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Holsted Jewelers

United States

Consumer reviews about Holsted Jewelers

Dec 20, 2011

Scam charges

I also havebeen scamed.I got a card in the mail I thought they looked nice so I ordered the 1 ring for shipping of 6.99. It turned out to be 56.98 charge on my account. I called them to find out why, and they said I was in an auto ship, I told them I never gave permission and I never told them I wanted anything else. That was in september it is now december and I still have been calling them to get my money back. Will never order anything else from them ever!!!

Not gullible in Arkansas
Dec 30, 2011

Scam charges

I received a card today- addressed to me. It was offering one or two free rings for their appreciation of me.
I have never - and will never - ordered from this company. How can they be my friends at Holsted Jewelers?
I figured it must be some kind of gimmick.

le doctor
Jan 5, 2012

Scam charges

I too, got scammed by Holsted Jewellers. I received a card from Fingerhut saying that because I was a good customer, I could receive a free ring from Holsted and all I had to do was pay for the shipping which was $6.99. When I placed the order I was assured I would receive no more shipments as long as I sent in an attached card within 10 days. I received the ring and sent in the card the same day, even making a special trip to the post office to do so. Shortly thereafter, i received a postcard in the mail stating that my card did not reach them in time and I would receive another shipment but just to return it to them if I did not want to keep it. Also I received a bill from Fingerhut stating I owed them $6.99 for the shipping from Holsted, which I paid and thought that was the end of it. I received another package from Holsted and I marked "return to sender" on it and once again made a special trip to the post office the same day. A few days later, I received the same card stating it did not reach them in time like before. Suddenly the phone would start ringing at about 8;00am every morning like clockwork and the caller id would not display who it was coming from. I also received another bill from Fingerhut stating that I owed them another $6.99 which was the shipping on the package I returned to Holsted. I assumed I had been credited for the return, but I was wrong. Those phone calls persisted every day at 8:00am and I became aggrivated on Saturday, New Year's eve and called them back to see what it was all about. I turned out to be Fingerhut claiming that I was past due with my payment and I was being charged a dollar extra in interest because I was late. I spent the next three days going back and forth between Fingerhut and Holsted to try to get this resolved. As of yesterday I was assured that it was all taken care of, but only time will tell. There needs to be something done about these scammers and by the way, the bloke I spoke with at Holsted, who called himself "Edgar" said that every thing they did was perfectly legal. If you get anything in the mail from Holsted Jewellers, burn it!

Jan 19, 2012

Scam charges

Out of the clear blue sky I got a Valentine's Day card to accept one or two free rings. I am soooo glad I searched this company and found all your comments and concerns! I was thinking about accepting this offer but not now!!! Thanks for posting!

Jewelry loves
Jan 21, 2012


I received a post card stating I could have one, two or all three rings for free. Just had to pay shipping. It sounded too good to be true. I went on line to check the price of the rings. I just wanted to see what I would be receiving. I notice the entries about the scam. Thank you for writing about it. You all saved me a lot of money. I am sorry you had to go through this, but thank you for sharing so others would have to experience this horror.

Jan 25, 2012

Scam charges

I got a free ring as a thank you for being someone's customer, but gave them my credit card for the shipping. The ring was beautiful, came with a pair of earrings that I sent back, along with a card I filled out saying DO NOT send me anything more. After a few months of nothing, suddenly there was a $50 charge on my card for earrings they sent and I refused them and they credited my account minus shipping. I called and said I can understand deducting the shipping except that I had specifically indicated to not send me anything, so they refunded my shipping as well, but not before sending me something else in the mail which I sent back and they had to refund.

