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Dec 14, 2011

Bad service

Those who may complain that NACA does not respond promptly are a very tiny fraction of the hundreds of thousands of members NACA is working with at any given time in our Purchase and Home Save programs. Patience and persistence are the most powerful tools one has whether purchasing a new home or fighting to save their current home.

Our Mortgage Consultants in our Purchase Program are constantly overwhelmed, and NACA is actively taking steps to reduce their burden. New MC’s are continually being hired, but with 40 offices across the country and training and licensing requirements varying from state to state, placing more qualified consultants is not an overnight process.

We have also initiated a Remote Counseling program to help with some of our most overloaded offices where some parts of the purchase process are handled over the telephone by specially trained NACA staff members, thus allowing the MC’s more time to deal with more files on a daily basis.

Even with all these efforts, the key still remains patience and persistence. You’ll find me preaching it constantly in the NACA Forum. I particularly like the way Katina Ferguson posted on our Facebook page, beginning with a quote from her MC, "We don't just want to get you into a house...we want to get into a house the right way." It goes right along with the old military saying, “if you don’t have the time to do it right the first time, you sure don’t have time to do it over.”

It is those brokers, banks and investors who fed our demand for instant gratification and put people slam-bang into mortgages virtually overnight with little or no qualification who created the housing crisis that in turn brought about the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression. The damage they caused is the very reason the demand for both of NACA’s programs is so high, and why the process and communication can seem slow for some.

And finally, we even have “safety nets” for those who seem to have continuing problems or urgent matters they must communicate with us. The Facebook page I referred to is one of them. We also continually monitor our NACA Forum (forums.naca.com) and can be reached through our Twitter account @NACAEvents as well.

Those who complain about NACA are in fact only about 1/100th of one percent of our nearly 2.3 million members. Even so, we are continually looking for new ways to improve our methods and means to help Americans realize the dream of home ownership.

Jan 30, 2012

Bad service

I was at the NACA convention on 1/26/12 in San Bernardino. My mortgage is with BANK OF AMERICA they DID NOT work with me. In fact BANK OF AMERICA gave me a solution...they wanted for me to accept a payment more than what I am paying right now. I gave NACA all of the necessary paperwork they requested, we made a budget and based on my budget BANK OF AMERICA DENIED my proposal. NACA counselors should be more honest and say your income is too much based on your expenses. I was not able to put down all of my expenses because the counselor told me we could not be at a negative balance because the bank would not accept it. I trusted the counselors from NACA, but it seems like if they don't get their information correct. Every counselor tells you something different. BANK OF AMERICA should be more considerate of the people, they should tell you excatly why you are being denied, not just "your investor did not accept your proposal, you can afford your payment" How much did I go over?? We are all trying to make a living, and we want to keep our homes. So that means that after all of my expenses and I am left with 200.00 or 400.00 dlls. in walking money, I don't qualify. Doesn't BANK OF AMERICA know we are humans, we have kids, a water bottle costs 2.00 dlls.??? So I guess BANK OF AMERICA wants to see us with not even 1 penny in our pocket in order for them to help. Especially if our loan is from a PRIVATE INVESTOR!!

NACA Online
Feb 4, 2012

Bad service

There is never a guarantee of a modification, and every NACA proposal is based on a lean household budget that places keeping the home over maintaining a certain lifestyle. Certain “expenses” such as eating out, movies, alcohol, lottery tickets and so on are all going to be considered luxuries and not allowable expenses if you are not making your mortgage payment. Two dollar bottles of water will certainly fall into that category as well when for $12 to $14 you can purchase a filter pitcher that will give you water just as safe as anything you will buy in a bottle, and in some cases safer. The NACA Home Save program is there to help you save your home, not save your lifestyle at the expense of your home.

Aug 29, 2012

Poor Service

I have had 6 scheduled appointments with NACA councelors since May 1st. All but 1 has been postponed. We were referred to NACA by our real estate agent. I can say that either the Memphis Branch is understaffed or they just don't care about customer service. Its horrible to stay on hold for 20 to 30 minutes only to get disconnected. Its horrible to call and leave a message and yet NEVER get a returned call. Its like they do not want to work with clients. I believe NACA needs a little more oversite.


Jun 4, 2013

NACA is illegally collecting information

NACA (Chicago Office) have collected a such a high level of information from me, with the promise to help me get a loan for my primary residence. I provided everything they asked me from my 1040 to explanation letters as to why I made ATM withdrawals. Yet they never got back to me with a decision. They do not return phone calls or emails. I walked in , and was told that they only received by appointment. I booked/requested several appointments online, but they never confirm.
I would like to know if there is away to sue them to gathering so much private information without using them for the intended purpose.

Jun 17, 2013

promising to save home.

it was 2010 when my husband then was dying of stage 4 lung cancer we met in person a lady named Amy Lundeen who was supposedly an attorney for Shelton Law Offices. we have a lunch/consultation, no paperwork was given to sign just that she was going to save out home. Communication was very bad for 2 years, no calls or papers to sign. Never new where my house stood as far as keeping our home. Finally things got so bad communication was that myself, my mother and brother went to their offices in Wesmont, Illinois. There I was told that Amy Lundeen was just a secretary and she wasn't no attorney and they had no files on our house case. Since then the attorney was going after Countrywide and Bank of America for fraud and trying to stop the evictions of my home. They so say they have filed in federal court to dave the house but could be anyday I could be evicted from my home. I have all my things in storage and have know idea what is next to come. my house was auction off to another bank in December 5, 2012 because Amy Lundeen did nothing to save my home. I am looking at finding a place which by no means is easy when you are on survivor benefits with social security and I could be out on the street from all the craps Shelton Law has put my family though. I'm on pins and needles everyday to what is going to happen. This has been a nighmare for myself and my family. It has been so bad that I would almost take my life because of the run around that I am getting. Please Help Me! Cindy Koch

Feb 4, 2014


I bought a house through NACA in 2010 and not only did I buy a house, I bought a house that we would not have been able to get without NACA, paid no down payment, no closing cost, no private mortgage insurance and we bought our interest rate down to 0.062%. I had good credit and was offered several loans before I came across NACA. (all about $40,000 less than the $160,000 NACA got me) I would like to start by saying that this program offers benefits that are truly unheard of!!!! On the other hand it does come at a cost, a cost of great patience and perserverance. If you can jump through the paperwork hoops and provide all of the information that they continuously need and put up with less than perfect customer service (please realize that these counselors are over-worked and underpaid - you will come to realize that during the process), and have the patience to wait through the sometimes long tedious process, the end result is phenomenal and well worth the wait! Most people do not make it to the end for obvious reasons, but not because it is a scam or not possible. My biggest complaint now is that I do not get to itemize deductions because I only pay $75/year in interest. Thats a pretty nice complaint to have if you ask me. NACA made my dreams come true - I am a fan! I cannot speak personally on the home save program, but I do have a friend that has had success going through that program as well. This is a non-profit organization - people expect to get something for nothing along with great customer service is why there are complaints. If you do your part, NACA will help you. If great customer service is more important to you than saving a lot of money, you are better off paying more and going through a bank for a traditional loan.

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