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Smart Shopper Savings Club

United States, Indiana

Consumer reviews about Smart Shopper Savings Club

Jan 2, 2012

Company wont Cancel/keep sending bills

Wow, I just had the same thing happen to me 2 minutes ago. A woman named Leeza with an Indian accent called me saying I won a $100 Target gift card. I didn't even let her get any further than that. I asked her "Why are you calling me at 10:00 at night for this stupid stuff". She kept trying to talk over me until I yelled at her saying that there was a law against calling people this late at night. She then said, "I am sorry for the inconvenience" and starting saying other stuff but I just hung up on her. What is going on with this world any more. Everybody is out to scam everybody else. It's hard enough to try to live without these people trying to scam our hard earned money from us. This call came from St. Louis MO @ 314-627-0149. UNBELIEVABLE how low people are.

Feb 9, 2012

Company wont Cancel/keep sending bills

I just got off the phone with Stephanie at 877 398 7805. She put me on mute several times when I asked her for her employee number. I refused to give her any info before I gave her any of my info. When I explained to her. as calmly as I could, I wanted to keep a record of our conversation, she put me on mute again, and told me how it was for my security that I tell her my info. I explained again in a firmer voice that I was not giving any info until I got her ID. Mute, again, and when she came back, she did give a number to me, and explained that our conversation was being recorded, of course for my security. She asked for my first and last name, I told her just my first name, but refused to give my last name, I told her the order number on the billing statement, and told her that is all she needed. I did have to tell her several times the number. I refused to tell her any other info she asked for, telling her she could look up the account with what I had given her. I was put on mute again, when I asked her how the company could send a bill to my 15 year old son like this. Mute again, and again asked for my last name and address. I had to ask her my question again. Mute. Then "OK, sir, I will cancel this bill and you will not be charged further" I asked if there was some kind of confirmation for this and I was given the original order number. I asked for an email to the email address that the bill was sent to. No we will send it to the address that is on the bill. Then Stephanie asked if she had satisfied all my needs for the call. I just repeated to her if the bill was canceled, I would be satisfied. She then thanked me for calling customer service, I will give my friend, Stephanie, about a week to send me something about the account being canceled, if not we will go thru the whole thing again, until I do get satisfied.

Mar 2, 2012

Smart Shopper Savings Club/ Buyers Club

BAD VIBES---3/1/2012---The "Smart Shoppers Savings Club" solicited me on the phone after I had checked a box on some other website offering coupons. In fact, their call came within 1/2 hour after finishing with that online coupon thing. On the phone they told me that upon paying $6.95 for material to be sent to me (including the $100 Target gift card), I would also receive an email so that I could start reviewing their deals. I was also told that if I did not cancel within the 7-day free trial, that I would be charged $64.35 for the full month of service on March 31, 2012.

Well, an email did come in, but it did not take me to anywhere but to a Sign-up Screen for the very same thing (this was the First Flag Raised). I then called the company and was told that I wouldn’t be in the system until 48 hours had passed (Second Flag Raised).

By chance I checked out my bank account online about 5 hours later and saw both charges listed in my pending transactions (Third Flag Raised). Immediately upon seeing the charges already on my account, I did a search for “Complaints Smart Shopper Savings Club”. Which took me to this site as well as many other sites, each with complaints about this company (Forth & Final Flag was Flying High and Flapping in the Breeze of Rip-Off City)! BTW, first charge of $6.95 was listed as Buyers Club and the second charge of $64.35 was listed as Shopping Club.

I immediately called my bank’s 24 hour service # and explained to them the situation; and requested that both charges be removed from my account. They filled out the necessary claim form and I was assured that matter would be resolved (p.s. I am not the only one who has requested this of them, yet another Flag, eh!). I expect a favorable resolution.

BTW, as the company also asked for the 3 digit security code on the back of my card, I went ahead and had my debit card terminated and asked for a new one. That action was taken as a result of reading the other stories about this company online.