Old Tiger
Jan 31, 2012


An elderly friend of mine fell for this. Fortunately I was in time to stop the scam in its tracks by calling the credit card's customer service number. They immediately cancelled the card, put the spurious charges "In Dispute" and issued a new one with her points transferred to it. Then the operator connected me to their fraud department, who instructed me to write "Refused" on all future mailings and send them back. From the tone of the conversation it is not unusual at all for this sort of thing to happen, and there is a process for dealing with it: cancel the card, dispute the bad charges, and write to the jewelry company canceling everything. Keep a copy of that letter and send it certified mail.
You must cancel the credit card and report the problem to their fraud people. The jewelry company is never ever going to cancel your order or remove any charges or stop sending you unwanted items.
MOST IMPORTANT: The postings indicate that DEBIT Card numbers have been used to drain victims' bank accounts in amounts up to $4000.00. I really learned something from that: Never use a debit card to order anything over the phone, the internet or by mail!
Another point is it is very difficult for a housebound senior citizen to "keep a copy and send it certified mail". How, without a copy machine and a way to get to the post office?
In addition to the rest of this time-consuming hassle, my elderly friend is now receiving a deluge of offers of "Free prizes" "Free Gifts, no purchase necessary", "Just Send In The Card and Receive Free Offers". I think the best way to deal with those is to write "Deceased" on them and send them back. I hope it is effective.

Patti ayres hill
Mar 1, 2012

Wrong ring size

I have incorrect size on a ring that was ordered from you. It is beautiful! Could I please have it in 1 size smaller. Please help me

Mar 6, 2012

charged my account

I too have received a flier from Holsted included with an order from Swanson Health products. This pitch was for 2 free rings, paying only shipping. So I decided to check them out on your site, well what I found out scared me the fraud and all. I think it puts Swanson in the hot seat for including this garbage in my health products order, and I will tell them so. I am very sorry for all who were cheated by this co.

Mar 22, 2012

Scam charges

I received an offer for a free ring from Holsted Jewelers as a 'special offer for Blair customers'. I like to shop at Blair.com for clothing for my elderly parents. As a clothing provider they do a very nice job. A few months ago I got scammed into applying for Blair Rewards. I assumed it to be like a loyalty club where you earn points after spending so many dollars so I agreed to it. I do spend significant dollars at their site. BIG mistake...Blair Rewards had nothing to do with the clothing company and instead provided discounts for restaurants and entertainment venues with my monthly membership fee of around $19.00. I called Blair Clothing to cancel this membership and the response was discourteous and chilly and they said that Blair Rewards had nothing to do with Blair Clothing...despite the fact that it was offered directly from the Blair website. The number listed for Blair Rewards was always unavailable at the times I called...which was various times of the morning, afternoon, and evening. I took it a step further, explaining my displeasure to the Better Business Bureau, and they stepped in for me. I was credited with 3 months of charges that had been applied to my Visa for the Blair Rewards card. Perhaps this jewelry scam should also appeal to the BBB. I discarded my free offer ASAP when I received it in the mail two days ago.

Apr 3, 2012


I am so glad to read all the complains. I also received a Card etc . but went here first..There got to be something anyone can do to stop those Crooks.For all you People who fell for this Crap. I am very sorry but you are helping the ones who are reading this and are aware of all. Thank you and I hope it all ends well for you

Oct 11, 2012

holsted jewelers

my wife recieved a card stating that if she would call holsted jewelers that she would recieve two free rings and that she would
only pay $6.99 shipping. she gave our credit card # for that amount. then in sept. she recieved earings and no bill.
she just recieved two necklaces and I started to read the fine prine on this shipping data. i discovered tht they r charging our credit card every six weeks. we have called them to stop. and canx. our account.

Jan 2, 2013


I made a purchase from them and they promised me two weeks delivery. Well they took money from my bank account but never delivered me purchased goods. Claimed for a refund, but never received any reply. Beware and be careful with them!

May 31, 2013

Holsted Jewelers Scam

How can a place get to your bank and they (Holsted Jewlers) do not have anything on you?I am canceling my card! they are not even smart enough to see you a confirmation, but thjeir request for money got to my bank 15 minutes after I placed the order! How unreal is that?

Jun 28, 2014


I was just contacted by this company yesterday and authorized a $6.99 charge for 1 ring and a $3.99 charge for a necklace. Total of $ $10.98. They told me to cancel as soon as I received the 2 items if I didn't want anything else in the future. I surely hope they are not scamming me also. Time will tell, but these reviews I just read do not look good to me in any way at all. How are they still in business if they are defrauding the public for years?

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