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David Boswell
Dec 16, 2011

Run from them

As the owner of New Wealth Advisors Club, LLC, (NWAC) I feel it is my responsibility to be 100% authentic. The anonymous writer chose to use the internet to attempt to hide behind false accusations and classifications. I’d like to be 100% transparent and demonstrate integrity.

My wife Melina and I founded NWAC based on a need. Let me explain. In 2007, we were looking for real estate and real estate education. We were struggling as the market started taking a turn. We knew we wanted to be successful in real estate but we were lacking focused direction. We spent 10’s of thousands of dollars flying around the country buying every program out there. We ultimately found Nouveau Riche (NR). Our experience with NR was like any other experience. Some good, some bad. The good: the instructors, education and our success. The bad: the founder, Jim Piccolo

Melina and I had tremendous success using the education we learned at NR. In fact, we had a large group of people following us and copying everything we were doing to capitalize on the real estate market. With such a following, we (Melina and I only)…spent over $300, 000 to build multiple offices. We were recognized in the company for our take charge attitude and ultimately asked to be leaders in So. Calif. It should be noted; we built the offices before we were ever asked to be officially named leaders in NR.
We were honored. The great thing…God is always in control and all things happen for His good. As leaders, we had many perks. One of them was we got to know many of the instructors on personal levels and several of them became our mentors. The bad side…you have uninformed people that somehow associate you with the company NR for a life time.

Melina, myself, Arcadio, Eric, and Mike Biglane all left NR well before they closed their doors. As soon as we learned of troubles in the front office of NR, we resigned in November 2010. None of us had any inside knowledge of any of Jim Piccolo’s personal or business life. Ultimately, Jim Piccolo and his business partners were indicted. http://images.edocket.azcc.gov/docketpdf/0000116150.pdf The fact that James Piccolo was indicted…had nothing to do with any of us. That’s obvious…seeing as how none of us are involved in any lawsuit with NR. The lawsuit was handed down well after we were all gone. This would be like the employees of Enron being associated with Enron CEO simply because they worked there. This is lacking any merit and actually borders on libel.

Instead, we chose to take what we learned and make a positive out of it. We took the best instructors, built a 5300 sq. ft. office, invited all of our successful friends and colleagues, and opened NWAC. Most people would have made an excuse…”oh, poor me…NR is out of business…dang it! Now I can’t do anything!” Not Melina and I. We chose to take the experience and make it a positive one. Now we have a huge office full of positive motivated people who take responsibility for their lives.
At NWAC, we do not employ any multi-level marketing anything. We do not believe in it. We do word of mouth advertising. Bottom line, at NWAC we are committed to making a difference in our real estate market. We are doing this like no other company ever has. As our mission statement clearly states:

New Wealth Advisors Club is a group of people committed to empower and encourage all people to realize their core purpose in life. With this realization, we believe everyone can live an inspired life – full of enthusiasm – as they in turn inspire others.

We have documented success stories and students who are actively closing deals in our market. The proof is in the pudding…check out these videos:

I encourage anyone looking at making a change in their lives and getting actively involved in real estate…come to one of our overviews and see what we are all about. I welcome a conversation with anyone who was dissatisfied with what we offer. A conversation is way more productive than an anonymous post, which is big on accusations, but lacking facts and substance.
Don’t let anyone steal your dreams. Ask a successful person if you should do something positive to change your life…they will tell you…GO FOR IT! An unsuccessful person will share all the reasons why it won’t work. Next time you take advice from someone, make sure they are giving you advice based on their success and not what they heard about or read about.

God Bless,
Dave Boswell

The Truth666
Apr 1, 2012

Run from them

This place is not serious, they just try to take your money out of your pocket!
I would like to share my experience with you about the wealth advisory club (WAC), that you don’t fall in this trap!

How I got in touch with WAC:
Trough a job fair in orange county. The appearance was serious at their booth, the only thing what disturbed me was that they said they will not choose everybody to work for them. Sounds like it depends more on everything else, instead of your skills, knowledge and your resume…
So I asked from the beginning on how this company is working, how they make money and because of my doubtful feeling inside of me, I asked if there is any requirement to invest my own money first, before I can be an asset for this company, working hard and motivated… Well, the answer was no, I don’t have to invest money. They buy real estate, restore and sell it further. So far so good, during the conversation nothing else gave me a suspicious feeling. The representative took my resume and he said they will call me for a workshop on a Saturday, to get more information about how the company works.
Hmmm, why I need to attend a “workshop” to know more about the company and how it works??? And beside this, why I have been told, that I will be invited as a VIP?

The appointment:
Ok, what a surprise, just one day later in the evening (Friday) I got a call for an appointment for the following Saturday workshop next day. In this time, I made already my research about WAC on the internet. I like to be prepared and want to appear professional when I go to a meeting or whatever (“…”). What I found out, was that WAC put a lot of videos on you tube. And, what is actually doubtful, everybody there talk about a great business opportunity, but the hell no, you are not able to find out how they work or why they are so successful, doesn’t matter how many videos you watch, they never bring it to the point. – Finally, I found only one posting, that a person wrote, everything is a scam. (google for wealth advisor club complaint). It is shocking what is written there, but now I can confirm it!!! The WAC owner answered straight to relativize the accusations with some worthless bla bla….

