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OMG Tech Help

United States, Florida

Consumer reviews about OMG Tech Help

May 30, 2013

poor tech support service

OMG Tech Help
Delray Beach, Florida USA
This company is suspicious and I would never recommend it to anyone after I had an accident with them. The main problem was that I contacted for their tech support and never received it. They took my payment for their services (I had problems with my new software) but actually they never helped - they send me plain replies absolutely useless. After this I contacted the about the refund but my claim also was ignored. Be careful and better find more reliable company for help.

mr detroit313
Jul 27, 2013


First off tbe owner j.p is a drug attic. ..so are tha managers patrick shoots blus pill poper ..90%of sales floor are in rehabe.do not give out ur perso.al in fo save ur money go to best buy .these people jp will steal ur mo.ey stay away

Mar 18, 2014

Tech Support Outsourced to Phillipines

In the last few weeks ~75 tech have been fired because ownership has outsourced the tech support to the Philippines. The tech support is not U.S. Based.

I used to think we provided good support here but my experiences in tech support and customer service is that it's all based on deception and /or outright fraud.

Unfortunate......Basically the sales dept gets referrals from junk necessary software purchased by customers, when they call up for for installation and activation they are told they have "infections", "malware" and need OMG branded Anti-virus(Xoftspy) too. Then they are pitched an tech support package. Problem is while many customers do have this problem (malware) many customers are manipulated in believing they need to purchase the Junk software.

By the way, I am an MCSE, A+ certified IT person, there are better solutions..........

May 31, 2014

Never Work for OMG

this company is a horrible company to work for never work for them and they complain that advance tech support have horrible management people thats wrong do understand the whole room are drug addicts an still shoot up in the bathroom all the people who work here are all recovery , and shout it out like there shit does not stink this is a horrible company because i worked for them , working there to get by with college save money they fired me because of a lame excuse of hanging up on customers , i would never refer any one to this company people who are owners walk around like there the shit when there not thats why they cut down on over time and they cut down on buying there sales employees food companies loosing money because they have uneducated CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS AN TECHNICIANS AND TEAM LEADERS they have nothing better to do but be on there phones and stress the sales floor and they don't care about u unless your numbers are high and your top producers which i was , at the time so I'm guessing there could not afford me they could just laid me off but they just fired me so now , I'm in process of getting my self a lawyer and suing the company , for not giving me the money that i deserve , nor there stupid contracts to scare you they think they know the law when they do not , they think people are stupid this is what happens when they mess with peoples money , i apologize to all the customers that they made me sale because all of the customers should not have bought it because they are extremely broke ,,, and one more thing , management at this place is so stupid they only worry about numbers , and they do not care about your life but there pathetic positions this place is also a health hazard they have fleas roches there bathrooms are disgusting , and also there extremely ,, dirty people there so i suggest anyone do not apply unless your a recovery drug addict .

Sad to see these reviews
Jun 14, 2014

Sad to see these reviews

It is really disappointing to see these reviews (especially from "Never Work"). I am a Rep for OMG and have been working here for over a year. I can't believe that someone would complain about this place. They pay very well and go above and beyond to take care of all their employees. "Never Work" mentioned they got fired because they were hanging up on customers. What do you expect? If you hang up on paying customers at ANY company you are going to get fired. Also, "Never Work" was complaining about not getting free meals from the company. It is not OMG's responsibility to feed you! They cater the office frequently because they appreciate their employees. If you want free food go to a shelter. I am sure that with the income that OMG provided you are more than able to go buy yourself food. People apply to work here on a daily basis because the company has a stellar reputation. I am proud to work for a company who provides a legitimate service. I also like the way my paycheck looks every month hahah and the benefits they provide is a huge plus. OMG is the best! People need to relax...

Jul 12, 2014


I bought OMG's premium protection program and have been a preferred member since March 2014. I was very excited about getting this program on my computer and never having to worry about these sorts of problems again. The first problem I encountered with OMG is the intial computer assessment where they take over your computer for up to 24 hours. After sitting there for eight hours, I called them to tell them I needed my computer, they finally started working on it. Next, I found the customer service to be very slow. It also seemed that the phone agents spoke English only as a second language. I don't feel that that is enough to accurately explain computer problems. It might benefit the company to offer classes for their service attendants to improve the quality of the phone experience. Also I found that as a customer, the agents would put me on hold too frequently.

