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Consumer reviews about SammyDress.com

Jan 7, 2012

Didn't receive my order!!!

I too had a bad experience with this company. I ordered before Thanksgiving for a Christmas delivery, I was assured it would come in time. It didn't I just got the order on January 5th. Half of my order was not in stock. They don't give you an invoice with your package so if you don't print out your order form, like I didn't you have no idea what wasn't in stock or what it cost. The customer service is a joke they just keep telling you it's on it's way. and they give you some kind of tracking number that doesn't work. It's not worth the price, time. or quality of goods. The clothes came and were cheaply made and ready to fall apart, none of which looked like the pictures on the website. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this site.

Jan 25, 2012

Didn't receive my order!!!

Yeah, I'm completely freaking out now. I just purchased 7 items from Sammy Dress which costed me about $52.00. It's only been 1 day since I've purchased. I looked up on the Internet for some possible feedback on this and apparently, you can call the number on the back of your credit card and request for refund without any further reasons. But after reading about these reviews and complaints, I'm doubting that I'll ever get my money back. What I'm wondering is if it's possible considering it's only been a day. Thank You.

Feb 24, 2012

Didn't receive my order!!!

Please do yourself a favor to avoid loss, disappointment and stress by avoiding this store like the plague! There's one word I can use to describe this store: "Rubishland"! That's what they sell! Their prices are very attractive because they're very low and some items also are shipped for free, let me tell you by my own experience: Do not be lured by their low prices, you will get a product that is worth what you're paying or even less. I have purchased from Chinese Wholesalers like Dino Direct and I have had good and bad experiences with them. More good than bad experiences thankfully! Sammy Dress is by far the worst Chinese Wholesaler company I have dealt with. I ordered a handbag which I had seen before at dinodirect.com and even ordered it but I got my money refunded because the item was out of stock. Anyway, I saw the exact same product, the exact same pictures; you can compare here http://www.sammydress.com/product117273.html with the item from DD: http://www.sammydress.com/product117273.html. The product advertised by sammydress is exactly the same as the pictures prove it but they sell it for half the price. I ordered the bag, a couple of pair of earrings and a necklace and I paid very pricey expedited shipping. The shipping cost much more than the bag itself but I thought it would be worthwhile since the price for the bag was much cheaper than the one advertised at DD store. Let me tell you, I had just jumped into a nightmare of a dispute. What an awful nightmare it was to dispute with this store to have my money back. The bag I received was a very poor quality copy of the bag advertised. There was no quality in it, the edges of the handbag were just roughly trimmed, also there was a small unsown patch on the side. It looked like that bag had been made in the dark and very rushed. If the pictures for the product on the website were from the actual bag I received, I would have never bought it and in fact I wouldn't have wanted it even for free. Anyone would be embarrassed to take a poor quality handbag like that anywhere.
So I did what I had to do, I wrote to them to complain about the bag and to reason with them they sent a product that is inferior to the one advertised and I uploaded pictures I had taken to prove my claim. They replied pretty quickly to my surprise to tell me that they were sorry that I did not like the bag and that if I decided to keep the bag, they would give me a big discount next time I placed an order. Ha! What a joke! I had just received a crap bag and same for the earrings, I was mad about and they still thought I was going to be stupid enough to order from them again! After writing back insisting the product was inferior and that I wanted my money back, and that included what I paid for shipping as well, they offered me two options: 1. Return the bag for a full refund or 2. Keep the crap for half refund of the amount paid for the bag. It was a battle! I opened a dispute with paypal, had it scarleted to a claim and kept insisting I had the right to receive full refund for the bag + shipping. I had a hard time over three days of sending and receiving emails to try and resolve the issue I finally wrote to them saying that I was not going to give up receiving full refund for the shipping but to finally put an end to that painful dispute I would accept a refund of half the amount paid for the bag + full shipping refund + refund for the necklace not received because was out of stock. They finally agreed to that and I received the money the same day. I still had a small loss of U$10 (half the amount paid for the bag + earrings) but I got back U$ 33.85. It amazes me that people set up a store, advertise pictures for products advertised by other stores and what they send to you is a crap product that just resemble the original advertised one and they still think they can get away with it.
One word of advise from someone who went into a nightmare of dispute and still had loss, save yourself from trouble and avoid Sammy Dress. Most of what they sell are the exact same pictures advertised at Dino Direct, but I have ordered many times from Dino Direct and even though I had disappointment with the sizing of clothes purchased from DD, I still prefer to order from them than any other Chinese Wholesaler like Ever Buying which I believe is the same store as Sammy Dress. I've had problems with some of the orders I did from DD but I never had to open a dispute with paypal to solve the issue. I have always solved with them and I'm quite happy with 90% of my orders so far. Sammy Dress is completely off my list of places to buy. They do not trade fairly by advertising pictures of good quality looking products and then sending something that is inferior. I have attached a couple of pictures of the handbag I received here so if you compare to the product from the links above, you will see that the details show the quality is different and inferior to the product advertised! Save yourself and avoid Sammy Dress like the plague!!!

