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Irenas Pomeranians

United States

Consumer reviews about Irenas Pomeranians

Mar 17, 2012

Dead Dog and no refund!!

Got it now...Whole deal is a war between breeders.
I do have a better things to do then waiste my time. Where is a complainsboard police? They need to stop it now.

Mar 18, 2012

Dead Dog and no refund!!

Irena (sugar115, brednab 1961, Niki1959, alleno) or whoever you are today... you are nothing but a damn liar... I have never had that many dogs... I have not lost my dogs to animal control or any other agency... I have been fighting for over 1 year to keep them so PLEASE get your facts correct or I WILL see your little fat ass in court... I do not know how much easier to put the english for your lying, scamming and cheating dumb ass... I know it is you writing all of this and now so will everybody else... Do you remember emailing me Saturday night under your own email and threatening me you were doing this to me... I promise you if you do not leave me the hell alone I will have you served from when I filed the complaints against you before, REMEMBER??? If my dogs were sick or in bad shape, animal control would have taken my dogs, they did NOT... They did say for me to get rabies shots and to trim toe nails on a couple of them... It is public record... All of this is just putting more nails in your coffin... REMEMBER, if you are served and convicted of harassment and other crimes you will be deported... I still have my dogs... I have sold some of them and have been selling them, so how the hell did county take them for poor health??? Why do you not answer the door when people come over??? Your day is coming... You will see... You do not know when to leave people alone because you are NOTHING in the breeding world... You are nothing but a low grade broker... You buy dogs with no papers or CKC papers and then PRESTO" they are triple registered with CHampion sired or lines and out of 3 - 5 pound dogs, ... NOT... I still have all of the emails and stories about those too... REMEMBER??? Also how do you keep getting puppies out of your chocolate merle over 2 years later when you personally called me and told me he hung himself??? People are getting together and having their dogs DNA'd from you... You started this war and I will help anybody with any info that I know... PLEASE do not get me going on this... You better find a way to get this b.s. that you put on here off of here... Just always remember... "Becareful what you wish for... you just might get it..." *****ALL OF MY DOGS / PUPPIES HAVE ALWAYS PASSED INSPECTION WITH A REAL VET SO I CAN LEGALLY SELL THEM**** unlike when you print out your "health certs" with you filling them out... You need to leave me the hell alone... You should also try to make things right with all of the people who are unhappy with your dogs / puppies... THESE ARE THE EMAILS FROM HER ON SATURDAY MARCH 17th, 2012 TO ME AND HER THERATENING ME...

check this Bohemia Czech to you - yesterday

OK Tammy, i am talking this to court also.
I had a inspection a couple weeks ago, everything good, I am not the one who 's got a court order to own only 4 dogs.
Re: check this Bohemia Czech to you - yesterdayMore Details
From: Bohemia Czech <pom4u@irenaspomeranians.com>Hide .To: shabamspets <shabamspets@aol.com>.Cc:.
Date:Sat, Mar 17, 2012 11:39 pm. I18N YGP.SaveAll I18N YGP.SaveProgress I18N

Why you start that shit?
That wasn't right..
Brenda G told me that it was you who report me to code enforsment and it make sence...
You was the one who had a problems with them...
And I was so stupid and waiste my time to find a solution for your problems.
You can ask everybody to call AKC, that is a joke, I will send your posting to AKC on Monday.
I was inspected by them a couple weeks ago and past great as always.
Tammy did you ever thing about KARMA?

From: "shabamspets@aol.com" <shabamspets@aol.com>
To: Bohemia Czech <pom4u@irenaspomeranians.com>
Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2012 10:40 PM
Subject: Re: check this

Call your son... Leave me alone or you know I already have the papers signed on you... Awwwww it sounds like somebody knows you...
one more thing Bohemia Czech to you - yesterdayMore Details
From: Bohemia Czech <pom4u@irenaspomeranians.com>Hide .Add to: To Do, Calendar
To: shabamspets <shabamspets@aol.com
Date:Sat, Mar 17, 2012 11:43 pm
You just tested how easy is to post shit on that bad website, do you want me to started another frenzy about you?
I can just put anthing not only truth there and you will see how quick your unhappy customers will start put shit there about you too...
This don't have nothing to do with my son.

