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Consumer reviews about Listia

Apr 6, 2012

it's just a money fraud

Listia is a money scam. They offer you to purchase products for virtual credits but if you don't sell enough you can always purchase the credits for real money! But you can't turn your credits into real money even if you want to quit Listia. That's a scam, stay away!

winks 56
Apr 14, 2012

taking money without permission

i asked for a sample pack to try for my grandson as he is a bit over weight and they asked for my credit card details so i could pay the postage . and now all of a sudden they have taken 75 pounds out of my account as i have tryed to contact them with no joy and have now cancelled my card but am sure they cannot do this without my permission .? but it seems that they can get away with it why .?????

May 28, 2012

Listia scam sellers, fraud, ripoff deceptive

Listia Sellers beware ! Use your credits, Listia is Listia is improperly labeled auction, it’s a fraudulent gambling auction scheme deliberately setup to rid you of your personal belonging for promise of $credits, you win some if you are a buyer or loose all if you are a seller.
Bold Listia hides behind website is guilty of deceptive business practices, victims are
have no clue they have a up to 80% risk of loosing all their money credits $ for their sales.
A real gamble You are left with zero 0.00 and no possession.
running a fraud scam, stealing credits, suspending accounts, thinking they can get away with it. Over 195 victims in a few mos.

We are flying blind for good great deals, selling & buying blindly taking part in a fraudulent auction scheme at SOMEONE’S LAUGH or our UNSEEN ENEMY. I also found out Listia is a UK and Middle East based company, it’s my suspicion that the reasons they do not return thousands of email messages is language related. Limited English speaking customer service.

Last yrs 4 of my church buddies got suspended within a 3 months period without reason. ( heard of 43 suspensions but I knew 4 of them) one day try to log in a red word appears 'account suspended' A day later you have violated Listia rules and login changed/canceled. These sellers all who had 40,000 - 60,000 credits, heard some had 132,000 credits at the time of suspension. I suspension was at 75, 550 . There are other websites are reporting numerous complaints against Listia. 'google Listia complaints scam' you'll find more.

If you do not have a lot of credit you may be are safe with Listia, members with 6500 – 8,000 credits you have a 5% chance of suspension, 30,000-35 50% chance of suspension, and 50,000 70 % chance of suspension without a clue or warning, for NO reason.

Listia is setup that if they do not like an item, style of replying to messages etc they snatch/remove/steal and suspend your credits. Just consider that you sacrificed all yr., list precious items, ship from pinched pennies to Listia buyers to get to increased your credits to eg 140,900 - money credits then the next day you return they are gone. You realized for 6 mos you shipped out your prized possession for 0.00 you feel like you want to DIE!

Someone within Listia or Listia’s good business practice randomly check accounts cancel your credits, that's it. . Here is the catch, some members allow their credits to accumulate to large numbers like 30,000 - 300,000 + money credits.

Listen up Listia lovers: if there was a bad seller, slow shipping etc. Ebay would warn them, contact them for explanation, in the worse senaro Ebay suspend them after attempting to to work with them, but suspense only they selling rights, Ebay allow them to buying privileges. Ebay also calculate their earned credits money/fees and refund them.

Their website registered info is California mail drop, and voice mail with no capability of accepting messages/you cannot leave a message. Any agency or organization who cannot maintain a real phone number where one can leave a message, or physical address where to accept snail, no email address other than the registrar admin website which they do not respond, is hiding. Listia are you handing from ‘IRS and our Governmental and Federal laws and Financial laundering laws, auction or gambling game,
they have broke IRS laws, discrimination laws. Listia we can find anyone and you will return
via court orders our $$$$$$$$$ .

Listia illegally sets up the website, because its improperly label auction, no disclosures provided to Sellers-registered members, I see you changed the simple general 3 lines rules willy nilly which does not state you will loose your property and money. I found no USA business license found, Middle Eastern IRAN and UK name is found. That is why they are so bold in stealing credits.

I hope you read this Listia you can reach me at, I am a victim spreading my story unit a class action lawsuit is heard or the Feds get you. If you think I am wrong and want to correct and make amends you know what to do. wayntaylor at ymail dot com

Here in the USA business are accountable whether in cyber space, on water, or on dry land. Listia we will find you, even in the Middle East, victims will be compensated for stolen credits, moneys, and goods, etc .even for damages. The Feds and our court orders are going to suspend into ‘outta space’ !!!!!!

May 28, 2012

Listia ripoff scams sellers fraud deceptive practice

Listia started in Middle East, and has a Russian connection, who is behind Listia?
Are they running the Listia operation from Middle East or Russia?
Who are these people associated with
Listia, Qadeer Abdul Abderabbani Why the secretcy?
Why are they hiding their identity.

No customer service number - wonder why they do not return emails?
They may have one person
with limited english, so a good gestimate is language, and place of
operation is the real answer. English is limited but they know how to steal
credits and suspend accounts. Victims File your report at the below links >>

For sure they have connection in the US, FAKE ADDRESS, but its a start,
first good news now Victims you can attack their Trademark LISTIA which
is governed by Federal laws for your protection, they registered Listia as
a advertising business. (Credit stealing scammers) go to and see for your self
http://www.trademarkia.com/listia-77962648.html 877-794-9511 U.S.
federal trademark registration was filed for LISTIA by Listia Inc., 755 Castro
St. Suite C, Mountain View CA 94041 . The USPTO has given the LISTIA trademark
serial number 77962648

Evading IRS laws Listia? Listia is improperly registered as an auction co. its does not
list or declare the necessary disclosures for auction co. In fact its
operation characteristics are of Auction Gambling which is illegal here in
the USA. Listia is required to clearly disclose the seller can sell products valued from 1.00 to
millions and get Zero credit $0.00 Lets take down Listia, and recover
damages credits and Dollars. Kick their foreign ass back to ‘outta space’ .