Mar 2, 2012

Didn't receive my order!!!

I am writing to update my previous comment. Sammy Dress sells a variety of products for very attractive low prices and some items also are shipped for free and that's why decided to order from them even though deep inside I knew they probably would not be great products for the price I was paying. Well, as from my comment above you can see I was right. The products were of poor quality.
After I reviewed the store at Resellers Ratings (my review was exactly the comment above) I’ve been contacted by Sammy Dress with the offer to refund me the remaining amount as I was still unhappy with my loss of U$11.12. So I am here to update my comment and to be fair with Sammy Dress as they did contact me to reopen the dispute and to refund me in full. But I have definetely learnt my lesson! Never again! I do not want to go through all the stress ever again!

Mar 9, 2012

Didn't receive my order!!!

"Sammy Dress more like "Scamming the Rest" this company has a track record of not sending the ordered items and/or taking over three months for the orders to arrive. I am still waiting for my order after 3 months. Because the company is in China they do not have the same standards as the U.S. does. Don't buy from sammydress.com and from its sister company ahappydeal.com; they both like to scam us here in the states."

Nov 11, 2012


I order some casual shirt at the end of September and I haven't receive my order yet. I pay through pay pal for the order and I thought I will have receive my order by now. I'm looking at some of these complaint and it's blowing me out of the water that other people are having the same issues. It just seem to me this company is a sham if they can't produce the product why take people hard earn money. I call the number nobody answer the phone or your question when I go on line. I want answer because I don't think this fair.

Apr 18, 2013

just another Internet scam!

Sammydress.com is just another internet scam, beware! I purchased a dress from them and I was totally disappointed because they never send me my order, but charged me straight away! I tried to contact them many times but I just found that all contact details are fake and their support service doesn't exist at all!

May 11, 2013


I bought a dress. In the website it was written "made of Rayon". It took a very long time till I got it (approximately 45 days from China to Europe). When I got it, there was written on the dress "100% polyester". I am very disappointed, they are big liars.

Jun 8, 2013

Buy Fair Trade

Please do not buy cheap stuff! Especially made in China. Child labor. Unfair wages. Extremely poor working conditions.
Look what happened in Bangladesh. Buy what you need only and let's joint our hands and make a better place for underprivileged people around the world. Think FAIR TRADE!

Anna B
Sep 11, 2013


When I saw this dress in the first sight ,It reminds me of my daughter.who study in high school now and she loves this kind of printed and fashion dress.So i bought one for her.And when we received it ,it's good .The fabric, the color be great .My daughter love it so much ,moved by my gift.

My best experience has been www.dressshopgo.com. They reply my emails about the questions very quickly. I once had a small problem and how sorry they sent me a gift and promise me next time i order can give me big discount !

Pastar Robeecka Maria
Dec 8, 2013


To SammyDress.com
Read the latest user reviews about SammyDress.com in United States. ... I ordered before Thanksgiving for a Christmas delivery, I was assured it would come in

Thanks you do give Thanksgiving for a Christmas Jesus Christ's legion of peace ministry help us and cantacnt with us

Thanks pastar Robeecka maria ...

Dec 16, 2013

unsatistfy with the products

I received my order, im completly unsatistfy, what should I do?

Apr 7, 2014

Missing items

The are scammer I order 12 items and got only 9 of them 3 items were missing. Also dresses was not look like in picture, really poor quality and one side dresses all of them small size. About customer service poor and poor communication .The need to be return my money back and the never did.

May 22, 2014


What i wanted to know is, Does sammy dress ship its clothes to Africa, lets say an African purchased on their site?
thank you

Jun 4, 2014

12-25 Day Delivery

Sammy Dress more like biggest scams. Ordered goods 60 days passed and no good received. No access to an e-mail, no tracking no for goods sent. BE careful of this scam

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