Re: check this Bohemia Czech to you - yesterdayMore Details
From: Bohemia Czech <pom4u@irenaspomeranians.com>Hide .Add to: To Do, Calendar
To: shabamspets <shabamspets@aol.com>
Date:Sat, Mar 17, 2012 11:55 pm.
Thank you, I was thinking that you are a better person, I was so sorry for what hapen to you.
I guess, that I am not sorry anymore after reading all this what you just write.
Brenda can kiss my ass too, she is a another piece of shit, she was the one who played both of us.
She was forwarding you my emails, and telling me everything what you ever say to her...
You will not belive what she told me about you, about your doughter ... OMG you will go crazy to hear it...

From: "shabamspets@aol.com" <shabamspets@aol.com>
To: Bohemia Czech <pom4u@irenaspomeranians.com>
Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2012 11:48 PM
Subject: Re: check this
Karma is my dog... What posting??? Call you you want, you are nothing but an evil, lying, cheating, scamming broker... I think that about covers it... I didn't call on you, how about you, me and Brenda go face to face and see who lies... Call AKC all you want, would you like the number... Do not call me again or email me again... Or I will see you tick infested self in court... Ask your son about the laws...
Re: one more thing Bohemia Czech to you - yesterdayMore Details
From: Bohemia Czech <pom4u@irenaspomeranians.com>Hide .Add to: To Do, Calendar
To: shabamspets <shabamspets@aol.com>
Date:Sat, Mar 17, 2012 11:56 pm.
good for you

From: "shabamspets@aol.com" <shabamspets@aol.com>
To: Bohemia Czech <pom4u@irenaspomeranians.com>
Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2012 11:51 PM
Subject: Re: one more thing
You threaten me one more time and we will see... Now I have you threatening me on emails I have proof of problems... Oh, by the way I am good with county... I bought 6 acres beside me and 2 and 1/2 behind me... Do not contact again...

Mar 19, 2012

Dead Dog and no refund!!

Just an observation -

ALL of the "happy customer emails" about this breeder seem to have the same misspelled words, as if it's one person, posting under different, made-up names with similar naming conventions/patterns (eg., name and then a DOB), AND for each and every one of the posts, English is without a doubt their second language because they're butchering the English language entirely. In between these fake posts, there actually are legitimate customer postings with legitimate issues that do not appear like they have been rectified by this breeder. The legitimate postings read like a consumer who was not only taken advantage of for money, but received a very sick, very neglected puppy, which amounted to a puppy that either incurred several hundreds of dollars in vet bills and in some sad cases a puppy who unfortunately passed away.

The legitimate postings are the heartfelt, sincere postings that speak about their own personal experience with this breeder (it seems there are many names of the business the breeder uses or has used such as Bohemia Pets or Irena's Pomeranians or some people have mentioned Irena Graham or Irena Yeater as the breeder in Orlando, FL), like the person who posted that she had to shave her very young, very sick puppy due to ticks as well as a very serious skin infection due to ring worm and perform a lyme dip once a week - that complaint seems legitimate to me. Or, the person who received an ill puppy and then the replacement puppy died as well after incurring $1k in vet bills. Or the person who found 80 ticks on their puppy and had to take her to the emergency room for treatment due to lethargy. If any of these serious issues were addressed at the time by the breeder when approached by the consumer, then they wouldn't be addressing them now on a complaints website. It's also more concerning that the general consensus of the consumers is that the breeder's response to each of them was she wasn't really concerned about the situations and didn't present solutions to the issue at hand.

The rantings of the fake screen names is a smoke screen to divert your attention from the real issue. It's truly sociopathic and ultimately pathetic for one person to create and recreate screen names to appear to be different people to defend themselves. It does seem cowardly not to confront the situation with the consumer regarding their individual complaint, so maybe they wouldn't feel like they'd have no choice but to post a negative complaint online for others to read. If the situation was handled differently, all of this negativity may have been avoided.

I think the ones who lose in this entire debacle are the puppies and the fact that this breeder gets to continue the abuse and neglect without any recourse. Neglect is abuse. Allowing puppies to live with disease and illness is neglect. Let me ask you - if you had several dogs and puppies in your care, and you KNEW they had these adverse health conditions - would you be spending all of this time finding a complaints website and posting arguments with others, trying to defend yourself in a veiled persona screen name not admitting who you are in the posting, proclaiming that you're really a great breeder - OR would you use that precious time and be a really great breeder and care for your dogs and puppies to ensure their healthy, and spend the remaining time to work with people who contacted you about their dissatisfaction to make their situation right? Good business sense and any good business owner would agree it would be the latter.

