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luxury replicas

United States

Consumer reviews about luxury replicas

Mar 28, 2012

never got my watch

This is a fraud! They take your money and never send you watch! Should've checked the internet before doing business with them!

Mike Hudgens
Sep 27, 2012

superior quality

I recently purchased a Rolex Air King from luxreplicas.ru website. The watch was delivered in a very timely manner. When I opened the package, the quality of the watch was high-class and I’m really impressed of how it really looks and feels. The replica watch looks exactly like the real watches sold in a local jewelry shops with those expensive prices. I am really pleased with my item and I am wearing it with complete satisfaction. In my view, purchasing this item from luxreplicas.ru website is an elegant and perfect way for those who have partial budgets like me. In addition, these watches are much affordable than the real ones. If you want to keep up with the latest fashion style, these replicas from luxreplicas.ru are your perfect options.

Sep 27, 2012

luxury replicas

Recently purchased a Chanel J12 Watch from www.chanel-j12watch.com , they sent the watch intime. The quality of the watch was high-class and I’m really impressed of how it really looks and feels. The replica watch looks exactly like the real watches sold in a local jewelry shops with those expensive prices. I am really pleased with my item and I am wearing it with complete satisfaction.

Alexis Shields
Sep 29, 2012

Slow Shipping but very awesome watch!

I recently purchased a Rolex Submariner from LuxReplicas.Ru. I am totally satisfied with the quality they offer and with the kind of service they provide. The only hassle was the slow shipping time, my watch took almost 3 weeks before it arrived. One of their customer service representative explained that they process and ship all orders at the highest priority but the actual delivery of the orders will depend on customs clearance times and the competence of the mail service in our area. I fully understand them for those reasons. Upon opening my package, I was happy because the watch looks incredible – absolutely perfect. It has also that heavy feeling of a genuine Rolex and it keeps a good time. I’m really impressed with the replica of Rolex Submariner I received! Overall, it was really a satisfying purchase from Luxury Replicas.

Sep 30, 2012

standard feature is exactly the same as the real one

I purchased an Omega watch from Luxreplicas.ru. You can tell at once that this website is one-of-a-kind. The website has a good web design scheme and very stylish layout and from this you’ll probably know that you’re dealing with real qualified sellers. The website has a lot of replicas which is easy to choose from. It is also safe and secure if you’re using a credit card for payment options. The ordering process went smooth and fast! Their customer support staff is very helpful all the way! A prompt reply within 24 hours is given whenever I ask for something and even follow-up on my order, but I can always reach them through emails only. Not bad as long as they respond to my inquiries. The package was delivered in a very punctual manner. When I checked my Omega Seamaster, I was pleased because it was absolutely perfect; no one can figure out if it’s a replica at all! The weight is heavy and closer to the original one and the watch resembles exactly as the genuine Omega!! It functions properly and I’m using it for 3 months now without encountering any problem. This was the best item I’ve ever purchased from an online store. Absolutely perfect!

Josh West
Oct 3, 2012

amazing watch

When I came accross at LuxReplicas.Ru website, you’ll notice the good web design which is very catchy. It’s easy to browse and works just fine. They show a large collection of replica products. The description of these products is excellent and very comprehensive. I decided to place an order for a Patek Philippe - Calatrava. The watch was delivered in a prompt manner. I would have to say that the watch I received exceeds the average and very high standard, which really amazed me so much! I didn’t expect that this replica watch will look so perfect like an original Patek Philippe. All the features are exactly the same and impossible to differentiate from a real one. Given the perfection of the watch, no worries for me to place for more orders!

Felix Lowry
Oct 6, 2012

Excellent replica

I have been looking at genuine Rolex Daytona for years and finally came to the conclusion I could never meet the expense of the real watch. I ordered the more detailed one at Luxreplicas.ru. I am just excited that I found a legitimate replica watch website. This company provided a great communication towards their customers like me. Their customer representative responds through email within 24 hours for order confirmation and also provides tracking information. My package was relayed through USPS. The watch arrived after a week. I was surprised with the quality of the watch which surpassed my expectations! No one can tell the differences between this replica and the real one. Everything in this watch is exactly like the real Daytona! I’ve never seen such a well-crafted replica like this and very accurate! My officemates are so jealous with my watch that’s why I already recommended this seller to them!

Gordon Hopper
Oct 11, 2012

great deal

I purchased a Rolex Gold Submariner watch from Luxreplicas.ru. I must say that this website has an accessible interface which comes with a very classy and very smart layout. The customer support representatives are very courteous. My watch was delivered punctually. When I checked the watch, I was amazed because it was absolutely excellent! I think no one can figure out if it’s fake of a real Rolex! The weight feels like the original one and the whole appearance of this replica is 100% similar to the genuine Rolex. The watch functions properly up to now and still keeps a good time. This Rolex replica watch I received is extremely to the highest rate to any other replicas I’ve ever seen. Great deal with the seller!

Gary 88
Oct 16, 2012

high-class replica

The Omega Seamaster watch I recently bought from luxreplicas.ru is a very high-class looking watch. It has the exact appearance and excellent points on it. The watch is made of Sapphire glass, with domed, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment inside. It also comes with SS case and automatic Japanese movement which is reliable and precise. I have this for half a year now. I wear it daily and still the watch has kept its genuine looks. I love the overall features and also the final touches on this particular Omega Seamaster model I purchased from Luxury Replicas. I do strongly recommend this replica store if you dream of having luxury watches for a very affordable price.