So during my phone call on Friday evening, with the WAC person who was inviting me for the workshop, I confronted her straight with this “scam” posting I found, asking if WAC is really serious. Wow, she told me straight this person is known. But up to now, this was the only person who have had a personal problem with WAC, and that this person got upset, knowing not to be accepted by WAC, not be able to work with them…So finally the person on the other side of the line let me know there is no scam and that one VIP seat was reserved for me, for the workshop in riverside, and that they are happy to see me.
What I had to loose? I calculated 2 hours and some gas. Not too much to get rid of unemployment.

The workshop:
I came 15min. to late. Not really bad, because the first hour was just blablabla, how they established the company, how fast it is crowing and in which time under the bad circumstances of the economy. You see a lot of irrelevant pictures and personal information of the guys who were honorable working on construction before, in the office you are sitting in, just to get your confidence and to give you the very personal feeling…You get not boring, even if you are sophisticated like me, waiting for the moment, when they finally hit the point of how it works. The Speaker Mike does a good job, he is great in speech, I was well entertained about the boring facts in 1hour, how great the business was established. – Then, the 2nd hour is reserved for the speaker and business owner Dave Boswell. He tells you almost one hour long by poor quality pictures of houses, how much money the club members already made on them. One of the smallest profit was round about 10k, for an effort in a couple of hours, invested from a 18 years old boy… Is the world up side down you think? Most other reported profits were between 50 and 200k. One deal was broke down in 1000$ per hour…And you wait and wait and wait, until they tell you how it works…

Finally, after 2 hours, not to say they use brain washing, Dave the owner is coming to the point: WAC can convey the knowledge for this real estate business in a 3 days course in a range between 500 to 997 dollars! They explain this costs more as expense allowance, because they have also to pay the fees and maintaining for this location… Oh, yes I forgot, they are not rich… And, after releasing this amount of fee, I thought wait a moment, in this room are sitting 70 people for just 2 hours. Wow, If just 50 percent subscribe, we have already between $17500 and $35000, which they want to make of you, for a 3 days course, for a course which supposed to be powering you, to bring thousands of dollar profit, profit which get also cutted by the WAC founders to fill there own small wallets….Why then the high fee?
Any other question???

And, further more, if you still don’t think about multi level marketing, how is that: You can drop down this course payment fee, if you bring other people, who want to attend with you this course. These people are called business partners….And, they make you also believe, you are so busy with making money, like Melina (the owner) with her 40+ deals in one time, that you really need your “business partners”, not to get overloaded.
Oh I almost forgot, the $500 fee difference is just because of a served diner, VIP seat and for a separated area from the others, a area together with the founders, just to get better and faster in touch with them within this 3 days. Is that not cheap, for all the thousands of thousands you make then later?

And you ask yourself again: How it works, why Dave and Melina travelled across the states, to find a great business opportunity like this, what nobody else is able to do, what they make you belief. A business, which is so fat, that this couple need you to get more and more successful. Also they do this because they want to give the knowledge back what they once obtained. And you can make easily up to 200k per deal, making investment with their help, you don’t need any cent from your own wallet…. Is that not great???
They make you belief, that the banks wants to get rid off of their properties, you get it cheap; invest some hours to make a deal, and then you sell it further, after increasing the value by some restoration work. Interesting is, they say in a few moments that they are having people for that to do restoration. But like I know, this work takes so much longer as WAC asserted, but they make you belief they close the deal just a couple of hours later…

And here are the final questions:
If it is so easy to make fat money in real estate within a couple of hours, why the hell then they want to share the business strategies with you?
Why the hell they really need you to have success or much more success?
How everybody can make so much serious money after attending this further course, up to 200k per deal, without invest the own money?
How they can teach you seriously in 3 days all this, what brokers studied in years, what they finally crashed down in a few month? Is WAC so much more intelligent???
Can WAC possibly save the world?
Why they put their money in your trust to buy and resell the properties? Is that not weird?
And who the hell is finally buying these houses from you, when the banks are not able to sell them by themselves in the last years?
How you can make thousand of dollars in a “short sale”, after somebody else made just a quick restoration work???

The confrontation:
After the course I talked to 2 people working for WAC. I try to confront them in a diplomatic way about the fact: I said I was actually invited under the condition that I can work in this company without investing money at the beginning. I didn’t say that it was hereby a lie, I just said, when it is so easy to be successful after attending the following course for 500 to $997, why then they don’t pay upfront for me, and I pay it back later easily… And then, knowing what will come, they said after the course not everybody wants or is able to do it.

What???? Men, when this all is so great and easy, why the hell then the people doesn’t do business after the course then? How funny, yes, it is definitely a scam……

I left the place of insanity:
I came home, read again the scam warning on the internet, which I found before. I was shocked, I read over that this person paid for this course, and then he got asked during the course to pay for another 3k to 14k any package, to be finally accepted as a real member in the WAC. Oh shit, I would never have gone knowing all of this. What f*****g a**holes!

So finally, If you try to go to this event to waste your time, don’t think negative, they will recognize it straight, they have everywhere cameras in the room = ) Have fun!

Carl Jones
Jan 25, 2015

Run From Them New Wealth Advisers

YES do run from them! Dave Boswell's explanation is a farce. There is already a Class Action lawsuit victims can join against New Wealth Advisers Club and the Boswell's. Riverside Superior Court Case # RIC 1404125. Contact Skaplk Law @ (909) 398-4404

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