Sum it up . . . and I know we all know this by now and so did I . . . what compelled me to fall for this type of scam is beyond me . . . IF IT SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE...You all know the rest of this saying! TIP FOR THE FUTURE . . . check for the complaints prior to the purchase. Best of luck to everyone who is in the middle of resolving their own issues with this company.

Sep 2, 2012

a big scam

i received a call from shopper savings club at 08:00 pm on the 1 sep saying that I won $50 target gift card. To process that gift card I need to give them 3.95 to initiate the 7 days trial period. The lady who spoket to me had a indian accent named Mary . She and her supervisor convinced me that this is a legitimate company and if I'm not happy with the 7days trial I will get my money back. I went ahead and gave my cc info .
Next Stephanie call me and gives me more info about I could save upto 300 dollars with my grocery bills. Without my concent she went ahead and added another $64.95 charge on my account.
This makes me so mad and I work so hard to pay bills and now those scamers took my money.
This has been my biggest mistake . I feel so stupid and cheated.
My advice to everybody out there is be vigilant of those scamers and they need to be sued.
I'm going to try there no. once again and see what they have to say.

Jan 24, 2013

smartshopperssaving club.com

I recieved a phone call as well from smartshoppers savings club. And I hung up on them. she called me back, And assurerd me it was all good. Wrong!! I never heard nothing back at all. $ 16.99 ...out of my banking account. This all happened on the 12/23/2012.

Feb 19, 2013

Smart Shopper Savings Club

I really need to know about how to get rid of this club once and for all. I had no idea this was a scam, and now I'm going to be stuck with money coming out of my account. Is there any simple way that I can just call and cancel my subscription altogether?

Feb 25, 2013

Smart Shopper

I was called and said that I would get a $100 gift card for Walmart. Only a $3.95 processing fee. Then they told me I had to say yes to 4 other offers before I could get the confirmation code to activate my $100 card. I stated that I did not want to say yes to anything else. They then said "well we already have your credit card information and you will be charged $3.95, $14.00, $29.00, and $39.00 every month." I said I want to cancel and they laughed and said that I had to say yes to all the offers before I could cancel. I hung up and called my bank saying that I had just been scammed and they closed my card. They keep calling me back and telling me that they hope that I enjoy my monthly fees. I told them that I cancelled my card and they said that they can get my new card number and charge me. They said that they were calling from Pheonix, AZ and the number that called me was 541-704-7601, an Oregon number. Then I keep getting calls from them with 0000000000 as the number showing up on my caller id.

Apr 19, 2013

Smart shoppers savings club

I don't know how they got my name or information,but they did so. They solicited me on the fone sometime around 2011. Since then I said I didn't order or make any purchases. The lady operator advise how did you like your playboy magazine and your other magazines ! What magazines! We did not order any, and wide you please stop the order. Sure would know it that day when checking the mail received several magazines. Not able to under stand because of a address bar,just tied them together and returned in post office bulk mailbox with a big note please retune to not requested. After received a call about receiving magazines,playboy,men's,car,red book,etc advise caller stop sending them and we have grandchildren did want them see them. After saw bills on our bank statement that we are being charge by smart shoppers saving club ? Who are they my wife received pop in the Internet for getting free coupons. Applied before this all started. Then we called and cancelled and still getting charge..We then received a call from Latin speaking person that we have a hard time understanding her and explained we want to cancel and did not order and advise our bank and to stop charging us for this we did not request. She advise from what we understood and explain we did not order an make sure to cancel and we have cancel with our bank. Have not received a call until today April 19,2013 that we owe SMART SHOPPERS SAVINGS CLUB tel#8889186647 after had made false accusations I had to repeat several times who is and who is he calling about and for what! He would only speak to my wife (who suffering from chronic breathing disorder which impairs her to breath). I insisted to help and refused to talk to me and after constant request to have my wife give him the authority for me to talk to him(my wife just had a breathing attack) and keep insisting he could hear hear answer and he (Chris Lewis)who he stated he is, was very arrogant and talk over me and no respect señor citizens near their 70's. Lairs cheater and false pray of the ulderly what thieves. Ps total amount requested is 3000.00,then 2000.00 and advising not our 1000.00 give me break and that was for no service given at the time,and not requested ?

