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Consumer reviews about Kabam

May 5, 2012

avoid this online gaming website at all costs.

Their game's full of bugs and you end up unable to play and unable to use your purchased funds. There is between little and no support, avoid this online gaming website at all costs.

Jun 15, 2012

pure scam

this company is a pure scam! This is a game company which and I played their game for a while. Later I found that they were charge my account without any notification. When I tried to contact them and asked for a refund, I found it impossible, because they never respond.
Stay away from them!

Jun 22, 2012

Thirst of Night -- Unsafe Environment

Kabam is an online gaming company. They have a game called Thirst of Night. When you log into the game, the world chat posts a message telling you to respect others, behave yourself, etc. But they do no monitoring of any kind. There are players as young as 12 on Kabam's games. I've seen pedophiles soliciting for 13-year-old girls. There have been players that use their "virtual might" to dominate chat; anyone that says so much as a friendly "hello" gets attacked. There's badgering, harassment, bullying, stalking, abusive language, and so on. But worst of all are the "adults" that tell teens to commit suicide.

Kabam is unethical; they use every tactic in the book to intimidate teens into spending money. And worst of all, Kabam's games have developed a history of being "unstable". When the games are practically unplayable, Kabam solicits more money from players. Yes, you are encouraged to pay money to "beta test" a game that can be broken in a matter of minutes and be unplayable for a week or more. They hide behind a ToS that pretty much says, "We supply this game 'as is'. It broke? Too bad. You should have known better. That's what you get for spending money. And we're not giving your money back, so there."

Kabam has also developed a history of "selective bans", meaning they pick and choose which players are banned from game play. We've witnessed hackers and cheaters playing Thirst of Night in "god mode"--able to produce troops, know who's online and clean them out, know where players are located in a matter of minutes, build troops with astronomical speed and quantities of resources. Some of these "god mode" players have been banned, while others are still allowed to play. Honest players that don't use hack tools have also been banned, with no cause given whatsoever.

Their forum is censored. Their moderators do whatever it takes to hide problems other players are having with the games. Posters are ridiculed and badgered. Anyone that publicly stands up against Kabam is banned. Now keep in mind, Kabam is based in California. So where's the "freedom of speech"? Nowhere. That's right. Your basic American right, up and violated on the whims of Kabam.

Kabam also encourages theft. Other players call it "farming". But anyone with common sense knows that real farmers do their own hard work to raise and harvest crops. What Kabam encourages is: you do all the work and another player comes along and takes it from you with "force".

If you have kids, keep them away from any of Kabam's games, if you value their safety. Don't let other Kabam players discriminate against and harass your children. Kabam doesn't produce games that everyone can enjoy; they're a hate-factory instead. And do you really need your children being taught how to hate by a *gaming company* and its immoral, unethical player base?

Jun 28, 2012

This is just ridiculous.

I regularly play one of their games and I'm really unhappy. There was a problem with one world and their support didn't help at all. They just stated that cheaters experienced more problems. This is just ridiculous.

Jul 25, 2012

free trial scam

Offered a free trial to check how it is possible to earn money using their services.
Overcharged my bank account, keep ignoring my calls and messages. Never send me my trial.

jm byron
Aug 23, 2012

Kabam, Dragons of Atlantis

After logging a complaint last night regarding cyber bullying, I find that I am no longer allowed access to the game site even though I was the innocent victim of the type of abuse that is allowed to be played without any moderator. Is this how you conduct business, without even a correspondence to resolve the issue. Who's running this site ....a 12 yr old ?

Aug 30, 2012


I would like to report baron elbon... he keeps harrassing me... calls me awful names and everyone notices and he gangs up on me everytime.... i come on... he is in the alliance of legion of choas... My name is ChessHottie... and he calls me chess fatty... chess hooker.... to open my legs and know my roll... I'm a bitch... and then he thought it was funny to change his alliance name to chess hooker... and he thinks its so funny to cyborbully me and I cant take it anymore... please.... PLEASE...... do something about this... delete his account... stop him or do something... he calls me an attention whore and a drama whore and I dun even say anything.... it is really gettin on my nerves... and it makes me uncoftable cuz then everyone on legion of chos gangs with him and goes after me... so please stop the abuse and harrassment.. thank you... if u have any questions... contact me on my email account... at... DudeUFugly@rocketmail.com

Dec 12, 2012

Did not help resolve the issue

I purchased Yesterday 100 mithrill, and the next day it was all gone. I don’t know how it happened, but it just disappeared. I contacted the customer support, and they refused to help me. They hung up the phone saying that if I don’t like their products, then I should not order.
Beware of this company!

Jan 20, 2013

beware! kabam is a scam!

Beware of this company and never use their services! They are working against their own terms and conditions and privacy policy! They giving false info to their customers and then do shady business behind their eyes! This company must be shut down! Beware and avoid it at all costs!

Nov 4, 2013

Kabam and IGW

Well, where do i start? i got lured into imperium galactic war by an ad i couldn't actually close so the game loaded up and i made an account. I was very skeptical about browser games as i used to play Evony ....another scam game. This game was great it had all the makings of a fantastic fun game, but was corrupted and ruined and finally shutdown by greed, and dishonesty. The pattern i saw with Kabam was to take your money and not really care that you are actually a customer of theirs. If you go into a shop and give someone money over the counter you are a "customer". So when Kabam closed this game on the 4th November they upset a lot of people. They have upset some people as to go far as legal advice etc. But what stings the most ...is they say its a "Beta test" game. Well beta testing is now not done by gamers, its done by developers. So when Kabam couldnt change this wonderful game into a mobile game it was shutdown.
I honestly hope a REAL company steps forward and makes another version of this game...and be damned if Kabam sues you for it ...they deserve everything they get. If the CEO lived in Australia , id punch him in the face.

