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Pro Dermagenix

United States

Consumer reviews about Pro Dermagenix

Dec 15, 2011

False Advertising for $90.00

Beware of Pro Dermagenix advertisements – they are scams! I saw the dermagenix ad and wanted to get a free trial. To get a free trial I had to use my debit card and pay them $5. But when I saw my bank statement, I noticed my money missing. I was charged for something about $20 or more and I can’t stop them to remove money from my bank account. I had to cancel my debit card but now I’m still getting some little bottles from them and I can’t stop it because it’s impossible to find their number or e-mail.

Another Victim
Jul 18, 2013

Another Victim

Yes! They rope you into a trial sample if you agree to pay the shipping and handling fee of $4.95. I stupidly entered my card number for a "FREE TRIAL SAMPLE" after I got a pop up offering a "GIFT" after I filled out a survey. They sent me a bottle of this "AMAZING SERUM" and I shuffled if off with the rest of the crap I order from these "STUPID OFFERS!" Shame on me, for some reason I didn't see anything about the $139.95 they would charge me if I didn't call and cancel the offer after 20 days! If you are a victim of this scam, call your bank and have them reverse this charge, have your bank refuse any further debts from your account from this company! The bank will set-up an investigation, make sure you explain to the bank that you were in agreement to purchase a free trial/sample but, CM Dermagenix sends you what they say is a 60 day supply! That's when they charge you an outrageous amount for their serum that is mostly water. BUYER BEWARE!

Aug 3, 2013

Pro Dermagenix

I was opening a website when suddenly this free trial of Pro Dermagenix pop up.... Because of my curiosity, I opened the site and then I filled up the free trial form... Since you need to pay the shipment fee of $4.95 I entered my card number. You may call be irresponsible and stupid for not able to see the terms that if I did not call for 30 days I will be charged $139.95 and they will automatically send you a 30 day supply.. Please learn from my experience... Do not ever try this shameful offers.

helene friedland
Oct 15, 2013


I was offered online free trials.
Stupidly I agreed to pay about $4 for shipping only.
Received the goods which I have not opened.
No longer have the box.
So no address to return the goods I do not want.
No on credit card charge - 866-9244504 USA
Payment $159.26
What can I do to return the goods and retrieve the payment ( and stop them using my card again).
Helene Friedland

Nov 18, 2013

Dermagenix Product

I ordered dermagenix approximately 20 days ago and used it free just paying the $7 shipping charge. I cancelled it 7 days later because it broke my face out with a rash severely.

Today my checking account was charged $79.95 for a second bottle I do not want. I will be shipping it back immediately when it arrives and I want my checking account reversed as soon as possible.

I want no further orders shipped as I DO NOT LIKE this product.

Thank you for your assistance.

Mrs. Mary Ellen Sielicki

Jan 2, 2014


I ordered a sample for $5.00. I was then charged much more automatically on my credit card. I am trying to cancel but they keep sending me more product and demanding more money.

Jan 14, 2014


Signed up for free trial, paying $3.78 for shipping charge. Three separate payments, with a total of $457.29 have been deducted from my credit card, without my consent. Help.

Jan 21, 2014


Signed up for a trial offer gave them my credit cd details e-mailed company 4times to cancel my order no reply. Sent back last 2 orders no response. I am contacting my bank to not honor any more future payments to this organisation. Crap product my eyes burn and it is no good.

Mar 28, 2014


I also ordered a free sample of pro dermagenix for 6.95. A week later I was charged 87.42 for something they say I agreed to buy. Bull. This company is ripping people off left and right. Someone needs to to do something about this company.The producy does not work and burns my eyes.

Mar 28, 2014

Pro. Dermagenix

I ordered a sample pro dermagenix sample serum it did not work for me. Made my skin burn. I called 1866)924-4504 spoke with Kristina and cancelled the order, otherwise they send product every mo. She said they would not debit my account. Conf. Cancelation was given and she said I will receive a e-mail confirming. I will still notify my bank and be checking my account. I also ordered pathos skin care for $4.99 shipping and handling and did the same with them. The two products go together so they say , and neither did me any good. Good luck kathy

beverly Little
Apr 3, 2014


I too was scammed by ordering a trial size of Prodermagenix eye cream for 6.95 and was charged an additional 87.42. I can't find a phone number for the company

I was scammed with Bright Skin as well. I ordered a trial size for 4.95 and was charged an additional 79.97. I called the phone number on the jar and was told they would send me automatically every month a jar for 79.97. I directed them to cancel the subscription that I never ordered in the first place. The representative (SAM) told me they would credit my VISA for 40.00. They did not.


Apr 20, 2014

Pro dermagenix

Ordered on March 2nd for a "free 14day trail". I received the order, after paying $4.00 shippingon March 6th. Thinking I had 14 days to cancel and return the product, I tried the product for 10 days. When I call to cancel and return the product, they had already drafted$79.+ from my checkung account. I called and told them no further shipments were to be sent. On April 19th I received a second shipment and almost $90. drafted from my checkung account. I can't get rid of this ridiculoud problem. Next step, Mo. Stage Attorney Generals Office! NO MORE PRO DERMAGENIX !

Jun 21, 2014

Ripped off sas

I was also ripped off from this co. I was offered a free gift for $3.00 shipping.06/5/14
On 6/19/14 My checking account was charged $129.00.
I cannot get ahold of this co. So I wrote to the BBB. Please let me know what to do.