Jul 24, 2013

smart shoppers saving club

I got a call from someone soliciting for this smart shoppers club. I agreed to the deal and then waited for information to arrive so I could view it. Nothing ever came and I forgot about it until I received a call that I owed all this money. Totally confused about this I said I never got anything and did not know what she was talking about. She basically called me a liar and I hung up. Now all of a sudden I am receiving emails about this money I owe for something I have never seen any evidence of.
I am wondering if this package came from the United States and I was expected to pay duty or sign for it because if it did then I have signed for nothing and refuse to pay duty.
Below is the correspondence I received

Smart Shopper Savings Club
423 E Thunderbird Rd Ste 450
Phoenix, AZ 85022
Customer Name : Terry-Ann Duitman
Account: 1911885
Original Balance: 707.85
Settlement Balance: 495.50


Terry-Ann Duitman
3121 43 St Sw
Calgary, AB T3E 3N9
Remit Address
Smart Shopper Savings Club
423 E Thunderbird Rd Ste 450
Phoenix, AZ 85022

Date: 07/19/2013

Account: 1911885
Balance Due: 707.85

Dear Terry-Ann Duitman,

This is to inform you that your account has been referred to our Loss Prevention Department. Due to the tough economic times we want to help you resolve this account.

We have a few options available to you;

1) Pay the past due amount and continue to receive your service.

2) Pay the balance in full of 707.85 and receive all your service.

3) Pay a settlement of 495.50 and your account with us will cancel off. This will stop all future communications with our company, your account will be marked as settled in full and other collections actions will cease.

Very Truly Yours,

Make your payment right over the phone now.
Use your checking account or credit card by calling toll free 888-918-6647.
Please return with your payment. For proper credit please write on your check made payable to Smart Shopper Savings Club
Customer: Terry-Ann Duitman
Account # 1911885
Please pay this amount: 707.85

If paying by credit card: Card # ___________________________________ Sec: ______ Exp. Date: ________

Signature___________________________________________________ Amount to be charged $_______

We are not obligated to renew this or any offer.

Diane Watson
Oct 16, 2013

Smart Shoppers Savings Club

I signed up for magazine subscriptions at a reduced rate. I was told that I would receive 6 different magazines for different issues ranging from 2 to 5 years. I was also told that I would pay $64.35 US for 24 payments beginning Sept. 17, 2012.
Suddenly more payments were being withdrawn from my credit card beginning Dec. 25, 2012 on various dates for different amounts. So far I have only received about 10 copies of Readers Digest Canada. AND my credit card has been billed over $1300.00 on October 16,2013. I never received ANY paperwork and had to call VISA to find the name of the company that was taking my money!!
When I called to complain that I had not received the magazines that I had ordered, I was told by a foreign sounding woman that she would contact the individual publishers to assess the problem. I got 3 emails telling me the magazines that I had ordered(none of which I have received!) The first email listed 6 magazines with 24 payments of $41.88 US while the second email listed 7 magazines with 24 payments of $67.50 US AND 3 of the magazines were duplicates from the first email.
As of October 16, I have only received RD. Not much to show for $1350.00. How can I get satisfaction?

Shawn Brown
Dec 17, 2013

Smart Shoppers Savings Club

This is a scam. i called all the numbers the machine provided and all dead ends. this is about the 100 dollar walmart card. i told him the machine is asking if wanted to start a membership trial... i said no and as soon as i said no the indian fkr comes back on and asks why i said no. i said NO bc i dont wanna have to call back and cancel anthing. i want to be able to walk away and later get my "FREE" voucher. YEA...bunch of BS. so whatever i said yes...as the next phone call was to my bank to close the card. BIG hint ppl.....they asked for the security code....!!! this is not information you give them. NEVER EVER do this.
I hope none of you suffer from this. i think its BS that i have to go through their questions saying yes to everything and only then can i get my CONFIRMATION code.

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