Dec 14, 2013

Complete halt to all service & support

I have been playing Kabam's 'Edgeworld' for over 2 years now, going back to just after the game started. I joined through Facebook immediately after it was available to play. I have been a great ambassador to Kabam and the game despite the game being riddled with bugs and issues. I originally found Kabam to be extremely helpful and friendly. Over time they continuously changed the game and gradually moved away from its original roots of being based on map war. I started to dislike the game and the game slowed down as the graphical interface got more and more needlessly complex. Even though there was very poor open communication between myself and Kabam themselves, I found the still found the gaming experience nice mainly because of one terrific customer service person named Nicolas. Over time the game changed quite a bit and bugs and issues were growing rampant and customer service finally started to slow to a crawl. I started to believe, and still feel that it is possible, that it is a personal issue they have with me. I just can not believe that a game can go from so amazing to horrible and service can go from barely average but passable all the way to totally non-existent in less than three years time. They even lost Nicolas and nobody can say why. I still would play the game as I have committed myself to it by spending over $30k over this time playing. However, I am at a tremendous disadvantage trying to play without being able to purchase any platinum, take advantage of any promotions, or get any necessary assistance when the need be. I am shocked by their sudden change in attitude towards myself. They also promote cheating by certain players, especially if they spend a certain amount of cash. They actually get angry at you when you complain and start to request unrealistic proof from you even though they understand and know all about it. Now I can not even get them to acknowledge my existence at all. After giving them all this money and playing according to the T.O.S. for over two years they have decided I am no longer worthy of their game. Too bad on me now! And I now first start to look at this stuff mainly because an attorney told me about all these complaint sites with Kabam bashing on it. I only wish I knew about this stuff quite some time ago prior to my spending a small fortune. I only hope that I somehow get some help and again become in Kabam's support personnel's good graces. In the meantime I am falling farther and farther behind and Kabam refuses to speak to me like children. Are there any USA laws governing this nonsense? What recourse do I have? Anyway, thanks for your ears (eyes) people and good luck with your issues.

Jan 26, 2014


Kabam is frawd I was band for no reason I have and depression issues because of mental inless and bean told by several people to kill myself self in game there gamers are all the same and can be describe all the same if u have less might then them your a noob wether u level is higher or you've played longer if your might is more then there u eather live at how with mommy and ask for all ur money from her or have no life I have had to igge 30000 people max in any giving day on kabams hobbit kingdoms of middle earth what's worse is I get hated on in game and this right he is true and sad I spent 30 mintutes recourding global chat alliance chat and whisper chat plus my mail box because this whole time high might players were bulling we say I was using whisper chat to ask for pics of there dick and then there alliance or friendly alliance would be oh u to he's widower me know when I said I wasn't to start crap what's fun is all u see me type for that 30 min of making video is ... Every few min just to see how long they act like a kid and what's worse is they make these lies up to make u look bad.but what pisses me off most are these there is no complaint spot you know that's why Activison lost 20mill gamer this year because they ended there complaint form now kabam doesn't really have one and to make it worse I have also notic if u play on a android devise u get every thing sooner in kingdoms of middle earth for kabam then if u play on a apple device plus u have a better chance for prizes it's all a frawd the game it self

Doug Clark
Apr 23, 2014

Kabam ignores ToS!!!

Kabam are scam artists. They have employees playing the games with advanced knowledge of battle mechanics and they bully paying customers until they spend all they have and quit playing. Of course you could join the abusive cheaters side if you are that kind of person to help them as minions to cheat and harass decent players for the sake of being rude. It’s been over 4 years dealing with support over harassment, slander, abuse and cheating from the same person but all kabam does is send automated replies and ignore ToS. Kabam thinks they can get away with having employees cheating out paying customers because their games are BETA. This is FRAUD!!!

Akihiko Kutsukake
Jun 6, 2014

Banned form forum

Kabam banned me from the forum just because I pointed it out that they made every single game "Pay to Win". Games made by or brought by kabam is a scam itself. DO NOT TRUST THIS GAMING COMPANY!!!!!!!

Jun 12, 2014

Kabam and Personally Identifiable Information ( PII )

Kabam is a complete scam. For months I have been trying to get my Kabam account and personally identifiable information removed from all servers to which they have been propagated by Kabam. On occasion, I am told that my issue has been escalated and that I could expect confirmation of deletion of such information within 7-10 business days. Kabam then closes the ticket without taking any action; follow-up communication instructs you specifically to open a new ticket to continue troubleshooting the issue. Upon opening new tickets, Kabam promptly closes the ticket as a duplicate.

This company is a complete joke. Avoid any game remotely tied to this company unless you like Kabam to mine your personally identifiable information, ignore you completely as a user, and ignore their own terms of service in order to attempt to goad you into spending more money to compete in their "challenges".

I have never had a worse gaming experience with any (paid or unpaid) gaming provider.

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