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speedy pc pro

Cayman Islands

Consumer reviews about speedy pc pro

Joseph Small
Dec 22, 2011

not as advertised

I ordered Speedy PC Pro for $39.94. After an e-mail telling me that it had been activated, I was instructed to call a number to activate it. When I called I was talked into adding a $280.00 on line service. They told me that they fixed the very problem that I bought Speedy PC Pro to fix in the first place. (IT WAS NOT FIXED!) I called back twice and still nothing was fixed. When I called to cancel and get a refund, I found myself fighting with three deferent people over Two days before I got my $280.00 back. I then called the support number in the conformation e-mail they sent me to cancel but was told that they were PC Cleaner, not Speedy PC Pro. After I double checked and found that they were a scam I had to call my bank and have them fight for me. I also found out that were set up to charge my card $39.94 every month. I ended up having to change my card to prevent this.

shelford pheedi
Dec 29, 2011

not as advertised

money is taken from my bank account but no feedback of pin number given, adress Pshelford@yahoo.co.uk.ref no safecart 20111229201220

Jan 1, 2012

not as advertised

Speedy PC Pro keeps showing up on my computer in the morning when I get on my PC. Since I already have Norton 360 running on my PC, this tells me that Speedy PC Pro is a scam. I turned off my computer and turned it on again. (I was afraid to touch anything on the Speedy PC Pro window.) It was gone when I restarted my PC. However, next morning, there it was on the screen again. I would like to block Speedy PC Pro from showing up on my PC every morning, but I don't know how. I think I will call the Norton HELP line...

Gord S.
Jan 3, 2012

not as advertised

suspect marketing scheme (scam), up-selling, continuous billing, 3rd world outsourcing tech. support who want to get into your computer to "activate" the program. DON'T DO IT!!!

has been taken
Jan 18, 2012

not as advertised

Wow this scam is really on a roll. I no longer have any programs on my computer because of them and if it werent for my friend trying to fix what they infected me with I would be taking a sledge hammer to my computer.
DO NOT BUY FROM SPEEDY PC PRO...THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS...THIS IS VERY VERY BAD...BEWARE...They have ruined all my files and now I am going to try to get money back but after reading the other complaints I am lucky that all I may lose is $40

Jana A.
Jan 30, 2012

not as advertised

I installed the "free" version of SpeedyPC Pro thinking I was getting a software program to view MP4 videos since it was on Microsoft's list of as #1 recommended software programs for viewing MP4 files. (Why was that? How did that happen?) When after installing the program, it prompted me for payment AND it did not help me view MP4 videos, I installed VLC media player instead and tried to uninstall the Free version of SpeedyPC Pro from the Programs list on my control panel. However, it will not uninstall when I click uninstall. What steps do I need to take to uninstall this pesky program? I certainly don't want to call India and be charged a scam fee of $280 or $340 to get help uninstalling a "free" program only to have my whole computer crash.

Ca Mann
Feb 21, 2012

not as advertised

Same scam here, this Indian techie got on the line to activate my speedy pc pro and all of a sudden he's in my computer telling me I have thousands of infected files. Then he tells me that the pc pro won't make my computer email work (Original problem) and that I should buy this $250.00 yearly contract with "genuine Microsoft" techs that's the only way my computer could be fixed, and if I don't get it fixed by them my computer will crash and someone right then was stealing my banking account information. Then he put me on hold to see if he could get me a better price for the yearly contract and that's when I hung up the phone. I then shut my computer down, waited about an hour and went in and uninstalled all of the pc pro program using the computer uninstall feature in the control panel. Now all I have to do is go through paypal for my refund If I don't get my money back I'll be upset, but paypal is pretty good about refunds. But I did learn a lesson even if it does cost me $29.95. Don't buy this program, it's a rip off!!!

Feb 22, 2012

not as advertised

did they steal any bank info?

Feb 22, 2012

not as advertised

did they steal anyones bank info?

Mar 12, 2012

scam yes

First of this voice came out of y lap top saying that Ihave 453 errors that must be fixed I registerd then charged my card 35.00 sothe confirmation page had a activation number so this highly indian accented man answerd the phone told me to go to logmein123.com when Idid it was already coming up as a scam Iasked him but he ignored me then I kept proceeding with the proccess he began controlling my lap top then he showed me all ma WARNINGS AND ERRORS on my lap saying that my lap top is more then likely to catch a virus and that it would be gone forever so he would charge me 250 then I knew this was wrong after denying him he made a final price the same price I paid to begin with all Icould think of that this is a scam people I am worried