After reading the fake "happy customer" postings, with fake screen names, it really is apparent that this breeder is only in it for the money, and not the love of the breed, and certainly not for the love of anyone except herself. I believe people like this will be a dog in their next life, counting on a human just like herself to care for her safety, her welfare and her life. Advocate groups for animals are very powerful. Please do your part to make a difference. If you know there are animals that are neglected, by this breeder or anyone else, please contact the local authorities or Animal Control or the SPCA for their help. Animals cannot speak for themselves, so it's up to us to speak for them.

Apr 2, 2012

Dead Dog and no refund!!

Is this really all true? I have a doposit on a puppy that I am supposed to pick up later this week. But, she won't allow me to come to her house, which concerns me. These posts are really concerning me becuase this will be my daughter's first dog and it would kill me if her first experience is a sick dog. I am seeing too many red flags.

Apr 2, 2012

Dead Dog and no refund!!

I am kinda wierd about a lot of people coming to my house too... BUT, that is because i live so far in the woods and i know of some breeders who send scouts out to see if they can be robbed... BUT these people do not have deposits on any of my babies... please leave comments on this and other complaint boards if you have a bad / negative experience... there are quite a few honest and reputable breeders out there... i and a few others i know do have bad experiences with this "breeder / broker"... she likes to go on to selling sites we were all allowed on and when she was banned for legitimately selling sick puppies / dogs she decided to have all of us kicked off as well... so she created fake personas and emails and said she received sick or dying puppies from us to have us kicked off as well... now she goes to public areas and posts ads using different email and ip addresses from public servers... she does not list her name or number because she is banned... she did all of this because she is so greedy and jealous of us who do not breed defective or sick dogs... we also abide by the legal laws for the state of fl. BUT on here it states she is printing out health certs and filing them out herself... PLEASE look at all of your paperwork you get from me, other breeders and even her if you still choose to do business with her... call the vet on the paperwork and ask questions... make sure there are no whiteout marks... and alterations other than buyers area is illegeal...

Apr 2, 2012

Dead Dog and no refund!!

I asked if I can take him to the Vet BEFORE I buy him and bring him home to my daughter. Then she won't get attached and I won't have a battle if I did want to return him. He has a red patch under his eye that is missing hair and I am concened about that. I know it is not a tear stain. I did meet him and he is very pretty and sweet, but these things can take years to show up.

Apr 2, 2012

Dead Dog and no refund!!

it sounds like ringworm... there is a lemon law in the state of Fl... please feel free to email me and i can help you get to the right people... did you put the deposit on him before he was 8 weeks old??? if so, that is your loophole...

Apr 3, 2012

Dead Dog and no refund!!

listen folks this is all getting out of hand. from what I see is two people that have a problem with each other. I don't want to be part of it, what i wrote above is all true brendab1961 I never purchased seven pups fron Ireana and never asked to breed to her white male. and the ticks that were on the dogs I got from her were very tiny just in the starting stage of liife . Your all welcome to come knock on my door I have nothing to hide. because I am not a breeder. My dogs are all just pets that run my house . I have checked into buying a white male pup .Just have not found the right one yet and its because i belive that the whites are really nice and i would like to own one. I did get a white female from Ireana thanks for letting me know thats its not a pom but a mix no wonder I had to wait on papers . making sense to me know .

Apr 4, 2012

Dead Dog and no refund!!

OK i just listened to two voice mails on my phone fron Irena she has given me 48 hours to remove the complaints on this board told me she would call code enforcement on me and and on and on I called code enforcement my self they send my call to the orange county ploice department. they said they would send and officer out to listen to the voice mails and if she does try to do anything they will be on the case. I told them I did not think she would do any harm to me. but if it keeps up I'd get back to them. code enforcement is aware now of what is going on. I would remove theses messages if there were a way to do it but I did not find a way to This is all very stupit stuff . If any body can tell me how to remove them please let me know.

Apr 4, 2012

Dead Dog and no refund!!

ok I have read all the information on how to use this complaint board and it says that you must write and e mail to the administrater of the sitte to get your complaints removed I have sent them an email telling them i want all the complaints that i have placed on this site removed . its a wait and see now.

Apr 4, 2012

Dead Dog and no refund!!

I am sorry to hear all the bad things about this person and what happened to your puppies. I bought a pomeranian last year and all he had was ear mites. Now he is about a year old and very healthy and active dog. I didn't see all these reviews before I had bought my puppy, but now even though mine is healthy, I dont think i would go to her again...

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