Start here with the US Attorney General
for ca, they will quickly see Listia is improperly operating
Consumer action office of US AG Handles complaints
about deceptive or fraudulent business practices >>

File your
complaints here at the FBI Cyber internet fraud schemes:
http://www.nw3c.org/ ,

E-mail: econsumerwb@ftc.gov
eConsumer.gov, there are hundreds so victim, there is a
lawyer who is attempting to prepare to file the action lawsuit but we
need at least 20 victims to come forward. Keep attaching
their trademark it should get it cancelled; it’s a trademark of scam,
fraud and undisclosed gambling auction.

The Federal Trade Commission, the nation's consumer protection agency, collects
complaints about companies, deceptive business practices
https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/ form

contact me
wayntaylor at ymail dot com

Listia operation is an Auction Gambling business or advertising business. Its
operation is illegal fraudulent and deceptive; it is not a traditional
auction business.

Please report and file claims leave your contact info so attorneys at reach you.

Bruno Wallis
May 29, 2012


This is a scam company, using their employees for bidding and offering them fake credits. Actually after real gambling you become zero. This is not legal, do not deal with them or work for them because you will be left with nothing.

Mar 8, 2014

Listia does not approve the same address 2 times. each address can only use one time.

Listia only inform people one IP can not have over one accounts but there is one rule that you would not know from listia.

Listia did not inform people, that if 2 people use same shipping address in the saved shipping address, or when one person win items in auction. if they type address that someone in listia had, listia would put pending

normally people think that pending may mean, oh they(staff) may approve when they online. but actually not.

pending is the time listia catch otehr listia shipping address datas. to see if someone use the same address with you

then they ban if 2 people or more use same one address in shipping add.

listia? free play, I would say yes.

if you need to pay money, like facebook. I dont suggest.

Mar 9, 2014

Listia suspend any 2+ listia member with same shipping address. I am one example

I am a banned member. Reason was because my shipping address was same with at least one person in listia.

listia spoke that if you share same shipping they would at least pending to go check with pervious people to see who has same address with you, to see if you are all sending the same dude or not.

You may ask one thing, if a family has 2 people, same address would listia ban. right?


TWO LISTIA MEMBER SAME SHIPPING ADDRESS no matter USA or not USA. just need one person with same shipping address with YOU. or someone else used your address to ship item to you, when they won item. if you not know then you use. yes all people suspended.

Two listia members use identical street name identical house number, flat number, even if same receiver name or different name same surname, or even different surname. 2 people use same address are suspended immediately.

look at me, I am a live example.

Mar 10, 2014


Let me introduce myself, this is Sabrina. I am a past listia member (due to being banned, - same shipping address with other listia member)

people who are curious on shipping address verification thing, please read here.

many people ask , if 2 people have same shipping address, but if different names on receiver, would listia ban people right?

many people did not understand and are asking around I saw, NOW I AM ANSWERING YOU

My answer is here, "This is the exact reason why I was banned. "

Listia would really suspend 2 listia.com existing members just because one listia member use the same shipping address

2 Listia members use same street name same number on shipping address

even if you are 20 or 25 yr member in listia, the same result with me 100% for sure.

Listia is a fuckoff page not only ripoff or scam page.

Listia GO EAT FUCK. I fuck your mom, I fuck your dad, I fuck you all suckz.

Mar 12, 2014

Listia ban people without checking the actual fact behind the same IP thing. shipping address also suspend without checking

everyone if you use computer, check your IP address

XXX is first group (first 3 number) in everyone's IP that listia judge if people are same person or not. ISP gives everyone one group of IP number with identical X Group every few days. i.e. day 1-5 it's your computer with that IP, day 6-10 it's compu2 have that IP, day 11-15 compu3 and day 16-20 compu4, day 21-25 compu5

you can not blockade or stop other computers (when they got the same first 3 number in IP Address) register in listia.com behind your knowledge.

there are some people reporting that they have only one listia account but got suspended due to MULTIPLE ACCOUNTs. because of ISP giving the same first 3 number to other computers and they also register in listia.

to listia and playfish official forum, only need first 3 number really had registered accounts / profiles, yes all same IP (Same first 3 number in all IP) are being suspended immediately and spoken to be SAME PERSON PRETENDING SO MANY PEOPLE

Listia does not give any chance to same IP accounts, same with 2 listia members same shipping address

other problem that listia would suspend people are all people same address (Same shipping address) that is more innocent.

anyone give address to 2 people must have to be very careful when joining listia.com because 2 people use same address, even if different collector, the same results with us. SUSPENSION. no more chance

2 people same address (listia mislead people that they would really investigate if different receivers they would give you a chance and only 2 people can use same address) are being spoken to be lenient and given freedome and given a last chance in listia.com

but actually 2 people or more people with identical shipping address are immediate suspension. at least I am here to tell you the harsh listia truth.

which you choose to believe, up to you.

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