Mar 26, 2012

not as advertised

Ripped off from Speedy PC Pro over the phone $249.99 + 39.94

3/13/2012 19:56 CDT - PayPal: Buyer escalated this dispute to a Claim.
3/13/2012 19:56 CDT - Buyer: no response at all.
3/6/2012 08:11 CST - Buyer: Enter message6:45 AM Checking configuration... 6:45 AM Connecting... 6:45 AM Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly. 6:45 AM Support session established with Chaman Luthra. 6:45 AM You have granted full permission to Chaman Luthra. To revoke, click the red X on the toolbar or press Pause/Break on the keyboard. 6:45 AM Remote Control started by Chaman Luthra. 8:09 AM Chaman Luthra has ended the session. 8:09 AM Remote Control by Chaman Luthra stopped. this is some of the remote conversation, Thank you.
3/6/2012 08:08 CST - Buyer: I dont want this item as I stated to the operator over and over I need my money refunded (249.99). There was no physical item sent or in my person. This was a over the internet deal & no service or product was obtain be me. Thank you.
This is part of the actual conversation PayPal denied my clain because it was VIRTUAL

Mar 26, 2012

not as advertised

3/13/2012 19:56 CDT - PayPal: Buyer escalated this dispute to a Claim. 3/13/2012 19:56 CDT - Buyer: no response at all. 3/6/2012 08:26 CST - Buyer: Talked to this person @ PC Pro @ this time > 8:09 AM Remote Control by Chaman Luthra stopped. All he basically said was my computer had lots of errors & he wanted to transfer me to a Windows Tech. after paying 249.99 via PayPal. The transfer did not happen. He kept tring to sell me services to clean my computers. I repeatly ask for my money to be refunded, he repeatly just kept tring to sell and he finally said he would have his billing department contact me, which did not happen. I tried to communicate with him via remote and he would not answer.

pauline ward
May 21, 2012

refund & false advertising

I scanned my computer with speedy pro,it told me I have 650 problems,I purchased one of their products for $39.94 I downloaded
It & it said I stii had 67 problems, I didnt have any problems Until I downloaded their product.Nor did I have a virus to start off with until I tried the product.Now I am trying to get a refund,they said they would but I know they are lying.Also the dont answer to their email address.can you please help me to get my money back.
Hotmail 296768@lizzy.com.au

Sep 17, 2012

not as informed

After downloding and startin PCSpeedy pro there thas window to register it. When coming to pay with credit card the amount was $49.95 instead of $29.95 I couldn´t find an e-mail to ask why it was in this manor. I´m not going to buy a program from a company working in this way.


Sep 17, 2012

$49.93 instread of 29.95

I tried to register PCSpeedy pro. When going to pay the amount was changed tol $49.93 from 29.95 in the information. I can´t trust on a company working in this way.


Jan 12, 2013

Speedy Software Scam !

I recently downloaded Speedy software to help my computer work faster. After I downloaded it told me I had to pay. I couldn't afford it so I pressed cancle. I went on my internet and it is blocking me from going on any website. It says there could be a third party trying to get on my information. I pressed ingore and continue but it wouldn't let me continued it just stays on that page. I tried uninstalling it , but it won't let me uninstall either. Now I can't use the internet unless I buy a new system.

Jan 16, 2013



Feb 5, 2013

Invoice purchase

Good afternoon I'm here to ask you what I have to do to recive the invoice about my purchase Speedy Pc Pro, looking forward to your answer, I send my best Regards.

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May 28, 2013

charges every 6 months for SpeedyPC

Just received an email from paypal that my account has been charged $29.95 and $9.95 for SpeedyPC Software renewal. I removed SpeedyPC and then received a renewal charge. I have filed a complaint with PayPal to block the charges. This is not a good product and the scam of charges every 6 months is crazy!

tom pontbriand
Jun 23, 2013

speedy pc pro

For those of us it keeps showing up on I can say that x-ing out has been safe for me. I have fallen for this type of thing before so I knew to just not open it. Credit cards refund money after investugation.

Mar 12, 2014

bad for pc

i downloaded this mess, never did get a lic key. now after 3 days my pc took a nose dive. can't get hold of this scam. don't be as dumb as i am.

gail lott
Apr 20, 2014

speedy pc pro

This has turned out to be a nightmere, they never did fix anything on my computer . And I just got a bill in my email for $ 51.99 . Meanwhile I fought with them over the phone to cancel the speedy p c pro & they told me they would, that I`D GET A CONFERMATION EMAIL TO STAE THAT , I NEVER GOT IT.Please can anyone help me ! Imay have to cancel my card so they can`t keep billing me.I`m calling my bank in the morning to do that.

Northa Mihm
Jul 27, 2015

Customer Service?? Ha!

Around six months ago I had SpeedyPC Pro check my computer because it wasn't running properly. After checking it out, they tried to sell me a 'fix' that would cost about $600 locally, but they could do it for $300. Told him no way, period. The computer 'died' a bit after that. Several months ago I started receiving phone calls from men with heavy accents telling me they were calling about my computer, etc. Told them not interested and hung up. The latest call had me in a snit, so I told them quite firmly that computer died and is not working, that I am not interested in their product or whatever they are trying to sell me, etc. and hung up.
Checking the most recent bank statement I found a charge of $19.97 for a recurring payment Safecart SpeedyPC. Immediately called the bank and am in a dispute process at present.
I do not order anything online or by phone (exception was for them to 'check' my computer) - there is no contract, nor did I okay any dealings with them, other than to check out the computer initially.

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