I might mention that I paid over $700 for this product, including their product called "Privacy Guard" which wiped out my bookmarks and history every day and I had to start over. After 3 months of becoming a member, they came out with a new version of the program that they told me was not as aggressive, but that I would have to purchase it. I said that it wasn't a good business practice to charge a customer for replacing a bad program when they admitted the old one was faulty. They still wouldn't give it to me for free.

I am disappointed that the company isn't better than it is as I was looking forward to a good virus protection etc program. I'm not a computer genius by any means, but I know that OMG's programs do have problems. I could be wrong but I don't think that the company is a deliberate scam, but I haven't had a good experience with them in the last 5 months, I wish them luck in improving their products and customer service, however, I have decide that come next March, I won't be renewing my membership under any circumstances.

Mar 16, 2015


I refuse to believe that OMG was intensionally ripping people off. I originally got hooked up with OMG through a microsoft referral. Not to say that all microsoft referrals are good ones but this one panned out. The tech that assessed me never tried to sell me any software to solve the problems I was having, although he later mentioned them as a maintenance program. What he did was to take me to certain diagnostic tools already built into my system and showed me some of the faults and errors that were occurring and how frequently they were occurring. He told me that software alone wouldn't fix my problems and explained to me why and did all of this without putting on a show, as I call it, like so many of the other tech support resources do.

Now I'm not here to say that they are flawless in their services for I have had my disappointments on occasion and had one on the first run of services where they fixed all but one of my technical issues and called me back on it.. I believe this was due to a slight misunderstanding as some of their employees are immigrants and exchange students. I had files that were replicating/duplicating and moving around to random locations some of which were appearing in the program lines and folders themselves. I was already frustrated with my computer that day and the tech I was explaining this to didn't understand/believe me. I eventually disconnected with this tech and took a few minutes to calm down and called them back and got an open minded and understanding terch that had me show him everything that I had seen and then looked at the record of the services performed and explained to me that what I was experiencing was a mean virus and that they probably didn't get it all in that session because they didn't perform a deep scan since I had asked for an expedited service which I had done. So I gave control of the computer back to them. They did explain that it may be a while before they got to it back and let me know that I could do things like check my E-mail and other web related things while waiting, saying "Just Don;t run any apps and the tech will contact you when they get ready to work on it". This seemed very reasonable to me since on the first service there was a bit of a waiting period before they started.

As with the first session I got to watch most of what they were doing and the series of scans they performed took hours but found a multitude of hidden bugs in my system. When getting my computer back and testing it out for a few days before I filled out my survey I found that my issues were gone! I was also informed that ANYTIME I felt that I needed a tune up or a cleaning or had any problems or even questions to call them and they would help in any way they could, AND I DID. Now keep in mind that nothing is perfect and I eventually developed another infection on several occasions to the point that they installed a freeware from Norton to help me manage these issues. I liked that approach. And there were a couple of other occasions that they didn't get it all done to my satisfaction but anytime I put in a negative review or took more than a couple of days to submit a review they ALWAYS called me back to try to make sure there wasn't anything else they could do for me.

So Overall, I think and am willing to believe that the OMG Tech support was an ordinary business that is run by human beings that occasionally make mistakes but are willing to try to see the problems in new lights. I have had no direct dealings with the Vast entity so I couldn't say what they are like. And as for software sales they never mentioned, with the exception of that first call, any software sales unless I brought up the idea of software myself. I personally hope they beat the government in their law suite so that I can get my tech support back.


Venita Zavala
Jan 25, 2016

They Left Still Owing me Service

I purchased services from OMG on April 24, 2014. At first they were wonderful about helping me keep my computer running problem free. I was able to call with even small problems and get the help I needed. For about half of the year I purchased services for I cannot complain about their service. I would have to brag as I am elderly and not "up" on all of the computer issues and they understood that. Then one day I needed their help and the programs would not run, the technical support would not connect, and the phone number was disconnected. In short no way to get in touch with them. Now I keep getting ads for their services and wonder why I never got the other half of the year I paid for!!! I feel deceived and taken advantage of. I wish they had been legit as they are expensive enough to back their product with only the BEST of quality assistance. For leaving me hanging I feel it necessary to give an equally shoddy review. Good while they are there but damned if they ain't gone all the time!!!

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