. There’s no reason to wait a day longer.

EVIOGHENE, you know you’ll never have another chance like this to find out so many things about yourself and your destiny.
You have to admit it would be a pity to once again miss out on all the luck that is waiting for you, simply because you didn’t act in time.

That’s why I’ll be waiting to hear from you as soon as possible. The revelations i have for you could change the entire course of your life.

In all friendship I remain,
Yours faithfully,

Visionary Medium

she sent this to me...i really cant believe this is happening...

Mar 7, 2012


It seems to me that Tara tell's everyone the same thing, glad I'm psychic & can tell it's a scam, I even had her unsubsrcibed she's still there,

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