This may be a phone # DE XXXXXX2367

Rosanne Feneley
Jun 25, 2014

Picked up ProDermegix scam

I ordered Dermegenix 18/6/14, for a free trial & payment of postage only. It did not arrive until 25/6/14. No contact number was given, in the event product trial was unsuccessful. Hence, I looked up the product on Google, in order to find a contact number.

As a result, I was directed to this page! I read all your comments & realised I had been gullible enough to fall for a scam, in the desperate bid to look younger, with fewer lines on my face.

Immediately, I called my bank & had my card cancelled. A new card, with new number will be sent to me.

I will post back the products to the sender & have opened neither of them.

Thank you so much for all your warnings!

Rosanne Feneley

Jul 8, 2014

Ripped Off Scam

I noticed that $129. was withdrawn from my banking account so I called the number 877-715-2371 to find out what was going on. The male who answered said his name was Donovan and proceeded to tell me that I must have FORGOTTEN that I ordered this product. After a long conversation with Donovan, he said the money would be reimbursed and I would see it in my bank account today. Several minutes later, "Donovan" called me back, using the number 317-520-4554. He told me that I must have MISUNDERSTOOD what he was going to do and that what he SAID was that they would let me keep the product and they wouldn't send me any more. I told them I didn't want that product and I wanted to see the reimbursement of $129 listed. He then said if I sent them $24., I could keep the product and they would reimburse the balance Again, I told him I didn't want the product and I was sure the shipping charge would be less than $24. They do not send a return shipping ticket so I will have to use my own and pay the postage. What a scam. Why aren't they being prosecuted for fraud or misrepresentation, or some other crime?

Jul 9, 2014

Discounted price

I, too, ordered Dermagenix but did not realize that it would be auto shipped. I called the company, told them I wanted to cancel my order. They asked if I was pleased with the product. I am pleased but I told hem it was too much to pay. They offered me a 50% discount to remain as a customer. I am still using it to this say.

Jul 13, 2014


I ordered Pro Dermagenix around June 22nd and paid $4.95 for shipping only, I was amazed at the size for being a trial size. I tried it for a few days, I really thought I was putting hair jell on my face. I stopped using it and just figured I lost the $4.95. I got a call from the Co. a couple weeks later and was asked what I thought about the product, I then explained to them I wasnt happy with ther product.. at the time I thought it was pretty weird of them even calling. During that call they told me they were going to charge my credit card $129.00,now that I think about it I think they tried, why would they call me. Because all my credit cards were cancelled 10 day before.because I lost my wallet.The number they called from is 317-520-4554.

Feb 4, 2015

Scammed out of $650 by Dermagenix

Right before I moved I ordered the dermagenix trial product as an add-on to something I bought on the internet and was charged $3.95 for shipping and handling. The product was terrible - burned and made my face break out. I then had to have major surgery for something unrelated and ended the lease on my flat, moving in with my family for the 5 month recovery. Just got back on my feet and checked my bank account, only to discover that over a period of 5 months they charged $129/month for a total of $650!!! I filled out a change of address card and never received any product so had no idea I was being charged until I went through all my bank statements yesterday. The bank doesn't know if they can recover my money; I had to cancel my debit card and am waiting for a new one.

I'm so angry I think there should be a class action lawsuit against these scammers!

Feb 4, 2015

unwanted poduct

After reading all the complaints I wish I had seen hem before I had about 1200.00 put thru my Visa account. I sent them my c/c # for the shipping on a "free trial" and after not even a week the funds were charged to my card.
I can purchase the same products they advertise as "free" in a pharmacy for a fraction of their costs.
How or what can be done to get refunds from these companies other than paying off the card and cancelling it, which means you are still out of pocket, big time.

Feb 24, 2015

Dermagenix Class Action Lawsuit

I am investigating into a possible class action lawsuit against dermagenix involving their "free trial" offers. Feel free to contact me for more information. There is no financial obligation. Thank you.

Angela Edwards
Law Office of Angela Edwards
East Longmeadow, MA 01028
(413) 525-3820

Karen Brearley
Mar 6, 2015


I was offered a trial sample. found it drying and unusable for my skin. No phone number to cancel only an adddress which I have had no responce to... Does anyone have a phone number.... Help

Karen Brearley
Mar 6, 2015


Had to cancell my credit card to stop them from taking out money. No phone number or return address to cancel the product. Not even a contact for web site. Watch this product it is a scam. The face serum is drying and ingrediance harmful to the skin. If anyone has a phone number can you pass it on please.

Linda Sue Murray
Mar 24, 2015

Another Scam Victim

I was shocked to see the charges on my debit card for $129.00 a month for a product that I did not order. I was offered a free gift from a survey I filled out and that all I had to pay was shipping cost. This sounds like all the other stories that I have read at this web site. I have 9 months of charges that I did not catch until now. I cancelled my debit card, called my bank and returned all of the product to the shipping company with a letter of intent to get my money back. I have been royally scammed!
Lesson learned!
The phone number I have for ProDermagenix is (877) 318-9598
Return address:
Fulfillment Center - DermaProMedics
3033 Market Street
Aston, PA 19014

Another address I have on this same packing slip is:
244 5th Ave, # 1814
New York, NY 10001

Apr 23, 2015

Don't do it - overdrew my checking account!!!


May 29, 2015

it is totally froud/scam

Pro dermagenix is totally scam. They send me trial product first and now they automatically done purchase from my side without asking me.
It is about $77.37 one and $83.87 other on today date.
When I contact to my bank they said me it is for Dermagenix.

Anybody can tell me how can I get back money I do not want their product.

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