Dec 12, 2012


EXCELLENT TRANSACTION.....Pleasure to do business with....Prompt and courteous. Buy with confidence from this company... Beautiful timepiece!!

Jun 22, 2013


I HAVE PAID $ 178,95 since 20132705 and i recieved NOTHING. i emailed them a lot of times but they don't answer now i understood they cheated me and am looking for to sue them. i there someone who can help?ths.

Jun 24, 2013


Il pagamento a LR Luxury Replicas è stato incassato da Pes Vola che è un'agenzia di viaggio che sono i veri truffatori del sito qualcuno conosce qualcosa di questi ladri???? grazie

Jun 24, 2013

LR Luxury Replicas

great cheat, LR LUXURY REPLICAS ARE DIRTY THIEVES I paid $178,95 they took by Pes Vola and received NOTHING I AM SUEING THEM and make delete their website, pay attention e DON'T SEND THEM ANY MONENY!

Jul 17, 2013

Did not get my watch! Very disapointed

I ordered my watch online on their site luxury replicas. I never received a confirmation of my order but was charged $275.23 on my credit card.

I called the phone number on my ccard statement and the guy said it was shipped out and I needed to contact them directly for a refund.

I said contact who? I kept emailing them for a receipt or shipping confirmation but never heard back. finally just called my credit card company and reported it as a fraudulent charge. Too bad I really wanted the watch! So Disapointed!

I did do my homework before ordering on their site an most all reviews were favorable so I took the chance. Don't do it people it is a scam!!!

Oct 3, 2013

luxuary replica watches ru

I bought 2 watches from Luxury replicas Ru. First I did not realise and they did not tell me that UK customs were going to charge me import duty. Yes they looked good but on one the minute hand kept jamming on the 25 minute mark. I have sent them 3 Emails, got a reply to the first saying it had not been wound up properly. No reply from them since. Would advise not to buy from this source.

Oct 28, 2013

luxury replicas

A few weeks ago I purchase a replica of the Rolex presidential, they charged me twice and never received a reply, I sent them many emails and never got an answer.
Finally I received my watch, the package was a small plastic bag and the watch looks so cheap, I guess the value is not even 50 dollars.
The watch was sent from Beiging in China and is a fraud, the website looks very professional but it is a fraud.

Dan Service
Feb 24, 2014

Rolex day & date watch

I received the watch in a timely manner, and have only worn it once, so it still looks brand new. The problem is it won,t continue running more than about 20minutes. I even keep it on a electric watch winder. Is it possible to return this watch and exchange it for another one? Thank you

Mar 22, 2014

4 watches received 2 broken

I purchased 3 x men's watches (Rolex) and 1 x ladies watch (Rolex). They finally arrived on Wednesday last week in flimsy packaging, no boxes and two were broken.
The ladies watch face was not connected to the band at all and the catch does not lock properly. The watch is gold and silver band with a mother of pearl face with date and diamantes around the outside edge set if rose gold.

One of the men's watches has a cracked glass face and is meant to have 8 jewels in the face, three of those are floating around inside the face causing the watch not to move and the bands' clasp is bent so it does not lock.

I have purchased from you before and am quite disappointed as these were gifts for my parents.

What are you going to do about this!!

Emails contacts are: sik050@hotmail.com or jjriseley@aanet.com.au

Apr 11, 2014

luxury repllicas

First of all, everyone of you who gave this company money are complete f*cking retards; seriously how dumb can you be?

And a note to the scumbags who run this scam bulls*it, if I ever get the opportunity to meet you, I will not only murder you, but you wife, your kids, you dog, parents, aunts and uncles, basically everyone you hold dear in this world will burn in chemical fire after being slaughtered before your eyes, just before you are also butchered. N*igger trash like you need not live in a world with people who work for their money. trash like you should be publicly executed to show all the rest of the n*iggers like you we don't take shi*t from trashy people. And seeing how these n*iggers who stole your money are chink-F*aggots next time you see a slanty-eyed faggot from China, punch that dirty mother fucker in his face and tell him to get the fuck out of America.

I am sick of your fucking emails, you people will die painfully when I find you.

Jun 6, 2014


I guess I was taken, also. Ordered a watch from Luxury Replicas, Sent them many messages, no response. I really thought I was smarter than that. But........ GUESS NOT... I really don't know if the bank can do anything or not. Going to see....
Just hope that other people check them out, before purchasing......

Jun 16, 2014


order a watch and have not seen or heard from them i guess i lost 150.00

Jun 24, 2014

Luxury Replicas

Luxury Replicas shitted me out of my money. I tried emailing them several times but they won't respond. Fucking ASSHOLES!!!
I'm glad it was only 118.95. I almost spent more. BIG ASS SCAM!!!

Jun 26, 2014

Update: Luxury Replicas

I disputed the charge on my statement after the 15 business day time limit that Luxury Replicas require for delivery. My bank (Bank of America) credit card fraud division got my money back within 3 days. I told them that I ordered a watch from the merchant and they never delivered it. I used my credit card not a debit card. All of you should dispute this charge if you used credit or debit card... GOOD LUCK!!!

Mar 10, 2015


order a watch 1mo. ago have heard not a word e-mail them 6 times and called the bad # they gave me we all need to go to fcc.

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